Tom Macdonald Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

Do you want to discover Tom Macdonald net worth? Stay here, as in the following paragraphs, we’ll uncover it all.

Tom Macdonald Net Worth

Tom MacDonald press photo (Image credit: Nova Rockafeller / KLarsonFan42)

Tom Macdonald is a famous name in the world of music and social media. He’s a Canadian rapper that has tried multiple things and was successful at them.

This helped him build a significant following base across social media platforms. But what is Tom Macdonald’s net worth?

Many people want to discover the answer to this question. If you’re one of them, read on as here we talk about this and many more aspects of his life.

You may have heard of the song Wannabe, which is one of his biggest accomplishments. Actually, it led to many more of his exciting successes and projects.

Starting from singles to albums and videos, his career is already long even though he is still very young.


Who is Tom Macdonald?


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This young man is an independent rapper that comes from Vancouver in Canada. He’s 33 years old, but he already managed to create a strong name for himself in the world of music.

What’s interesting, though, is that this wasn’t his original plan. During his high-school years, Tom acquired the necessary skills to be a wrestler.

For a time, he even did this professionally through the RCW (Real Canadian Wrestling). This went on between 2004 and 2009.

However, he then turned to music. When asked about this drastic change, he explained that he considered his wrestling career to be over and wanted to pursue his musical goals and dreams.

Luckily, he did this, giving the public a chance to hear and enjoy his amazing hits.

Tom Macdonald’s Net Worth Estimate

In general, Tom is a very rich man with a high net worth. As of 2022, it’s estimated that Tom Macdonald net worth reached around $12 million.

Having this in mind, it’s clear why he is in the upper tax category. Still, have in mind that the net worth is different from income.

More precisely, Tom Macdonald’s net worth equals his assets’ value on the market minus his debt. Therefore, many celebrities tend to have a negative net worth despite their stellar income.

This is because they usually spend more than their earnings, thus increasing their debt until it exceeds the market value of the assets. Luckily, Tom isn’t one of them.

His income can be calculated on an annual, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly basis. Every year he earns around $3 million, which is $250,000 per month, $57,000 per week, $8,200 per day, and $340 every hour.

But how do this wealth and the high Tom Macdonald’s net worth come to be? Many people ask this question. And the answer lies in his numerous successful gigs as well as his courage to take on risks and try many new things.

Mainly, his money comes from selling albums as well as his merchandise. Then, he gets a fair amount of money from the views his videos generate on YouTube.

And of course, his tours bring him a large portion of the earnings. Not to mention that whenever people stream his music on Spotify, he receives royalties.

So, it’s apparent that his success and strong presence online and offline are tightly linked with the high Tom Macdonald net worth.

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Tom Macdonald’s Height and Weight


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When it comes to his physical appearance, Tom is definitely unique. Starting from his tattoos to his haircut, he can hardly go unnoticed wherever he appears.

But this is expected in his field of work as a musician and an artist. Furthermore, he’s considered to be a relatively tall person with a height of 185 centimeters or 6 feet and 1 inch.

As for his weight, the most recent information is that he weighs 69 kilograms or 152 pounds. These contribute to his noticeable appearance. Not to forget, his early career as a wrestler has largely impacted his body.

Tom Macdonald’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Many people are interested in where this celebrity was born and grew up. He was born on 21 September 1988 in Vancouver in British Columbia. However, he grew up moving between British Columbia and Alberta.

Surprisingly, as a child and a teenager, he didn’t look up to rappers nor was he influenced by hip-hop and rap music. Instead, some of the bands and artists that he has stated were his favorite at the time were The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and similar.

Yet later when he reached the age of 18 years, he began to be interested in rap and hip-hop. Eminem and Tupac were the rappers he listened to then and became a fan of.

Just like most of the aspiring young rappers of his time, Tom Macdonald used to listen to instrumental versions of other songs he liked and write lyrics to fit the melody. In interviews, he said that he wasn’t really familiar with rap and hip-hop, so he took inspiration from things he saw or that he hasn’t experienced and sang about them.

They included guns, women as well as dangerous substances. But everything wasn’t easy and pleasant in Tom’s life.

During his twenties, he battled his alcohol addiction and even ended up in rehab in 2017. This happened after consuming a large quantity of alcohol and having a breakdown.

But he later cleaned himself up and started looking for what truly mattered to him. He also worked on establishing his original voice in the world of rap.

All of this happened after he pursued a professional wrestling career for a few years but eventually gave up on it to focus on his passion for music.


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Tom Macdonald’s Career

When speaking of Tom Macdonald’s career, one can say that has been on the public scene for more than ten years. 2009 was pivotal for him as it was then that he started rapping. Music has been his calling and during that time he was creating in the hip hop and rap genres.

We all know that the music world and the showbiz are tough nuts to crack. That’s why Macdonald struggled to get recognized and to get a fan base until 2013.

