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Do you want to learn more about Mike Epps net worth? Well, you have come to the right place because you have just stumbled across everything that you need to know about the world-famous comedian, actor, writer, and producer.


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From leaving behind a life of drug dealing and facing prison time to becoming one of the most highly acclaimed comedians and actors of his time, Mike Epps’ net worth is definitely one that he deserves.

So, who is Mike Epps and where did the star come from? Let’s find out!

Who is Mike Epps?


Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/ Shutterstock.com

If you are someone who enjoys rolling on the floor with laughter then you are going to love learning more about the blatantly hilarious stand-up comedian Mike Epps who is known by his loved ones as Michael Elliot Epps. Mike Epps is a native citizen of the United States and he is somewhat of a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry.

He is most popularly known for his stand-up comedy shows that leave his audience members crying from laughing too hard, but that is not the only form of entertainment that he is famous for. As a matter of fact, Mike Epps net worth is something that he earned through his participation in a variety of entertainment-based industries.

For example, outside of being a professional at getting paid to make people laugh he is also an actor that you may recognize from some of your favorite movies. If you think being an actor and a comedian is impressive then you are in for a big surprise because Mike Epps did not stop there.

As a matter of fact, he is also a writer who has written and published a variety of books all of which received excellent reviews. Comedian, actor, and writer. It would appear that this jack of all trades is somewhat of a triple threat in the entertainment industry right? Wrong!

Perhaps Mike just gets bored easily or perhaps he wants to try out every aspect of the entertainment industry to figure out which field he enjoys the most, but he is also an active participant in the fourth field of entertainment where he “drops sick beats” and gets his audience to bounce along to the music that he makes as a rapper.

It would appear that there is almost nothing that Mike Epps cannot do. This is also probably why he has millions of fans from all around the world since even on the odd chance that someone does not enjoy his witty remarks and overall sense of humor, they will most likely still end up enjoying either his publications or his rap music.

They may even enjoy the roles that he plays in movies. In other words, not only does Mike Epps have fans from a variety of different countries, but he also has fans within a variety of entertainment-based professions. Last, but certainly not the least, Mike Epps also acts as the producer for his own movies.

You may be familiar with the character called “Black Doug” from The Hangover 3 movie. Well, Black Doug and Mike Epps are one and the same. Witty, talented, creative, and downright hilarious is probably the best way to describe the multi-talented star in as few words as possible.

Not only has he earned his success in at least 4 different ways, but he has also shown the world that there is no dream that is too big to achieve and no goal that is too hard to reach. Mike Epps is adored by his fans and many of them perceive him as a role model and aspire to be the next Mike Epps someday in the future. 

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Mike Epps Net Worth

I am sure we are all waiting in anticipation to find out exactly what Mike Epps’ net worth is. It is also safe to assume that being an actor, comedian, writer, and producer which gives him income from 4 different industries is enough to give him a net worth that will blow your mind.

But without further adieu, Mike Epps net worth is currently estimated to be an amount of 5 million dollars. The comedy and film star has surely built a good life for himself and has no shortage of money to afford to do whatever his heart desires. That is one thing that I know for sure.

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Early Life

Now we have a better understanding of who the star is and what he does for a living. So let us delve deeper into his early life and how his childhood shaped who he is today. Mike Epps who is also known by his birth name which is Michael Elliot Epps was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.

His parents are Tommy and Mary Epps who brought baby Mike into this world on the 18th of November 1970. Unfortunately, the future star’s parents got divorced while he was still quite young, so he spent half of his time in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the other half of his time in Gary, Indiana.

Mike Epps had a rather busy family life since he is one of 8 children in the family. With seven siblings and parents who got a divorce and no longer lived in the same house, one can imagine that Mike did not have the easiest childhood.

As a matter of fact, he stated in an interview that he and his 7 siblings often had to compete to be the primary recipient of their mother’s attention. He also credited having such a large family for his sense of humor and his ability to entertain people.

It was clear from a young age that Mike Epps would one day end up working in the fields of comedy and entertainment. He always made jokes in class and entertained all of his classmates which is also why he was recognized as the clown of the class.

On one occasion he went as far as to use super glue to glue one of his friend’s hands to each other which his teachers and parents were not too impressed with.

As a matter of fact, he crossed so far over the line with this prank that he obviously perceived it as being hilarious that he got sentenced to spend a short amount of time in a juvenile detention center. Yes, Mike Epps was passionate enough about his art to play a prank that resulted in a minor criminal sentence.

As I have mentioned before, the star comedian, actor, and rapper did not have it easy when he was growing up and he was always somewhat of a trouble causer. After leaving the juvenile detention center he seemed to have gone on a downward spiral.

