Phillip Adams Net Worth | How Rich Was He?

Phillip Adams net worth is estimated to be about $5 million, with most of his wealth coming from his career as an American footballer. Phillip Adam was a natural right from high school till college with an athletic body and a will to go on and do his best.

Phillip Adams Net Worth

It came as no surprise when he was amongst the most promising football youngsters in the country. He got a scholarship to college through his imposing abilities, where he blossomed even further, helping him achieve such great wealth with a short but successful career.

Who Is Phillip Adams?

Wealth isn’t the easiest thing to build; however, for Phillip Adams, it is. Having earned $500,000 as an annual salary within a short career,  Phillip Adams’ net worth has soared, making him suitable to be on this list.

He only earned about $3.5 million in total as a salary while playing football. With no endorsement deals and no record of investments in either stock, bonds, or real estate, Phillip Adams’ net worth rose to $5 Million. How was he able to accomplish this?

Phillip Adams is an American football player who plays as a spree killer and a cornerback. Born on the 20th of July 1988, Matthew Phillip Adams was born right in the middle of rock hill weed in South Carolina.

While playing football, he started with college football when he featured for the South Carolina state bulldogs. After playing for them, he was approached by the San Francisco 49ers, who drafted him in the seventh round of the NFL draft in 2010.

He played for the Oakland Raiders, the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, and New York jets throughout his career. In his career with all of these teams, he wore the jersey numbers 26, 40, 35, 24, 28, and 20 while he played as a cornerback for them all.

With a height of 1.80m, approximately 5 ft and 11 inches, and a weight of 88 kg (195 lb), Phillip Adams has a unique athletic figure. Despite his record and career with different teams, the events that occurred on the 8th of April 2021 have eclipsed his entire career and life.

After an investigation, Phillip Adams was recognized as the gunman responsible for killing six people.  On the 8th of April 2021, Adams had a showdown with the police in South Carolina, Rock Hill, but he later killed himself.

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Phillip Adams’ Early Life

Born on the 20th of July 1988, Phillip Adams was welcomed into the home of Alonso and Phyllis Adams, who were both his parents in Southern Carolina Rock hill. Phillip Adams grew up with his siblings, Ryan Adams (brother) and Lauren Adams.

They grew up together in Rock hill. Phillip Adams went to rock hill High school for his college education before proceeding to South Carolina university.

Phillip Adams Net Worth

Phillip Adams’ net worth was estimated to be $5 million. Interestingly, he has a total earning of $3.5 million. As of 2018, Phillip Adams has an estimate of $3.8 million, $4 million in 2019, and $4.2 million in 2020.

Finally, before he died in 2021, Phillip Adams’ net worth skyrocketed to $5 million. Phillip Adams must have had several investments to increase his net worth.

Despite these assumptions, there are no real estate or stock investments records. Furthermore, there is no record that Phillip Adams’ net worth was influenced by any endorsement deal or contract that he benefited from while he was alive.

However, he was expected to make at least $500,000 every year during his football days.

Phillip Adams’ Height and Weight

Phillip Adams has an athletic body with a height of 1.82m or 182cm, 5 feet, and 11 inches. He also weighs about 89kg, which is approximately 195 lbs. As a footballer, he carried out regular exercises to keep his body in shape.

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Phillip Adams’ Early Life and Place of Birth

Phillip Adams was born on the 20th of July 1988 and was raised in a family filled with love and care. The superstar was born in Southern Carolina, Rock Hill, in the United States. He was raised in the same area with his siblings; a brother named Ryan Adams and his sister Lauren Adams.

He spent most of his life in Southern Carolina, particularly in Rock Hill, as he went for his college education at Rock Hill High school before he got drafted into the NFL. At rock hill high school, Phillip Adams played basketball and football, where he excelled exceedingly.

Phillip Adams’ Career


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Despite all the troubles, sorrow, and tragedy that eclipsed the career of Phillip Adams, the superstar started brightly in college. He went to South Carolina State University for his theory education between 2006 and 2009.

While he was still a freshman, He played with the bulldogs and ultimately as a backup when the special teams were on. Phillip Adams has a record of 12 tackles and two interceptions within a 30-yard punt return in that capacity.

As a freshman playing with the bulldogs, he was featured about 11 times. Although Phillip Adams was a junior, he was the sixth-highest ranking player within the team as he had 48 and had five interceptions and nine pass deflections.

By the time he got to senior year, he had become a first-team player for mid-eastern athletic conference selection when he had recorded 48 tackles and three interceptions. He played against Norfolk state within the same year and got a touchdown on a pick-six.

With such a remarkable college career, it wasn’t long before Phillip Adams Matthew began his professional journey as a footballer.

