Kevin Samuels Net Worth – How Rich Did This Influencer Get?

Kevin Samuels Net Worth Estimate

Kevin Samuels net worth is currently estimated at or around $2 million to $3 million dollars. Kevin Samuels net worth has grown from a number of sources, including his time as a business manager for Office Depot, his work in advertising as an internet sales agent for Supermedia, and his own YouTube and other social media channels.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

Kevin Samuels net worth includes a luxury show property in Los Angeles and a number of high end automobiles, including at least one Bentley and one Rolls Royce. It is unknown if Kevin Samuels net worth includes any notable works of art or fine pieces of jewellery or other men’s accessories.

While Kevin Samuels loves Ray-Ban brand sunglasses and owns many pairs, it is unclear what value, if any, this collection might have or how much it could contribute to Kevin Samuels net worth.

Who is Kevin Samuels?

Kevin Samuels is a YouTuber turned influencer and image consultant. The bulk of Kevin Samuels net worth currently comes from his brand endorsements and social media channels. He has faced criticism form a number of sources because he often expresses highly inflammatory views. Critics accuse him of cynically doing so simply to fuel views on his channels.

Kevin Samuels’s Career


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The earliest information we have in regards to Kevin Samuels’s career is his position as Business Development Manager at Office Depot, a job he began in 2005 and held for three years. It is not known what he did prior to this time, nor how it may have contributed to Kevin Samuels net worth.

Kevin Samuels left Office Depot in 2009 to join Supermedia as an Inside Advertising Internet Sales Representative. During his time there Samuels consistently ranked in the top 5% of salespeople in the office. It is unknown to what degree any bonuses he accrued there increased his overall net worth.

After two years there, in 2011, Kevin Samuels left Supermedia to move to YP, where he worked again in sales. This time his official title was Media Consultant. Here Samuels allegedly was the highest ranked sales representative in the Oklahoma office.

Again, Samuels lasted only a couple of years in this position before changing jobs again. This time, however, he began a career change that seems to have stuck. In 2013 Kevin Samuels began to advertise himself as an image consultant, personal shopper, and stylist. It is the career he maintains is his primary one to this day.

This career actually began unexpectedly. Samuels was approached by a high-powered female attorney who was on the verge of rising to the bench and becoming a judge. Samuels had been handling her public relations work on a freelance basis and she asked him to consult on everything related to her appearance on the verge of a vital interview with the governor.

When she asked him how much he would charge to accompany her asa personal shopper and image consultant, to ensure she made the best possible professional impression, Samuels allegedly realised in that moment that he could turn his love of fashion into a full time (and very lucrative) career.

In 2020 Kevin Samuels rose to prominence on the internet via a viral video he posted entitled “You are average at best.” In this video Samuels is allegedly verbally and specifically critical of the idea of modern women who want to have it all in general, and allegedly critical of black women specifically.

In other videos Samuels goes on to criticise black men as well. While he dresses up his comments as mere blunt honesty, other online thought leaders have called him out for simply being cruel and designing provocative arguments merely to serve his own social media profile (to gain views).

One prominent individual who has come into conflict with Samuels over the influencer’s harsh style is Dr. Umar Johnson, a black thought leader. Dr. Johnson has levelled accusations of misogyny at Samuels and specifically cites the way in which the sensationalist influencer critiques black women for not adhering to Eurocentric standards of beauty.

The two men often respond to one another on the internet, criticising and critiquing. It had led to some of their fans calling for a formal confrontation between the two men, in a civil format, perhaps on the web series Verzuz.

In 2021 Kevin Samuels created yet another controversial video. In this one, titled “High-value men cheat,” Samuels claims that all men who fall under the categorization “high-value” are pathological cheaters. It is simply a fact of life that cannot be escaped.

The basis for this video was a female caller who took issue with the topic. Kevin Samuels responded with arguably incredibly misogynistic ideas and an outright personal attack on the woman’s personal appearance, stating that she was not entitled to an opinion on the subject as she was built like a football player.

Later on in the same video Samuels told another caller that if she did not like the fact that high-value men cheat, and should be expected to cheat, she should “buy a dog, die alone, or get a girl.”

It is unclear to what degree Kevin Samuels may or may not also be homophobic. His comments can certainly be read in that light.

What is clear is that Kevin Samuels has been and remains a highly controversial figure. He has roused the ire and explicit condemnation of individuals and organisations alike, including the Faithful Black Men Association.

On the other hand, he also has his supporters. Those who resonate with his harsh style and want to believe in the line of philosophy he sells (like that high-value men naturally cheat and should be allowed to) naturally support him, and others do so as well. Erica LeShai is one who does not necessarily agree with everything Samuels says, but supports his right to speak nonetheless.

