Shane McMahon Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

Shane McMahon net worth is estimated to be over $40 million. He has earned much of his income from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestling matches, where he also served as a referee.

Shane is a businessman and he is a World Wrestling Entertainment SmackDown Live commissioner. Shane has feuded against top wrestlers like Bobby Lashley, The Rock, and Kane.

Who is Shane McMahon?

Shane McMahon taking photos with fans.

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Shane McMahon is an American professional wrestler and businessman. He’s the son of WWE chairman Vince McMahon and is the live on-screen commissioner and minority owner of the WWE.

Shane has been actively involved in the wrestling business and passionate about wrestling since he was a teenager. Today, his net worth is estimated to be over $40 million. This is thanks to his wrestling matches and enterprises.

He has won many championships, facing some of the best wrestlers in the world. He was the Chief Executive Officer of China Broadband Inc. and You On Demand. In addition, this wrestler partly owns Indian Larry, a motorcycle shop.

He was also responsible for WWE’s TV production and was the company’s global media executive VP.

Shane McMahon’s Career

Shane started working at World Entertainment Wrestling at age 15. In the beginning, he was filling merchandise orders at the WWE warehouse.

1988-1997 – Shane became an announcer, producer, and referee.

Shane McMahon was an on-screen referee and was eventually appointed the executive vice president of WWE’s Global Media, where he worked behind the scenes.

1992 – Shane was a backstage official, working behind the scenes for the WWE.

1997 – He helped launch the company’s official website.

As a WWE professional wrestler, Shane won the WWF European Championship and the WWF Hardcore Championship.

1999 – Pro Illustrated Wrestling named Shane McMahon the year’s rookie.

In the same year, Shane appeared in the WPI’s 500 top singles wrestlers.

2000 – Shane became one of the decision-makers of the WWE.

2006 – Shane was part of the team that attended Pride 32. This is an event held in Paradise, Nevada, at the famous Thomas & Mack Center.

This event and the attendance by Shane raised speculation that World Wrestling Entertainment was considering promoting Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events, which was not the case.

2006 – DSE (Dream Stage Entertainment) and WWE officials met at the WWE headquarters in Connecticut to see whether the two companies could work together.

March 2007 – the president of DSE, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, announced that Lorenzo Fertitta of Station Casinos had agreed to acquire all of Pride FC’s assets from DSE in a deal worth about $70 million.

This deal ended any possibility of WWE and Pride ever working together.

November 2006 – Shane and Carl De Marco, the World Entertainment Wrestling Canada president, traveled to South America to seal a big television deal in Brazil.

This deal allowed WWE TV to air SmackDown and Raw.

September 2008 – Shane sealed another major television deal in Mexico.

This new deal allowed WWE to air their programs on Mexico’s two leading television networks, TV Azteca and Televisa. TV Azteca was to air SmackDown, while Televisa was to air Raw.

October 2009 – Shane resigned as the WWE’s Global Media executive vice president. Though WWE posted this resignation on October 16, 2009, it was effective on January 1, 2010.

He never gave any reason for his resignation. He did state that after being associated with the WWE for most of his life, he saw it fitting to pursue outside ventures. His resignation ended a 20-year reign at WWE. After his resignation, his sister, Stephanie, and his father, Vince both remained at WWE.

Late 2019 – Shane started working again with the WWE as a producer.

May 2020 – The real reason for his resignation from WWE was revealed. Shane felt that his father considered Stephanie (Shane’s sister) and Tripple H (Stephanie’s husband) the heirs to his throne. Shane was also tired of his father ignoring his ideas for the company’s future.

2022 – The media reported that, even though Shane had no serious production role in the family’s company and just a part-time contract with the WWE, he was booking Royal Rumble matches with Fightful’s Sean Ross. Shane helped fix the match, though he was listed as an internal producer of the Royal Rumble.

Aside from his association with the WWE, Shane founded a fin-tech company called China Broadband Inc. in 2004. He became the company’s CEO in 2010. The company provided analog and digital services, such as cable broadband, in China’s Shandong province.

China Broadband Inc.’s headquarters is based in Boulder County, Colorado. In the same year, Shame became the chief executive officer of You On Demand, a pay-per-view, video-on-demand service.

2013 – he resigned as the CEO of You On Demand.

Currently, he’s the executive VC of the company’s board of directors. The company has changed its name several times and is now known as Ideanomics. Formerly, it was known as Wecast Holdings, Inc. before it changed its name to Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc., and finally to Ideanomics.

Ideanomics has its headquarters in New York City. In addition, Shane partly owns the Indian Larry Motorcycle Shop in New York.

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Shane McMahon’s Professional Wrestling Career


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Shane began his professional on-screen refereeing career as Shane Stevens.

1988 – Shane Stevens refereed the first Royal Rumble match.

1990 – Shane was the first wrestler to come out and greet the audience during the WrestleMania VI match. He soon dropped the refereeing duties and became a backstage official at WrestleMania VII.

After that, he mainly worked behind the scenes until 1997, when he launched

1998 – Shane McMahon makes his first appearance as an on-chair character.

During this time, he was among the top WWF executives negotiating with Mike Tyson.

This is also when Mike Tyson became so involved with WrestleMania.

Shane became a regular part of Steve Austin (Stone Cold) and his father’s on-air feud. During the early days of the rivalry, Shane supported his father, mainly in his cameo roles, though he never became an enforcer like Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco.

