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Lil Skies Net Worth | How Much Is He Worth Today?

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Today, we’ll talk about Lil Skies net worth, his age, place of birth, his career as a rapper, and more. As one of the youngest rappers in the industry, Lil Skies net worth has grown steadily over the years and it is estimated to be around $3 Million. He has also gained his share of popularity in the industry.

Let’s dive into the life of the rap star who from a young boy of four, freestyling with his dad, became a superstar with 40 singles. These singles have hit the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 chart several times.

Who is Lil Skies?


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Lil Skies is a young American rapper who is widely known for his “Life of a Dark Rose” which he released in January 2018. He is one of the very few rappers who started their music careers without a record label.

He started with putting up his music on SoundCloud and YouTube. He was already gaining recognition on these platforms before he got signed by Atlantic Records in partnership with All We Got Entertainment and that really helped Lil Skies net worth grow rapidly.

Lil Skies’ Place of Birth and Early Life

Lil Skies whose original name is Kimetrius Christopher Foose is a native of the United States. He was born on August 4, 1998, to Michael Burton Jr. and Shelby Foose in the city of Chambersburg in Pennsylvania.

When Lil skies was in third grade, his family moved from Chambersburg to Waynesboro. Lil Skies stage name was coined from his father’s Dark Skies and the Lil in Lil Wayne because Lil Wayne is one of his biggest inspirations in the music industry.

He attended Waynesboro Area High School, Pennsylvania. He graduated from high school in 2016 and was immediately admitted into Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. Lil Skies was an intelligent kid and was doing very well in college but he chose to drop out instead.

He said if he had remained in college, his dream of being a rapper could have been swallowed up. To make sure he would never contemplate office work, the rapper got several tattoos on his face and neck. He knew it would be hard for him to get a white-collar job with all the tattoos on his face.

Lil Skies’ Personal Life and Family

Lil skies got introduced to music at the age of four by his father. His father, Michael is a hip-hop artist who had been making music before he was born. His stage name was formerly Dark Skies but after he suffered serious third-degree burns from a fatal fire accident, he changed his name to Burntman.

Michael in an interview said music was how he made it through the incident that reshaped his life. He started making music with his son Lil Skies who was still very young as at then.

On his path to recovery, he formed “Destined 2 Return Records” and wrote a book as well. Today, they have an album titled Father-Son Talk that is basically about how they both survived the incident years ago.

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Lil Skies’ parents separated sometime after his birth but they still maintained a healthy relationship. Kimetrius always acknowledges the support his parents gave him in his musical journey.

His father was taking him along to the studio and helping him develop his talent as a rapper. In the documentary he made for his album “Shelby”, his mom recalls taking him to get his first tattoo.

Lil Skies has a sister whose name is Shanai Burton. Shanai is the daughter of his father, Michael Burton and Brittany Carson. She was only two when Michael encountered that terrible fire accident that almost claimed his life.

Lil Skies is not married but he has a son birthed for him by his longtime girlfriend, Jacey Fugate. Skies son, Kimetrius Jr. was born in 2019.


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In an interview with Rap Fire Official in 2018, Skies explains that he avoids using or abusing drugs because he is scared. According to him, he had seen what drugs like lean and Xanax have done to his friend and is determined to steer clear of them.

Skies says fishing is his hobby and that he’s very much interested in outdoor stuff like Bear Grylls.

Lil Skies’ Height and Weight

The famous American rapper is 5 ft 9 inches (175cm) tall and weighs 154 pounds (70kg)

Lil Skies’ Career


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When we talk about Lil Skies, we cannot fail to mention his courage and passion. It takes a lot to drop out of college as an A+ student to pursue music. What is more applauding of him is tattooing himself to make sure he doesn’t ever change his mind from making music.

In his early years as a rapper, his dad was his biggest inspiration. His dad took him to the studio and allowed him to practice all genres of music. He however fell deep in love with Lil Wayne, The Punchline, and 50 Cent that they became his drive to be a successful rapper.

Lil Skies’ passion for music would not let him lie around in wait for a record label to come to sign him. He started his career as a young college student putting up his music on SoundCloud and YouTube. These media were what introduced him to the world and made his music popular.

Starting his music career was not a bed of roses. It was hard. He could barely pay for studio talk more of shooting his music video. Lil Skies once said he had to do several little jobs including selling marijuana to pay for studio and music videos. He claims he once worked at a McDonald’s in Pennsylvania and a Japanese restaurant as well.

It was during this hustling period of his, he produced an album with his dad and Marco Feliciano, his cousin. The album was titled “Birth of Skies” as it was his first. Young Skies full of passion and ambition utilized every platform he could to promote himself and his music.

Before Lil Skies dropped out of college, he had gained a bit of popularity among his fellow students for his freestyles. Another thing that catalyzed his popularity was the Fetty Wap show he opened at Shippensburg College in 2016. More people got to know him and his online fan base increased steadily.

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Before then, in 2015, he had put up the music video of his song “Lonely” on YouTube. Though it wasn’t much of a hit, many people recognized his talent and showed him support by adding to his fanbase. It was also in 2015, he released his mixtape “Good Grades, Bad Habits”.

