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Fourteen years as a Lacrosse player and Paul Rabil net worth is what it is now. In this article, we’ll talk about Paul Rabil net worth, his age, bio, height and weight, and family. We’ll also talk about his career and achievements in those fourteen years he spent playing lacrosse.

Paul Rabil didn’t become popular overnight. It took him years of hard work, support, and competitiveness to get to where he is today. Although he is now retired, his name continues to ring in the sports industry. Especially in the game of Lacrosse.

If you have other questions about Paul Rabil as well, here’s the chance to feed your curiosity. So grab a bottle of water, you don’t want to be too thirsty while you feed.


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Who Is Paul Rabil?

Paul Rabil is an American lacrosse player that has won several awards during his time as a professional player. He has scored more points in the game than any other professional player of the lacrosse game.

He is one of the most famous names in the world of lacrosse. This is because he wasn’t just a player, but a co-founder of the Premier Lacrosse League with his brother.

Unlike Paul Rabil, his brother Mike Rabil is an entrepreneur and an investor. They’re one of the forces driving the North American sport forward in the 21st century.

However, his tenure as a professional lacrosse player came to an end in 2021 as he announced his retirement. This was most likely to focus on his administerial duties and the Premier Lacrosse League as well.

Paul Rabil’s Place of Birth and Early Life

NEW YORK - JULY 31: Lacrosse player Paul Rabil attends 'The Good Son' screening at Cinema Village on July 31, 2013 in New York City

NEW YORK – JULY 31: Lacrosse player Paul Rabil attends ‘The Good Son’ screening at Cinema Village on July 31, 2013 in New York City. Editorial credit: lev radin /

Paul Rabil, the professional American Lacrosse player was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Paul was born on December 14, 1985, to American parents. His mother’s name is Jean Paul while his Father’s is Allan Paul.

Paul grew up in Montgomery Village in Maryland. This was also where he discovered his interest in lacrosse. He was only twelve years old when his neighbor introduced him to the game and ever since then, he became the guy with a stick and a ball.

Paul wrote in one of his farewell notes that lacrosse was his first love. He also added that the game formed a major part of his future dreams as a child. He wanted to become the best, be well recognized and he trained very hard for it.

As a young boy, he attended Watkins Mill High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland for a while. Then he left there for DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Paul attended the popular John Hopkins University where he finished with a degree in Political Science. While in the university, he minored in Management and Entrepreneurship. A few years down the line, he establishes a professional field lacrosse league with his brother.

While Paul was in DeMatha High School, he won the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference Champion three times. One in 2002, another in 2003, and the last in 2004. Apart from these, he also won High School All-America and the Washington Post’s First-Team in 2003.

Apart from these, he won several other awards both in high school and college. All of these are included in the latter part of this article.

While in college, he played collegiate lacrosse. At this time, he was already playing with professionals as well. His first professional game was Major League Lacrosse which he played with Boston Cannons.

His skill and diligence earned him popularity at quite a young age. By the time he finished college, he already had a name in the Lacrosse game.

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Paul Rabil’s Personal Life and Family

Paul’s parents, Allan and Jean also gave birth to two more children apart from Paul. His brother, Mike is an entrepreneur and an investor. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Premier Lacrosse League.

With his experience as an entrepreneur and an administrator, he is responsible for the management of the everyday activities of the PLL. Although Mike is not a professional sportsman, he is not ignorant about sports.


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In his college days, he played football and was even the captain of the football team. His younger sister, Rebecca is a fashionista who works for Gucci. Paul once addressed his sister as fabulous, smart, and creative in one of his posts on Twitter.

Paul has an interest in many things apart from sports but he hasn’t always been able to enjoy them. His career as a professional Lacrosse player hasn’t afforded him time for other things.

Some of the things he enjoys are fashion, music, and writing. Anything in the arts interests him. He believes art is a form of expression and he’s an ardent believer in self-expression.

According to him, he has always enjoyed fashion and he’s taking advantage of the Premier Lacrosse League to express his styled, as well as afford other players the opportunity to.

He loves to wear a combination of European sportswear, American streetwear, and NY runway. He says his favorite fashionistas are Lady Gaga, David Beckham, and Kanye West.

Paul loves to shop from popular fashion brands like Gucci, Tom Ford, and Supreme. While he does shop from top brands, he isn’t really sensitive about his accessories. For him, it’s anything that catches his eyes.

Paul says his parents were of huge support to him in his career. His father was always there while he played and his mother did everything she could to help him.

In 2014, Paul married his longtime friend, Kelly Berger. Kelly Berger was also a lacrosse player who played for the U.S.A team. However, Kelly also retired from playing lacrosse and became a fitness coach in 2017.

Anyway, the marriage between the two wasn’t for long. Paul Rabil and Kelly Berger divorced in 2017, reasons unknown. Although each of them has moved on with their lives, none of them seems to have entered another marriage yet.

There is no record that they had children during the marriage or that Paul has any kids at all.

Paul Rabil’s Height and Weight

Paul Rabil, the professional lacrosse player is a very tall man. He is 6ft 3 inches (191cm) tall and he weighs 220 pounds (100kg).

