Pauly Shore Net Worth | How Rich And Successful Is He Really?

Are you looking for more information on Pauly Shore net worth? Well, search no further because you have just stumbled across the internet’s most detailed article on his net worth and who the superstar is in general.

Comedian Pauly Shore attends the Top Five premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre on December 3, 2014 in New York City.

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We’ll take a deeper look at exactly who the comedy star is, how he was raised in his early childhood and the road that he followed to reach the success that he did, especially at such a young age. So, hold onto your seats. We’re about to delve deeper into the comedy star’s life. Here we go!

Who is Pauly Shore?

Pauly Shore at THE ISLAND Premiere, The Ziegfeld Theater

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Pauly Shore is a  world-famous celebrity with one of the most exceptional senses of humor that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Apart from his undeniable wit he also specializes in a variety of fields within the entertainment industry. For starters, he is also an actor who plays primarily in comedy films. Making people laugh seems to be Pauly Shore’s favorite thing to do.

If that’s not enough to impress you, the star also specializes as a Filmmaker which means that he has played a role in almost all of the aspects of the Film industry, but that still is not all that makes the 1990s star an idol to look up to.

His career started at the age of 17. Yes, Pauly Shore is a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry and if he already started at the age of 17 it is safe to assume that he was simply born as a talented individual.

He also seems to be a highly driven individual since, after earning his success in the entertainment industry prior to leaving his career and fame behind, he decided to take on multiple projects at once in order to stay busy and productive. So, unlike most child stars, Pauly Shore did not go on a downward spiral as he got older.

Instead of letting the obvious influences of the entertainment industry get to him, he rather decided to stay productive with his project. This most definitely makes the star someone to aspire to. Pauly Shore is not somebody who slacks off or gives up easily.

He is much loved for leaving his audience rolling on the floor in laughter and is most popular amongst comedy fans who were old enough to enjoy and understand his content in the 1990s

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Pauly Shore Net Worth

When it comes to having fame and riches, Pauly Shore’s net worth definitely takes the cake. As a matter of fact, Pauly Shore’s net worth currently sits at $30 million despite the fact that he left his entertainment career behind.

It is most certainly impressive that the star still ranks as one of the celebrities with the most admirable net worth which is another reason as to why Pauly Shore is such an icon and a role model to fans from all around the world.

Pauly Shore Height at Weight

Pauly Shore’s height is 5′ 7″ and his weight currently sits at 159 pounds which puts him in a healthy body shape.

Pauly Shore’s Early Life

Actor PAULY SHORE at the world premiere, in Hollywood, of The Pledge.

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Pauly Shore was born into a loving family who originally gave him the full name of Paul Montgomery Shore. He was born in Los Angeles, California in the United States. His mother, Mitzi Shore was Jewish by religion which is also the religion that Pauly Shore was raised with.

Despite the fact that the star was born in Los Angeles, California, this is not where he spent his childhood. As a matter of fact, he spent a large majority of his childhood in Beverly Hills, California where he was raised and attended school similarly to how every average child does.

The school that he attended while he was pursuing his basic academic career was called Beverly Hills High School. After 12 years of hard work and studying, he finally graduated from school and earned his high school diploma.

If you are wondering where Pauly Shore got his comedic talent from, you may be surprised to realize that he inherited it from his father whose name is Sammy Shore. Quite ironically, the star’s father was also a comedian and must have been proud to see his son following in his witty footsteps.

Unfortunately, the family have not revealed whether Shore is an only child or whether he has siblings, but they will probably release that information sooner rather than later.

As a matter of fact, he was so determined to follow the career that his father pursued that he practiced with enough determination to start his successful stand up comedy career at the young age of 17. This is especially impressive since there aren’t a lot of stars who managed to kickstart their careers at such a young age.

Pauly Shore is without a doubt a natural-born star of many talents which explains why he gained his fame and success at such a quick pace. The star most certainly deserved his years in the spotlight and Pauly Shore’s net worth is one that he earned through his hard work, natural wit and determination.

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Pauly Shore’s Career

 Pauly Shore at the The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling Premiere

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If you’re looking for a definition and example of success, you’re about to find out exactly what those two words mean in the entertainment industry. 

Due to the fact that we’ve already established that Pauly Shore started his career at the young age of 17 which is an exceptional accomplishment that a majority of celebrities don’t accomplish, let’s take a look at some of the other achievements that he accomplished throughout his career in the entertainment industry. 

As a matter of fact, he initially rose to fame in 1989 when he was awarded with a new and life-changing job as an MTV Virtual DJ. This is where things really started looking optimistic for Pauly Shore and his fame and career just got stronger and stronger by the minute after he landed his position with MTV.

