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Sommer Ray Net Worth | How Rich Is The Model And YouTuber?

Sommer Ray net worth has skyrocketed to $8 million in just a decade. No doubt, it’s all thanks to her career as a model and YouTuber that Sommer Ray has garnered such a massive net worth. Sommer Ray has an interesting story, and it is a testament to parental influence and self-discovery. While Sommer Ray may be hitting it big as a model and YouTuber, thanks to her parents for setting the pace early on.


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As of 2022, Sommer Ray net worth is pegged at $8 million. But there’s more story to the face behind the figures. From a young age, Sommer Ray has always been interested in modeling. Sommer Ray had the first blocks laid in her modeling foundation thanks to her father, Mr. Ray, an avid bodybuilder, and her mother, Shannon Ray, a prolific writer on women’s beauty and modeling.

Although Sommer Ray earned her fame in modeling through her hard work and dedication, she attributes her success to the foundation laid by her parents. Her story is one of self-discovery and parental influence and support.

Sommer Ray’s net worth of $8 million stems from her modeling career, but she’s much more than just a model. Specifically, Sommer Ray is a fitness model and a sensation across social media platforms. In her earlier years, Sommer Ray, who was already keen on modeling, worked out her body.

Thanks to her father being a professional bodybuilder and fitness expert, Sommer Ray’s father became her first fitness coach. Father and child worked out together up to the point when the former passed away.

Undaunted by her father’s passing, Sommer Ray pressed on in pursuing her fitness and modeling goal. Ultimately, she carved a niche for herself and gained popularity across social media platforms for her workout videos and images of her exquisitely chiseled body.

Sommer Ray ultimately stood out as one of America’s top-rated fitness models with a large media following. Asides from being a YouTube sensation, Sommer Ray is likewise a hot cake on Instagram and TikTok with millions of followers.

With over 27 million followers on Instagram, Sommer Ray boasts of a massive follower base that overshadows some celebrities and fellow social media sensations. Undoubtedly, her social media popularity has immensely added to Sommer Ray net worth of $8 million, but that’s not all there is to the fitness model.

As a model, Sommer Ray has appeared in top-rated luxury magazines worldwide, and she also has appearances in movie series such as Nuclear Family (2016) and King Bachelor’s Pad (2018). Undoubtedly, her modeling career has her serving as the ambassador and brand personality of multiple brands and organizations.

Asides from her social media fame, fitness and modeling career, and special appearances on TV shows, Sommer Ray is an entrepreneur in her rights, and it’s a major pillar of her massive net worth.

Sommer Ray’s net worth of $8 million comes with many perks. For starters, she enjoys a luxury lifestyle that includes owning a rich collection of cars. Although she has enough money to eat what she wants, Sommer Ray sticks to her fitness diet.

It shows that she’s not just touching up her photos but has a dedicated lifestyle that offers her the perfect body that she desires. Undoubtedly, Sommer Ray is both a model and a role model to many who subscribe to her fitness lifestyle.

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What Is Sommer Ray’s Net Worth Estimate


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Sommer Ray net worth has an estimated $8 million for the first quarter of 2022. With over half a year left, there’s no telling how much Sommer Ray net worth will be by 2022. As one of the top fitness models in America with massive fame across social media platforms, Sommer Ray’s net worth of $8 million does not surprise.

The $8 million net worth estimate for Sommer Ray is bound to change quickly. Given the fact that Sommer Ray is an ambassador and brand personality for multiple brands and organizations, there’s no doubt that she earns massively for each modeling or brand ambassadorial appearance.

This, coupled with her social media promotions and engagement, will drive up Sommer Ray net worth higher as the year progresses. There’s more to Sommer Ray’s net worth than just her modeling career and social media popularity.

It’s important to recall that Sommer Ray’s journey to social media fame began with her fitness routine. Sommer Ray quickly garnered a large following of fitness and modeling lovers by uploading her workout routine periodically across social media platforms.

