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Summer Walker Net Worth – Music, Fame, Family & More

Summer Walker Net Worth Estimate

Summer Walker net worth is estimated as being at around $4 million dollars. The majority of Summer Walker’s net worth comes from her startling success in the music industry over a relatively brief period of time actually being in the public eye.

Who is Summer Walker?


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Summer Walker is a singer and song writer whose full name is Summer Marjani Walker. She is best known for her hit mixtape Last Day of Summer, which featured the hit song, “Girls Need Love”, which was later remixed by Drake. Her albums, Over It, and Still Over It were also enormous hits.

Her second album broke Apple Music’s all-time record for the most times an album by a woman was ever streamed over the course of one single day. She and Taylor Swift are also tied in the spot for being the only female music performers to ever have had eighteen songs on Billboard Hot 100 at the same time.

Summer Walker’s Career


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In 2018, Summer Walker discovered Summer Walker. In other words, a woman who coincidentally shared her same name, discovered her music via the videos Summer Walker made of herself recording covers of popular songs that she’d posted on YouTube.

This Summer Walker worked at the music label Love Renaissance as a studio manager in Atlanta, Georgia, and was eager to sign on this burgeoning talent in 2018. Near the end of the year, Love Renaissance dropped Summer Walker’s first mixtape. Called Last Day of Summer, it featured the single “Girls Need Love”.

Last Day of Summer received stellar reviews. Writing for the Ones To Watch website, columnist Chuck Ramos called the album a “a collection of songs that showcase the talented vocalist’s ability as a songwriter. Her debut is a transparent display of her thoughts and feelings on confidence, doubt, love and womanhood.

“Tapping into an array of styles for production, Walker shatters any preconceived ideas about her sound being one dimensional.”

Meanwhile, Ricardo Rosario of the Vanyaland site said, “Most who are just tuning into Walker should have came up with the same conclusion — that she isn’t anything less than dope. Last Day Of Summer is a 12-song effort packed with nothing but female truth that for most would seem too provocative.”

By the end of the year, Summer Walker was sent off on her first tour, called the From East Atlanta With Love Tour, where she shared the stage with 6lack.

Meanwhile the album instantly sold so well that Apple Music declared Summer Walker to be their 2019 Up Next artist. Additionally, she ranked 8th place worldwide for R&B artists on the platform.

Her first EP, which was called Clear, then dropped at the start of 2019 and featured 4 acoustic tracks. One of the songs was called “Girls Need Love” and when rap star Drake remixed it, it became a huge hit, her first time in the top 40 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

Later that year came the debut of her first full studio album, Over It, which she launched with a single called “Playing Games” which sampled the legendary Destiny’s Child’s powerhouse hit “Say My Name”.

This song was produced by the man who would become one of her main love interests, and father to her daughter, London on da Track. The album came out via Interscope Records.

Over It sold one hundred thirty four thousand copies in the week it debuted alone, instantly hitting second place on the Billboard 200 in the United States. In terms of streaming, it was the largest number a female R&B artist had ever achieved in a week.

It meanwhile also was number one for fourteen weeks in the charts for R&B albums. Even when falling, it remained no longer than 7th place for an extremely long time.


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After the release of the album, Summer Walker embarked on The First and Last Tour in order those perform the Over It music before live audiences of adoring crowds. She found herself suffering from crippling social anxiety during this time, however. As a result, she only performed 9 of the original 29 dates for which tickets were sold.

When she gave what many perceived as too brief a speech in response to winning a Best New Artist award at the Soul Train Music Awards show, she faced a large fan backlash. They complained that this indicated she was being ungrateful, and furthermore even accused her of faking the mental health issues that she’d had.

At the start of 2020, Summer Walker released “Secret”, a duet with the famous rap artist 21 Savage. She also guest starred in a Justin Bieber remix, and then a Khalid remix. In June she was at the 2020 Black Entertainment Television Awards, having been nominated for two awards: Best Female R&B/Pop Artists and Best New Artist.

While there, she also performed two songs with Usher: “Come Thru” and “Session 32”. And the day afterwards, she announced her next EP, Life on Earth, which was to be her 2nd song in the top slot on the Billboard R&B Albums in a row. It was also in 8th place on Billboard 200, which made it her second in the top ten.

Two of the singles, “My Affection” and “Let It Go” also did well on the Billboard Hot 100. When her duet with the legendary Usher came out, it was RIAA-certified at the platinum level shortly afterwards, and a mere five days later, the star received even more certifications: “Body” went gold, “Playing Games” turned out to rank at double platinum, and “Girl Needs Love” ascended to the mega-heights of triple platinum!

When she sang “Body” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, music reviewers were rapturous in their praise of her and her performance. Rolling Stone referred to it as being “beatific”, extremely high praise from such a prestigious publication.

Then, the Billboard Music Awards honored her with the award for Best Female R&B Artists. The nominees she beat out for the prize included such luminaries as Lizzie and even Beyoncé! That night also saw her receiving noms for Top R&B Album and Top R&B Artist.

