Rey Mysterio Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth?

In this article, we will talk about professional wrestler Ray Mysterio net worth, his age, bio, family, career, and more. He is one of the most successful wrestlers signed to WWE. Ray Mysterio net worth has increased as his earning power increased over the years.


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We will come back to Rey Mysterio net worth but first, let’s take a look at other important details about the life this wrestler

Who Is Rey Mysterio?


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Rey Mysterio is a professional American wrestler who has had quite an influence on American wrestling. Rey Mysterio is popularly known for his efforts in promoting cruiserweight wrestling. Cruiserweight wrestling is one of the most widely adopted types of freestyle wrestling.

Although cruiserweight was first used by the United States in 1996, it didn’t get widely accepted especially in top wrestling countries like Japan, Mexico, and others.

However, that is no longer the situation. Cruiserweight wrestling has gotten more prominent in these countries than in the United States. We will talk about how Rey Mysterio was able to popularize the cruiserweight later in this article.

Rey Mysterio’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Our wrestling champion Rey Mysterio was born on December 11, 1974. He was born in Chula Vista, California. His parents are Roberto Gutierrez Sr. and Maria del Rosario. However, Rey Mysterio is just his ring name which is gotten from his uncle’s Ray Mysterio Sr. his actual name is Oscar Gutierrez.

There is not much information known about his parents. This is because he grew up in Mexico with his uncle, Miguel Angel Lopez Diaz (ring name: Rey Mysterio).

His uncle who is also a professional wrestler, is well known in the wrestling industry as well taught him how to fight and a lot of Lucha Libre (freestyle wrestling) styles.

Apart from Rey Mysterio, he also goes by other ring names. Some of them are Colibri, El Nino, Rey Misterio II, Rey Misterio Jr., Super Nino among many others. Most of his ring names are in tribute to his uncle who taught him wrestling.

Ray began wrestling professionally when he was 14 years old on the independent circuit. Rey got signed to WWE in 2002. Although he left WWE in 2015, he came back in 2018. Currently, Rey Mysterio is still a WWE wrestler who performs on the Raw Brand.

Rey Mysterio’s Personal Life and Family


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Rey Mysterio comes from a family of wrestlers. Apart from him and his uncle, his son Dominik Gutierrez is also a wrestler with the ring name, Dominik Mysterio. He has two cousins as well who are wrestlers.

One is Miguel Aaron Lopez Hernandez whose ring name is El Hijo de Rey Misterio. The other is simply known as Metalika. There have been talks of another uncle as well.

This uncle whose real name is Juan Zezatti Ramirez goes by the ring name Super Astro. It is believed that Super Astro trained him alongside Rey Misterio as well. With the number of wrestlers Rey’s family has birthed, there is a high chance that more Mysterios are coming into the ring in the future.

Ray Mysterio got married to his wife Angie Gutierrez on May 11, 1996. Angie was born in the 70s like her husband. Angie is reportedly a housewife as she’s known to have been taking care of her family since she got married. Furthermore, there is no information about her professional life.

One year after they got married, Angie birthed their first child, a son. Dominik Gutierrez was given birth on April 5, 1997, and is now a wrestler like his dad. Four years after, Angie birthed their second child. This time, a daughter named Aaliyah Gutierrez. Aaliyah was born on August 20, 2001.

Rey isn’t just an amazing wrestler but a father as well. He is a big family man. On his biceps, he tattooed his children’s names and dedicated them to his wife. Apart from being a family man, Rey Mysterio is also known to cherish relationships.

He tattooed the initials EG in a gothic cross with a tombstone on his left forearm as a tribute to his best friend who is dead. Eddie Gory Guerrero Llanes, who is also a wrestler died in November 2005. Eddie was also from a prominent wrestling family seeing as his father Gory Guerrero was also a wrestler.

Eddie was found dead in a room in Mariott Hotel. His autopsy later proved that he died of a heart attack. He has an artwork symbolizing his presence forever in the WWE Hall of Fame.

There are more surprising facts about our wrestling superstar, Oscar Gutierrez. It seems Oscar also has a remarkable relationship with God. He is a staunch Catholic. Rey has numerous tattoos bearing alliance to God on his body.

One of these tattoos is a rosary that circles his neck with a cross that has his birthdate. Ray is always seen doing the “cross” ritual before his fight begins. Ray admits to being a believer and even says he prays every night. He even tatted the words “Man Made by God” on his left and right wrists.

