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In this article, you will learn about Tim Dillon’s Net Worth, his career as a comedian, personal life, achievements, and interesting trivia about him. Tim Dillon’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

Tim Dillon is a popular writer, actor, talk show host, podcaster and comedian. Tim Dillon rose to popularity on the back of his talent as a comedian in 2012 when his show “The Tim Dillon Show” went viral.

Tim Dillon leveraged his rise in popularity after the viral video by creating a podcast show, appearing in several movies and TV show episodes.

He has also appeared on the popular “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. In addition, he fosters his ever-growing fan following by having very interactive social media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

His rising all-around success makes Tim Dillon’s net worth one to watch since it will increase as he grows in stature as a comedian, actor and popular figure.

Who is Tim Dillon?


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Tim Dillon’s journey to becoming a renowned stand-up has been one he was bound to embark on since childhood. While in high school, he regularly participated in stand-up comedy competitions.

This translated to his motivation to take it seriously after completing his education in 2010 when he started performing in stand-up shows around New York.

After successfully participating in stand-up shows around New York, his popularity grew gradually that by the mid-2010s, he was being courted by several comedy festivals.

Tim Dillon’s net worth has also concurrently grown in that time with his creation of a live touring schedule that includes several prominent cities in America while involving himself in several other profitable endeavors.

Tim Dillon’s Early Life, Place of Birth and Come-Up

Tim Dillon was born on January 22, 1985, in New York. However, he identifies as a Long Island native and proudly represents the city in whatever venture he undertakes. Dillon had his early beginnings in Island Park and has Irish ancestry.

During his childhood, Dillon took on a couple of child-acting roles. He competed against fellow child-acting hopefuls between ages six to twelve. Dillon’s parents were open to the idea of their son as an actor since they regarded it as a potential career path and a sure source of money for mortgage payments.

His child acting auditions eventually landed him an actor in Sesame Street, where he did polka dances with Snuffleupagus. While Dillon enjoyed his time as a child actor, it didn’t evolve into a career as he had previously expected.

However, his child acting experiences provided the foundation for his later ventures into the world of TV shows like “Lights Out with David Spade,” “Dollar Store Therapist,” and movies like 2009’s “Boston Psychiatric” and 2020’s “Timing.”

Tim Dillon had a very eventful childhood. He had a schizophrenic mother and flirted with cocaine use at twelve years. In a time when LGBTQ liberation efforts when quite as widespread as now, he had to hide his status as a homosexual.

His mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was twenty years old and has been a psychiatrist ever since.

Tim Dillon was also a sub-prime mortgager in his 20s and before the take-off of his comedy career. After the 2008 financial crisis hit, Dillon’s mortgage career ended, and his credit score suffered. A home he bought for $570,000 was foreclosed, and he was at a crossroads in his life.

The economic downturn motivated his career change after rediscovering his stand-up comedy passion. In 2010, he restarted his career as a comic and came out to his family as a gay man. Gradually he rebuilt his finances, and Tim Dillon’s net worth grew over time.

Tim Dillon’s Career


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Tim Dillon started his comedy career by performing in local bars in New York in 2010. Due to his talent, Dillon’s popularity began to grow. He reached new heights of popularity in 2016 when he appeared in the Just for Laughs Show, and a video of it became viral.

Later in the same year, he opened a YouTube channel where he regularly uploaded several stand-up shows to widen his popularity. Rolling Stone Magazine later included him in a ’10 Comedians You Need to Know’ profile in 2017, stating that Dillon could pass as a “fictional character in a comic novel.”

Rolling Stone Magazine noted his knack for improvised, thoughtful, contrarian and sometimes hilarious takes and comments on issues, noting how this made Dillon a good fit for podcasts that thrive off such personalities.

The Montreal Comedy Festival included Tim Dillon as a new face to the line-up of comedians that performed at the festival in 2016 and also won the award for the title of New York’s Funniest 2016 at Caroline’s NY Comedy Festival later in 2016.

In 2018, he announced the premiere of two specials—a half-hour show for Comedy Central and a Netflix Quarter Hour. Tim Dillon’s net worth boosted these specials and his double-decker comedy bus tour through Manhattan titled ‘Tim Dillon’s Real NY Tour.’

Tim Dillon’s list of comedy festivals he has performed has grown over time and now includes the Oddball Comedy Festival, the Glasgow Comedy Festival, SXSW, among others. Other popular comedy shows he has contributed to include the Christ Gethard show on Fusion, Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV, Fox’s Red Eye, Tru TV’s Comedy Knockout, and season two WYFD with Big Jay Oakerson on Seeso.

Tim Dillon has also become a familiar figure on podcasts in recent times. He has been featured on several podcasts such as ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ ‘The Fighter and the Kid,’ ‘This Past Weekend,’ ‘Legion of Skanks,’ ‘The Real Ass Podcast,’ ‘Cum Town,’ ‘Your Mom’s House,’ ‘H3 Podcast’, and several others.

He has also dabbled into acting and starred in some movies. His filmography includes the titles ‘’Boston Psychiatric’’ as Bruce the Bartender, ‘Anything Boys Can Do,’ and ‘Timing.’ He has also made appearances in TV shows such as ‘Dollar Store Therapist,’ ‘Resolutions,’ ‘Hardest Jobs in Sports’ and ‘Above Average Presents.’

