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Memphis Bleek Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?

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What is Memphis Bleek net worth in 2022? How much does Memphis Bleek make? What does he do now? What’s his deal with Roc-a-Fella? These are only a few of the commonly asked questions when it comes to Memphis Bleek net worth.

Of course, people are also curious about other parts of his life, if he has grown significantly in his career or not. A hip-hop lover once said, “I still see Memphis as that young boy hyping behind Jay-Z in one of his many videos”.

Is that all there is to Memphis Bleek? If you’re a little backward in music trends and haven’t been keeping up much lately, we’ll fill you in.

This article contains everything you need to know about Memphis Bleek. From Memphis Bleek net worth to his age, background, family, career, and more. We have provided answers to all your juicy questions about Memphis here. You only need to keep reading.


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Who Is Memphis Bleek?

Have you ever heard of hype men? Well, if the term seems too novel to you, how about a sidekick? This is what pops up in the minds of the majority at the first mention of Memphis Bleek. For many years, Memphis has been known as the side-kick of popular rapper and pop star, Jay-Z.

Many times though, Memphis and Jay-Z have claimed to be very good friends. However, a majority of pop lovers worldwide see the contrary of this. They think their relationship is more of domination than friendship with Jay-Z being the governor and Memphis being the subject.

Who exactly is Memphis Bleek? Well, we present to you the artist that has been termed the greatest professional side-kick in hip-hop history. However, this does not change the fact that Memphis Bleek is a talented American rapper and singer.

Memphis has released songs and albums that have hit the Billboard charts. His ability to define the streets in his songs has made him popular in the hip-hop industry. For many years, Memphis worked with Jay-Z as his hype man.

A hype man of course is a backup rapper. His main job is to support the main rapper on stage or in the studio exclaiming and interjecting when necessary.

The world has criticized Memphis so much for staying in Jay-Z’s shadow for so long. However, it was when he worked as a hype man for Jay-Z that his talent began to shine. History has also made us know there’s more to Jay-Z and Memphis’s relationship.

That will be discussed in detail in the latter part of this article. Apart from being a rapper, Memphis Bleek has also graduated into being a record executive. He has established his record labels. They are the popular Get Low Records and Warehouse Music Groups.

Warehouse Music Groups became quite popular after upcoming artist Manalo Rose released an album that hit the billboard charts. There is more to discuss Memphis Bleek. This includes Memphis Bleek net worth, age, background, relationship with Jay-Z, and more.

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Memphis Bleek’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Memphis Bleek was born on June 23, 1978, and is 43 years old now. Although known as Memphis Bleek, that is very far from his birth name. He was named Malik Deshawn Cox by his parents.

Malik Deshawn Cox was born in New York City, USA. Memphis Bleek’s stage name was derived from two things. Memphis is an acronym for Making Easy Money Pimping Hoes in Style. The Bleek that follows is the result of his sister’s failed attempt to call his first name.

Memphis didn’t have it easy while growing up. Like many young black kids of his time, Memphis grew up in a public housing project. He lived in one of the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn. This is also where popular American rapper, record executive, and hip-hop king, Jay-Z grew up.

The Marcy Home was what formed the bond between Memphis and Jay-Z. Memphis grew up amidst violence and a lot of ruggedness. He grew up among boys that sold drugs and roamed the streets.

However, Memphis decided to be different. Instead of hitting the streets, he hit the world of music. The streets however remained a major source of inspiration for him when he began his music career. Like many black pop artists, he often featured the hard life and tough reality of the streets in his songs.

At first, Memphis was just a young boy who loved music. He and his DJ friend would make records at his place. According to Memphis, he had been making music since 1985.

Memphis dropped out of school to start his career in music. However, he claims this is one of his biggest regrets. He later pursued a GED so according to him, no one would be able to just walk all over him.

Before Memphis hit 20, Jay-Z had already taken him under his wings. His first appearance was on Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt. Memphis did better than a lot of Jay-Z’s underlings. This made him appear in many of Jay-Z’s songs and earned him the hype man title.

Memphis Bleek’s Personal Life and Family

Memphis Bleek is one of those kids that grew up in Brooklyn’s Housing Project. He does not say much about his first family at all. Therefore, there isn’t much known about his parents.

Memphis has two siblings whose identities have not been disclosed to the public. His younger sister was the reason behind the “Bleek” in his name. His brother, however, was involved in a motorcycle accident during Memphis’s 3 years break from the industry.

The motorcycle accident had caused his brain injuries that almost paralyzed one-half of his body. Recently, the rapper has been connected to Brooklyn artist, Sean price as cousins.

In December 2014, Malik and Ashley Coombs got married. The couple had been dating for a while before finally tying the knot at The Merion in New Jersey. The ceremony was graced by Jay-Z and other popular figures in the hip-hop industry.


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In July 2018, the duo announced the birth of their first child together. Before the birth of their daughter, Memphis had birthed a son in 2002. When Memphis released his album M.A.D.E in 2003, he said the birth of his son had changed his life. This made him also appreciate his mom more.

Memphis Bleek Height and Weight

Apart from Memphis Bleek net worth, you sure would love to know his height and weight. The popular American rapper is 5ft 2 inches (160cm) tall. Also, he weighs 152 pounds (69kg).

