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Markie Post Net Worth | How Much Does She Make?

What do you know about Markie post net worth? For someone with such an illustrious and wonderful career. There is certainly a lot to them than meets the eye, asides from the random facts and glamour that the rest of the world sees.

Most times, important and personal information such as their family, early childhood, parentage, and place of birth are kept away from the public domain.


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As a true fan of Markie, you deserve to know all of this information and more about Markie post net worth. As a matter of fact, this information is what separates true fans away from mere admirers. If you don’t know these facts, you don’t have to fret just yet.

This article intends to reveal important information about the life of Markie post, achievements, and all that she represents. The article also discusses the mysteries and facts about Markie post net worth, including her childhood, early life, personal information, age, and marriage.

This article also discusses seemingly trivial issues such as Markie post net worth, the color of her hair and eyes, her zodiac sign, weight, and height. If you are curious about the life of Markie Post, then this post is for you.

Who is Markie Post?


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It’s one thing to be a star; it’s another thing to be a superstar. When it comes to the latter, Markie post ranks high amongst the best in the Hollywood industry. Although Markie Post is late, she led a wonderful life and illustrious career.

Marjorie Post Armstrong is an accomplished American actress who is popular for her acting as the bail bondsman Terri Michaels in a drama series titled ‘the fall guy” owned by ABC, the Public Defender, Sullivan Christine in the popular NBC sitcom ‘Night Court’ and her role in CBS’s sitcom “Hearts Afire”, acting as Hartman Georgie Anne Lahti.

Asides from acting, she has been featured in many different roles, particularly in several game shows. Born into the family of a scientist and a poet, it was as though Markie Post had a reputation to uphold; and that she did!

Markie Post was the daughter of Richard F. Post, who was a scientist and married to Marylee Post. They raised Markie in Walnut Creek and Stanford with Markie’s siblings. Markie Post had secondary education at Las Lomas high school, where she was actively involved in cheerleading.

After a while, she went to Pomona College for a short period before graduating from Lewis and Clark College in Oregon. Although Markie Post is late, her illustrious career is filled with many awards and achievements. As a result, Markie’s life and career have served as a source of inspiration to many individuals within Hollywood.

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Markie Post Net Worth Estimate

Markie Post net worth was through Hollywood acting, and with several years of experience. Marie Post net worth was around $12 million when she died. Markie post net worth was garnered from her earnings through acting.

Inclusively, the Majority of Markie post net worth comes not only through acting, but also from being a famous TV star,  a producer, and Social media personality.

She was an excellent actress. With several years of active acting, where she shone brightly and nailed every role, it is easy to believe she is worth that much considering her high level of expertise in the field

Markie Post Early Life

Popularly known as Markie post, Marjorie Armstrong Post was born in Palo Alto, in California city, in the United States of America. Markie Post was welcomed into the world on the 4th of November 1950 to a scientist (physicist) Richard Post F., who was her father, and Mary Lee Armstrong Post, the mother and a poet.

Markie post lived with her other two siblings, as she was the second child amidst three children. Markie and her siblings spent their early childhood raised in walnut creek and Stanford. While she was young, she took part in cheerleading when she was a student of las Lomas high school student. Afterward, she went to Portland to attend Lewis & Clark College in Oregon.

When she was done in Oregon, she moved back to California and attended Pomona College for a short period, after which she went back to Lewis and Clark to acquire a Bachelor’s degree in the arts.

Markie Post’s Height and Weight

Markie Post was true beauty in every way and had a great physical appearance to back it up. Although she is an aged actress, she still looked dashing, making it difficult for anyone to guess her age correctly. Markie’s post has a height of 5 ft 6 inches, equivalent to 167 cm or 1.67m. she also has an excellent structure which is rare for a woman her age because she has a healthy weight of 50kg.

Markie Post’s body measurement was around 37 23 and 35 inches and about 94 58 89 cm. Markie Post has a breast size of 37 inches, a hip size of 35 inches, a chest size of 36 inches, and a waist size of 23 inches. Overall, the superstar has an elegant body which was slim and perfect at the same time.

Many were attracted to her shows because of her personality; however, many looked forward to watching her because of her stunning shape. Marjorie Post was wearing a dress size 4 and a shoe size 6.5. The veteran superstar has a lovely pair of blue eyes and blonde hair.

Markie Post’s Early Life and Place of Birth

She was born in Palo Alto, California, to Richard F. Post and Marylee Post, her parents. Markie Post was ushered into the world on the 4th of November 1952. Richard F. post was a scientist specializing in physics, while her mother, Marylee Post, was a poet. She was raised in walnut creek and Stanford with her other two siblings, as she was the second child amongst three children.

She later attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, for her secondary education, after which she proceeded to Pomona college in California for a brief stint. Later on, she returned to California to conclude education at Pomona College and a bachelor’s degree in arts.