Rey is a big fan of tattoos but on the legs and chest. He even has a tattoo on his left calf that symbolizes him and his wife’s undying love.

The tattoos are two skeletons that when put together, forms a heart that says “love till death”. He also has a Kanji symbol tattooed on his shoulder. Rey says it’s a symbol of strength and power for his son.

Rey claims that the most painful tattoo he ever got was the one that reads “MEXICAN” in tribute to his Mexican background in life and wrestling. He says it is to pay homage to his culture. Rey says the cross that had his birth date tattooed on his neck is similar to the one TUPAC has on his back.

The biggest and most admired tattoo on Rey Mysterio’s body is the one on his back. The tattoo is a scientific work that depicts how each vertebra should be aligned. He says he got this tattoo as a message to his fellow wrestlers seeing how their back suffers the most during matches.

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Ray Mysterio’s Drug Violation and Suspension

Ray Mysterio is quite a man seeing as every tattoo on his body is a message with strong alliances. However, our wrestling superstar is not so perfect after all seeing as he got suspended twice for drug violation rules.

At a time, Sports Illustrated was investigating the use of drugs by various sportsmen and professionals. On March 19, 2007, it eventually an article that had the names of various well-known sports professionals who had obtained drugs they shouldn’t have.

The article included the names of popular WWE wrestlers who had obtained stanozolol and nandrolone. Some of them are; Chris Benoit, who died in June 2006 was said to have received nandrolone alongside anastrozole.

Eddie Guerrero was said to have collected nandrolone and anastrozole, alongside testosterone. The Hurricane whose actual name is Shane Helms received many drugs including Genotropin and the ones listed above. Brian Adams also received nandrolone alongside somatropin and testosterone.

Others that were mentioned by Sports Illustrated were Adam Copeland, Charles Haas, John Hennigan, Randy Orton, and Rey Mysterio.

Before this, WWE had launched a Talent Wellness program and Mysterio was suspended for thirty days. Some days after his suspension, Rey said the drugs were prescribed for his knee and arm.

However, in April 2012, Oscar Gutierrez was suspended again for violating the wellness rules. This time, his suspension lasted for sixty days.

Rey Mysterio’s Career


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Rey Mysterio had been boxing ever since he was a boy. His uncle, Rey Misterio Sr. trained him while he lived with him in Mexico. It was here he was the Lucha Libre styles he is popularly known for.

He began boxing professionally at 14. It was on the independent circuit in Mexico that he made his first professional appearance. This was on April 30, 1989.

It was there in Mexico that he earned his first ring names. He was called “La Largatija Verde” which means the green lizard. He was also known as Colibri which means humming bird. His uncle later gave him the name “Rey Misterio Jr.” a sort of affiliation to him.

While still in Mexico in 1991, the 16-year-old Rey earned the title “Most Improved Wrestler”. This was because of how his wrestling skill improved quickly over time.

In 1992, Rey signed with Asistencia Asesoria Administracion (AAA). One of his matches, while signed with AAA was against Juventud Guerrera. There was even a tag match between the Mysterios and the Guerreras. Rey Mysterio Sr. took on Fuerza Guerrera, the father of Juventud while Rey took on Juventud.

In `1995, Rey left AAA and signed with Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). Here he had a match against Dionicio Castellanos Torres whose ring name is Psicosis. At the time, both of them were making their debut. Guess who won? Rey Misterio II.

This led to a feud between the two just debuting wrestlers. This feud included a two out of three falls match which is also known as a best of three falls match. The winner would be who had more wins between the two.

Apart from the two out of three falls match, there was also a Mexican deathmatch. Mexican deathmatches are one of the most extreme wrestling in the world. Dangerous objects could be used and there were very few rules.

Rey Mysterio’s final match at ECW was in 1996, at Big Ass Extreme Bash. He wrestled against Juventud Guerrera who had also joined ECW then.

In June 1996, Rey Mysterio left ECW for World Championship Wrestling (WCW). His first appearance was at The Great American Bash on June 16, 1996. It was the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and his opponent was a strong one, Dean Malenko. Well, Malenko did win the championship.

In July that same year, there was another number one contender’s match. Anyone who won it would have a chance at the cruiserweight title. His opponent this time was his former rival, Psicosis and he defeated him.

The next match was against Malenko again to win the Cruiserweight Championship. Well, he won this time around and became the Cruiserweight Champion for about three months until he lost to Malenko again at Halloween Havoc.