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In 2021, he worked as the host for the Bitcoin conference held in Miami. Florida also featured other personalities such as Jake Paul, Tyler, and Cameron Winklevoss.

Tim Dillon’s regular appearances in podcast shows stem from his chatty, engaging opinions on different aspects of the human experience. Dillon has previously denigrated the closed nature of wealthy circles, capitalism, and America’s criminal justice system.

He denotes how wealthy people act differently from regular people; they are cynical when regular people are trusting and soft when regular people are hard. So they ensure that their circles stay small and do everything to ensure that their circle remains self-preserving.

Dillon adds that while rich people might sue and fight one another, the moment an external threat to their circle pops up, they bind together and fight it.

He recognizes how big companies inadvertently fail to reimburse their staff for their jobs on capitalism properly. To illustrate this, he shared an anecdote of how he used to taste several yogurts on sale at 16 Handles without buying any, and the employees at the yogurt chain would rebuke him.

His reply involved making the employees realize that they were caring too much for the product of a company that didn’t estimate them enough to pay them a fair wage.

Dillon also recognizes the unfair nature of the criminal justice system and how incarcerations are proportionately tilted towards the black underclass. However, instead of blaming the lack of changes in the justice system, he recognizes how everyone, including himself, has a hand perpetuating the culture.

Tim Dillon recalls how despite being a regular user of dope and coke in his young years, he was never shot or treated as a potential suspect. The privilege inherent in him getting away with his drug use throughout his years as a young individual is not lost on him.

Tim Dillon’s Net Worth


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Tim Dillon’s net worth has steadily grown over time. Tim Dillon’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million. Tim Dillon’s net worth was amassed through his stand-up comedy shows, podcast ventures, brand endorsements, and TV/movie appearances.

Tim Dillon Height, Weight, Age and Personal Life

Tim Dillon stands at about 5 foot 7 inches (170 cm) and weighs about 66kg (146 lbs). He is 37 years old. Tim Dillon also identified as a gay man and came out to people close to him when he was 25. Although he spent most of his formative years on Long Island, New York, after his career as a comic grew, he has moved on to living in Los Angeles, California. He once lived in Austin, Texas. Tim Dillon has over 542,000 followers on Instagram and over 422,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Tim Dillon | Politics

Dillon considers himself neutral to both major political parties in the US. However, in the 2020 general elections, Dillon chose not to participate since he disapproved of the incumbent Republican president, Donald Trump, and his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden.

Tim Dillon had previously stated his admiration for Democratic politician Bernie Sander off the back of Sander’s proposed healthcare plan. However, he has identified as a moderate regarding political issues because he chooses to decide on his position on every political issue based on its facts.

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Tim Dillon Podcasting Trajectory: From ‘Tim Dillon Is Going to Hell’ to ‘The Joe Rogan Experience

Tim Dillon got into podcasting by creating a podcast for Gas Digital Network. Gas-Digital Network focused on creating cutting-edge content and uncensored episodes that featured comedians that were particularly rebellious and courted controversy.

The ranks of Gas Digital Network included the likes of Legion of Skanks, Stoned Science, and Dave Smith’s Part of the Problem. Tim Dillon fir right into the style of Gas Digital Network and created a podcast titled ‘Tim Dillon Is Going to Hell.’

He was joined by Ray Kump, an Australian School of Economics informant. The podcast both focused on conspiracies and darker elements of society and offered interesting investigations that were entertaining and instigating.

Tim Dillon quickly built a following for his podcast due to his ability to explain high concept conspiracies, articulate yet humorous. The show grew in popularity so much Tim Dillon was able to pull and interview former CIA-agent John Kiriakou and investigative journalist Russ Baker.

The success achieved by ‘The Tim Dillon Show’ led Tim Dillon to quit his agreement with Gas Digital Network, leave New York for Los Angeles and start producing his content on YouTube.

His audience continued to grow, and he later became a regular on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ podcast. Dillon quickly became a fan favorite on the podcast after the death of a financial sponsor of the show Jeffery Epstein. Dillon’s status as a fan favorite emanated from his contributions on the show regarding conspiracies surrounding Epstein’s death.

A feature in an episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ resulted in many controversies, including a ban from Spotify, and the episode became the most viewed episode of the show. In addition, it bolstered Dillon’s following on YouTube and his podcast.

Tim Dillon’s net worth saw a boost after signing up on Patreon on the back of his heated appearances on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience. He added archival episodes of his podcast ‘Tim Dillon Is Going to Hell’ and new, additional episodes to Patreon and by the end of 2020, he was one of the top creators on the platform.

Dillon quickly gained over 23,700 subscribers on the platform since he was no longer restricted by the constraints of YouTube and could freely explore his provocative comedy style. In addition, his subscribers were split into two tiers: a $5/month tier and a $20/month one.

His monthly income quickly grew to $129,000 per month, netting him a $1.5 million yearly income before tax. Tim Dillon’s net worth is to monitor in the next few years. Tim Dillon’s net worth will only rise further if he maintains his reputation in stand-up comedy and podcasting ventures.

Tim Dillon’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameTim Dillon
Real NameTim J. Dillon
Place of BirthNew York
Net Worth Estimate$1.5 Million
Sexuality Gay
Height6"1" (185 cm)
Weight96kg (200lbs)
Zodiac Aquarius