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Soulja Boy Net Worth – How Rich Is He Now?

Soulja Boy Net Worth Estimate:

Soulja Boy net worth is currently estimated to be at about approximately $30 million dollars. The majority of Soulja Boy net worth comes from his immensely successful career as a prominent performer and producer in the rap music industry.

Who is Soulja Boy?

American hip hop celebrity,rap singer Soulja Boy performing on stage in nightclub

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Soulja Boy is a famous rap star and music producer whose very first single reached the top of Billboard Magazine’s Hot 100 charts in the United States, despite the fact that he’d initially posted it independently onlin. It was called “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”.

Soulja Boy’s actual name is DeAndre Cortez Way, and his stage name is a shortening of his original stage name, Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. In 2010, Soulja Boy was placed in the eighteenth slot on Forbes Magazine’s Hip Hop Cash Kings list, due to Soulja Boy net worth growing by seven million dollars in that single year.

Soulja Boy’s Career

Soulja Boy - attends the 2019 BET Social Awards at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta

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Soulja Boy first managed to put out his music thanks to his dad giving him access to a studio for him to record his earliest work. As a result, Soulja Boy started putting his music up on the Sound Click online platform.

After receiving acclaim for this early work, Soulja Boy felt encouraged by the response and so started posting more music on the then popular MySpace, as well as YouTube.

In less than two years, Soulja Boy decided to release a full length album, which he produced independently. It was called Unsigned & Still Major: Da Album Before Da Album. Along with this, Soulja Boy made a music video for his song “Crank That (Soulja Boy). It was so successful that it finally got him a deal.

Soulja Boy signed on with Interscope Records, and in only a few short months, “Crank That” was featured on the hit premium cable HBO series Entourage, and hit #1 on the Billboard charts. The song went on to get a Best Rap Song nomination at the Grammys, however it lost to “Good Life” by T-Pain and Kanye.

The “Crank That” video also featured the “Crank That” Dance, which according to many people, is a large part of why “Crank That” became such a popular hit for Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy created the dance along with a number of friends of his.

They were inspired by a number of similar dances that had swept across the nation, all coming from various up and coming as well as more famous rap stars from Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

In the famous newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the “Crank That” Dance was described like this: “dancers bounce back on their heels, ripple their hands, crank their wrists like motorcyclists, then lunge into a Superman pose”.

The director for the “Crank That” music video was Dale Resteghini and it has a basic narrative. At the start of the video, we begin in the home of the fictional ColliPark family. In this residence, two rappers called J Fresh and Sincostan Ak Flame are doing the so called Soulja Boy Dance.

The patriarch of the ColliPark family is quite intrigued by his kids’ dancing, which over the course of the video, inspires him to call Soulja Boy, when they tell him that he’s the one who invented this intriguing new dance. Mr ColliPark wants to sign Soulja Boy for a contract at ColliPark Records.

As he leaves his house and heads off to meet Soulja Boy to sign him up, he crosses paths with a number of people in the street, all of whom are doing the dance as well, which confirms for him that he made the right call in wanting to work with Soulja Boy. He imagines they can make a great deal of money together.

Later that same year in the real world, Soulja Boy’s big Interscope debut came out. The album was called, referencing the internet roots of Soulja Boy’s fame. It eventually reached the fourth spot on the Billboard 200 chart, as well as their specific R&B Hip Hop chart.

Despite selling well, the album received poor reviews from most major industry magazines. The same thing happened for his next album, iSouljaBoyTellem. Hit singles from this album include “Bird Walk”, “Kiss Me Through the Phone”, and “Turn My Swag On”.

Soulja Boy’s third album was called The DeAndre Way, referencing his actual name. Songs included “POW”, “Do It Big”, “Pretty Boy Swag”, “Digital”, “Speakers Going Hammer”, and “Blowing Me Kisses”. Around the same time, he also released three mixtapes called Cortez, Dat Piff, and Paranormal Activity.

Ultimately, The DeAndre Way didn’t sell nearly as much as his two previous albums.

Following that up, Soulja Boy dropped a bunch of mixtapes, including Smooky, 1UP, Juice, Bernaurd Arnault EP, 21: EP, The Last Crown, Supreme, Skate Boy (Deluxe Edition), Gold on Deck, 50/13, Mario & Domo vs. The World (with Young L), OBEY, Double Cup City (with Vinny Chase), Juice 2, Young & Flexin, and LOUD.

The following years saw even more mixtapes and Eps, including Foreign, All Black, Foreign 2, King Soulja, Cuban Link, Life After Fame, The King, King Soulja 2, Super Dope, King Soulja 3, Young Millionaire.

This entire time, Soulja Boy kept saying that his new full length album would be coming out, but it kept experiencing delay after delay after delay until his contract with Interscope had fully run out. Soulja Boy then signed onto Universal Music Group, and in 2015, finally released his next album, Loyalty.

Not long after Loyalty came out, Soulja Boy net worth grew even more thanks to even more mixtapes, EPs, and digital albums. They included King Soulja 4, featuring the hit single “Whippin My Wrist (Too Rich)”, Swag The Mixtape, Get Rich, 25 The Movie, M & M: Money and Music, Plug Talk, and S. Beezy.

