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Polo G Net Worth – How Rich Is The Rapper?

Are you interested to find out what Polo G net worth is right now, as he has been making headlines in the American community in recent years?

The hip-hop star has shown the world that he is a talented music artist. Polo discovered his passion for music when he was very young. Polo G Net Worth is $7 million.

Polo G Net Worth

The American singer has a unique way of telling his story through his music. Polo has won the hearts of millions over the years.

He loves speaking about his race and the black culture in most of his hip-hop songs. Polo’s popularity increased when he started dating a social media star named Crystal Blease.

Early Life

Polo G was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 6, 1999. His official name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett. He was named after his father, Taurus Bartlett. The singer’s mother, Stacia Mac was a property manager, but is now Polo G’s manager.

Polo grew up in an apartment with his parents and his 3 siblings. He is the second born out of 4 children. Polo’s older sister and two young siblings have also ventured into the hip-hop entertainment world.

Once he graduated from high school, Taurus Tremani Bartlett was accepted with a broadcasting major into Lincoln University. On the first day, he decided to rather pursue a full-time music career.

Unlike most famous musicians in America, Polo ventured into the hip-hop industry without the help of anyone. The talented rapper began singing when he was very young.

His mother, Stacia Mac, played the most crucial role in ensuring that Polo took the proper steps in his musical career. Although Polo had a great interest in music, he had to go to school to get the best foundation.

The songwriter got most of his education in Chicago. Despite the support he was getting from his mother, Polo always found himself in trouble when he was growing up.

He did not have a smooth life. Bartlett started using heavy drugs. At one point, the influential singer was sent to prison because of drug abuse and theft. The singer tells us about his experiences and challenges in his songs.

Polo G Net Worth


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Polo G started his career in 2017 when he was just 18 years old. His first song was released on YouTube, which is how the rapper started earning and making a name for himself. Over the past few years, Polo G has earned a lot of success and fame.

2018 – His single, “Finer Things,” was released, and it did well in the American music industry. The songwriter has collaborated with several hip-hop artists, increasing his net worth.

Polo G’s Net Worth is currently sitting at $7 million.

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Polo G Career

Polo G’s music career has not been smooth. The influential rapper has managed to win the hearts of many because of using catchy punch lines and realistic lyrics. Many people love how he has risen from humble beginnings to one of the most successful artists in America.

Polo’s dedication to the music industry has helped him earn a living. The rapper earns primarily from concert performances and album sales.

He also brings in a fair sum of money from the millions of views that he receives on his YouTube Channel. Several brands have endorsed the singer, enabling him to increase his income.

Polo G’s Income From Concert Performances And Music Sales

Earning a good income in the music industry is not always easy. Many individuals have not been fortunate enough to create the wealth they dreamt about when trying to get into the market.

For a singer to earn a living from their music, they must ensure that many people are listening to what they are putting out there.

Polo G began releasing his songs years ago, but he only really began making a name for himself after one of his songs, Finer Things, went viral. This song he wrote when he was incarcerated.

The Chicago-born singer had released other singles such as Neva Cared, Gang With Me, and Welcome back. Although these tracks were in Polo’s SoundCloud account, they were not getting as many views.

Finer Things transformed his career. Taurus Tremani Bartlett has always admired Lil Wayne. The rapper wanted to create music that captured the attention of everyone, just like Lil Wayne.

2019 – His dream came true when Polo featured Lil Tjay, releasing a song named “Pop Out.” This song did exceptionally well in a very short time, appearing at Number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

“Pop Out” helped Polo land a great deal with the prestigious Columbia Records.

June 2019 – He released his first album. The album, “Die A Legend,” did not disappoint. Most of the songs in the album have done well in the global music industry.

Since 2019, Polo G has managed to release numerous albums and singles.

May 2020 – Polo released his second album, and he was very excited when it went viral.

The album hit top positions on numerous platforms. This second album speaks about the life of Polo, and most people instantly fell in love with it.

2021 – The American rapper recorded his third album, named “Hall of Fame.”

Unlike the past two albums, Polo G had to deal with many positive and negative criticisms from fans. While most hip-hop fans loved the album because of the artists featured, others had different opinions.

In the third album, Polo G collaborated with hip-hop stars such as Nicki Minaj, The Kid LAROI, Young Thug, DaBaby, G Herbo, and Roddy Ricch, among others. These collaborations made the star’s YouTube views climb.

The hip-hop industry is very competitive in the United States. Those who succeed have to perform and really keep on top of their game to impress their fans all over the country.

Polo G has been performing in New York, South Dakota, Chicago, and other places, making a name for himself and gaining the respect of all his fans and those within the music industry.

Polo knows how to market and sell his albums to fans. After releasing an album, the hip-hop star makes numerous sales because of his expertise. This marketing prowess explains why the rapper has been increasing his net worth.

Polo G Label

Apart from singing, the Chicago rapper has created his own label, known as ODA, or Only Dreamers Achieve. This successful music label hit the market in 2020.

