RiceGum Net Worth – How Rich Is This Social Media Star?

RiceGum Net Worth Estimate

Although RiceGum net worth is not matter available within the public record, it is currently estimated to be at approximately about $8 million dollars USD. The majority of RiceGum net worth has come from the success he has found as an online social media personality and rapper via his YouTube channel.

Who is RiceGum?


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RiceGum is the internet persona of a young man whose actual name is Bryan Quang Le and who is known for his YouTube channel as well as for being a rap singer. RiceGum has become quite notorious for posting popular diss tracks on his channel, as well as for getting in fights with other YouTube stars.

RiceGum net worth has grown due to his massively successful channel on YouTube, which has, as of the present time, over 10 million regular subscribers. RiceGum’s videos have achieved more than 2 billion views overall.

In 2017, the Billboard Emerging Artists chart placed him in the twenty fifth position. RiceGum’s most successful song to date has been “It’s Every Night Sis”, which the RIAA ended up certifying platinum.

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RiceGum’s Career

Ricegum Net Worth

Music career

In the year 2017, controversial You Tube personality Jake Paul wrote and posted a rap song that went viral called “It’s Everyday Bro”. In response, RiceGum posted his own song, collaborating with fellow YouTuber Alissa Violet, called “It’s Every Night Sis”.

Despite being posted on YouTube, the song actually made the legitimate professional music charts, reaching the eightieth spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and the fiftieth on Canada’s Hot 100. By March 2018, the Record Industry Association of America had announced that they were officially certifying it a platinum record.

After the success of “It’s Every Night Sis”, RiceGum dropped another song called “God Church”, which like the previous song, also poked fun at Jake Paul’s song. “God Church” eventually got to first place on Comedy Digital Track sales’ chart of music releases.

YouTuber KSI, meanwhile, made a music video for his own song called “Earthquake” and invited RiceGum, who was a friend of his at the time, to make a cameo appearance in it. Despite being very successful however for KSI and RiceGum net worth, KSI later took it down when RiceGum and he had a public falling out.

Later in 2012, RiceGum dropped a diss track against yet another YouTuber, iDubbbz, which he called “Frick da Police”. The song reached the forty fifth spot on the Hot R&B Hip Hop chart and the sixty seventh on Canada’s Hot 100.

RiceGum put out “Frick da Police” after iDubbbz, whose real name is Ian W., put out a video against RiceGum as part of a series of videos he makes called “Content Cop”, which ended with him making his own diss track about RiceGum that he called “Asian Jake Paul”.

“Frick da Police” angered a lot of iDubbbz’s fans and has been rated thumbs down nearly one and a half million times. Since then, RiceGum has also gotten in YouTube beefs with other people such as Bhad Bhabie, Gabbie Hanna, and James Rallison.

RiceGum rounded out 2017 with a Christmas track called “Naughty or Nice”.

RiceGum then hit the ground running in 2018 with another two songs, “Fortnite n Chill” (referencing the popular video game) and “Bitcoin” (referencing the famous however controversial crypto currency).

Two years later, RiceGum dropped another three popular songs: “My Ex”, “Contract Money Freestyle”, and “DaAdult”.

Another huge boost for RiceGum net worth was his appearance on Monster headphones’ Super Bowl advertisement. In the highly viewed commercial, RiceGum plays the role of an average guy riding a train who builds a head set, having been inspired by Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea.

After designing the head set, the takes it to an executive, who instantly signs him on to make him rich.

RiceGum’s You Tube channel ranks currently as the eight hundred and seventy second most popular one on all of the YouTube social media video platform.

Another controversy that Ricegum was involved in was when he posted a video where he, while visiting Hong Kong, went up to people in a McDonald’s there, asking if they served dog. He also went up to various Asian street vendors and asked if their food was made of dog meet and telling them their food looked “disgusting”.

In another video, he and his friends mocked how Chinese people spoke English, and tried to give a local man an ice cream that they themselves had begun eating. Viewers were extremely angry at his friends and his behavior, calling it racist and xenophobic.

The actor Jimmy Wong was particularly upset and asked him to stop and to apologize. In response, RiceGum posted a video in which he did not apologize but instead said that he had only been “joking around”.

He claimed that he was simply making a point about American comedy stereotypes and that, being Asian himself, he felt entitled to do so. Generally, people were neither happy nor convinced by t his response, and eventually his Hong Kong videos were taken down by YouTube for violating their terms and conditions.

Another controversy RiceGum was involved in was becoming an influencer for a crypto currency that was called Save the Kids and claimed to be for charity. As it turns out, however, it was not giving any money to the charity it claimed to be providing for.

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RiceGum: Early Life

Bryan Quang Le aka RiceGum was born on the nineteenth of November in the year 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. RiceGum’s parents were both Chinese and Vietnamese.

During his teenage years, RiceGum got his education at Sierra Vista High School, located in Spring Valley, Nevada, United States of America. While attending Sierra Vista High School, RiceGum played basketball for the school’s team.

