London on da Track Net Worth | Is It Up To $2,000,000?

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As of February 2022, London on da Track’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.8 million.

It’s been over 7 years since American rapper Bryan Williams dubbed London on da Track as the “best producer in the business, as we speak today”. Since then, his popularity has spread across the far reaches of the globe and so has London on da Track net worth. How much does he make? Is he really rich?

These are a few of the questions in the minds of some of his fans. It is only natural for fans to make inquiries into the lives of their favorite celebrities. To answer these questions and more, we will look into London on da Track net worth, as well as his life and career. Let’s dive in!

Who is London on da Track?

Born as London Tyler Holmes, London on da Track is an American songwriter, record producer, and rapper. He has worked with top figures in the industry, including Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Lil Baby, Birdman, Gucci Mane, Drake, Post Moline, and many more.

London on da Track early life

London on da Track was born on March 27, 1991, in Georgia. Before giving birth to London, his mother was an aspiring model. London had always maintained a strong interest in music while growing up. He started rapping when he was just a teenager. He was a good pianist as a kid, and his talent gathered so much praise.

His renown started growing when he started working with Rich Kidz. His song “Pieon” by Rich Kidz was his first song to be played on the radio. Then, he began to give out free beats, which gradually built up his reputation.

London on da Track Career

London on da Track Net Worth

London on da Track Net Worth

At sixteen years of age, Holmes started rapping with the Dem Guyz group. They downloaded beats on SoundClick for 99 cents. London felt like he could save money by taking advantage of his piano experience with the church to make beats for rappers. He honed his skills accordingly by using online software.

His talents became locally recognized as he started making beats for Rich Kidz. Earlier in his career, he would give out beats for free in order to build and maintain a strong connection while gathering greater publicity. The success of Pieon inspired this talented genius to keep producing.

He began his collaborations with Young Thug in 2011. He didn’t stop giving away free beats until he eventually signed his first label deal with Cash Money records.

Indeed, the CEO of Cash Money Records, Bryan Williams – in August 2014 – labeled London as “the best producer in the business, as we speak today”. London was also mentioned by his frequent collaborator, Young Thug, to be the latter’s favorite producer.

He was even tipped to become “the greatest producer ever” by the aforementioned Young Thug. London was also included in Complex’s 2013 list of “25 New Producers To Watch For”. Like this was not enough. In August 2014, London on da Track produced three singles, which were listed on Billboard Hot 100 simultaneously.

In 2018, he would appear in Black Ink Crew: Chicago. He was also added to Spotify’s Secret Genius Ambassador’s list in the same year. In 2019, he appeared as a producer advisor in the finale of Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow.

He worked with Ariana Grande on the song, Position, which was listed as the No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

London on da Track Net Worth Estimate

With a career that has spanned well over a decade, London on da Track net worth has grown and he has enjoyed markable success while gathering recognition and achievements in the music industry. He keeps working on new projects with various new artists. His salary is not known yet, but he rakes in an astronomical amount of money.

His music represents his primary source of income. Complete dedication to one’s craft is essential to attain success. Besides, it is worth noting that many celebrities have negative net worth since they spend more than they earn, which increases their debt. However, this is not the case for London on da Track net worth.

Many believe that if he keeps moving in the same frequency, London on da Track’s net worth will only increase dramatically over time, much like other successful celebrities.

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London on da Track Height and Weight

As of the time of writing, London on da Track is 30 years old. However, in the next few weeks, he will be 31 years old since he was born on March 27, 1991. This good-looking rapper is of average height and he stands at 180 cm (or 1.80 m) in height. In feet, he is 5 ft 11 in. tall.

He weighs about 80kg in Kilograms and about 381 lbs in Pounds.

London on da Track Personal Life and Family

Lоndоn оn dа Тrасk іѕ grеаt at keeping ѕесrеt. As regards his personal life, he hardly lets information out. He had his most recent relationship with Summer Walker. London on da Track and Walker dated until they broke up in 2021. They had their ups and downs before they split in 2021. They welcomed their daughter in 2021.

Walker’s album, still over it, was significantly influenced by her time with London. She mentioned London’s name in the opening track in the album.

There was often a rumor of infidelity between London and Summer. They experienced so many trials and tribulations during their time together. These are often mentioned throughout their entire record. There were several rumors of London on da Track having two baby mamas. Still, all these news are simply rumors since nothing was confirmed or revealed by London and Summer.

Both London on da Track and Summer Walker were first seen dating in 2019 while the latter was working on her debut album. It was in her Instagram post that Walker disclosed her first date with London. She would recall how much fun they had on their first date. They ate, went shopping, and would later hit the strip club. For Summer, it was shocking how someone could spend so much money.

She also reminisced on an incident when she fell in the club after she got herself so drunk, in the presence of several celebrities. She thought she had embarrassed him. Then, they went to his house while having so much fun that she referred to the night as “lit”. However, it would only take less than a year for their relationship to suffer a major collapse.

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Do London on Da Track and Summer Walker have kids together?


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Summer and London on Da Track welcomed their first child in March 2021. There have been so many rifts between both of them as regards their kid. Summer wrote to London how the latter had not seen their child for two months, without making efforts to call. According to this celebrity mother, London did not even ask for their child’s pictures from her or the nanny. She also criticized him for resorting to social media after he got to meet their child.

Summer continued her rant by slamming London’s online activities. She stressed her displeasure, often leaving her in a protective mode. She claimed that London would change the topic of their conversation whenever she challenged him about being a part of their child’s life.

The celebrity mum criticized London and suggested that he should not bother about them anymore since his intentions were not genuine towards their daughter. Indeed, what started between the duo as a love story quickly became toxic, splitting up several times until they finally broke up in 2021.

What else did Walker say about London On Da Track’s Children?

Summer Walker didn’t spare London any of her ire while also claiming that he’s not wanting to see his other children.

In total, London has 4 children. As mentioned above, a daughter with singer Summer Walker, as well as 2 sons and a daughter from previous relationships.

Is London on da Track on Social Media?

Yes, London on da Track is on social media. He is present on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, website, and YouTube.

London on da Track Songs

This talented record producer has worked with several top names in the music industry. Over the years, his fans have been greeted with amazing songs, in which he was the lead artist. Some of these are listed as follows:

• “No Flag” (featuring 21 Savage, Offset and Nicki Minaj) 2017

• “Whatever You On” (featuring YG, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign and Young Thug)

• “Up Now” (with Saweetie featuring G-Eazy and Rich the Kid) 2018

• “Throw Fits” (with G-Eazy featuring City Girls and Juvenile) 2019

• “Something Real” (Summer Walker with London On Da Track)

Below is a list of his songs as a featured artist:
• “Cocky” (A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane and 21 Savage feat. London On Da Track) 2018 Uncle

• “Drew”Fuckyounoah” (Noah Cyrus feat. London on da Track) 2019 Non-album single

• “Wanna Be” (French Montana feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR and London On Da Track) Montana

• “Numbers” (feat.Roddy Ricch, Gunna, and London On Da Track – A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie ) 2020 Artist 2.0

• “Drop” (DaBaby featuring A Boogie wit da Hoodie and London Da Track)

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Summing Up | London on da Track Net Worth

London Holmes, popularly known as London on da Track, has built a music career, which started as a church pianist while giving away free beats to gain popularity and connection. London on da Track’s net worth is estimated to be as much as $1.8 million. His wealth promises to keep growing as he keeps producing more music. After all, this is a rapper whose songs have been tipped to stand the test of time.