Next up came singles such as “Drop The Top” and “Stephen Curry”, and then more mixtapes including Finesse EP, King Soulja 5, Stacks on Deck, Better Late Than Never, Rockstar, S. Beezy 2, King Soulja 6, and Ignorant Shit, a collaboration with Bow Wow.

In 2018, Soulja Boy appeared on Instagram Live in order to angrily respond to comments from various fans that the rap star Tyga had had the most significant comeback for someone in the music industry that year. A clip of him claiming that it was instead him went viral.

The next year, Soulja Boy did an interview for The Breakfast Club, a popular radio show, where he reiterated those claims and said he was right to say them both then and now. Soulja Boy again went viral due to this interview due to words he said about Drake.

For the rest of 2019, Soulja Boy continued to drop a series of mixtapes and singles. The mixtapes were called Fuego and Tell Ya. Early that year, Soulja Boy claimed that his next album, which had originally been called Blessed but whose name had now been changed to How Can You Blame Me? Would be out soon.

Soulja Boy, however, was soon after sent to jail for a period of time, which delayed the album. By 2020, Soulja Boy had found new internet life streaming on Twitch. Shortly after that success, he dropped King Soulja 9, Swag 3, and Soulja World.

He put out a number of singles during the pandemic, as well, including one titled simply “Pandemic” and another called “CEO”. By the start of 2021, with that new album still now out, Soulja Boy had now signed with yet another studio, Virgin Music this time around.

Throughout Soulja Boy’s career, his techniques as a rapper have been called to task, as well as his lyrics, something that Soulja Boy has repeatedly defended, referring to himself as a serious musician. His aspirations, according to him, are to be taken as seriously as Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z.

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Soulja Boy: Early Life

Soulja Boy was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America on the twenty eighth of July in the year 1990. Soulja Boy’s name at birth was DeAndre Cortez Way. By the time Soulja Boy turned 6, his family had left Chicago and relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

It was around this time that Soulja Boy first started really getting into rap. When Soulja Boy was fourteen, he and his dad moved together to Batesville, Mississippi, United States of America.

Soulja Boy’s Personal Life and Family


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Although Soulja Boy has had a number of prominent long term relationships, Soulja Boy seems to remain unmarried as of the present time.

Should this situation ever change, we will be sure to update this page with that information as soon as possible in order to keep our readers informed about all of the latest news on Soulja Boy net worth, life, and career.

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Soulja Boy’s Social Media Influence


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Soulja Boy has a huge social media presence, which is no surprise given what a popular and influential figure he is in the rap music and entertainment industries. Given he first became famous via the internet, the online world has been huge for Soulja Boy net worth.


Soulja Boy has an official public verified Facebook account. Soulja Boy’s Facebook account handle is simply @souljaboy, although his name on the site remains his original full rap name, Soulja Boy Tell Em. On the Facebook social media platform, Soulja Boy has eleven million followers.

Soulja Boy uses his Facebook account to post photos of himself, often with friends and colleagues, along with music video clips, information about his upcoming albums, singles, music, live appearances, tours, and concerts. Soulja Boy also uses it as a platform to sell his merch, which also helps Soulja Boy net worth.


Soulja Boy has an official public verified Twitter account. Soulja Boy’s twitter account handle from which he tweets is also simply @souljaboy, all lower case, as with his Facebook account.

On this platform, Soulja Boy has five and a half million followers, as of the present time, and is himself following one hundred and thirty eight people in return as of now.

Soulja Boy uses his Twitter account to post his thoughts and observations, as well as to plug his music, and post information about his upcoming albums, singles, tours, merch, and so on and so forth. Twitter is one of the avenues that helps build Soulja Boy net worth.


Soulja Boy has an official public verified Instagram account. Soulja Boy’s Instagram account handle, as with his Facebook and Twitter, is simply @souljaboy. On this platform, Soulja Boy has seven million followers and is himself following three hundred and forty in return as of the present time.

Soulja Boy uses his Instagram account to post photos of himself, sometimes with friends and colleagues, as well as to post video clips from his latest and upcoming music and albums, concert appearances, and so on and so forth.


Unlike many of his famous colleagues in the rap music and entertainment industries, Soulja Boy does have an official public LinkedIn professional account. Like many of them, however, he doesn’t seem to use it that much. The main thing posted on the page are links to his music videos.


Soulja Boy has an official public verified TikTok account. Soulja Boy’s TikTok account handle is @souljaboytv. Soulja Boy has just over two million followers on this platform as of the present time, along with over twelve and a half million likes. Soulja Boy is himself following six hundred and fifty six accounts currently.

Soulja Boy’s TikTok is full of video clips of Soulja Boy interacting directly with his fans and joking, as well as clips of his music and various concert appearances. TikTok is a significant component of Soulja Boy net worth.

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Soulja Boy: Height, Weight

Soulja Boy’s height is estimated to be at about 5 feet and 8 inches, which is 173 centimeters. Soulja Boy’s weight is not a matter currently in the public record but it is estimated as being about 148 pounds or 67 kilos. Soulja Boy’s hair color is black. Soulja Boy’s eye color is dark brown.

Soulja Boy’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameSoulja Boy
Real NameDeAndre Cortez Way
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, United States of America
Net Worth Estimate$30 Million