Memphis Bleek’s Career

Although Memphis had been singing since he was young, he came into the open when popular rapper, Jay-Z discovered him and brought him in as one of his underlings.

Before then, he had been recording songs with a friend of his who was a DJ. Because Memphis was one of the most comported among them, he was quick to feature in Jay-Z’s songs as a hype man. His first appearance was on the album “Reasonable Doubt”.

After this, he appeared on other Jay-Z albums like Hard Knock Life, Life and Times of S. Carter, The Blueprint, and others. He also followed Jay-Z around during most of his yearly tours.

There has been quite a division in the music industry when it comes to Jay-Z and Memphis’s relationship. Many people believe that Memphis could have done better in the industry if he hadn’t started as a side-kick to Jay-Z.

Most of these people have reasons to back their claims. They say Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt became the blueprint of Memphis songs. They also say his songs haven’t been hits because he records with beats that Jay-Z discarded.

According to one review, his albums could have made him a hero but they received minimal publicity just so he could remain a sidekick.

The fee3ling is however different for some other people. According to them, being Jay-Z’s hype man brought him into the spotlight. After all, it was Jay-Z who took him under his wings and got him signed to Roc-A-Fella Records as his protégé.

It was there Memphis Bleek released his debut album “Coming of Age”. The album was a huge success as it peaked at number 7 on the Billboard 200 chart. It also sold 118,000 copies in its first week alone.

Memphis Bleek Net Worth | Memphis Bleek in Germany

Memphis Bleek in Germany Mikamote, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After his debut album, the rapper has released 3 more albums. The next was The Understanding. This was followed by M.A.D.E and .534.

The Understanding, although not too considered a hit by a lot of people, got certified by RIAA as Gold. Some of Memphis Bleek singles were hits. The single with the biggest hit was “Is That Yo Chick?” The song had featured Missy Elliot and Jay-Z. It hit 7th on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles.

Memphis talent has attracted collaboration from numerous artists and producers. Some of the artists he has worked with are Rihanna, Ja Rule, Trick Daddy, Beanie Sigel, and more. Some of the top-notch producers he has worked with are Just Blaze, Swizz Beats, and 9th Wonder.

Later, Memphis left Roc-A-Fella records with Jay-Z’s blessings. He had said he wanted to start his label as he had been promoting other artists at the time. However, he first signed with Mass Appeal records.

In 2012, he worked with Liberty Music Group to release his “The Movement”. Later that year, still with Liberty Music, he released “KG Vol 2”. In 2014, he released The Movement 2. This time, it was a mixtape available for free download.

In 2015, following the approval of Jay-Z, Memphis established his record label. The label was named Warehouse Music Group and it released its debut single that year.

The single “So Different” featured Manolo Rose. The song publicized the label. In 2016, Warehouse Music signed Manolo Rose and Caswell Senior, popularly known as Casanova. Other artists signed by the label include Famous Kid Brick and Huey V.

Memphis has trodden the path of acting a little, like many artists. He made cameo appearances in Backstage and Fade to Black. He was featured as Blizz in State Property. He also appeared in Paper Soldiers.

The rapper is also a video game character “Def Jam: Fight for NY”.

Memphis Bleek’s Awards

Memphis Bleek has been quite successful in his career as a rapper. He was young when he began to promote the music of popular artists.

However, there have not been many awards attached to his name. One of his numerous collaborations with Jay-Z did get nominated for a Grammy Award. “Change the Game” was nominated for the Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group at the 44th Grammy Awards.

The song by Jay-Z featured Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel. It was released in 2001 by Roc-A-Fella Record Label. It hit number 10 on the US Billboard Hot Rap Singles.

Memphis may not have received a lot of awards. However, some of the songs produced by his record label have been certified Gold and Platinum. These are all notable achievements in his career so far.

Memphis is still very much active. If he never receives an award as a rapper, he may likely receive one as a record executive. His recruitment of talented artists like Manolo Rose may eventually win him one.

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Memphis Bleek’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

What is Memphis Bleek net worth? Many people are curious about how much the rapper is worth since he moved from being a sidekick to a record executive. However, to our surprise, this value is less than we expect.

As of 2022, Memphis Bleek net worth is estimated to be $200,000. This is true quite a small sum for a record executive. But if you look closely at it, Memphis Bleek became a record executive recently. Most of Memphis Bleek net worth comes from his career as a rapper.

Memphis Bleek net worth could have been more than this but for some unfortunate financial crisis. In 2016, the popular rapper had filed for bankruptcy. During his claim, it was revealed that the total valu4 of his assets was about $274,000.

His New Jersey home, a Chevy, some clothing, and jewelry were what made up Memphis Bleek net worth. At the time, he was earning $5,350 every month. However, his expenses were more than his income.

Memphis Bleek net worth was close to nothing at the time. He even owed the IRS $9,000 and the Monmouth Superior Court $13,000.

Memphis Bleek net worth began to increase again after the establishment of Warehouse Music Groups. As long as the record label continues to release newer hits and sign fresher talent, we should see an improvement in Memphis Bleek net worth.

NameMemphis Bleek
Real NameMalik Deshawn Cox
Place of BirthNew York City, USA
OccupationRapper, Songwriter, Record Executive
Net Worth Estimate$200,000
Date of BirthJune 23, 1978
Marital StatusMarried