Peyton List Net Worth | How Rich And Successful Is She?

Peyton List is undoubtedly a fast-rising actress, but have you ever wondered what Peyton List net worth is? This would have crossed your mind if you are a die-hard fan, you would love to know more about her personal life, especially what Peyton List’s net worth is.

Aside from knowing about Peyton List’s net worth, you might also want to know trivial facts about her, such as her height, weight, zodiac sign, and hair color; if that describes you, you’ve just found yourself the best article that answers the questions you seek.

Who is Peyton List?

Peyton List at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards Arrivals

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Born as a twin into a family of 5, Peyton List didn’t know her family name would be gain popularity through her. Peyton is the twin of Spencer List, they were born just 10 minutes apart, and they left the physician in awe.

No one could have thought little Peyton would become all she is today, a model and an actress, even though verified proof of her love for acting was palpable since she was young. Peyton List would later follow her heart cravings. She began her modeling when she was just a child, modeling for twin companies and magazines.

Peyton List had made her debut with the interesting movie titled ‘27 dresses’ and she became famous for her role as Holly Hills.
The 23 years old superstar was born on the 6th of April, 1998, in Florida, United States, and she shares the same name with a fellow actress, Peyton List, who was born in 1986.

In an interview, the young superstar said she has managed to avoid confusion by answering the name Peyton R. List. Born in the United States, Peyton list’s net worth qualifies her as a top American celebrity who has made a name for herself in the social media space. she has gained prominence through her role as Holly Hills in the wimpy kid popular movie, and she has earned countless Instagram followers.

Peyton is no doubt a superstar. She launched another solo track titled “Don’t Cry”, a sound with a radio-friendly sound so that gives relief to those who have had a heartbreak, Dirty Canvas produced her songs, she has a committed fan base with great talent, many of the younger women look up as a model, source of inspiration and moral compass, Peyton List believes in self-respect, going all out for your goals and hard-work, it forms the message, she always loves to declare.

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Peyton List Net Worth Estimate

 Peyton List at the Metropolitan Fashion Week Closing Gala and Awards Show

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Do you think you know so much about the beautiful actress Peyton List? You should also know how much she’s worth? As of March, Peyton List net worth was calculated to be around $7 million. Earnings from her acting career in numerous movies and television series have been her primary source of income.

A great percentage of her income has also been from her career in music, Peyton List, while in her teens, has already achieved a lot of fame, she had gained a lot of followers on her Instagram account through her hard work and dedication, Peyton’s passion in what she does has dramatically increased her fan base support.

Peyton List became famous after she portrayed Emma Rosson on “Jessie”, comedy series, aired by the famous Disney channel, through which she gained a lot of recognition and followership. She also received international attention, and her Instagram followers were estimated to be around 18 million.

Her monthly income is also estimated to be over $80,000, which she earns through her passion as an actress. Peyton List net worth has made her undoubtedly one of the youngest rich celebrities in the Hollywood industry, and she might emerge as one of the top actresses in the coming years.

Peyton is also making tons of money from the brand promotions and has already done over 400 commercials for popular brands; even though her primary source of income comes from movies and television series, she is currently promoting brands like Dannon Danimals, and many others and asides that Peyton is also the brand ambassador of a nonprofit organization called Starlight Children’s Foundation, Peyton List’s annual salary is more than $1 million.

Peyton List’s Early Life

Peyton List, also known as Roi was born on the 6th of April 1998 in Florida, United States. Peyton’s twin brother is named Spencer, born just 10 minutes after Peyton was; Phoenix List is another younger brother that Peyton has. Both of her brothers are known actors. Peyton’s Father goes by John, and her mother goes by Suzanne. Peyton is of Scottish, French, English, Welsh, German, and Danish descent.

Peyton List had her elementary school at a school called Carroll School. She has shown interest in music from childhood, and she has exhibited her talents right from kindergarten. Peyton’s talent found expression through her parents’ tremendous support; having spotted her talent and interest in numerous art forms, she was enrolled in a middle school.

Peyton had to move to California with her parents, where she went to a reputable High School in Oak Park, California for her secondary education. Peyton was an average student who took pleasure in participating in music competitions and often took part in dramas. She completed high school in 2016.

Peyton List’s Height and Weight

Blessed with beautiful brown eyes and blonde hair, Payton list is truly a beauty amongst American actresses. She is a fitness freak. As a result, she maintains a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and exercising. Peyton is notable for her beautiful skin and gorgeous hair.
She is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, meaning she stands at 1.70 m or 170 cm.

Her weight is about 55kg which is approximately 121 lbs. Peyton’s body measurements are 34-26-35 inches. Peyton List’s bra cup size is 33C, and Her beautiful brown eyes complement her blonde hair.

Peyton’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Peyton was given birth on the 6th of April 1998 in Phoenix, Florida. She belongs to a working-class family from Floria. She is an American by Nationality. She was brought up in the Carroll Gardens and Red Hook neighborhoods in a friendly and entertaining environment with her siblings.

