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Lou Dobbs Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?

Lou Dobbs has a success story. So, Lou Dobbs net worth is HUGE! Lou is best known as a television personality. He also had an extensive career in politics, finance, and journalism. He is a household name in the United States, and many people worldwide know who he is.

Lou Dobbs Net Worth

His first major job was that of a journalist reporting on the stock market from the New York Stock Exchange floor for CNN Business News. After that, he became an assigned reporter at CNN for the network’s coverage of legal issues, corporate fraud, and other related items.

How much is Lou Dobbs net worth? How was his early life? And how did he gather his wealth? Here is a detailed article that answers the questions.

Who is Lou Dobbs


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Louis Carl Dobbs (popularly known as Lou Dobbs) is a political pundit, conspiracy theorist, advocate, author, and former television host from the United States. He was born in Childress County, Texas, United States, on September 24, 1945.

He is presently 76 years old. His father, Frank Dobbs, was a co-owner of a propane business, and his mother, Lydia Mae, was a bookkeeper. Presently, Lou Dobbs lives in Wantage Township, New Jersey, on a 300-acre (120-hectare) horse farm.

Lou Dobbs is Jewish in religion, and his zodiac sign is “Libra.” He is 188cm tall (equivalent to 6 ft. 2 inches), and he weighs 78 kg (171 lbs in pounds). He has golden hair and brown eyes. Dobbs studied at Minico High School before being offered admission to study at the University of Idaho and Idaho State University.

However, he was convinced and urged to apply to Harvard University by the staff at Minico High School. He was admitted to Harvard University, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics in 1967. After dating for a while, Lou Dobbs first married Kathy Wheeler, his high school sweetheart, on February 11, 1969.

He divorced her a few years later (although they had a baby together). In 1982, He married again. He married Debi Lee Roth-Segura, a former CNN sports anchor, a year after divorcing his first wife, Kathy Wheeler (who he had divorced in 1981). Together, Lou Dobbs and Debi Lee Segura had four children and raised them as a family.

In the United States, Lou Dobbs is notable for several things. He is well-known for his anti-immigration sentiments and hostility to NAFTA and other trade agreements. He was an early proponent of “Birtherism,” a conspiracy theory that claimed former US President Barack Obama was not a natural-born citizen of the United States.

In addition, Lou Dobbs saturated his show with coverages in favor of Trump because he is a zealous, staunch Donald Trump fan. Also, He was one of three Fox Corporation program hosts implicated in a $2.7 billion defamation action filed by Smartmatic in connection with fake conspiracy theories aimed to sway the 2020 presidential election in the United States.

Dobbs joined CNN in 1980 at its establishment as a reporter and later became the network’s vice president. He hosted and managed “Moneyline,” the network’s business show, which debuted in 1980. In 1999, Dobbs quit CNN, only to return in 2001.

In 2003, Moneyline, the network’s business show, would later be renamed “Lou Dobbs Tonight.” In November 2009, he quit CNN for the second time.

He presented “Lou Dobbs Tonight” (the same show he hosted when he worked for CNN) on the Fox Business Network from 2011 to February 2021, when the program was canceled. However, since 2021, He has been hosting “The Great America” Show on iHeart Radio and

Lou Dobbs is one of America’s most illustrious figures. Lou Dobbs Net Worth was garnered not only through the business network but his roles and commitment to journalism can not be overlooked and it has significantly contributed to the increase in Lou Dobbs net worth.

He has earned a slew of significant honors and nominations for his work in television journalism. However, the most notable awards he won include a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award and a Cable Ace Award.

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Lou Dobbs Net Worth Estimate

Lou Dobbs net worth is $20 million. He is one of the most influential figures in American media today. Though Lou is best known as a television personality, he has also had an extensive career in politics, finance, and journalism. He is a household name in the United States, and many people worldwide know who he is.

But what does Lou Dobbs net worth look like? There’s a lot of talk about Lou Dobbs net worth, and it’s easy to see why. The man with multiple college degrees has a serious business background, and he’s been in the media for over thirty years. Lou Dobbs net worth was estimated to be $20 million, which is serious cash!

Lou Dobbs’s Early Life

Dobbs was born and raised in Childress County, Texas, into the family of Frank Dobbs (father) and Lydia Mae (mother). He was born on September 24, 1945; his father was a propane dealer, and his mother a bookkeeper. The family loved Dobbs’s father’s propane business until Dobbs was 12 years old. When the business crashed, they had to move to Rupert, Idaho.

