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Mark Curry Net Worth | How Much Is He Worth?

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He is an African American actor and host, but his first love, after the 2 daughters (Camillia and Gigi) and his long-time partner in his life, of course, is comedy. In 1994, TV Guide named him one of the best-loved stars on television. We’ll give you a little hint. You probably know him from the sitcom Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, but who is the man behind the character, what makes him tick, and what is Mark Curry net worth?

Estimates put Mark Curry’s net worth at around $5 Million.

Who is Mark Curry?

Mark Curry honed his comedic skills in clubs across the country, and is now he is one of America’s favorite actors on television, and host of Showtime at the Apollo. During the 90s, Mark starred as the tall, baby-faced funny man on ABC’s Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, a remake of Three’s Company.

Curry’s career has two distinct sides: as a stand up comedian who addresses adult topics, and as a children’s television favorite. Growing up in Oakland’s often dangerous neighborhoods, Curry has experienced humor in both spheres. He also plans to add movie roles to his resume and envisions a career in film as opposed to television.

In addition to his current popularity as a stand-up comedian, the comedian is best known for portraying Mark Cooper on Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper from 1992 to 1997.


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The classic 90s sitcom, loosely based on the actor’s real life, follows the life of the titular character, a former professional basketball player turned coach and teacher. The sitcom aired on ABC from 1992 to 1997 and was a part of the TGIF Friday night line-up for the majority of its run.

Holly Robinson-Peete portrayed Vanessa, Cooper’s loyal and high maintenance roommate. Season two introduced Raven Symoné as Cooper’s precocious cousin Nicole Lee. Together, the trio and the well-casted guests who appeared on the show, created laugh-a-minute slapstick humor and binge-worthy entertainment.

As 60-year-old veteran of comedy, Curry is still working. When he’s not working, Mark likes to stay out of the limelight as much as possible, which led to a reporter from KTLA failing to recognize the comedic genius. A reporter from KTLA talked to two Los Angeles drivers about the skyrocketing price of gasoline. According to The Big Lead, one of the drivers happened to be Curry, but the reporter didn’t recognize him.

The reporter was at a gas station when she asked Curry what he thought about the issue. His name appeared on the chyron, along with the description “driver” or “Valley Village motorist” instead of actor, comedian, or host.

The beloved comedian laughed off the incident by reasserting his place in the world of entertainment. He has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names over his lengthy career.

Mark Curry’s Net Worth Estimate

Curry has not been on television much since drawing the curtains on Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper in 1997. It was his decision to give up television in order to devote himself to stand-up comedy, which was his first love. The talented comedian is blessed to be getting paid doing what he loves. His comedic skill has contributed greatly to the Mark Curry net worth, which is estimated to be around $5 million.

Most of the Mark Curry net worth was established thanks to the talented actor’s starring role in the hit TV sitcom, Hangin with Mr. Cooper, followed by a hosting It’s Showtime at the Apollo. It is believed his salary ranges from $130 000 – $228 000 per year. His career started when he was only twenty years old, and Mark Curry’s net worth continued to grow.

Mark Curry’s Place of Birth and Early Life

The youngest child of eight children, Marcus G. Curry (born June 1, 1961) was born in Oakland, California. A playful atmosphere prevailed at home, with lots of teasing and joking, which probably inspired his love of comedy. Marcus attended Saint Joseph Notre Dame High School. Later, he majored in journalism at California State University and did a radio show in Oakland.

Curry’s comedy career began in 1987 while he was working as manager of a drugstore in San Francisco. Curry’s co-workers, knowing his ability to make customers laugh, motivated him to take the stage. Despite being gonged before completing his joke, Curry found the experience intriguing and decided to write some material to perform at small black comedy clubs.

Two other little-known career facts about Curry include the fact that he opened for Damon Wayans on tour and for Whitney Houston at the 1991 Super Bowl, and that he considers Richard Pryor to be his most significant comedic influence.

Mark Curry’s Height, Weight

Basketball was Curry’s favorite sport in college and he wanted to play professionally someday. Basketball remains his favorite pastime, along with biking and old movies.

In an episode of Hangin with Mr. Cooper, Mark is offered a contract to play professional basketball for his favorite team, the Warriors. In Mark’s role as guard, he must face basketball star Charles Barkley.

During that episode of Mr. Cooper, Curry appeared to have had an inch on Barkley. As a matter of fact, he appeared noticeably taller, while slouching, than pretty much everyone who stood next to him and that sets tongues wagging. How tall is Mark Curry?

Barkley’s official height is 6’4 5/8″ (195 cm), which would put Curry at 6’6″, 6’5 1/2″ at a minimum.

In 1993, he confirmed that he was six feet six (195 cm) inches tall.

Mark Curry’s Career

Mark Curry Net Worth

Mark Curry at the World Premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” Benefitting the Make A Wish Foundation. Disneyland, Anaheim, CA. 05-19-07. Editorial credit: s_bukley /

A lovable class clown since his earliest years, Mark learned quickly that his wacky sense of humor could take him far. While working at a drugstore, he developed a comedy act that he regularly performed for customers. These customers, along with his family and friends, eventually encouraged Mark to perform in area comedy clubs.

