Rico Nasty Net Worth | How Much Does She Make?

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The cool Rico Nasty net worth surpasses six figures, as this multifaceted female rapper is becoming recognized as a genre-bending rising star.

Her journey to becoming one of the most legendary voices in rap began with trying on different personae… Then she found herself!

Check out Rico Nasty’s net worth, who she is, and learn how being a young mother inspires her.

Who is Rico Nasty?

The female rap scene is overwhelmed with angry, loud ladies spouting w.a.p. and swearwords—and then there is Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly, a.k.a. Rico Nasty, who brings even more glam and flamboyance to this volatile mix.


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Rapper Rico Nasty is known for her ability to merge hip hop with grunge and punk rock. Her gravelly and uninhibited vocals are matched only by her over, over the top style, as recounted among the fashion fundis of the world wide web.

Rico had a wide range of musical influences as she grew towards becoming the Nasty artist she is today. Besides the expected rap and hip-hop influences from her dad, a rapper himself, she listens to a lot of rock and believes that it has been a big part of her musical journey. Classic R&B inspirations came to her from artists like Kanye West and Mariah Carey to name only the tip of a large iceberg of names that include the great Bob Marley and Beyonce.

She used music as an escape from an unhappy childhood and hoped that if she was good enough at what she did, or who she was, her parents might get back together. She released her first mixtape to mediocre success during high school. Her first real success came with the release of ‘Hey Arnold’, and she built on this with her follow up track, ‘iCarly’. Both songs were huge hits on platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud and the Rico Nasty net worth started taking shape.

Rico Nasty’s net worth is not the young rapper’s main focus though, she is single mom to 3-year-old Cameron—her boy she had at the youthful age of 18. The father of the toddler tragically died of Asthma before the child was born.

Although small in stature she is gigantuar when it comes to personality and putting it out there. She has a huge Twitter following, her favorite social media platform, and also runs a successful YouTube channel and has a significant SoundCloud presence. Her career has been boosted by appearances with Lil’Yachty, Doja Cat and many others.

Are you getting curious about Rico Nasty’s net worth yet? Let’s dig a little deeper.

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What is Rico Nasty’s Net Worth Estimate?

Rico Nasty Net Worth

NEW YORK-APR 8: Rico Nasty attends the premiere of “The Fate of the Furious” at Radio City Music Hall on April 8, 2017 in New York City. Editorial credit: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

Can you guess where Rico Nasty’s net worth gets the most dollars from? Right now this determined and stubborn (Hey, who guessed that she’s a Taurus?), young rapstar has a very cool net worth of around vdollars… and counting!

The Nasty net worth has seen a significant growth since 2021 ($500K), then a small growth in 2021 to $700K, before exploding to the current Rico Nasty net worth of more than a million dollars. Rico earns more than $20 000 per month from a variety of income streams that include:

  • Album sales
  • Live streams
  • Tours like her Sugar Trap Tour
  • YouTube
  • SoundCloud

Rico likes to refer to her brand of music as Sugar Trap, but before we kept trapt here, let’s see what she sees when she looks in the mirror.

Rico Nasty’s Height, Weight

Rico Nasty’s net worth may be nearly as big as her personality, but all of that talent fits into a tiny little body that stands only 5 foot and 3 inches (160cm) heigh, and weighs a sprightly 110 lbs (50kg). She is kept grounded with her size sixes and her milkshake gets kept at a 33C.

Rico Nasty’s Place of Birth and Early Life

The Spice Girls ruled the airwaves in 1997, the same year when Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly took her first breath of Big Apple air in Brooklyn on Wednesday May 7.

Prince George’s County in Maryland was not a place for the faint hearted when Maria Kelly grew up there. Unemployment was rife in this predominantly African-American county and Rico hated the time that she spent there. She explained that people smoked a drug referred to as ‘water’; which is basically embalming fluid mixed with Angel Dust. Palmer Park had a nefarious reputation but Nasty is grateful her religious mother raised her and protected her to the best of her ability.

Rico Nasty had a Puerto Rican mother, and her rapper father was African American. Her mother is a government cyber security specialist and her father was a rapper.

When Rico Nasty was in the seventh grade, she was sent to a Baltimore boarding school, but after three years, she was expelled for smoking cannabis. It was her parents’ hope that she would receive a better education than what Pamer Park had to offer. She was 14 when a fellow student called Martinez invited her to smoke outside. In those days, she says, she never even knew how to use a lighter. They got caught and according to the strong-willed rapper, they did not even have a chance to get high yet. Rico was expelled and sent back to a public school close to where they lived.

With such a tough go through the school of hard knocks you might be surprised at Rico Nasty’s net worth right? She was bullied in Baltimore and her so-called friends from before treated her with utter disdain. She struggled to adjust as everyone and everything was just “so different”. Maria Kelly says that’s when she morphed into Rico Nasty, “I was fed up with waiting for people to do things for me so I started doing things my way.”

We can see how her perseverance and uniqueness has led to the Rico Nasty net worth reaching six figures in a short space. Let’s take a peek at how she got here..