After completing his education at Sierra Vista High School and achieving his high school diploma, RiceGum enrolled in the nearby University of Nevada, at its Las Vegas location, which was near to his home where he grew up.

RiceGum didn’t stay at university long, however. RiceGum dropped out of school in less than a year, rather choosing to focus on building his career online rather than taking any time away from that to pursue a more formal education.

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RiceGum’s Personal Life and Family

RiceGum is of both Chinese and Vietnamese origin. Still being very young, RiceGum is not married, as far as we know, nor does he have any children.

RiceGum’s Social Media Influence


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Given RiceGum’s entire career centers around RiceGum net worth growing via his social media channels, he of course has a very sizeable social media presence and influence. RiceGum has managed to become famous through his You Tube channel, and due to it, to make essentially of his money that way.


RiceGum has an official public verified Facebook account. RiceGum’s official public verified Facebook account handle is @OfficalRiceGum, however due to the fact that Facebook’s search function is not case sensitive, it can also be accessed by entering all of the letters lower case into the search bar.

On this extremely well known social media platform, RiceGum currently has approximately seven hundred and thirty seven thousand followers. His Facebook biography reads “I Make Funny Videos. Official Page of RiceGum.”

RiceGum uses his Facebook profile to post his YouTube videos as well as photos of himself, and to draw attention to his new music and his videos. RiceGum will also sometimes post funny memes and clips, in an effort to engage with his audience in different ways and to help continue build RiceGum net worth.


RiceGum has an official public verified Twitter account. RiceGum’s official public verified Twitter account handle from which he tweets is @RiceGum. Although two of the letters are upper case, Twitter is not case sensitive, so the name can be entered all lower case in order to access the account as well.

RiceGum currently has over two and a half million followers on Twitter, and is actually quite close to three million as of the present time. RiceGum himself is following three thousand, seven hundred, and thirty five accounts as of the present time.

RiceGum uses his account to post photos of himself and himself with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, and to post funny thoughts, observations, jokes, and meditations on life. RiceGum also regularly posts clips of his music videos and various links to his You Tube channel and other endeavors.

Given how many followers RiceGum has on his Twitter account, he clearly uses Twitter as a massive avenue for both fan engagement and to help RiceGum net worth continue to grow via exclusively online means.


RiceGum has an official public verified Instagram account. RiceGum’s official public verified Instagram account handle is simply @rice. Given what a basic word that is, it’s particularly impressive that RiceGum has managed to nab that as his account handle, something which might have cost a lot.

RiceGum currently has over three and a half million followers on this social media platform, and the number is actually not currently far off from four million. Meanwhile, RiceGum himself is following a mere one hundred and seventy six accounts in return as of the present time.

On his Instagram bio, RiceGum brags that has over ten million subscribers on You Tube, and promises that he’ll follow people back if they follow him, although he presumably means on YouTube, as he’s not currently following even a fraction of the number following him on Instagram.

RiceGum’s Instagram is full of pictures of himself, often with friends, colleagues, loved ones, and more. Interestingly, he doesn’t tend to post video clips from his YouTube, as on his other social media platforms but instead seems to use it solely for its purpose of photos.

It’s likely that this is a sign of RiceGum’s social media savvy, realizing that people on this platform are more interested in photos than simple plugs, and knowing that he’s well known enough that people aren’t necessarily coming here to simply be funnelled back to YouTube. Which ironically likely helps RiceGum net worth.


RiceGum does not have an official Linked In profile as of the present time. That is, perhaps, not surprising, however, as someone who has been able to build such a successful career on YouTube likely wouldn’t also require the sort of business networking that LinkedIn provides.

With that said, should the situation ever change and RiceGum decide to sign up for a professional LinkedIn business account, we will be sure to update this page with that information. We aim to always keep our readers up to date with all of the latest news about RiceGum net worth, life, and career.


RiceGum has an official public verified TikTok account. RiceGum’s official public verified TikTok account handle is simply @ricegum, all lower case. On the TikTok social media platform, RiceGum has over nine hundred and one thousand followers as of the present time. Additionally, he has six and a half million likes.

RiceGum is following only a mere eleven people in return as of the present time. RiceGum uses his TikTok to post short funny videos of himself, sometimes with friends. RiceGum, however, does not seem to use the platform as regularly as some of his other social media sites.

Given that he is someone known for making longer YouTube videos, it’s possible that RiceGum doesn’t see the need to take the time to make too many of these shorter videos, especially given how much larger his audience is already on some of the other social media platforms. RiceGum net worth is fine without it.

RiceGum: Height, Weight

RiceGum’s height is not a matter currently within the public record, however it is estimated to be at about approximately 6 feet, 2 inches, or 188 in centimeters, or 1.88 in meters.

RiceGum’s weight is not a matter that is currently available in the public record, however it is estimated currently to be about 143 pounds or 70 kilos. RiceGum’s hair color is black. RiceGum’s eye color is black.

RiceGum Net Worth & Bio Summary

Real NameBryan Quang Le
Place of BirthLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
Net Worth Estimate$8 Million