Rick Leventhal Net Worth – How Much Is He Really Worth?

Rick Leventhal Net Worth Estimate:

Rick Leventhal net worth is currently estimated as being at approximately about $3 million dollars. The majority of Rick Leventhal net worth has come from his career as a senior correspondent, anchor, reporter, and host for the very controversial right wing Republican entertainment TV network channel FOX News.

Who is Rick Leventhal?


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Rick Leventhal is a journalist from the United States of America who used to be one of the right wing Republican entertainment network channel FOX News’ senior correspondents, holding this role between the years of 1997 and 2021.

Prior to joining this highly controversial channel, Rick Leventhal was a local news reporter for approximately a decade, working as a correspondent and anchor in places such as New York City, Chicago, West Palm Beach and Miami, Florida, and Spartanburg and Colombia in South Carolina.

Rick Leventhal graduated from Washington, D.C.’s prestigious American University was a Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism. Rick Leventhal’s full name is Richard Gary Leventhal.

Rick Leventhal’s Career


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Over the course of Rick Leventhal’s career, the man has reported live on the front in numerous war zones, in a grand total that adds up to almost twenty four separate times. Amongst this list are being sent to Iraq on 5 separate occasions, and being sent to Afghanistan to report on 4 separate occasions.

Additionally, Rick Leventhal has been sent to Israel to report a grand total of 8 times, and this includes trips to Gaza as well as the West Bank as part of this number. Rick Leventhal has also been sent to report from Albania, to report from Macedonia during the span of the Kosovian War, as well as Libya in addition to that.

Rick Leventhal at another point was also embedded with the U S Marine Corps for nine weeks while he reported in both Iraq and Kuwait. Rick Leventhal stayed with them as they crossed that border and eventually arrived with them just outside of Baghdad.

From Baghdad, Rick Leventhal left that corps and regrouped with the second battalion, twenty third Marines, dubbed as the Sinners and Saints, to continue to report on the war there from within.

When the two towers of the World Trade Center were bombed and destroyed on that fateful day on the eleventh of September in 2001, Rick Leventhal was one of the first journalists on the ground and reporting live. Rick Leventhal was, in fact, on the scene after the planes hit but before the towers came down.

Later that year, Rick Leventhal again traveled to report, this time on the unfolding War on Terror, in the words of President George W Bush. Rick Leventhal again embedded himself, this time at Kandahar Airport and Camp Rhino with Marines, travelling to Afghanistan and Bahrain in order to do his on the ground reporting.

Other more recent stories that were covered by Rick Leventhal include the commemoration of the date of the World Trade Center attack on the eleventh of September 2001, a decade after it happened, the assassination of Osama bin Laden, the perpetrator behind these notorious attacks, and the Louisiana floods.

During much of 2010, Rick Leventhal was reporting on a major oil spill that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. This was part of a pattern throughout his twenty four year long (at the time) career of reporting live at the site of various natural disasters as they were unfolding.

Rick Leventhal was on the ground reporting live from Hurricanes Andrew, Rita, Hugo, and perhaps most famously, Katrina, which devastated New Orleans. In 2010, Rick Leventhal reported from Haiti on the effects of the earthquake that nearly decimated that island nation.

Rick Leventhal also reported from Vatican City, Rome when Pope John Paul II died, and remained there in order to report when the next pope was decided upon, named, and eventually took office as pope.

Rick Leventhal finally decided to leave his job at FOX News was reported upon on the seventeenth of June in 2001. After marrying Kelly Dodd the year before, Rick Leventhal had requested of FOX numerous times that he be allowed to move to California in order to spend more time with his new wife.

Furthermore, however, Rick Leventhal eventually didn’t seem to be interested in doing any on the ground reporting anymore, which is what he had been known for up to that point, as he wanted to cease travelling. Rick Leventhal, did, however, want to keep commanding the same high salary he had had up to then.

As this didn’t mesh well with what he’d always done in the past, he instead simply gave up his job and retired, in order to enjoy his life in California with his wife, which he could thanks to Rick Leventhal net worth.

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Rick Leventhal: Early Life

Rick Leventhal was born as Richard Gary Leventhal on the twenty fourth of January in the year 1960. Rick Leventhal’s mom was at the time Greenbelt Cares’ director in Greenbelt, Maryland, United States of America, while Rick Leventhals’ dad was working as a Silver Spring, Maryland, United States of America, psychologist.

Rick Leventhal grew up with his parents and his two siblings. Rick Leventhal’s brother, Scott Leventhal, was born two year earlier than him in 1958. Rick Leventhal’s sister, Leigh Leventhal, is three years younger, having been born in 1963.

Rick Leventhal attended high school in the Silver Spring, Maryland, United States of America, high school, Montgomery Blair High School, beginning in 1974. By 1978, Rick Leventhal had graduated and received his high school diploma upon completing his studies there.

Rick Leventhal then went on to study broadcast journalism at American University in Washington, D.C., the world famous capitol city of the United States of America. Rick Leventhal got his Bachelor of Arts in 1982.

Rick Leventhal’s Personal Life and Family


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Rick Leventhal’s first marriage was to a woman named Penny Daniels, who was also in broadcast journalism at the time. Penny Daniels reported for Miami’s WSVN-TV and then Chicago’s WFLD-TV.

While together, Rick Leventhal and Penny Daniels gave birth to two daughters. The first, Veronica Leventhal, was born in 1991 and is now a social worker, advocate, and activist.