The second version was released on SoundCloud in 2016 and was about his life as an A+ student in college. After then, he uploaded the video for “Da Sauce” and this time was a great hit. It earned more than 1 million views on YouTube alone which was a tremendous improvement to his other videos before then.

This encouraged him to release “Alone” his first mixtape in January 2017. After the release of “Alone”, he worked with Landon Cube to release “Red Roses” that same year. Red Roses hit almost 500 plays in its first month alone.

This success was immediately followed by the release of “Off The Gook“, an uptempo banger that featured Sprite Lee.
In the same year 2017, he released two other tracks which are “Rude” and “Signs Of Jealousy”.

His popularity on these platforms and display of talent was what attracted Atlantic Records to him that same year. In conjunction with All We Got Entertainment, Lil Skies’ potential increased and he released more mixtapes.

Lil Skies’ “Life Of a Dark Rose”

New York, NY - October 23, 2018: Lil Skies attends the 4th Annual TIDAL X: Brooklyn at Barclays Center

New York, NY – October 23, 2018: Lil Skies attends the 4th Annual TIDAL X: Brooklyn at Barclays Center. Image Credit: lev radin /

The first mixtape he released soon after he was signed was “Life of a Dark Rose”. Life of a Dark Rose was released on January 10, 2018, and hit 23 on the Billboard 200 chart that same week. In a few more weeks after the release, it hit number 10.

The mixtape had the songs Lust, Cloudy Skies, Signs of Jealousy, Big Money, Red Roses, Nowadays, and more in it. Nowadays and Red Roses, the two singles that featured Landon Cube, hit the Billboard Hot 100. In the release week, Nowadays hit number 85 and Red Roses hit number 98.

A few weeks after, Nowadays settled at number 55 and Red Roses at number 69. In May 2018, Skies released the video for “Lust” which hit 87 on Billboard Hot 100. RIAA also certified it platinum.

At the end of the month, he also released the video of “I Know You” with Yung Pinch whose actual name is Blake Sandoval. I Know You hit 79 on Billboard Hot 100 and got certified by RIAA as gold.

Lil Skies had begun to tour with Symere Bysil Woods popularly known as Lil Uzi Vert in 2017, and after the release of his albums, he continued the tour. In 2017, he opened Lil Uzi’s “A Very Uzi Christmas Tour” and performed in Philadelphia, Washington, New York, and more. However, he had to end the tour early as he fell ill to pneumonia.

This tour helped Lil Skies gain more popularity and increased his fan base. It didn’t take long for the 19-year-old to start getting compared with popular American rappers like Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, stage name XXXTentacion and Gazzy Garcia, known as Lil Pump.

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Lil Skies’ “Shelby”

Lil Skies’ second debut album with Atlantic Records, “Shelby” was released in March 2019. It was released at the same time with the music video for “I”, the lead single for the album.

The album contains 14 tracks which are I, Bad Girls featuring Gucci Mane, Breathe, Nowadays 2 with Landon Cube, Stop The Madness featuring Gunna, Mansion, and more.

Skies named the album after his mom, Shelby Foose. Shelby didn’t know until she was told about it in an interview with her son which he uploaded on YouTube.

The album signaled a new start in his life as he admits in a press conference “It’s like a new beginning. This is like me being born again”.After the release of the album, he started a joint tour with Lil Pump in April 2019.

In May 2019, he released the video for “Breathe”, one of the songs from the album. Later in July, he released “Burning Memories” with Machine Gun Kelly. In 2020, Lil Skies released two solo singles. “Fidget” in April and “LightBeam” featuring NoCap in July.

Lil Skies’ “Unbothered”

In January 2021, young rapper Lil Skies released his third album “Unbothered” which was recorded between 2019 and 2020. The rap star had earlier announced the release of the album in December 2020.

The album consists of several songs. Some of them are Havin My Way featuring Lil Durk, Fade Away, Excite Me featuring Wiz Khalifa, Ok, and Dead Broke. In February, the album hit 50 on the U.S Billboard 200 chart. It also hit 29 on the Billboard Top R&B Albums.

The Deluxe version was released in May 2021 and featured other artists like Zhavia Ward, Drakeo the Ruler, and Triple Redd. Lil Skies says the album is a reflection of himself, him chasing his dreams and not being distracted. He also said he chose Wiz Khalifa and Lil Durk as guest appearances because they were some of his favorite artists.

Lil Skies’ Awards

As of February 2022, Lol Skies is not known to have received any awards.

Lil Skies Net Worth and Summary

Finally, Lil Skies net worth is estimated to be $3 million. This is an indication of steady development considering his number of years in the music industry.

Lil Skies net worth was not amassed overnight. It is years of persistence, passion, and ambitiousness that have brought him this far. If he continues this way, Lil Skies net worth will definitely increase.

Lil Skies is a 23-year-old American rapper from Pennsylvania. Although it may seem like he’s there already, he still has a long way to go. The rapper has released “Life Of a Dark Rose 2” this 2022 featuring his favorite, Landon Cube, and is set to release more.

Skies has been featured on Madden NFL 19 and 20 soundtracks. Lil Skies net worth continues to grow as he advances in the music industry.

NameLil Skies
Real NameKimetrius Christopher Foose
Place of BirthChambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA
Net Worth Estimate$3 million
Date of BirthAugust 4, 1998
Marital StatusSingle