His inspiration was legendary comedian Richard Pryor, who he emulated in his development as a stand-up comedian in Oakland. As a result of his success there, he was able to secure comedy club bookings around the world.

Curry was on Soul Train in 1971, and Showtime at the Apollo in 1987. In addition to hosting talk shows and comedy shows, he appeared on sitcoms with such big names as Jay Leno, Chris Rock, and Martin Lawrence. He starred alongside Martin Lawrence in Talkin’ Dirty After Dark in 1991.

The ABC sitcom Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, which premiered in September 1992, was Curry’s first major role. He was cast as Mark Cooper, a former NBA player who became a substitute teacher and a gym coach on the show. Over a hundred episodes of Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper were eventually aired over five seasons.

He made a guest appearance on Living Single in 1994 and in 1997, playing the role Martin. Curry appeared on the Jamie Foxx Show as Sergeant Easy twice in 2014.

In 1998, Curry made cameo appearances in the feature film Armageddon.

The actor had a recurring role, portraying Drew Carey’s boss on The Drew Carey Show in 2000 and hosted the Comedy Central game show Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush. He also appeared alongside his co-star from Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Holly Robinson Peete of For Your Love.

The Poof Point, a Disney Channel Original Movie, starred Curry as scientist Norton Ballard. As the titular character’s wife Marigold, Curry reunited again with his Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper co-star Dawnn Lewis.

During the 2003 season, Curry hosted Animal Tails and the BET show Coming to the Stage. The following year, he starred in Celebrity Mole Yucatan.

Curry made two guest appearances on Fat Actress during 2005, making another appearance on House of Payne during 2008. In that same year Curry tickled his audience’s funny bones in a stand-up comedy routine on Tracy Morgan’s Comedy Festival Laffapalooza Special on November 30, 2008.


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He conducted Jamie Foxx’s FoxxHole Live in the Los Angeles Conga Room, which was broadcast on Sirius 106/XM 149 from 2009 to 2011. The Royal Comedy Tour 2012 featured Curry as well as Tony Rock, Sommore, Bruce Bruce, and Earthquake.

In 2012, Curry also starred in Nick At Nite’s first live-action series, See Dad Run, which starred Scott Baio as Marcus, a friend of Baio’s character. The show ended up running for three seasons.

As part of Sommore’s Standing Ovation Comedy Tour, Curry performed with Bill Bellamy, Tommy Davidson, and others. Curry and Sheryl Lee Ralph starred in Bounce TV’s One Love in the same year. Throughout 2018, he was a special guest on Katt Williams’ 11:11 Tour and was a regular stand-up comedian at the Hollywood Improv.

In 2002, he auditioned to host Family Feud, but Richard Karn ultimately won.

As a stand up comedian, Curry likes to talk various issues, including polemic topics. He touches on a range of subjects, including drugs, sex, the O.J. murder trial and even Santa getting shot. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Curry said that he talks about everything. Crack and O.J. scare people.

To be memorable in comedy, you have to be close to the edge. He would rather be remembered than just laughed at.

Curry’s ability to improvise with an audience makes him an exceptional comic act. He is said to be among the most skilled at this type of laugh-generating tactic. His ability to act out a story and engage the audience in this way elevates much of his scripted material. 

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Mark Curry’s Personal Life and Family

Mark Curry is not married, but has been with a beautiful lady for over thirty years and he has two daughters.

Curry is known as a straightforward, generous, and unpretentious individual. He impressed the Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper crew by getting his own coffee and talking with everyone on set.

Staying close to his roots, he supports the East Oakland Youth Development Center both with time and money. He gives kids a better chance at life by teaching them the value of education. No wonder Curry appeals to young audiences; he loves kids. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, he said that he feels God gifted him with a talent, and it would be a waste not to use it to help the kids.


When an aerosol can fell behind a water heater and exploded on April 17, 2006, Curry sustained 20% burns across his arm, back, and side. He was placed in a medically induced coma for three days and admitted that he considered suicide after waking up from that.

After recuperating at home for several months, Curry appeared on The Montel Williams Show to discuss his recovery. He recovered at home, which is a major plus. Eventually, however, his thoughts turned to suicide, a thought he eventually talked himself out of with the help of a few comedian friends.

Mark Curry Net Worth & Bio Summary

Mark Curry net worth is estimated at $5 million. He has accumulated this amount through his prominent roles in the entertainment industry, earning between $130,106 and $228,488 per year.

Actress Holly Robinson-Peete is hopeful that Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper will be part of the recent trend of TV show reboots.

The actress Raven Symoné and Mark recently told Robinson-Peete that they are interested in seeing a reboot of the show.

Robinson-Peete’s friendship with Curry has endured to this day. She hangs out with Mark Curry all of the time in real life and hopes to be friends until the day they die.


NameMark Curry
Birth NameMarcus G. Curry
Date of BirthJune 1, 1961
Place of BirthOakland, California USA
ProfessionActor, Comedian
Children2 daughters
Net Worth Estimate$5 million