While he was working in unison with MTV he successfully hosted a show that was called MTV Spring break for which he received outstanding feedback for the way that he took the lead and stole the hearts of plenty of MTV viewers.

After he played the role of the host on MTV Spring break, the directors of the world-famous channel were satisfied with his performance to such a drastic extent that they, once more, offered him a position on another one of their shows.

This was another big break for Pauly Shore since the show was the internationally-acclaimed MTV music awards. He played quite a dynamic role in the MTV Music Awards and ended up being one of the most diverse and successful staff members that worked for MTV at this time.

Much to his surprise and delight and although Pauly Shore had already been given a variety of opportunities while he was working for MTV, his career with them was not yet to come to an end.

As a matter of fact, shortly after he played his important role in the MTV Music Awards, MTV awarded him with yet another mind-blowing opportunity.

As a matter of fact, the MTV producers were so impressed with the feedback and responses that the star received for his participation in the channel’s previous positions that he was awarded with.

They created an entirely new show that revolved fully around Pauly Shore in 1990. The show was called “Totally Pauly” and it was such a roaring success that it remained on air for six ars.

This is another impressive accomplishment that the star achieved since a lot of shows, especially in the modern-day and age, usually only air for 2-4 ars, but it had already been made clear that MTV viewers had caught a liking to Pauly Shore due to his previous MTV appearances which probably explains why his show turned out to be so successful.

As a matter of fact, the success of the show may not have had anything to do with the presentation or content of “Totally Pauly.” Its success was more likely related to the star of the show and the fact that MTV viewers were eager to see him in action once again.

After all, everybody enjoys to laugh until they fall off their seats and with such a strong background in performing within the genre of comedy, it is certainly not surprising that Pauly Shore fans were flocking to watch a show that revolved primarily around their favorite international comedian.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising in the slightest that Pauly Shore’s net worth is a higher amount that most people won’t even come close to throughout their lives, but the comedian did not let the world’s financial statistics demotivate him or stand in his way.

As a matter of fact, being such a talented and driven individual, Pauly Shore kept his head in the game and used his unmatched determination, confidence and perseverance in order to defy the odds and made a success of himself and his career which gives the comedian’s fan one more reason to look up to and aspire to be Pauly Shore.

Although being a loyal and successful employee of MTV for such an extensive period of time, the hilarious and talented star felt like he needed more and he decided to become independent in his career pursuit.

As we have already established, Pauly Shore’s primary strength and passion were directly related to being comedic and causing laughter and joy amongst his fans. Therefore, he released his first debut album in 1991 which he called “The Future of America.”

Once again, similarly to every other career endeavor that he took part in, “The Future of America” was a soaring success and it gleefully entertained and thoroughly impressed the fans that listened to his brilliantly crafted and downlight hilarious album.

By this time, Pauly Shore had already starred in three MTV shows and released a debut album. However, the comedy star had already gotten so far and he was not planning on stopping his career endeavors so soon.

So, almost immediately after the release of “The Future of America ”, Pauly Shore decided to take his first step into the music industry. The year was still 1991 when he made this decision. Therefore, he decided to construct his very own music video.

The song that the music video was created for was called “Lisa, Lisa, the One I Adore.” Naturally this was a romantic song, but it is unknown whether it was aimed at a lover that he was hoping to serenade.

He didn’t stop there either. As a matter of fact, he released another album in the same year that he called “Scraps from the Future.” He wasn’t about to stop there either. Two years later, in 1994, he released yet another album called “ Diggly Giggly” and it most certainly got his fans giggling.

Why did Pauly Shore Quit his Career?

As much as Pauly Shore was passionate about his career and probably would have continued with it until old age would no longer allow it, he, unfortunately, has to leave his passion behind due to a traumatic event. Sadly, the star’s mother passed away which caused him to relocate to Las Vegas.

Although he still appears in the media, Pauly Shore is no longer performing as he used to, which was a sad loss to his fans and to the comedy industry. Regardless of taking a step back from the industry, Pauly Shore’s net worth remains high to this day

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So, now we know more about the famous, enviable and successful Pauly Shore net worth that you came here for in the first place. However, there is so much more to the comedy guru.

Not only did he become a world-famous comedian, but he worked on multiple shows with one of the world’s most famous and beloved television channels which was MTV.

The moment that he decided that he cannot work for someone for the rest of his life, Pauly Shore decided to become independent by releasing multiple comedic albums each of which was a roaring success amongst his fans.

If there is anything that we can learn from the world-famous comedian of the 1990, it is that productivity, drive and determination are the key ingredients to success.


NamePauly Shore
Real NamePaul Montgomery Shore
Date of Birth1 February 1968
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
OccupationComedian, Actor, Filmmaker
Net Worth Estimate$30 mіllіоn
GirlfriendAlex Noble
MotherMitzi Shore
FatherSammy Shore