Quite a large number of her followers subscribe to her fitness routine to build their bodies. This is from fans’ clear admiration, and followers have for Sommer Ray’s fitness and modeling journey. Sommer Ray grew her followed base with the consistent uploads of her workout routines and glammed-up photos.

With her newfound fame across social media platforms, Sommer Ray didn’t take long to convert her large followers base into a gold mine. With her YouTube videos alone getting hundreds of thousands of views each, there’s no doubt that her social media accounts are actively monetized. As it stands, Sommer Ray has an estimated monthly income of over $50,000.

Sommer Ray, who initially desired to get into Hollywood as an actress, has undoubtedly made a name and massive net worth for herself. Sommer Ray now stands as one of America’s celebrity fitness models and even has a few TV appearances.

If she sets her eyes toward scoring movie deals, there’s a fair certainty that she’ll secure many stellar deals. Indeed, a move towards acting would raise her net worth. However, Sommer Ray hasn’t shown much intent to break into the Hollywood acting scene.

Sommer Ray net worth estimate comes from her multiple streams of income. From modeling, fitness deals, brand ambassadorial deals, promotions, social media monetization, and personal businesses, Sommer Ray’s net worth has a long and fulfilling future ahead.

It’s important to note that Sommer Ray net worth grows by the day, and she currently has an annual income of over $1 million. With her investing her money into other businesses, more to come in terms of profit.

A breakdown of Sommer Ray’s net worth over the years shows that she has enjoyed a steady rise in her net worth. Currently, Sommer Ray has a monthly income of over $50,000 and a yearly income estimate of over $1 million. However, Sommer Ray net worth has risen from $3 million in 2018 to $8 million in 2022.

Sommer Ray net worth saw a rise by $1 million in 2019, pegging it at $4 million. It rose further in 2020, despite COVID-19 lockdowns, to $5.5 million. The year 2021 gave Sommer Ray’s net worth a $1.5 million boost to $7 million, and finally, in the first quarter of 2022, Sommer Ray net worth Ross to $8 million.

Sommer Ray’s Place of Birth and Early Life


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The story of Sommer Ray began on the 15th of September 1996. Sommer Ray was born to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray. While Sommer Ray’s father is known simply as Mr. Ray, her mother is Shannon Ray. The family, at best, qualified as a middle-class American family.

Born in Denver, Colorado, in the United States, Sommer Ray had most of her early life in Denver. Sommer Ray was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and as such, she had all her schooling in Denver, Colorado. Sommer Ray went to a Local Denver School in Colorado for her junior and high school program.

What’s more is that Sommer Ray is an alumnus of Colorado University, where she was a primary sponsor of her degree program. In terms of faith, Sommer Ray is a Christian who believes in the basic tenets and morals.

A keen trait has followed Sommer Ray since she was a child. The American fitness model has always been hyperactive and preferred activities such as singing, dancing, and working out to studying. In her undergraduate days, Sommer Ray actively participated in competitions such as running in her undergraduate days and was an avid gym lover.

Although Sommer Ray wasn’t keen on academics, she made it a duty to bag her degree. Her story shows that it’s possible to pursue one’s passion without forfeiting academic life. It’s possible to strike a balance between passion and academics, just as Sommer Ray has shown.

Sommer Ray fitness modeling career wasn’t just a matter of self-discovery. Sommer Ray actively joined her father’s workout sessions in her earlier years, particularly when she was sixteen.

Her father turned out to be her first and most fundamental fitness coach for her until his sad demise much later. What’s more, Sommer Ray’s mother isn’t just a writer on women’s beauty and modeling. She’s a fitness model and Instagram sensation herself.

Shannon Ray, Sommer Ray’s mother, has her fitness modeling career and has an Instagram followers base of over 700,000. No doubt, physical fitness and modeling run in the family as mother and daughter are celebrities in their rights. Her earlier photos on Instagram show a fascinating aspect of Shannon Ray’s life. She was a titular biker lady before delving fully into fitness modeling.