Polo says that he was able to start his label because of the partnership he made with Columbia Records. While creating the music label, the popular musician wanted to show the world that he was capable of starting his brand and making it successful.

The star has worked with many artists under his brand. In a recent interview, Polo G explained that his mother has played a significant role in his company. Stacia Mac helped create Only Dreamers Achieve, and she works in the management department.

ODA has signed a few artists to date and performing exceptionally well. ODA has several disciplines. The company has included makeup artists, influencers, and photographers in its portfolio.

Polo G has been getting a significant income from the music label.

How Polo G Earns from Soundtracks

Polo G has numerous talents. Apart from being a great singer and songwriter, the star has worked as a producer, actor, and director. The influential rapper has composed and acted in many music videos.

Polo has also directed some of his music videos.

Polo G showcased his incredible talent several years ago when he composed the soundtracks for The Late Show With James, one of the most popular shows in the country.

He then went on and composed several other soundtracks for video games and films. The soundtracks have helped boost his annual income.

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Polo G YouTube Channel

Most musicians start their music career by creating a YouTube channel and uploading their tracks. For Polo G, his story was no different. The Chicago musician started his YouTube channel when he discovered his talent for rapping.

His channel has grown significantly over the years, and he currently has over 4 million subscribers. The American star has over 1.8 billion views on this channel.

Polo G uploads his music, audio, and videos on his YouTube channel, which brings in a good amount of income each month.

Polo G’s Girlfriend And Personal Life

Like all other popular individuals, Polo G’s personal life is always in the limelight. The singer has been dating an influential person, making their relationship popular.

Polo’s girlfriend is Crystal Blease, one of the top social media influencers in the country. Crystal is also a successful fashionista who owns the clothing brand, “The Crystal Couture.”

Polo and his girlfriend, Crystal have one child together. The couple’s son, Tremani, was born in July 2019.

Crystal and Polo have both earned a lot of money in their careers. The pair have not hidden their achievements or their wealth from the public.

Polo has been showing off his cars, diamond rings, and money on Instagram.  Most of his siblings are doing well with their entertainment careers, and they post about their luxurious lives on various social media platforms.

Not many people are fortunate enough to have the support of their families in their careers. But Polo G has been enjoying the support of his parents and siblings ever since he got into the music industry.

Polo’s mother and siblings have posted his music on their social media accounts, helping him get more and more exposure to sell more albums. Crystal Blease has helped Polo with his career too.

Several years ago, she advised him to partner with Nicki Minaj in one of his songs. Polo followed the advice, and the collaboration did very well.

Polo also wrote a beautiful song for his girlfriend, which did very well. His son, Tremani, also made an appearance in one of his songs too.

Height And Weight

Height – 6’1” (185cm)
Weight – 163 lbs (74kg)

Polo G Controversies


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After becoming successful, Polo G has tried to stay away from any controversy. However, the young rapper has found himself in trouble on a few occasions.

June 2021 – The police arrested him because of an undisclosed traffic infraction.

Polo G was heading to an after-party after releasing his Hall of Fame album. The Miami police arrested the rapper before he arrived at his destination. He was later charged with various crimes.

According to the police, Polo G had battered a police officer, resisted a police officer using violence, and threatened one of the public servants.

The arrest brought a lot of negative criticism from people who knew the rapper. Some individuals felt that the arrest was fair, while others condemned it.

Stacia, Polo G’s mother, went onto Instagram to describe the details of the day the rapper was arrested. She said that the Miami police arrested her son without having solid proof. Stacia went on to say that the police had threatened to arrest her if she tried to intervene.

The police had arrested both Polo G and his younger brother. The two were traveling in Polo’s car. The Chicago-born rapper was released from prison after several hours, on a $19,500 bond.

Despite the prison scandal, Polo G has received a lot of love and support from his fans and fellow musicians worldwide.

Bio Summary

Polo G is among the influential hip-hop artists in America. The talented professional began his musical career when he was very young. Over the years, he has won the hearts of many people.

Polo G has released several albums and singles in his musical journey. He has collaborated with renowned stars in some of his songs, making his career very successful.

Polo G has a great relationship with his family. When he releases a song, his family is always there to show support by posting on their Instagram accounts. Everyone in the family has helped to sell Polo’s music.

Most of Polo G’s income comes from his YouTube views and music performances. He performs in various regions of the country, which helps him increase his net worth.

The artist is in a very happy relationship with the social media influencer, Crystal. And the pair have a beautiful young son together. Most people feel that Polo G is talented and has a great future in hip-hop, trap, and drill.

Polo G net worth is bound to increase with his total dedication to music.

NamePolo G.
Birth NameTaurus Tramani Bartlett
Date of Birth6 January 1999
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, United States
Height6'1" (185cm)
ChildrenSon - Tremani (Born 6 July 2019)
ParentsFather - Unknown
Mother - Stacia Mac
SiblingsOlder - Sister
Younger - Brother & Sister
Net Worth Estimate$7 mіllіоn