Khalid Net Worth – How Much Is He Worth Now?

Khalid Net Worth Estimate:

Khalid net worth is currently estimated at being somewhere between $6 million dollars US and $10 million dollars US. Most of Khalid net worth comes from his extremely successful career in the music industry, thanks to the huge number of albums he’s sold and awards he’s won. Khalid net worth has grown hugely in a brief time.

Who is Khalid?


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Khalid is a song writer and singer who first became famous thanks to his four time certified platinum album American Teen, which first dropped in 2017 and featured the hit singles “Young Dumb & Broke” and “Location”, both of which hit the top 20 charts in the United States.

The latter was diamond certified by the Recording Industry Association of America. He also got a Grammy nom for Song of the Year due to appearing in Logic’s hit single “1 800 273 8255”. In 2018, he dropped two songs that tied for the songs to chart the longest ever on the top forty charts, mainstream section.

Khalid’s large number of awards and accolades include Grammy noms, American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, an MTV Video Music Award, and being listed as one of the year’s 100 Most Influential People by Time Magazine in 2019. Khalid’s full name is Khalid Donnell Robinson.

Khalid’s Career


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Khalid Donnell Robinson impressively had a huge musical success right after he got out of high school, thanks to him having posted his music on Sound Cloud. In July 2016, only a month after graduation, his song “Location” led to him reaching the second slot on Billboard Magazine’s Twitter Emerging Artists charts.

Due to this phenomenal and surprising success, Khalid began to be profiled in various magazines and websites such as Rolling Stone, Billboard Magazine, Buzz Feed, and Yahoo! By the end of 2016, the song had landed at the twentieth spot on the R&B Hip Hop Airplay mainstream music chart in the United States.

By January of the next year, it had also hit the tenth slot on Billboard’s Hot R&B songs chart in the United States. Shortly afterwards, Khalid Donnell Robinson also dropped the song’s music video. His next single, “Young Dumb & Broke” also became a bit of a hit, growing slowly over the course of the year.

By 2018, “Young Dumb & Broke” was playing on mainstream pop radio, but throughout 2017, he was making a lot of appearances. He was featured on Alina Baraz’s “Electric” in January of that year and collaborated with Basstracks on a track called “Whirlwind”, which got over seven hundred thousand streams on Sound Cloud.

Khalid also sang on Kendrick Lamar’s “The Heart Part 4” and on Logic’s song “1 800 273 8255”. This ended up being his highest charting song to that point, reaching the third spot on Billboard’s Hot 100. Khalid net worth was clearly on the rise, and did even better when he sold out his entire Location Tour.

The tour ran for the first two months of 2017 and coincided with the release of American Teen, his first album, which had his first two singles and many more on it. American Teen was highly lauded by both critics and music listeners.

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It sold over one hundred thousand copies, and was nominated for a 2018 Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album, as well as one for “Location” for Best R&B song. Khalid also had won the Best New Artist Award at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards broadcast.

Other big breaks for Khalid were appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, as well as having another one of his songs, this one called “Angels” appear in an episode of the long-running hospital nighttime drama on the ABC Network, Grey’s Anatomy.

The mayor of the city of El Paso also presented him with the key to the city to honor his great accomplishments at such a young age.

In August of 2017, Khalid released a song called “Silence”, which impressively charted in twenty eight countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, and more.

Another huge deal for Khalid net worth was his song being prominently shown in the smash hit Marvel Cinematic Universe film Black Panther.

Meanwhile, his song with former Fifth Harmony member Normani, “Love Lies” appeared on the soundtrack to the gay high school romantic comedy Love Simon, ingratiating him to LGBTQ+ fans. The song hit the top spot on the United States’ pop music charts.

LGBTQ+ fans continued to praise him due to him following this up with a duet with singer Shawn Mendes, who is also loved by the community. Their song “Youth” talks about gun violence and other political and social issues that were extremely relevant to young people at the time.

They performed it together at the Billboard Music Awards in 2018.

That same year, Khalid wrote the song “Ocean” for DJ and music artist Martin Garrix, as well as sang on it. This song also did extremely well and made numerous charts. Next, he sang with the pop star Billie Eilish on “Lovely” and with Halsey on “Eastside”, Benny Blanco’s first single.