By the end of the year, she dropped a revamped special edition of Over It, called Over It (Complete Edition). This version included all eighteen of the original tracks in addition to instrumentals, live recordings, a capella recordings of various of the songs, and even more beyond that.

Meanwhile, “Session 32” became gold-certified, and another melody of hers called “I’ll Kill You” went full platinum. Over It ended up in the number 2 slot for R&B albums of 2020, and the 17th of any genre of music.

2021 saw Summer Walker finally put out her follow up to Over It, called Still Over It, and it was also a a jaw dropping success. It broke Beyoncé’s record for her famous album Lemon by being the hugest number one debut for an R&B album on the charts in the United States since then.

It sold approximately two hundred ten thousand copies in one week. In his review of the album in Clash, Josh Abraham raved that Still Over It “serves up Summer Walker’s best work yet. It’s brutal, yet romantic, it’s fun, yet flirty, it’s everything any listener could be wanting. A rollercoaster of emotions and she’s not even finished yet.”

Summer Walker: Early Life

Summer Walker was born the eleventh of April in 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia. Before becoming famous, she industriously ran her own cleaning company and also made extra money by stripping to pay the bills in Atlanta, George. She longed for more, however.

Having always passionate about music, she decided the best way to break into the music industry would be to teach herself to play music. She watched how to YouTube tutorials in order to learn the guitar.

Once she had mastered the art, she began to record videos of herself performing covers of various songs, and posted them on YouTube herself, which caught the attention of countless viewers and industry people.

Summer Walker’s Personal Life and Family

During the time that Summer was learning how to play the guitar via the helpful avenue of YouTube video tutorials, she was making money by stripping. She found it a very empowering experience and while speaking to The Face, refused to feel shamed for it.

She attributed it with “helping her grow out of her shell” and called it a “fun experience”

Summer Walker has a baby daughter whose name she has refused to share with the public. Certain fans, however, have speculated that her name is Bubbles. One of them even made a Princess Bubbles Instagram account in order to celebrate the birth of the baby. It’s not clear why these fans have come to this conclusion.

Summer Walker is presumed to have had her baby with her on again, off again boyfriend, London on da Track, who is himself a popular rap star, song writer, and music producer.

Summer Walker plays the piano in addition to the guitar. Her most major influences in the music industry are Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, and Jimi Hendrix.

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Summer Walker’s Social Media Influence

Summer Walker has a strong social media presence and is available on all of the major platforms, where she has a large number of devoted followers who keep track of all of the information she posts about her career and life.


Summer Walker has an official verified Facebook profile. On this well known platform, she has 1.3 million followers. Summer Walker uses her Facebook to post photos of herself, information about upcoming events, music clips, posts about mental health and encouragement and thanks to her fans, plugs for her albums and merch, etc.


Summer Walker has an official verified Twitter account. Her handle on this popular platform is @IAMSUMMERWALKER, which she has written in all caps but which can be accessed with lowercase letters as well as the platform is not case sensitive.

On this platform, she has 1.5 million followers and is herself following 157 accounts at the present time. She tends to use this account to plug her work, to share clips of herself and her music, and to plug upcoming events, concerts, music festivals, interviews, articles, merch that she’s selling, and so on and so forth.


Summer Walker has an official verified Instagram account. Her handle on this popular platform is @summerwalker and she’s listed her name as Awkward Kween rather than Summer Walker. On this platform, she has 4.4 million followers, and is herself following on 56 accounts in return.

On this account, she tends to post photos of herself at premieres, in her music videos, in her concerts, and so on and so forth. She will also often post posters of upcoming concert events, album covers, and things like that.


Summer Walker has a public LinkedIn business account, where she lists herself as being a “Musician at Interscope Records”. According to her brief bio, she is interested in talking about “#music, #crystals, #musician, and #spiritualawakening”. She lists one of her interests as being the singer, musician, and song writer Erykah Badu.

Her listed skills are art, music, and singing. In addition to her work in the music industry, she is clearly very proud of her past as well, as she also lists having been a cleaner on her resume. On this platform, she has 226 followers and has made 201 connections.


Summer Walker has an official public verified TikTok account under the handle of @summerwalker. On this platform, she has 1.4 million followers and has had 5.4 million likes as of the present time. She mainly uses the platform to post funny videos of herself as well as clips from her music and performances.

Summer Walker: Height, Weight

Summer Walker’s height is estimated to be at about 5 feet, 5 inches, or 165.1 in centimeters. Summer Walker’s weight is not accessible knowledge currently in the public record, however speculation has it that she weighs approximately 132 pounds or 60 kilos. Summer Walker’s hair colour is black. Summer Walker’s eye colour is dark brown.

Summer Walker Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameSummer Walker
Real NameSummer Walker
Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia, USA
OccupationSinger Songwriter
Net Worth Estimate$4 Million