In the 1996 World War 3 match, Rey fought against Ultimate Dragon and but he didn’t win the J-Crown Championship. In the WCW World Television Championship in 1997, Rey fought against Prince Iaukea but again, he lost. Well, this could be attributed to the fact that Lord Steven Regal had attacked him.

These were not the only times he lost that year. He had more losses. One was when he lost a second match at Uncensored. Another was when he lost to Konnan, a New World Order wrestler. It was a Mexican death match at Road Wild in August that year.

After this, he had a feud with his friend, Eddie Guerrero. He first defeated Eddie and got the Cruiserweight Champion. However, he lost the title again to Guerrero and could not reclaim it even at the rematch.

A month later, in 1998, he had a match against Juventud during WCW Thunder. It was here he won his third Cruiserweight Championship. However, it only lasted for nine days as he lost it to Chris Jericho.

Mysterio wasn’t active for six months after this. It was told to the public that he needed a knee operation and would not be able to fight for a while.

On his return, he won against Chris Jericho and took the Cruiserweight Championship from him making it his fourth. Sadly, the joy only lasted for a day as he lost it back to Chris Jericho again.

In 1999, Eddie Guerrero created a Mexican stable and named it “Latino World Order”. LWO included many Mexican Luchador like Psicosis, Juventud, and others. At first, Mysterio did not join but he was later forced to when he lost to Eddie.

LWO later disbanded due to the reformation of nWO. However, Rey refused to remove his LWO colors. This led to several attacks from nWO. It was that same year that Rey removed his mask which was against his dogmas.
It wasn’t easy for Rey at all. He was disappointed. However, Rey didn’t have much of a choice. He could either lose his mask or lose his job.

In the same year 1999, Rey was given the title “Giant Killer”. This was as a result of the numerous successes he had in matches against big opponents. Some of these opponents were Scott Norton, Bam Bam Bigelow, Kevin Nash, and so on.

Rey won his fifth Cruiserweight Championship when he defeated Psicosis. This was after several other matches against Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko. Rey’s first match for the Heavyweight Championship was against Ric Flair. However, he was disqualified and Flair won.

In 2000, Rey joined the New Blood Faction which was a rival to the Millionaire’s Club. Between this time and 2001, Rey teamed up with other Luchados like Juventud, and Kidman to win the World Tag Team Championship. Although he won a few times, he also lost a few times.

In 2001, WCW was sold to World Wrestling Federation (WWF). This made Rey begin independent wrestling in Mexico. He participated in several tag team matches before he eventually returned to the U.S.

When he returned to the United States, he worked with different wrestling bodies till 2002. He worked at the Xcitement wrestling Federation, and even Heartland Wrestling Association.

Later in 2002, Rey Mysterio joined World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) where he has had most of his accomplishments till now. Rey Mysterio net worth increased as well in this period. Rey left WWE for a while but he’s now back.

In 2015, he left and signed with Lucha Underground. However, he left there in 2018 for New Japan Pro-Wrestling. In the same year, he went back to AAA before finally returning to WWE.

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Rey Mysterio’s Height and Weight

Professional American wrestler, Ray Mysterio is 5ft 6 inches (168cm) tall and he weighs 175 pounds (79kg).

Rey Mysterio’s Accomplishments

In Rey Mysterio’s forty years as a wrestler, his accomplishments have been numerous. His most popular accomplishments are the number of times he won the Cruiserweight Championship. This was how he popularized the Cruiserweight.

In WWE, Ray Mysterio has won the Cruiserweight Championship thrice. He won the Intercontinental Championship twice. He won the WWE Championship just once and the World Heavyweight Championship twice.

He also won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship with his son, Dominik once. Rey won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship five times and the World Tag Team Championship thrice.

Rey Mysterio Net Worth and Summary

Now, let’s talk about Rey Mysterio net worth. Rey Mysterio net worth as of February 2022 is estimated to be $10 million. This is not surprising for a man of his caliber in the wrestling community.

Rey still wrestles as of today. He is still a member of the WWE and has been teaming up with his son constantly since 2020. Rey Mysterio net worth is set to keep increasing if his talent never dies.

NameRey Mysterio
Real NameOscar Gutierrez
Place of BirthChula Vista, California, USA.
Net Worth Estimate$10 million
Date of BirthDecember 11, 1974
Marital StatusMarried