Lou Dobbs had his first marriage in 1969 when he wedded Kathy Wheeler. Their wedding couldn’t last for more than 12 years as they divorced in 1981. He remarried in 1982, making Debi Segura his wife. Lou Dobbs and Debi Segura have been married for over 40 years and are happy in marriage to date. Debi is also a former sports anchor for CNN.

Furthermore, Dobbs has six children with both Kathy wheeler and Debi Singular. The children are Hilary Dobbs, Jason Dobbs, Chance Dobbs, Michelle Dobbs, Heather Dobbs, and Buffie Dobbs. Lou Dobbs acquired all of his formal education in the United States; he attended elementary and high school at Minico High School, Minidoka County.

Although Dobbs was accepted at Idaho State University and the University of Idaho, he opted for Harvard University to earn a degree in economics. He graduated from Harvard University in 1967 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. He was residing at Quincy’s house when he was at Harvard.

Lou Dobbs’s height and weight

Although he’s not an expert on the topic, Lou Dobbs has said that he believes his height and weight are normal. The CNN anchor weighs in at 6’4″ tall and 200 lbs. When asked about how he feels about his height and weight, Dobbs stated, “I think I’m fairly average.”

When asked what his favorite food is, Dobbs, said that it’s all about comfort for food: “Whatever I feel like eating at the time.” He then explained that he tries to eat many fruits and vegetables while he doesn’t consider himself a health nut.

Lou Dobbs’s Place of Birth and Early Life


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Louis Carl Dobbs was born in Childress County, Texas, United States, on September 24, 1945. His place of birth, Childress County –a county in Texas, United States., was formed in 1876, then in 1887, it was organized. Childress County was named after George Campbell Childress, the Texas Declaration of Independence’s author.

Childress serves as the county seat. The county has a total area of 714 square miles (1,850 km²), of which 696 square miles (1,800 km²) island and 17 square miles (44 km²) (2.4 percent) are covered by water, according to the United States Census Bureau. Also, Childress County had a population of 6,664 people, according to the 2020 census.

From Childhood, he has been an active child in the family. His father, Frank William Dobbs, worked as a co-owner of a propane business, while his mother, Lydia Mae Hensley Dobbs, worked as a bookkeeper at a furniture store. In 1957, When Lou Dobbs was only 12 years old, his father’s propane business failed, and the family (including his elder brother, Stephen) was forced to relocate to Rupert, Idaho.

He was enrolled at Minico High School, a high school in Minidoka county. Lou Dobbs was a child prodigy even as a high school student. His seventh-grade teacher, Gene Snapp, recalls him as a bright, hardworking kid who excelled in English, science, and debate.

Lou Dobbs showed an interest in the business sector and even had stocks when he was young. He was student body president in high school, an offensive tackle on the football team, a sousaphone player in the band, and a star debater.

He was the state champion in the 1961 American Legion Oratorical Contest. Dobbs, on the other hand, was far from a saint. Locals recall his sneaking into the Wilson Theater during a movie and throwing a live chicken from the balcony.

He graduated from Minico High School in 1963. Later on, he was accepted at the University of Idaho, Idaho State University, and Boise Junior College. However, some staff in Minico High School, including his high school’s Principal, his guidance counselor, and a teacher, urged him to give Harvard University a shot instead.

To show their immense support in ensuring that he applies to Harvard University instead, the staff paid the $25 application fee required of him. Then, Dobbs had little knowledge about Harvard University aside from that then-president John F. Kennedy had attended the university, but he decided to take a chance.

He was accepted and given a full scholarship by Harvard University. In the summer of 1963, Lou Dobbs arrived at the Minidoka train station to resume school at Harvard, wearing Acme boots and a Stetson hat. It would be his first trip to the east coast, and he traveled by rail!.

While he was at Harvard, he played football. In his second year as an undergraduate at the university, he had a knee injury that ended his career as a footballer.

Around the same period, he developed a new interest while witnessing a debate at MIT between economists Paul Samuelson and Milton Friedman. For the first time, he understood the connection between economics and politics. In 1967, Louis Carl Dobbs earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University.