Consequently, it can be said that Sommer Ray’s parents set the pace for her to discover herself and her passion for fitness modeling. Both father and mother served as role models and pillars of support for Sommer Ray on her journey to self-discovery and pursuing her passion.

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Sommer Ray’s Physical Appearance, Height, and Weight

As a fitness model, it’s no surprise that Sommer Ray sports a titular hot summer body. Sommer Ray’s body is desired and admired by many, and it’s a secret to her social media fame. Sommer Ray has a slim body with gorgeous curves in the right places. She is often seen with a smile and is known by many for her beautiful personality. For Sommer Ray, she combines a beautiful body with a beautiful personality, which endears her to all her fans.

Sommer Ray’s body measurements are estimated to be 34 by 24 by 38 inches. She’s comfortably within the average height for ladies at 5 feet and 6 inches. Sommer Ray has a healthy body weight of 56kg in the same vein. Sommer Ray inherited her mother’s brunette hair, but often sports a beautiful golden hue on her hair. Like her mother, Sommer Ray has hazel brown eyes, which are a sight to charming behold.

As a fitness model, Sommer Ray’s physical appearance is crucial for her career. Her social media accounts are filled with stunning images of her in workout gear, bikini, and classy outfits. It’s no surprise that with such a consistent fitness routine and a dedicated diet, Sommer Ray sports a body that has proven elusive for many. Sommer Ray’s intake of about 70g of protein is a primary aspect of her diet.

Though highly desired, the female summer body has always been an elusive dream. But for Sommer Ray and her dedicated fans, it’s a dream come true with a bit of dedication.

Sommer Ray’s Career

A simple visit to Sommer Ray’s Instagram page would give off the impression that she’s a hot model, but there’s more than just fitness modeling for Sommer Ray’s career. Sommer Ray is majorly known for being a fitness model. It’s only natural to get some background info about her modeling career.

Although Sommer Ray has always been interested in fitness, she started her career roughly ten years ago. In 2012 when Sommer Ray was sixteen, she began her modeling career. It all started with working out with her father and making consistent uploads of her routine on her social media accounts.

It’s interesting to note that Sommer Ray, under her father’s tutelage, was an active competitor in female fitness challenges and competitions around Denver, Colorado.

Sommer Ray participated in the NPC Colorado State Teen Bikini Championship at the start of her career. Although she wasn’t crowned the champion, she came out top as a runner-up. Asides from hoping to reach a wider audience via Instagram, Sommer Ray initially dreamt of securing a minor brand promotion deal. Thankfully, her career’s growth had secured multiple brand promotion deals compared to when she was just starting.

Ever since she went online and began posting on Instagram, Sommer Ray’s fame grew faster, and she indeed reached a wider audience. Her photo and video uploads on Instagram fetched hundreds of likes, and gradually her followers base grew into thousand up until its current estimate of 27 million followers.

In January 2017, Sommer Ray moved further by launching her YouTube channel. She became an active vlogger thanks to YouTube, where she constantly uploaded her workout videos. Sommer Ray’s YouTube account is dedicated primarily to her life’s progress, workout routines, challenges, special requests, and features.

What started in 2017 with a few subscribers and video views grew into a successful YouTube channel with nearly 2 million subscribers. Each video on her YouTube channel steadily rakes in hundreds of thousands of views. Sommer Ray appeared in the TV show Wild ‘N Out in the same year. She likewise joined California’s social media group CloutGang which is strictly for top-rated social media personalities.

Sommer Ray had an interview with Forbes in 2018 where she revealed that she had an expressive personality. At the time, Sommer Ray’s net worth had reached about $3 million, and she had caught media attention. She said, “I’ve always been more expressive, in a sexual way. But that doesn’t mean that I’m like that as a person”.