Paul Rabil’s Career

Paul was twelve years old when he played his first lacrosse game. According to him, a neighbor of theirs had introduced him to the old game.

When he got to John Hopkins University, he became a collegiate lacrosse player. His first match was in 2008 when Boston Cannons selected him for the Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft. He was the 1st overall.

In the same year, he played in the Major Lacrosse League All-Star Game. He was also drafted 1st overall in the National Lacrosse League Entry Draft.

In 2009, Paul became the Major Lacrosse League MVP and was also named the Offensive Player of the Year. By 2010, he had played in three All-Star teams and became the First-Team All-Pro.

In the same year, he was a part of the Washington Stealth National Lacrosse League Champion’s Cup that defeated the Toronto Rock. In the game, he scored two goals. He also set the record for loose balls in one season.

In 2011, Paul Rabil bagged the Major Lacrosse League MVP and Offensive Player of the Year again. That same year, he became the first Lacrosse player to win the Major Lacrosse League Bud Light Skills Competition as well as Fastest Shot Competition.

Due to Paul’s numerous achievements so far, he got selected every season to National Lacrosse League All-Star game. He was named the Major Lacrosse League Offensive Player of the Year in 2012. This became the 3rd time in a row that he got selected for the position.

This made him the player with the most awards in the season. It was this same year he got 72 points, setting the record for the most single-season points. All this time, playing in the Boston Cannons team as a midfielder.

The Boston Cannons was one of the few Lacrosse clubs Paul played for during his time as a professional player. They played before at the Major Lacrosse League and were called the Boston Cannons because they were centered in Boston, Massachusetts.

Now, they are a professional men’s field lacrosse team playing for the Premier Lacrosse League. Paul joined the Boston Cannons in 2008. He later played for the New York Lizards of the Major Lacrosse League.

For the Premier Lacrosse League, he played for Atlas Lacrosse Club as well as the Cannons Lacrosse Club who had also joined the PLL recently.

He was also traded a few times during his professional years as is the common tradition of trading players. In early 2012, he was sold to Edmonton Rush for Athan Lannucci. Later that same year, he was sold to Rochester Knighthawks for Jarrett Davis.

However, Paul didn’t appear to training sessions during this period. So finally, he was sold to Philadelphia Wings for Dan Dawson. Since 2013, he didn’t play in the National Lacrosse League.

In January 2015, he was sold to the New York Lizards for Max Seibald. In the same year, Paul became a two-time Steinfield Cup Champion. That contributed to Paul Rabil net worth to increase by  quite a bit.

In 2018 Paul and Mike (his brother), established the Premier Lacrosse League. Other investors involved were The Raine Group and The Chernin Group. Its debut season kicked off in June 2019.

Paul played in 2019 and was given the first Premier Lacrosse League All-Star game. Through the establishment of the Premier Lacrosse League, Paul was able to campaign for better treatment for lacrosse players.

This was so that lacrosse could become a full-time job for many players. In 2021, Paul Rabil announced his retirement as a Professional Lacrosse player to the world.

All these wins, points, and awards have earned Paul Rabil a great deal of respect in the world of sports. He has become popularly known as the best Lacrosse player in the world today.

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Paul Rabil’s Awards

The professional lacrosse player has been winning awards ever since he was a boy in high school. He is also well known for his numerous awards on the international front.

In 2002, while in DeMatha high school, he won the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference Champion. This was not the only time he won the award. He won it again in 2003 and 2004.

In 2003, he and his team won The Washington Post’s First-Team. In 2004, he won The Washington Post’s Player of the Year. He also won High School All-America twice consecutively.

While in college in 2005, he won USILA Third Team All-American and NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship. Then, he was a member of John Hopkins’ Blue Jays’.

In the following years, he won USILA First Team All-American three times consecutively. In 2007, he won NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship again.

In 2010, he won several awards. He won the World Lacrosse Championship Best Midfielder, the World Lacrosse Championship Winner USA. He also won the World Lacrosse Championship MVP and All-Tournament Team.

In 2014, he won the World Lacrosse Championship All-Tournament Team again, and again in 2018. In 2014, he also won the World Lacrosse Championship FIL Best Midfielder.

Other awards he won are the McLaughlin Award in 2017, the Major League Lacrosse Offensive Player of the Year in 2009, 2011, and 2012. He also won Major League Lacrosse MVP in 2009 and 2011.

Paul Rabil Net Worth and Summary

Paul Rabil is one of the richest players in the world of Lacrosse. One would expect that this means Paul Rabil net worth is in the billions. Well, this would be possible if Lacrosse formed a large part of the world of sports like football.

However, Paul Rabil net worth as of 2022 is $500,000. This is a whole lot if you consider the fact that lacrosse players do not earn much. Most of them cannot afford to play full-time so they take on other jobs as well.

Paul Rabil is the first professional Lacrosse player to become a millionaire. With his retirement and entry into administration, Paul is set to make sure that lacrosse players will be able to earn more in the future.

NamePaul Rabil
Real NamePaul Rabil
Place of BirthGaithersburg, Maryland, USA.
OccupationLacrosse Player
Net Worth Estimate$500,000
Date of BirthDecember 14, 1985
Marital StatusSingle