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Lou Dobbs’s Career


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Dobbs has been a worker with CNN since its inception in 1980 when he was 35 years old and can be regarded as one of its founding fathers. He worked as a reporter and network Vice President at the start before becoming an on-air personality. He got into the limelight by hosting and acting as managing editor of the popular show ‘Moneyline’ which premiered in 1980; the show was renamed after him ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ in 2003.

The show was moved to ‘FOX business network’ in 2011, where it became the highest-rated show before the show finally got canceled a decade later. ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight was canceled due to accusations of the perceived support for Donald Trump during the 2020 election.

Lou Dobbs retired from CNN in 1999 after 19 years in service because he clashed with the channel’s new president; he was recalled from retirement in 2001 after the president left. After another eight years, he fully retired in 2009 from CNN. Before CNN, Louis Carl Dobbs worked for the government and banking sector, and he also worked for some private media outlets.

Dobbs’s knowledge of finances is sound, explaining why his net worth keeps rising; he has a degree in economics from Harvard University. With 40 years of his life in front of the camera, Dobbs’ estimated net worth of $20 million shouldn’t be surprising, and the former television host earns a salary of $5million.

He received a severance payment of $8 million after retiring from CNN in 2009, which significantly affected his bank account. It was reported that Lou Dobbs earned a whopping $6 million a year during his ten years with Fox Business Network.

Dobbs doesn’t depend on just the TV screen and Radio for his money; he has some high-selling books in the market, including non-fiction and fiction. Dobbs’s 300 acres of the horse farm he resides in is a testament to his riches, and the horse farm is located in Wantage Township, New Jersey.

Lou Dobbs won numerous awards for his work on the television screen; the most notable ones are ‘The lifetime Achievement Emmy Award and a “Cable Ace Award.” He was nominated for Business or Consumer Programming Special or Series at CableACE in 1995 for anchoring the program “Managing with “Lou Dobbs.”

He was not only nominated for ACE awards in 1988, but he emerged winner of the award as well. He won Extended News or Public Affairs Coverage for hosting “Moneyline” in 1980. Lou Dobbs divorced his first wife, Kathy Wheeler, in 1981; he later married Debbie Singura, who also works at CNN, in 1982. Dobbs is blessed with six children named Hillary Dobbs, Heather Dobbs, Chance Dobbs, Jason Dobbs, Buffie Dobbs, and Michelle Dobbs.

Lou Dobbs’s personal life and family

Louis Carl Dobbs is popularly known as an author and television host who anchored ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ on CNN and FOX business network. His life off the screen will be revealed as we proceed with this article. Louis was born on September 24, 1945, in Childress County, Texas, United States.

He was raised in Childress County before moving to Idaho when he was 12 years old. Dobbs went to Harvard University, where he got a degree in economics. His knowledge of finances explains why he is so rich. Lou Dobbs net worth was estimated to be $20 million and a salary of $8 million per year.

Dobbs got married to Kathy Wheeler in 1967, aged 22; the marriage had a lot of controversies which led to their break-up in 1981. There were rumors that the misunderstandings were due to his alleged relationship with Debbi Segura, whom he married. Louis and Debbi got married in 1982, and they are still happily married to date; he is so loyal to her that there doesn’t seem to be any relationship outside of marriage.

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Lou Dobbs net worth and Bio summary

Lou Dobbs is a well-known American television personality and business executive. Louis Carl Dobbs was born on September 24, 1945. He rose to fame as an anchor and managing editor for CNN’s Moneyline, which spun off from his regular appearances on Inside Politics. Lou Dobbs net worth is $20 million. He has worked for CNN for about three decades, and he was known for his support for President Donald Trump throughout the 2016 campaign.

Dobbs left CNN in 2009 to work for Fox Business News, where he hosted Lou Dobbs Tonight until February 2020. At Fox Business News, Dobbs was one of the few journalists who offered unwavering support to controversial issues like the wall at the border with Mexico. With 40 years of his life in front of the camera, Lou Dobbs net worth estimate of $20 million shouldn’t be a surprise.

NameLou Dobbs
Real NameLouis Carl Dobbs
Place of BirthTexas
Marital StatusMarried (Debi Segura)
Children6 (Michelle, Hillary, Heather, Buffie, Jason, Chance)
OccupationPolitical Pundit, Author, and Former Television Host
Net Worth Estimate$20 million