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Markie Post’s Career


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Before Markie Post started acting; she was featured in several game shows for a long time. She started out on the acting scene with Tom Kennedy’s production crew, who wanted to create a remake of a split second. She was also the associate producer of Double Dare, the CBS production, and on shark cards of NBC as a card dealer.

She also participated in different game shows such as super password, the match game Hollywood squares hour, the $100,000 pyramid, and the (New) $25,000 pyramid. Through our participation, she helped the contestants a grand prize of 100,000 dollars in a 1987 November tournament edition of the $100,0000 pyramid game.

She has also received several post acting credits such as the first episode of the second season of the greatest American hero, the pilot episode of Simon and Simon” details at eleven” we took place in 1981, and two episodes amongst the episodes of the A-Team, where she acted as two different characters in “the only church in town” in 1983 and “the Hot Styles” in 1984.

She also got post-acting credits on “the love boat”. Later on, she featured in a series is science fiction based “buck Rogers”, which was premiered in the 25th century. Asides from this, she acted as the best friend to Diane Chambers in the popular sitcom known as cheers.
At the end of the day, she got a constant role at ABC, where she was an actress in an action-packed drama known as “the fall guy”.

After a role in “the fall guy”, she acted as Sullivan Christine in the television comedy series in the 80s, where she took part in the “Night court” series, joining in, in the third season to the end.

She also acted as Anne Georgie Hartman Lahti on Hearts Afire, the comedy series that featured John Ritter. She also had constantly recurring roles as a guest star on series such as Scrubs, featuring Dr. Elliot Ried’s mother and in “The District”.

She also had major film credits such as “there’s something about Mary”, which premiered in 1998, where she acted as Mary’s mother. She also acted as a dominatrix and a call girl in 1988 in the movie “tricks of the trade”. Later she sang in Glitz alongside Jimmy Smits, which was centered on the novel known as Leonard Elmore. Besides this, she had a starring role in the movie “visitor in the night” in 1955.

She featured as Merriweather Christine in the improvised comedy movie launched in 2017 and titled the “Cook-off”. She featured in the movie “30 Rock” episode, which was part of” the one with the cast of night court”, where she acted out herself, Charles Robinson and Harry Anderson, thereby staging a trial reunion of the crew that took part in the “Night court”.

Markie Post also featured as John dory’s voice on the animated superhero robot computer TV series known as “Transformers Prime”. She also featured as a constantly appearing character Fletcher Barbara ‘Bunny’ within the four earliest seasons of the Chicago PD.

Markie Post’s Personal Life and Family


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Markie Post was the daughter of F. Richard Post, her father, and Marylee Post, her mother. Marjorie Post was raised in the Christian way, alongside her two siblings, as she was the second born amidst three children. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. Markie Post got married to a friend and colleague she met at Lewis and Clark’s college named Stephen Knox.

She married Stephen Knox in 1971 and later got divorced in 1982. She later gave in to love again when she wedded Michael Ross who was an actor. Together, they shared many things, including the parentage of two lovely daughters who are Daisy and Katie.

Markie Post fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer. She waged war with the disease for four years. On the 7th of August 2021, Markie Post died, marking the end of what has been a wonderful and exemplary life, after her manager, Lubin Ellen Sanitsky, confirmed her death.

Markie Post Net Worth and Bio Summary

After a career that had spanned for more than four decades, Marjorie Post had been exemplary in her craft and ranks amongst the very best in Hollywood. For this, she must have been paid relatively, thus making Markie post net worth a whopping $12 million. Moreover, the fact that she started early helped her acquire all of this wealth.

Asides from this, Marjorie Post was a wise woman who saved and valued investment. As a result, she invested in real estate, which makes Markie post net worth a great deal. She and her husband, Micheal Ross, paid barely above a million dollars for their home, located in the suburbs of LA around Toluca Lake.

A few months after the death of Markie Post, the house was put up for sale around February 2022. Today, the house is valued at $6.275 million, proving a viable asset.

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Bio Summary

Markie Post is a great woman who has left a mark in the Hollywood industry and is admired by many. She is the mother of two children, Katie and Daisy. She is about 5 ft 6inchss tall. She also has a great body mass of 50kg to give an elegant stature. She died at the age of 70 after fighting cancer and was worth more than $12 million at her death.

In the end, Marjorie Post’s favorite quote always reads, ” I couldn’t be as charming as my mother or as smart as my father. So I decided to be bad.”

Markie Post’s Awards and Achievements

Markie Post was nominated for the CableACE Award in 1994 for the children’s special program to mark the inaugural presidential celebration for children. Markie won the award, which she values and considers an outstanding achievement at the end of the day.

NameMarjorie Post Armstrong
Age70 (Nov 1950 to August 2021)
Popular for beingAn actress
Place of BirthPalo Alto, California, in the United States of America.
ChildrenDaisy and Katie