At first, he decided that high school was not his cup of tea which resulted in him making the decision to drop out and end his educational career. After this Mike started strolling down darker and darker paths. He started hanging out with the wrong crowd and stepped into the business of dealing drugs.

Unfortunately, he was not lucky enough to get away with this and ended up being sentenced to prison for the distribution of illegal narcotics. Everybody who knew Mike knew that he was an impulsive individual. So, it came as no surprise when his impulses kicked in once again and he decided to give stand-up comedy a shot.

He made his way to a club that was called Seville’s where they were hosting a stand-up comedy competition. Mike Epps decided to enter the competition and much to his surprise he was instantly adored by the audience and the owners of the club.

He was awarded with prize money for his excellent performance which was a total amount of $80. Since his comedy act was such a roaring success without Mike having to put too much effort into it, he decided to pursue it as a career.

Mike Epps net worth was only the $80 that he had won at this stage, but he packed his bags nonetheless and traveled to Atlanta where he intended on starting a successful career as a stand-up comedian. Once he arrived in Atlanta he started participating in amateur comedy events at an institution that was called The Comedy Theatre.

Similar to the positive response that he received after his first attempt at stand-up comedy, his acts at The Comedy Theatre were also adored by his audience which caused him to build a bigger name for himself slowly but surely.

Since the amateur nights at the comedy club did not give him enough money to pay for rent and food, he accepted a job offer at a manhole where he worked during the day so that he could be a star at night.



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At the age of 21, Mike Epps was still performing primarily at the comedy club.

However, one of the club owners made a suggestion that was about to change his life. The owner suggested that he perform his acts in New York since Atlanta’s audience enjoyed his acts so much and New York would pave the way for a lot of bigger and better opportunities.

So, at the young age of 21, Mike Epps packed his bags once again, hopped onto a bus, and made his way to the city where dreams come true which was New York. When he arrived in New York he did not waste any time and instantly started to approach every comedy club that he could find.

Unfortunately, the comedy clubs that he tried out had somewhat of a “mainstream” audience who did not receive him as well as he would have liked for them to. So, he decided to take a new approach. Luckily for Mike, there was a new comedy scene that was surfacing and developing during this time.

It was more of an underground comedy environment that focused primarily on black comedy. This is where Mike Epps net worth would first begin to rise. He was welcomed at the comedy club with open arms and immediately became a celebrity amongst his audience members.

His style of comedy suited this new environment a lot more than it did the previous environment. It was not long after he joined this new comedy club that he gained such popularity that he was awarded with the title of being the best African-American comedian in New York.

After receiving such an honorable title along with positive feedback on all of his comedy acts, Mike Epps started climbing higher and higher up the food chain until his first big break came. The star had gained enough popularity by this time for him to be featured in two of HBO’s Def Comedy Jam series which took place in 1995.

After making his first television debut he received yet another mind-blowing offer that he could not refuse. The comedy star was given the opportunity to act as the director for one of Vin Diesel’s films that was called “Strays” and this was also his first debut in the movie industry.

In 1999 he was cast by HBO and given a role in a television series that you may have heard of called “The Sopranos.” It was in that same year that Mike Epps got his next big break. Chris Tucker declined the opportunity to be Ice Cube’s co-star in a film sequel called “Next Friday”.

Mike immediately saw this as his window of opportunity and he approached Ice Cube to promote himself to take over the role. In order to do this, he extended an invitation to Ice Cube to be an honored guest at one of his stand-up comedy shows.

Mike made such a good impression that Ice Cube encouraged him to audition for a film called “Day-Day” which was about an ex-girlfriend stalking his cousin. After giving a perfect audition Mike landed the role and co-starred in “Next Friday” as an added bonus.

After this, he starred in a few more movies since he had already received his celebrity status. One of the most popular films that he acted in was Dr. Doolittle which was released in 2001. He also starred as “Black Doug” in The Hangover 3 as well as landing roles in various other movies.

The high-school dropout with a criminal record ended up being one of the most famous stars of all time.

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Mike Epps is living proof that your past and your circumstances do not define who you are. He is an inspiration to all of his fans who come from difficult backgrounds and has proven that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to if you are willing to keep trying.

Mike Epps net worth was earned through hard work and self-confidence. He went from zero to hero without having to put in too much effort and before he knew it he became a world-famous actor, writer, comedian, and producer.

NameMike Epps
Real NameMichael Elliot Epps
Date of Birth18 November 1970
Place of BirthIndianapolis, Indiana, United States
Net Worth Estimate$5 mіllіоn