The second, Shoshana Leventhal, was born in 1996, and now studies women’s studies, philosophy, and music at Goucher College in Maryland, United States of America. Shoshana Leventhal is a vegan.

After getting divorced from their mother, Rick Leventhal married another woman, Beth Shak, in 2016 in a quickie wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. They were, however, only together for 9 months before Beth Shak decided to leave him. She immediately afterwards filed her divorce paperwork.

In early 2020, Rick Leventhal married Kelly Dodd, who is best known for her appearances on the hit Bravo TV reality series, The Real Housewives of Orange County. As she is also wealthy, this helped increase Rick Leventhal net worth more.

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Rick Leventhal’s Social Media Influence

Rick Leventhal doesn’t have a very wide social media presence but does maintain a few accounts on various big sites, mostly in order to promote his podcast.


Rick Leventhal has a personal Facebook page, on which he has nine hundred and twenty five friends currently. Rick Leventhal, however, does not seem to have a public official verified professional Facebook page as of the present time.

This is, perhaps, not surprising as, although Rick Leventhal is a name that is known, he is more of a journalist than a personality who has anything specific to sell or projects as other people in the entertainment industry might.

With that said, should the situation ever change and Rick Leventhal sign up for an official public verified Facebook profile, we will be sure to update the information on this page. We do this in order to ensure our readers are kept up to date with all of the latest news about Rick Leventhal net worth, life, and career.


Rick Leventhal has an official public verified Twitter account. Rick Leventhal’s official public verified Twitter account handle is @RickLeventhal, with the first letter of each of his names upper case. Twitter is, however, not case sensitive, so the name can be entered all lower case in order to be accessed, as well.

Rick Leventhal as of the present time has approximately fifty seven thousand followers on Twitter and is himself only following six hundred and forty six in return.

Rick Leventhal’s Twitter bio currently reads, “Former Senior Correspondent, Current Co-host, Rick & Kelly UNMASKED, Future Author, Humble witness of history. Proud husband of @kellydleventhal.”

Rick Leventhal largely uses his Twitter to plug the podcast he hosts with his wife, named Rick & Kelly UNMASKED, as mentioned in his short Twitter bio. From this podcast, Rick Leventhal net worth continues to grow through its advertising sponsorships.

On the podcast and the twitter account, Rick Leventhal goes into his right wing Conservative politics and often spreads COVID vaccine skepticism, which many people have labelled as misinformation on his and his wife’s parts.

Rick Leventhal’s Twitter will also often post plugs for The Real Housewives of Orange County, as well as links to recaps and various other people’s tweets about the show.


Rick Leventhal has an official public verified Instagram account. Rick Leventhal’s official public verified Instagram account handle is simply @rickleventhal, all lower case, all one word.

Rick Leventhal’s Instagram bio is quite close to his Twitter bio, saying, “Grateful husband of @kellyddodd & proud father & stepfather, podcaster & soon-to-be author, humble witness of history.”

On this platform, Rick Leventhal has over sixty one thousand followers and is himself following only three hundred and sixty one accounts in return.

Rick Leventhal mainly uses his official public verified Instagram account to post photos of himself and his family, right wing Conservative political memes, plugs for his podcast and other upcoming events, videos and memes regarding COVID vaccine skepticism, and so on and so forth.


Rick Leventhal has an official public Linked In business account on which he has over five hundred connections. Rick Leventhal hasn’t, however, updated in a long time, likely due to not actually needing the sort of business networking that Linked In tends to provide, given he’s a rich, successful television anchor.

On Linked In, Rick Leventhal describes himself as a “Senior Correspondent, News Anchor, Morning News Anchor, Morning Show Host, and Podcast Host”. Rick Leventhal lists his education as being Montgomery College from 1983 through to 1985, and American University from 1985 through to 1987.

Rick Leventhal, however, doesn’t use his Linked In often. With that said, should the situation ever change and Rick Leventhal start updating it more frequently, we will be sure to update the information on this page. We do this in order to ensure our readers are kept up to date with all of the latest news about Rick Leventhal net worth, life, and career.


Rick Leventhal does seem to have a TikTok account, however it is as of yet unverified, so it is impossible to say whether it is actually him. With that said, the biography is very similar to that on his Twitter and Instagram.

Furthermore, the Rick Leventhal account only has two posts as of now, which seems to make it more likely it is him, as it seems unlikely a fan would have set this up only to use it so infrequently.

Rick Leventhal, if it is indeed him, only has forty two followers on TikTok currently, and only seventy nine likes as of now. Rick Leventhal himself is only following four accounts back.

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Rick Leventhal: Height, Weight

Rick Leventhal’s height is not a matter that is currently available within the public record. However, despite that, there is speculation as to Rick Leventhal’s height, and the general consensus is that it’s at about 5 feet, 9 inches, which comes to approximately 175 in centimeters, or 1.75 in metres.

Rick Leventhal’s weight is not a matter that is currently available within the public record. However, despite that, there is speculation as to Rick Leventhal’s weight, and the general consensus is that it’s currently at about approximately 176 pounds or 80 kilos.

Rick Leventhal’s eye color is brown. Rick Leventhal’s hair color is currently black and white.

Rick Leventhal’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameRick Leventhal
Real NameRichard Gary Leventhal
Place of BirthGreenbelt, Maryland, USA
OccupationNews Anchor
Net Worth Estimate$12 Million