With a wonderful athletic frame of 1.8m and 87 kg, he was able to achieve a 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds, a 10-yard split in 1.62 seconds, a 20-yard split in 2.57 seconds, a 20-yard shuttle in 4.34 seconds, a vertical jump of 0.88 m, improve jump of 3.15 m and the 3-cone drill in 7.16 seconds, which was an outstanding pre-draft measurable.

Adams was chosen by the San Francisco 49ers during the seventh round as the 224th overall player of the NFL draft in 2010. Young Phillip Adams broke his ankle in the 16th week on the 26th of December 2010 while they were playing against St. Louis Rams.

The youngster’s left ankle was broken when he was trying to block the opening kickoff within the second half. This injury caused a setback in Phillip Adam’s career as he had surgery to insert several screws in his leg. On the 3rd of December 2011, the 49ers had no choice but to let him go.

Due to his obvious talent, Phillip Adams did not stay for long without a team as it was snapped up by the New England patriots and Landon Cohen. Phillip Adams was a necessary signing when Myron Pryor and Dan Koppen both had season-ending injuries for the patriots to compete.

On the 8th of October, he was ignored but the team had no choice when Mike Wright, on the reserve, also got injured. Later on, Phillip Adams was let go on the 14th of October to allow Marcus Harrison to play. However, the team had no choice but to take him back on the 18th of the same month.

It didn’t take long before Adams was signed again on the 1st of September 2012 by the Oakland raiders. Phillip Adams featured in 15 of their games (16 in total ) and got one interception against Peyton Manning with 15 tackles. On the 20th of December 2012, it was withdrawn and asked to join the injury reserve.

A couple of months later, he rejoined the raiders as a free agent, although with restrictions. During the 2013 season, Phillip Adams featured in all of the raiders’ games and had 30 tackles, despite his injury record. While Phillip Adams was with the raiders, he had two concussions in three games.

In 2014, Phillip Adams returned to Seahawks, only to be released on the 30th of August within the same year as he had other struggles with his injury while they were in camp. Phillip Adams later joined the New York jets. During his career with the Jets, Adams had 24 tackles and an interception within 12 games, he left New York Jets for the Atlanta Falcons on the 12th of March, 2015.

He went on a run of 13 games for the falcons and had 38 tackles and an interception. Later on, he had a training with the Kansas city chiefs on the 5th of April 2016 and didn’t come back to the NFL ever since.

While Phillip Adams was participating in the training in 2016, he was approached by the Indianapolis Colts, who invited him to train the next day. Unfortunately, Phillip missed the flight and missed out on the trials.

Phillip Adams’ Personal Life and Family

Phillip married Rosemary, his first wife in the early part of his life. Together they had three beautiful children. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last, and they went their separate ways.

After a couple of years, Phillip Adams found love again and married Patrice Newell, his second wife. Patrice was the mother of his fourth child, the only child of the union.

Towards the end of his life, Phillip Adams was diagnosed with a severe traumatic encephalopathy disease resulting from the continuous concussion he experienced in his football days. As the sickness grew worse and so did his symptoms he had to go and live with his parents in Rock Hill.

A tragic incident struck when Phillip Adams killed an entire family (6 people) in a day. Later on, he faced a showdown with the Police, and he committed suicide by fatally shooting himself to death. After several investigations, his actions were linked to the CTE disease he was suffering from. At the time of his death, Phillip was just 32 years old.

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Phillip Adams Net Worth and Bio Summary

Although Phillip Adams had a short stint in the NFL, he only played for six seasons, he played for many teams amassing sign-on fees and bonuses. Making an estimated $3.6 million from his career, Phillip Adams is a successful sportsman, and his net worth is proof.

Phillip Adams’ net worth was estimated to be $5 million at the time of his death. Phillip Adams was reported to have made approximately $500,000 per annum.

However, according to some publications, he earned about $745,000 every year while he was with the Atalanta Falcons. Despite earning a whopping $3.6 million from his career as a footballer, there was a significant disparity between his net worth and earnings.

As a result, there were several assumptions that he had Investments in stock and real estate and had several endorsement deals. After several investigations, there are no records of Phillip Adams having properties in real estate, stock, or ever being a recipient of any endorsement deal.

This was because Phillip Adams has always managed to keep the details of his properties and assets away from the public. However, his activities on social media revealed that he had a house.

By 2021, Phillip Adams’ net worth has grown to $5 million, a remarkable feat. Although several people would remember him for the homicide, his fans remember how he led several teams to glory in the NFL and how huge Phillip Adams’ net worth was, despite his short time in the NFl.

NamePhilip Adams
Real NamePhilip Adams Matthew
Place of BirthRock Hill, South Carolina
OccupationEx-NFL Player
Net Worth Estimate$5 million
Date of birth20th of July 1988 (Died in April 2021)