Her two brothers, Spence and Phoenix, are also actors. Peyton also has a sister named Brittany List, whose position remains unclear. She had her elementary education at Carroll School. After her parents spotted her interest in music, she was enrolled in a middle school.

She later moved to California with her family, where she attended a High School and completed her study in 2016. Peyton List Net worth has accumulated her earnings due to her starting her career so early in life.

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Peyton List’s Career

Peyton List at the Pacific Rim Uprising Premiere

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Making it in the movie industry is one thing, but making it pretty early is another huge milestone. Peyton List defied all odds by achieving both. Peyton List had an early movie career at the age of four, and she was seen in a movie in 2002 as a young girl at dinner.

She was also featured as Bess in “All My Children” in 2004. She later showed up in Spiderman 2 as a young girl playing on the stairs even though she wasn’t credited for the role because it was a scene. She continued her acting and started gaining recognition when she featured in a movie called Remember Me, where she acted with Robert Pattinson, where she acted as a bully of Pattinson’s sister.

Her consistency improved her stage performance and led to her appearance in a popular Disney film in 2010. Her remarkable beauty made her perfect for the cover page of the American Girl’s 2009 Back to School issue. Peyton ventured into modeling, and her first job was justice magazine in 2011, she was able to combine modeling, music, and acting effectively, and she did both simultaneously.

The ever-beautiful and talented actress appeared in numerous advertisements for several companies, and she has promoted the brands in over 400 commercials. She brought her acting to the greater limelight when she featured as Emma in the Disney series “Jessie” in 2011, a role she played till 2015. Peyton has always had an interest in music, which prompted her performance with Ingrid Michaelson.

She later launched her debut single music tagged as “Liar Liar,” accompanied by another track called “Dance Till We Die,” gotten from the feature film “Anthem of a Teenage Prophet,” where Peyton List, who is the film’s lead, performed the track, she soon released another single titled “Don’t Cry” an electro-pop song, all this had been a significant contribution to Peyton List net worth.

Peyton List’s Personal Life and Family

Peyton List at the Radio DIsney Music Awards 2015

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Peyton List, born in Florida, holds an American Nationality. Even though her relationship status is unknown, there is still some personal information about her that is not hidden. Do you know Peyton was born into a Christian home and identifies with Christianity? Her brothers Spence and Phoenix are also actors.

Her parents’ names are John and Suzanne, respectively, her ethnicity is not known, but her descent is Scottish, German, Welsh, and French. She is currently 23 years of age, and she celebrates her birthday in April. Her real name is Peyton Roi List, but she goes popularly by Peyton List. She is currently unmarried.

Still, her relationship status remains unclear because while she is super open about her professional life, Peyton prefers to keep her relationships under wrap. She has only made a relationship headline with only one public romance with shameless Cameron Monaghan, but the relationship came to an end after almost two years of being together.

It spanned from 2017 until January 2019, when they had to split. The duo only spoke briefly about their relationship in various interviews and had pictures that showed their affection for each other posted on social media. Asides from acting, Peyton has a heart for people.

She once granted the wish of a young girl dying of cancer, and she also saved a rabbit who was later named Claude by Peyton from being eaten by her former producer. Peyton List finds “comfort” in awkwardness, and her movies choices are the ’90S and early 2000S movies, especially the chick flicks.

She enjoyed watching them a lot. Peyton also loves buying big sneakers so she can be lazy and slip in and out of them without tying and untying. Peyton loves people, particularly children, and pets. When Peyton first moved to LA, she always loves to be at the theme parks every weekend. She has quite a funny personality which is revealed in how she conducts herself.

At a point in her life, Peyton chose to leave in her basement, and there was a time she won an election for the office of the class president by gaining votes with candy bars. Peyton List has won the hearts of so many people because of her great sense of humor. It was said that Peyton didn’t smile until she was three years old.

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Peyton List Net worth and Bio Summary

Peyton List at the Nickelodeon's 2018 Kids' Choice Awards

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Peyton List net worth has significantly increased. She wields a strong influence in the social media space and Hollywood. Her Instagram followers have also grown into a community of about 18million followers. Peyton has been able to earn massively through her movie appearances, brand promotions, and music production.

She makes over $1 million annually, and her monthly income is also estimated to be over $80,000. She has featured in countless movies and has also done brand promotion for over 400 commercials. Her first single, “Liar Liar,” stirred up a lot of reactions in the media space. The 23-year-old celebrity is about 55 kg and has a height of 1.70 m. Peyton List’s net worth is estimated to be around $7 million.

NamePeyton List
Real NamePeyton Roi List
Date of birthApril 6, 1998
Place of BirthFlorida, U.S
OccupationModel and Actress
SiblingsSpencer List (brother)
Net Worth Estimate$1.2 million