Trevor Wallace Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?

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Streaming channels have given many young creatives an opportunity to showcase their talents, and make mega money while doing it. Trevor Wallace’s net worth is estimated to be at least six figures, and most of those dollars were raked in via the internet. In this article you will find out about Trevor Wallace net worth and other interesting facts about him.

Who is Trevor Wallace?


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Here is an introduction to the Trevor Wallace net worth and the dynamic young man with the perfect hair!

Trevor Wallace is 29 years of age, during his career his digital creations have been streamed, shared, tweeted, posted, liked and loved, tagged and watched on different social media channels more than 1, 000, 000, 000, 000… yes, more than a billion times! Trevor has certainly realized quickly the power of social media and he has made the most of it. Trevor Wallace’s net worth is pretty much all made of social media income.

Stand-up comedy is something Trevor has always enjoyed and is good at. His talent is recognized across the media. He has made appearances on E! News, Comedy Central and MTV.
He has participated in a guest performance on Barstool Sports, he has been featured in publications as varied as The L.A., NY Times, Business Insider, AdAge, Men’s Health , Complex and Buzz Feed… and more!

Trevor has also worked with some big brands, such as:

  • Stance Socks
  • Chipotle
  • Natural Light
  • Wetzel’s Pretzels
  • BruMate
  • SeatGeek
  • Monster Drinks
  • Snickers

Trevor has not only had his digital audiences in stitches, he has also done stand-up shows across the United States. The 29-year-old was ecstatic when two of his Gramercy Theater performances were sold out. The shows were held under the umbrella of New York Comedy Festival’s umbrella, other well-known comedians that were on stage included Trevor Noah, Norm Macdonald and Nick Kroll.

In 2019, Trevor Wallace’s net worth got a boost when he was nomiated at the final ceremony for the Shorty Awards, ‘Best in Comedy’ category.

Trevor Wallace’s Net Worth Estimate

Trevor Wallace Net Worth

Trevor Wallace net worth is estimated to be a smile inducing $5 million. Although most of Trevor’s income is from stand-up in clubs and universities, or through his YouTube Channel; Trevor Wallace’s net worth also gets a boost from endorsement deals with some of the super popular brands in the world as well as sales from his branded merchandise.

Trevor has 2.5 million YouTube subscribers and it is estimated that when you combine all the views from his published videos, his content gets watched about three hundred thousand times, every day. This translates to advertising bots and algorithms that add around $2,600 each day to Trevor Wallace’s net worth.

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Trevor Wallace’s Height and Weight

The very popular YouTube comedian may not be the tallest when it comes to height, but Trevor Wallace’s net worth is certainly not short on dollars, and can stand in any heavyweight comedy ring. When he has the microphone in hand during stand-up, he measures just short of 6 foot tall (182cm), and weighs around 174 lbs (78kgs).

Trevor Wallace’s hair is nearly as important to the comedy star as Trevor Wallace’s net worth and he even alluded that being complimented on it by a superstar is his real claim to fame! He has light brown hair and his eyes are hazel.

Trevor Wallace’s Place of Birth and Early Life

The young Jewish man was lucky enough not to have any financial struggles in early life.  He was born in the wealthiest Midwest city of Naperville, a suburb just west of Chicago, Illinois. Many Jewish families make their homes in this area and there are more than 60,000 residents that rank high in NerdWallet personal finance listings.

There are not too many details floating around about his parents, but after some digging we managed to find out the following. He was still very young when his family relocated to Cammarillo in California. The town is known for having some of the best weather in the world with perfect sunshine and less than 4% unemployment rate, which means that Trevor Wallace grew up in a place that was practically perfect, although the same cannot be said for his family life.

His parents split up, and later got a divorce, while he was still young. Trevor’s mother was a single mom after their dad left the family and she raised Trevor and his twin brother, Trenton, in their grandparents’ Camarillio home.

When he finished high school, Trevor moved to San Jose State University to further his studies. He became part of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity, better known as DU, the sixth oldest Greek letter frat was established 187 years ago in 1834. During his studies at San Jose, he did not stop his working with comedy and even went as far as managing to start a comedy club that gave opportunities to new stand-up funny guys and girls.

Trevor Wallace’s Career

The comedian began experimenting with short, funny videos while doing classes at San Jose. Before YouTube and other platforms, he posted his creations on Vine.

The internet comedy sensation makes fun of ordinary, everyday subjects that young people relate to, which has increased his popularity tremendously. Nothing is out of bounds and he makes fun of everything from the name Kyle to alcohol. He was slapped with a cease and desist order in 2019 when White Claw, a so-called hard seltzer brand took offense to the t-shirt slogans he was producing, and he had to remove the items from his inventory.

Trevor has worked with Zumiez, a snow and skate fashion brand that started in 1978. Trevor has also made a few popular videos with his employees Kyle and Brandon. These skits have been watched more than 15 million times and are the backbone of Trevor Wallace’s net worth.

The Los Angeles based All Def Digital has been his permanent place of employment since 2018 and he has made guest appearances on the series that gets streamed to the world via the YouTube funny series, Great Taste.

When it comes to making people laugh, Trevor Wallace is truly gifted. He really enjoyes live performances and has taken the stage at places like Zanies in Nashville, The Orpheum in Arizona… not to forget the San Jose Improv.

Together with Michael Blaustein, Trevor Wallace co-hosts the borderline podcast, Stiff Socks. The two Jewish comedians from California, started the show early in 2019.


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Trevor Wallace’s Personal Life and Family

Although the Trevor Wallace net worth is estimated to be close to $5 million, he still manages to keep a rather quiet private life for a public figure. There is very little written about his family and love life, but we are tenacious and have managed to dig up enough to share.

The 29-year-old was raised by his single mom after his father left the family while he was still young. Trevor has a twin brother, Trenton.

In the dating scene, we have found that Trevor Wallace has been dating Jessica Lackmeyer for a while, she works in the financial sector and it seems that the couple started seeing each other seriously towards the last part of 2020. The couple have appeared together on a podcast and social media.

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Trevor Wallace’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

One billion views and counting… that is how Trevor Wallace’s net worth has grown to $5 million. Since launching his first video in 2011, he has not only gained thousands of followers, he has also made millions of dollars. We wish the guy with the smoothest haircut many more blessings.

NameTrevor Wallace
Real NameTrevor Wallace
Date of BirthDecember 30, 1992
Place of BirthNaperville, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Height5 feet 10 inches
OccupationComedian, YouTuber
Net Worth Estimate$5 million