Khalid also dropped his own single “Better” around that time, shortly afterwards followed by the release of a new EP called Suncity. This short album’s hugest hit, “Saturday Nights”, became even bigger with the release of its remix with Kane Brown.

2019 was also a big year for Khalid. He put out his new song “Talk” in February, and the next month appeared as the musical guest on the legendary NBC late night sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live.

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Then, in April, he dropped Free Spirit, his second full album, selling two hundred and two thousand copies in its first week on the market, becoming his first number one hit album. Khalid net worth was soaring.

He then broke all records when all of the top five songs on the Billboard R&B chart were tracks from his album. This had never been achieved in Billboard’s history, and, as of the present date, still hasn’t been replicated. Furthermore, Khalid had charted for fifty nine straight weeks by that point.

Khalid also had a major world tour to promote Free Spirit, going all over the globe performing the songs from all of his albums and EPs. Around this time, Spotify also announced him as their biggest global artist, with over fifty million people listening to his music every single month.

Khalid’s third album, Everything Is Changing, was announced by the end of 2021 in conjunction with the release of a mixtape called Scenic Drive, and is still forthcoming as of the present day. He has released its first single, called “New Normal”, a reference to the aftermath of the global COVID 19 pandemic.

Khalid: Early Life


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Khalid was born Khalid Donnell Robinson on the eleventh of February in the year 1998 in Fort Stewart, Georgia, United States of America. Both of his parents worked for the military. His mom, Linda Wolfe, was a supply tech and Army corps member.

What this ultimately amounted to meant that as a child, Khalid Donnell Robinson’s family moved around a great deal. This didn’t only mean around the continental United States of America but also overseas to Europe as well.

Khalid Donnell Robinson’s family lived for a time in places such as Fort Drum, located in Watertown, New York, United States of America, Fort Campbell, located in Kentucky, United States of America, and even Heidelberg in Germany for 6 years.

Throughout Khalid Donnell Robinson’s high school career, he performed in his schools’ musical theatre programs and also took vocal lessons to work on both his singing and acting skills. For 3 years, Khalid Donnell Robinson studied in Carthage, New York, United States of America at Carthage Central High School.

After his third year at Carthage Central High School, Khalid Donnell Robinson and his mom, Linda Wolfe, moved to the city of El Paso in Texas, United States of America. Upon relocating there, Khalid Donnell Robinson completed his high school education at an institution called Americas High School.

During this time, Khalid Donnell Robinson began writing and singing his own music, which he started posting on sites such as Sound Cloud.

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Khalid’s Personal Life and Family

Khalid Donnell Robinson is incredibly secretive about his personal life, believing it is best to keep his professional music entertainment industry life and personal life as separate as he possibly can. As Khalid is still very young, at the age of only twenty four years old, it is not surprising that he has never married.

As far as we know, Khalid Donnell Robinson also does not currently have a girlfriend but is rather single. Khalid Donnell Robinson is so secretive, however, that although he has referred to an ex girlfriend who he had apparently been involved with for 4 years, he never revealed her identity nor discussed it further.

General rumor amongst fans is that Khalid Donnell Robinson’s relationship that he was referring to in that interview was the Fifth Harmony musical group member Normani. They had done a song together called “Love Lies”, which is what sparked these rumors. Khalid Donnell Robinson, however, has denied it was her.

For what it’s worth, Normani echoed his words in an interview that she gave. Discussing the song she said, “It kind of happened really organically and it’s just two genuine friends making music for the sake of the art.

“I remember him telling me, he was like, ‘Yo, I want this to be my favorite song. Let’s not even go into it trying to create a hit.’ If it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be, but it’s genuinely my favorite song at the moment right now.”

Which means we still don’t know for sure who Khalid Donnell Robinson’s ex is, or if he may currently be dating someone else at the present time.

Khalid’s Social Media Influence

Khalid Donnell Robinson has a strong social media presence, having an account on each of all of the major platforms. This helps Khalid net worth and fame continue to grow and spread.


Khalid Donnell Robinson has an official public verified Facebook account. Khalid’s Facebook screen name is @thegreatkhalid. Khalid Donnell Robinson currently has over six million followers on this platform, an extremely impressive figure for someone so relatively new to fame.