Shane became a Sunday Night Heat’s color commentator alongside Cornette Jim and Kelly Kevin.

1999 – Shane, alongside Jerry Lawler, announced the WWF Attitude video game.

Shane McMahon also played the role of a regular character in the game, turning against his father, Vince McMahon, by signing Stone Cold to a contract.

This was after his father demoted him to the referee position.

February 1999 – Shane dropped the commentary role and became part and parcel of the corporation angle.

He won the European Championship during that time, snatching it from X-Pac.

Shane and X-Pac did a rematch during WrestleMania XV, in which Shane was helped by his childhood friends Triple H and Mean Street Posse to win against X-Pac, thus retaining the championship.

2010 – He then decided to retire because he wanted to be an “undefeated champion.”
Later in the same year, he became the chief executive officer of You On Demand.

2013 – he stepped down from that position and appointed Liu Weicheng as his successor. After that, he remained the VC of the board and the company’s principal executive officer.

2016 – Shane made a come back to wrestling after almost 7 years/

As a wrestler, he won many championships.

2018 – He won the WWE World Cup.

Professional Wrestling Style

Shane McMahon uses his signature move, known as “Coast to Coast”. With this move, he jumps across the ring from the top rope, and delivers a kick to his opponent with a trash can.

Shane McMahon Net Worth


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Shane McMahon’s net worth is estimated to be around the $40 million mark. It has also been reported that he earned a salary of about $950,000 from his WWE in-ring performances.

Some of his earnings also come from his part ownership of Ideanomics. And, as already mentioned, he has been the chief executive officer of You On Demand and holds shares in a motorcycle shop called Indian Larry.

In addition, Shane was responsible for the WWE’s television production and was the company’s Global Media executive VP. All these positions and businesses earned him quite a substantial amount of money.

At “Ideanomics,” where Shane McMahon serves as chairman, his annual income is about $2 million. Over the years, his shares have fluctuated between $40 million and $225 million.

He also has many endorsement earnings, bringing his annual income to around $3 million. He is among the most famous business people, not only in America but around the world.

In the WWE, he’s commonly referred to as “Shane O Mac.” Shane has fans globally and participated in the 2002 movie ‘Rollerball.’

Shane McMahon’s Age, Height, And Weight

Height – 6’1” (187cm)
Weight – 236 lbs (107kg)

Shane McMahon’s Early Life

Shane McMahon, or Shane Brandon McMahon, was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA, on January 15, 1970 into a family of wrestling promoters.

Shane was born to his mother, Linda McMahon, and father, Vince McMahon. He has one sister. Her name is Stephanie McMahon.

Shane McMahon is the 4th generation in the family of wrestling promoters, in the McMahon family.

Shane doesn’t really disclose much about his personal life, but as it is known, his wrestling ambitions never interfered with his education. He attended Greenwich High School, and once he completed his high school education, he went on to Roger Williams University, where he studied marketing and media.

But, Shane did not stop there. He then joined the prestigious Boston University, where he graduated in 1993 with a degree in communication.

He has always had a love for wrestling from a very young age and his passion for it is what led him to go on to become a professional wrestler in America.

McMahon is also a famous businessman with shares in World Wrestling Entertainment, where he’s a minority owner, producer, and wrestler.

Additionally, he’s the executive vice-chairman and founder of Ideanomics, originally known as Seven Stars Cloud Group.

He started working at the WWE warehouse at the age of 15. Here, his duty was to fill merchandise orders. He rose through the ranks and eventually became WWE’s global media Executive Vice President.

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Shane McMahon’s Personal life

Shane is married to his wife, Mazzola Marissa. The couple met in high school, where they fell in love. They dated for several years before finally tying the knot in 1996. Together they have three sons: Kenyon, Declan, and Rogan.

Marissa works for WWE and as a public relations officer for Dan Klores. Shane’s three sons are also wrestling enthusiasts. They made an appearance at WrestleMania 32, accompanying their father to the ring when he was facing The Undertaker.

His sons have also been in the crowd several times. Shane likes to wear baseball jerseys when wrestling. When you see a jersey with “McMahon” on the back and “Shane O Mac” on the front, you’ll know that’s Shane in the ring.

Shane’s football jersey number was the same as that of his father, number 61. During an interview on Playboy, his father, Vince said that, even though Shane is right-handed, he liked throwing left-handed punches.

In 2017, Shane was involved in a helicopter accident, but he survived unharmed. He is a great fan of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and trains Muay Thai and Brazilian JiuJitsu under Phil Nurse and Renzo Gracie.

Shane McMahon lives a happy and peaceful life with his wife and children.

Shane McMahon Bio Summary

Shane McMahon net worth currently stands at about $40 million. His net worth is lower than what it was in 2020, which was around $100 million, but it is still substantial.

Shane got his money from his wrestling, acting, and refereeing. He’s also a famous businessman who has made a fortune from the businesses he partly owns.

Shane McMahon doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, therefore, Shane McMahon’s net worth will keep increasing.

NameShane McMahon
Birth NameShane Brandon McMahon
Date of Birth15 January 1970
Place of BirthGaithersburg, Maryland, USA
Height6'1" (187cm)
Weight236 lbs (107kg)
Marital StatusWife - Marissa Mazzola (m. 1996)
ParentsFather - Vince McMahon
Mother - Linda McMahon
SiblingsStephanie McMahon
Net Worth Estimate$40 million