Luckily, his efforts bore fruit and now he is an authentic rapper and artist. He performs for big crowds at popular stages where the world is watching. This has resulted in him significantly increasing his fan base online which translates into the real world.

Macdonald was finally ready to present to everyone what he has been working on in May 2014. It was then that he released his first video on YouTube for the song Wannabe. Later on, this song will remain one of the most popular ones in his repertoire.

Also, in 2014 he released Dear Rappers. Even at this point in his career, he began accumulating positive reviews from his first fans.

He rose to prominence thanks to his song Whiteboy, followed by other hits like Fake Woke, Snowflakes, and Brainwashed. Interestingly enough, all of them were featured on Billboard’s Hot 100 playlist in 2021.

Moreover, Tom continued making music. So far, he has released a couple of albums, mixtapes, and EPs featuring other colleagues like Nova Rockafeller and Brandon Hart.

His discography includes Killing the Neighbors, Ghostories, Deathreats, Flowers for the Dead, Gravestones, No Guts No Glory, Us Against the World, The Brave, and more.

These albums and collaborations have yielded numerous hits and singles that Tom’s audience loves. Some of them are Who I Am, If I Change, Wannabe, Castles, Whiteboym, Bout It, Helluvit, and similar.

Besides his music and his talent, Tom’s career captured the people’s attention thanks to the feud with the fellow rapper Mac Lethal. This dispute and Macdonald’s take on the situation and how he feels for Mac Lethal led to him releasing the diss track Mac Lethal Sucks.

The mourtve fher propelled his popularity forward, adding more than 1.7 million views on his YouTube channel. Throughout his career, Tom has received a variety of honors, recognitions, nominations, and awards.

For one, he received a nomination for the Leo Award for his music. Within a short time, his songs reached millions of fans from all over the world.

Critics and reviewers have generally described him and his style as anti-woke and appealing to supporters of right-wing politics. Also, his music often talks about current topics like race, the pandemic, and more.


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Tom Macdonald’s Personal Life and Family

One thing is certain about Tom Macdonald’s private life – he likes to keep it very private and under wraps. He has a father, who there is little information about, and a mother called Lee-Ann Macdonald.

Even one of his albums mentions his mother and is titled LeeAnn’s Son. What’s more, Tom has a sister who recently got married in 2019.

Per his social media presence and posts, Tom is quite close with his family.

His relationship with his current girlfriend is one of the most important aspects of Tom Macdonald’s personal life. He has been together with Nova Rockafeller since 2017.

While little is known about his previous relationships and love life, his fans and the media are mostly aware of him dating his colleague Nova. According to his social media profiles, Tom seems to be happy in the relationship and Nova’s presence.

Furthermore, he and Nova are friends since 2009. They share a profession as she is also a rapper like him. Besides that, Rockafeller is a producer and director. She has plenty of followers on social media, too.

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Tom Macdonald’s Controversies

As with all celebrities, Tom Macdonald has faced some controversies over the years. Mainly, they are related to the lyrics he writes and sings. They are considered to be controversial and are often filled with sarcasm.

Furthermore, he clearly wants to send a message and speaks about recent events, including political ones that aren’t widely accepted by all listeners. Due to this, a lot of people associate him with certain political parties and put his words into this context.

Still, Tom is a rapper whose songs appear in the charts and he manages to attract listeners with his songs. Whether they agree with the words or not, they click ‘play’ and listen to what he has to say.

Having this in mind, it’s not uncommon for him to completely take over the Internet after publishing some of his controversial lyrics.


Tom Macdonald’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

With an estimated $12 million under his belt, Macdonald is one of the up-and-coming artists that have just started appearing on the global charts.

He joins some of the biggest names in the industry and the fact that people comment about his songs only bring him high up on the charts. Making his name as a rapper, he has used his income to buy plenty of vehicles and properties.

They significantly contribute to the overall net worth of Tom Macdonald. Furthermore, the Canadian rapper now lives in the States.

He lives harmoniously with his family and is happy in his relationship with the friend-turned-girlfriend and colleague Nova Rockafeller. Tom has started his career with songs like Dear Rappers, Castles, Helluvit, Hangman, and more.

It wasn’t until 2021 that he appeared on the charts as a lead artist. This was achieved with his songs Fake Woke, Clown World, No Good Bastards, Church, and similar, from his albums Us Against the World, No Guts No Glory, and As Far as the Stars.

He has more than 650.000 followers on Instagram and is pretty active on Twitter and YouTube. His songs and music videos there amass hundreds of thousands of views.

He uses platforms like these to build his fan base, which is increasing by the day as more people discover his music globally. His signature personality and his interesting outlook and tattooed body make him an unforgettable new face in the music industry.

If you want to read more details about Tom Macdonald net worth and his appearance, check these out:

NameTom Macdonald
Real NameTom Macdonald
Place of BirthVancouver, Canada
Net Worth Estimate12 million USD