Kountry Wayne Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

As of 2022, Kountry Wayne net worth is estimated at $2.5 million. Kountry Wayne is an African American comedian originally from Waynesboro, Georgia, US. He was born Wayne Colley but known as Kountry Wayne or King Kountry Wayne.

He became famous due to the funny content he created in the comedy shows he acted in. He also used social media to share his content. His comedy is particularly renowned for dark humor and funny punch lines.

Who Is Kountry Wayne


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Kountry Wayne is an Instagram star and a standup comedian who creates short sketch videos and posts them on his Instagram account. His Instagram username is @kountrywayne. He has a total of 3.2 million Instagram followers, and as of late January 2022, he has posted 2530 videos.

In some movies that he has acted in, he is credited as Dewayne Colley. His standup name Kountry is because he was raised in the country.

He describes himself as a reserved vegan.

Wayne shares his content on his famous YouTube channel, King Kountry Wayne. He shares both short and long sketch videos on YouTube. He currently has over 471k subscribers on his channel.

Additionally, he has an active Facebook account with 7 million followers. He regularly shares pictures of himself, his siblings, his kids, and funny videos with his fellow comedians.

He also has a decent number of followers on Twitter, about 54K. Kountry Wayne is one of the celebrities who owe their success to social media. In one of his Instagram posts, he said that his trust in God is why he has become so successful, and he did not have to struggle in Hollywood to become successful as most aspiring actors do.

Kountry Wayne’s Early Life

Kountry Wayne is a Sagittarian born on the 9th of December 1987, in Waynesboro, Georgia, USA. He grew up alongside his four brothers.

His brothers are D’Arby, QB, Crenshaw Coley, and Prince Tay. They are from different mothers but the same father.

Wayne went to Jenkins Country High School in Georgia and graduated, but he did not continue with his education afterward. In one of his standup shows, he joked about going to college to get a loan to start a business.

He had his first child when he was seventeen years old. His oldest son is now 16 years old. The mother of his eldest son was his high school girlfriend. His other kids are aged between 3 and 16.

There is not much information available about his parents, but it is known that his father is serving time in jail, and his mother is deceased. Kountry shared this information during an interview. He also said that his father supported his music career and gave him financial and moral support.

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Kountry Wayne’s Height, Weight

He is 5 feet and 7 inches tall (180cm), and he weighs around 174 pounds – 79 kgs.

He has black eyes and hair.

He has a lean physique, meaning that he stays physically fit and exercises.

Kountry Wayne’s Career

As you have realized by now, Kountry Wayne wears many hats; standup comedian, social media influencer, and actor. He is good at what he does, which is evidenced by the many fans he has garnered worldwide. He has made a name for himself in the comedy industry.

He is 34 years old at present (2022). Initially, he wanted to become a musician and notably a rapper. When his career failed to take off, he realized that he liked standup comedy better and could make people laugh.

He says that he had invested a lot of money and resources into his music career. When he was trying to make it in the music industry, he did rapping for three years.

He posted some comedy video on Facebook that went viral in 2014. The video was about him pretending to like his girlfriend’s horrible cooking. The video got him 2000 followers in one day on his Facebook account, and the number of followers has been increasing at a fast rate ever since.

He then started doing standup comedy after encouragement from fans. He has performed in different comedy events. In an interview, he said that comedy requires a lot of focus because there is no music to back you up.

Wayne has also been featured in various movies. These include “Brazilian Wavy,” “The Turnaround,” and “Holiday Heartbreak.” He has also made appearances on TV series such as “DJ Smallz Eyes” and “Wild ‘N Out.”

His favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence, and his favorite actors are Will Smith and Eddie Murphy. His favorite food is American fast food, and the destination he likes most is Australia. His hobbies are entertaining people, singing, and traveling.

He is one of the rising stars in America. Like the other famous social media personalities, Wayne is capitalizing on his charisma and talent to get roles in films and TV shows. Soon, he will become a household name. Kountry Wayne net worth is thanks to his consistency and determination to make it all happen.

His remarkable career has helped him get ranked in the category of top YouTuber’s net worth and top celebrity’s net worth. He was also ranked among the famous celeb list by Wikifamouspeople.

Kountry Wayne’s Standup And Tours

His videos tackle interesting issues that people deal with on a day-to-day basis. Most people relate to his videos, which are usually about different scenarios in romantic relations. He is able to make serious issues appear funny.

He likes making people laugh, finding laughter through pain, and making a positive impact in their life. He has managed to get popular in the competitive social media space owing to his very authentic and original videos.

He has done a national and worldwide tour as a standup comedian. He went on a tour in 2016 where he performed in 45 cities in a sold-out tour that was dubbed “Child Support Tour.”