Khalid Donnell Robinson uses his Facebook account to do numerous things. He sometimes plugs things he is selling, such as his music, new albums and songs, merchandise including t shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, sweat shirts, and so on and so forth.

Sometimes Khalid Donnell Robinson posts photo of himself, both staged and professionally photographed, as well as more candid shots of him and/or selfies that he has taken himself off of his smart phone camera.

Khalid Donnell Robinson also sometimes posts videos with personal messages to his adoring fans. Other times, he simply decides to update his followers about the current status of various projects he’s working on, as well as to keep them informed about his articles, interviews, appearances, and more.

Khalid Donnell Robinson’s Facebook account will also sometimes provide information about upcoming tours, live appearances, concerts, albums, and so on and so forth.


Khalid Donnell Robinson has an official public verified Twitter account. As on his Facebook account, his Twitter handle from which he tweets is @thegreatkhalid, all lower case.

On this platform, Khalid has nearly five million followers. Khalid himself is following one thousand three hundred and twelve people in return as of the present time.

Khalid mainly uses his official public verified Twitter account to tweet updates about his career, clips of his music videos, upcoming music, albums, concerts, live appearances, interviews, articles, gigs, and so on and so forth.

He also often posts personal messages to his fans, often interacting with them directly by quote retweeting them. Khalid Donnell Robinson seems to be extremely good at maintaining a friendly, genuine online persona that helps ingratiate him to his fans. It clearly helps Khalid net worth as well.


Khalid Donnell Robinson has an official public verified Instagram account. On this platform, Khalid Donnell Robinson’s account name is similar to those on his other accounts, however here it is @thegr8khalid, with the “great” spelled out phonetically with the numeral 8 rather than the proper spelling.

Khalid has nearly seven and a half million followers on his Instagram account. He is himself following approximately one thousand six hundred and sixty two thousand people as of the present time.

Khalid Donnell Robinson uses his official public verified Instagram account to post photos of himself, some of them professional shots taken by photographers, others candid photos and selfies he took from his smart phone camera.

Khalid also often posts funny videos of himself dancing and singing, along with the standard clips from his music videos, songs, live concert appearances, interviews, and so on and so forth that you’d find on other celebrities and musicians’ Instagram accounts.


Khalid Donnell Robinson does not seem to have an official LinkedIn business account. This may not strike people as being particularly surprising, however, as the sort of business networking that this social media platform provides doesn’t tend to be required by people in the entertainment and music industries.

With that said, should the situation change and Khalid ever sign up for an official LinkedIn business account in the future, we will be sure to update that information on this page. This is because we aim to keep our readers informed of all of the latest news and updates about Khalid net worth, life, and career.


Khalid Donnell Robinson has an official public verified TikTok account, as do many young up and coming as well as more established entertainers and singers in the music and film industries. As with his official public verified Instagram account, Khalid Donnell Robinson’s screen name on TikTok is @thegr8khalid, numeral 8.

On TikTok, Khalid has approximately three million followers currently, as well as a truly impressive whopping approximately forty nine million likes. He is himself impressively following 0 people on this platform, a sign of his level of fame and status. This helps explains the level of Khalid net worth.

Khalid’s TikTok is full of funny videos, Khalid sending messages and updates to his fans, clips of his music, songs, and performances, memes and quick clips of him hanging out with friends and colleagues, and so on and so forth.

Khalid: Height, Weight

Khalid Donnell Robinson’s height is not a matter currently held within the public record. However, it is estimated to be at about approximately 5 feet and 10 ½ inches, which comes to 179 cm, or 1.79 meters.

Khalid’s weight is not a matter currently held within the public record. However, it is estimated to be at about approximately 165 pounds or 75 kilos. Khalid’s bicep size is estimated to be 23 inches. Khalid’s measurements are estimated to be about 44 28 40.

Khalid’s hair color is black. Khalid’s eye color is black.

Khalid Net Worth & Bio Summary

Real NameKhalid Donnell Robinson
Place of BirthFort Stewart, Georgia, USA
Net Worth Estimate$6 Million - $10 Million