Her interview with Forbes shows that Sommer Ray’s doesn’t shy away from the media, and she finds joy in expressing herself. While there’s no doubt about her hot body being the center of attraction for many, Sommer Ray recognizes and emphasizes that she’s not a sex symbol.

As is the custom of fitness enthusiasts and professionals, showing her body’s transformation is a testament to her dedication to her fitness goals. The overall toned body and workout videos prove that physical fitness is possible, and the routines are highly effective.

Although Sommer Ray is widely known for her hot photos and videos on Instagram, the fitness model is also an active entrepreneur. In recent times, Sommer Ray launched her brand Imarais Beauty. Sommer Ray’s beauty brand is a PETA-approved brand with cruelty-free beauty products.

Her debut beauty product is a plant-based product known as Glow Gummies. The product brightens and strengthens skin texture via micronutrients derived solely from plants.

Sommer Ray also runs her clothing line “Sommer Ray’s Shop,” which offers a range of beautiful and comfortable clothes for women. A unique line is known as “Woman’s Active Wear.” Sommer Ray earns about $20,000 for every sponsored post she makes on Instagram, and she is currently number 59 on the Instagram Rich List by Hopper HQ.

Across her career, Sommer Ray has served as a brand personality for top-rated brands such as Adidas, Myokore, and Calvin Klein, among others. With the amount of top-rated brands she has worked with, it’s no surprise that Sommer Ray net worth is a whopping $8 million.

Sommer Ray’s Personal Life and Family

Sommer Ray Net Worth

Sommer Ray was born into a family of six until her father’s demise. Asides from her mother, Sommer Ray, and her three siblings, Savana, Skylyn (sisters), and Bronson (brother), Ray are a closely-knit family. Although she’s yet to get married, Sommer Ray has had many romantic involvements.

Notably, she’s said to have dated Machine Gun Kelly, Azra Mian, Max Erhrich, Tayler Holder, and Jack Gilinsky, among others. While Sommer Ray doesn’t seem to have a consistent partner yet, she makes her pick from her network of influencers and top-rated social media personalities.

In January 2022, Sommer Ray bought an apartment for about $1.5 million in Los Angeles, renowned San Fernando Valley. The five-bedroom apartment has a gourmet kitchen, a big-sized pool house, and an enviable backyard. While she had always kept things discreet about her home, Sommer Ray made a full house tour later in the month, much to the satisfaction of her fans.

Asides from her million-dollar Valley house, Sommer Ray also has a fantastic collection of cars and bikes. Perhaps she gained a bit of her mother’s biker trait.

As expected of a social media personality, Sommer Ray has much of her life on display on her social media accounts. While her Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube photos and videos do not account for every aspect of her life, they reasonably give followers a glimpse of her life. Sommer Ray still spends quality time offline, and it’s a great way to maintain the balance between her social and personal life.

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Sommer Ray’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

Sommer Ray net worth of $8 million comes from a full career as a fitness model and an entrepreneur. A decade’s journey has placed Sommer Ray on the long list of millionaires, particularly millionaires under 30. At just 25 years of age, Sommer Ray net worth is daunting. No doubt, many aspire to be like her in wealth and fitness.

Her story is a testament to the dedication and the fulfillment of dreams. Although her father may have passed, there’s no doubt that he would be proud of how far she has come in pursuing her dreams. It’s satisfying to see that the little girl who started as a fitness trainee under her father is now a fitness model with a large followers base who trusts and follows her lead in physical fitness.

NameSommer Ray
Real NameSommer Ray
Date of Birth15th September 1996
Place of BirthDenver, Colorado, United States of America
ParentsMr. Ray (father)
Mrs. Shannon Ray (mother)
SiblingsSkylyn and Savana Ray (sisters)
Bronson Ray (brother)
OccupationFitness Model and Entrepreneur
BrandsImarais Beauty (beauty product brand)
Sommer Ray's Shop (clothing line)
Net Worth Estimate$8 million