Rico Nasty’s Career

Her fame and career has grown just as fast as Rico Nasty’s net worth since she released, “Summer’s Eve”, her debut mixtape in 2014, when she was still in high school. Rico fell pregnant and had a baby boy when she was 18. She named him Cameron and he was the catalyst that kickstarted a Nasty career.

She continued releasing various mixtapes (she has released seven so far) and Sugar Trap and The Rico Story started to see her fan base growing at a rapid rate. As with so many of today’s young and successful musicians and artists, YouTube played a massive role in her success, and the Rico Nasty net worth. She released ‘iCarly’ shortly followed by ‘Hey Arnold’ and in 2016 her career started to take flight. It was given a turbo boost when Lil Yachty invited her to participate in a remix of Arnold.

Poppin, her first huge hit single, was released in 2017 and has received millions of YouTube views. Rolling Stone named ‘Sugar Trap 2’ one of the best rap albums of that year.

The diminutive rap star has been spitting out mixtape after masterful mixtape, and she just seems to get better. She loves TikTok and has a large following on this platform. It was no surprise when she was signed by Atlantic Records in 2018 for her constant high-quality music.

Her inclusion on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for music in 2019 indicates that she has a bright future in rap. Despite the pandemic, Rico continued to record music in 2020. Her debut studio album, ‘Nightmare Vacation’, includes the track ‘iPhone’, and she plans to release more singles in preparation for the album’s release.


  • Summer’s Eve, 2014
  • The Rico Story, 2016
  • Sugar Trap, 2016
  • Tales of Tacobella, 2017
  • Sugar Trap 2, 2017
  • Nasty, 2018
  • Anger Management (with Kenny Beats), 2019


  • iCarly
  • Hey Arnold
  • From The Rico Story, 2016
  • Poppin
  • Key Lime OG
  • From Sugar Trap 2, 2017
  • Rage
  • From Nasty, 2018

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Rico Nasty’s Personal Life and Family

When Rico was 18-years-old, she gave birth to a son named Cameron. Unfortunately, the bay boy’s father died of an asthma attack when she was still in high school, and she became a single mother. She met her now boyfriend and music manager, Malik Foxx, while she was still pregnant and this was when her focus shifted to include a career in Hip-Hop and rap. Malik has since taken on a kind of a father figure role for the outgoing rapper’s young son. She often refers to the fact that he is the only father figure that Cameron has known since birth.

When her rap career gained momentum, she shifted her focus and left her job as a hospital receptionist.

The soon to be 3-year-old Cameron is a Sagittarius, just like his dad, while Rico and her mom are represented by the bull of Taurus. Cameron was born when Rico was 18 after graduating from high school. He lost his father unexpectedly from an asthma attack a few months earlier.

Although Nasty is known for being loud and brash, she hates speaking about Brandon. According to her they were best friends long before they became romantically involved. “ He will always be, and is my best friend”, she said vehemently. They share the words “Keep Thy Heart” that he had, as well as a crescent moon and star behind her right ear.

She released her fourth project, ‘Tales of Tacobella‘, in 2021. On the collection of songs Rico included a song that is named after Brandon. The millennial classic that represents heartache, Vanessa Carlton’s, ‘A Thousand Miles, ‘ is sampled on the track and it speaks of pain that will never really go away. It also defines very explicitly how the birth of her son has changed the way she sees the world and reacts to it. “ Because I have this little human that looks up at me, I always keep smiling,” reiterating how this reminds her that she can also never give up and to always do her best.

Rico Nasty met Kenny Beats in 2018 and their first song together, ‘Smack A Bitch’, racked up more than 15 million views on YouTube. This was immediately followed by more mixtape success when she dropped ‘Nasty’, which Pitchfork deemed ‘one of the most hard-hitting rap records of the year’.


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As testament to Rico’s worth ethics, she spent a solid 5 days working on the follow-up that was released in spring of 2019. The crazy album cover for ‘Anger Management’ was designed and created by Giant Claw, otherwise known as Keith Rankin. The cover picture was inspired by the 70s’ psychology-book, ‘The New Primal Scream’, and has received accolades all-round. Rico Nasty’s net worth made it possible for the loud little rapper to perform at Coachella, but not only did she perform, the rap star arrived at the event in a private black helicopter..

Only a few months away from her 25th birthday and already the genre-bending Baltimore, Brooklyn rapper seems like she is already a veteran on the rap scene. Her unapologetically personal and unique sound combines, rock, heavy metal and punk influences with hip-hop and rhythm and blues and is skillfully mixed and crafted by producer Kenny Beats… into melodies with relentless rapping rage and an endless range of vocal notes.

Rico Nasty’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

This has paved the way for Rico Nasty’s net worth to be hovering around the million dollar and above range. She maintains a steady income through various different streams of income, including album sales, tours, YouTube videos, SoundCloud purchases and she has plans to expand her Nasty empire.

NameRico Nasty
Real NameMaria-Cecilia Simone Kelly
Date of BirthMay 7, 1997
Place of BirthWashington D.C, Maryland, United States
Height5'3" (160)
Weight110 lbs (50 kg)
Marital StatusSingle - 1 child
Net Worth Estimate110 lbs (50kg)