He once said in an interview that he is always booked every weekend. Nowadays, he charges high fees for his tour tickets and still sells out.

He is known for his clean jokes on stage. He usually jokes about his kids, bills, and numerous student debts. About his clean jokes, he says that some people stopped attending standup comedy shows because of the vulgarities that most comedians use, and his clean jokes help him appeal to more people.

He often fills up theatres and clubs whenever he is performing. Besides being clean, his comedy is also faith-based and high-energy.

Kountry Wayne’s Youtube Channel

Some of the titles of his YouTube videos are “When a girl flirts with you in front of your girlfriend!”, “When your brother’s girlfriend comes on to you!” and “How women come home after they’ve finished cheating!”.

He started his Youtube channel in October 2019, and within one year, he had gained over 200k subscribers. He has been uploading a video every day since he started his channel, showing his dedication to building his comedian career.

His hard work and popularity attracted the attention of movie producers, which is why he was featured in movies.

Kountry Wayne’s Personal Life and Family

Wayne has dated a lot of ladies. He has 10 children by different women. His many baby mamas make many people view him as a controversial character. He had 7 kids by the time he was 22 years old, which many of his fans find pretty shocking.

He once revealed in an interview that his nine children have 5 different baby mamas. He added that he had his second child at eighteen and third one at nineteen years. He does not like to share a lot of information about his children with the public.

He has two daughters with Gena Colley, who he married in June 2017. Their daughters’ names are Melissa and Honest Dream Colley.

In January 2019, he posted a video saying he was getting divorced from his beautiful wife, Gena. He also added that he was in a relationship with Jess Hilarious. They divorced, and he is currently single.

Wayne dated Jessica Moore (a standup comedian famously known as Jess Hilarious) when he was still married to Gena. Jessica allegedly left him and cited his continued relationship with his children and ex-wives as the reason for ending the relationship. Apparently, he had spent time with his baby mama and his kids on Valentine’s Day, which irked Jess, and she dumped him for good.

Gena Called Jessica a homewrecker in public. Jess defended herself on Instagram by saying she is not one- homewrecker. Kountry Wayne’s fans were also not amused by this matter, and they openly threatened that they were going to unfollow him if he ended his marriage to Gena.

Wayne responded through a video in which he asserted that he would live his life as he wished. He added that his priority is his children, and their welfare is the most important to him.

Besides being a standup comedian, Jess Hilarious also creates funny skits on Instagram. She is famous for her series, “Jess with the Mess.” She was born on February 13, 1992.

Gena Colley is an American actress. She is known for her role in the movie titled “In Country.” She also models.

Despite having so many kids, Kounrty Wayne is a responsible father if the pictures he shares on his social media pages are anything to go by. He appears to be a happy and proud dad. He has shared one photo on social media some time back with 9 of his children, 7 girls and 2 boys.

Currently, he has 7 sons and 3 daughters. His other baby mamas are unknown to the public. Only his ex-wife Gena is known to his fans. He said that his children inspired him to work hard even way before he became famous.

He has mentioned in an interview that it is pretty hard to break his character. Despite his complicated love life and relationships, he still manages to keep his spirit high and even creates videos for his social media accounts.

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Kountry Wayne’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

As stated earlier, Kountry Wayne has amassed a total net worth of about $2.5 million. Most of the money is believed to have come from his career as a standup comedian. Various sources claim his monthly income is more than $10,000.

His annual income is believed to be more than $100,000. Besides that, paid promos, television ads, and brand endorsements make up half of his income. The net worth of Kountry Wayne keeps growing every year due to his social media popularity.

Apart from that, he also has merchandise where he sells T-shirts and hoodies. His merchandise bears the phrase “Let That Sizzle in Your Spirit” as well as his signature.

He has a completely furnished house that he showed to his children in a video available on YouTube. He loves classic cars and has many of them inside his garage. His collection of vehicles includes a 1987 Buick Grand National and various vintage automobiles.


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Kountry Wayne also created a fragrance and released it in the market. He is the owner of a real estate business in Georgia, and there is even a time he used to own nightclubs in that area. He says God helped me leave the club businesses because there were a lot of activities that were going on in them.

When Wayne’s video went viral for the first time, he saw an opportunity, grabbed it, and ran with it. He has been able to acquire a lot of wealth as a result of that well-timed and relatable video. He clearly has a knack for creating videos and delivering jokes, and if he continues making people laugh, Kountry Wayne net worth and career will keep soaring.

NameKountry Wayne
Birth NameWayne Colley
Date of Birth9 December 1987
Place of BirthWaynesboro, Georgia, USA
ProfessionStandup Comedian
Marital StatusDivorced
Children7 Sons, 3 Daughters
Net Worth Estimate$2.5 million