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Kevin Samuels: Early Life

Kevin Samuels was born on the 13th of March in the year 1965 and christened Kevin Roshon Samuels. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America, but we do not currently have any information as to the identity of his mother or his father.

We do, however, know that sometime during his childhood, Samuels saw his parents separate and then divorce. At some point he moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Oklahoma, where he completed his secondary school education at Millwood High School. Even from a young age he was a sharp dresser and very fashion forward.

After graduation, he enrolled at the University of Oklahoma in 1987 and graduated in 1991 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. A surviving photo of him in a campus publication describes him as “unique,” a Pisces who loves dancing, clothes, and meeting people, and notes that at the time he was serving on the student council.

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Kevin Samuels’s Personal Life and Family


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Very little is known about Kevin Samuels’s personal life. The identities of his mother and father are unknown, as are the identities of his brothers and sisters if he has any. The influencer has not to our knowledge ever mentioned any of them.

It is also unknown who, if anyone, Kevin Samuels is dating at this time. There is little to no evidence that he is currently married, though if evidence does come to light in the future we will update this page so his fans have all the information!

What there are in place of facts are many rumors. It has been reported by various sources that Samuels has been married in the past and it did not end well, though the exact grounds for divorce are even more speculative than the fact of his having been married.

There are also rumors talking about how Kevin Samuels might in fact be dating an Instagram model in secret. The reason for the secrecy is that the model in question is still legally married to someone else.

The truth, unfortunately, remains a mystery. Is Kevin Samuels afraid the truth might hurt his position as a dating and relationship influencer? Is he simply private? We do not know at this time!

But the controversy surrounding his personal life does not end there. In 2021 a young black woman caused an internet stir when she announced that she was, in fact, Kevin Samuels’s illegitimate daughter. Samuels’s fan took extreme issue with this and attacked her legitimacy.

While a definitive answer had not yet been forthcoming, the woman’s story includes several facts which were allegedly proven to be untrue, calling her story into question. Yet because of Kevin Samuels’s reluctance to speak about his personal life we may never know the actual truth of this matter.

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Kevin Samuels’s Social Media Influence


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Kevin Samuels has an extensive social media presence. This is only to be expected as social media is a key component of building and maintaining Kevin Samuels net worth. Check out where he posts and what he posts below to decide where to follow this YouTube star and fashion influencer!


Kevin Samuels has a quarter of a million followers on his Facebook page. On his page he describes himself as an image consultant and mainly posts videos, likely from his YouTube channel. Many of his non-video posts are images with a controversial statement or question attached, likely to provoke discussion or reaction. In either case it is engagement which fuels Kevin Samuels net worth.


Kevin Samuels does not have nearly as substantial a following on Twitter. On this platform he boasts a meagre thirty thousand followers. His biography here also lists him as an image consultant and he posts the same content here as he does on his Facebook page. Many of the posts are all but identical.


Instagram is the platform on which Kevin Samuels is currently doing the best. The influencer boasts over one million followers on his Instagram account. Here, too, the social media hustler tends to post video more than anything else, usually the ones designed to be controversial or provocative.

It is curious that as a self-describe image consultant Kevin Samuels does not take more advantage of Instagram’s inherent nature as an image-based platform to feature his sartorial accomplishments more. We would expect to see pictures of Samuels in custom suits, or with bespoke accessories.

However Samuels seems much less interest in sharing his image than in tossing out inflammatory statements for the view that keep engagement high and fuel Kevin Samuels net worth.


Kevin Samuels maintains a LinkedIn page, as would be expected from someone who uses their social media presence to fuel and entrepreneurial career. He has over 500 connections and maintains cross-branding with the imagery here and on his Facebook page.

Samuels cross posts some of his YouTube content to his LinkedIn profile, but nowhere near to the degree that he does on the other social media platforms he maintains.

Other influencers that Kevin Samuels follows via LinkedIn include Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Nicholas Carlson, Kevin O’Leary, and Daymond John.


Kevin Samuels does not currently appear to have an active TikTok account. However, there is a hashtag that TikTokkers use sometimes to tag content that includes Kevin Samuels, #kevinsamuels. This is perhaps not surprising given that Samuel’s main platform, YouTube, is also video based, and the influencer is known for his inflammatory positions and clips.

Many of the TikToks that are flagged with the hashtag #kevinsamuels are from people who are highly critical of Kevin Samuels’s videos. Considering how often he attacks black women and asserts positions such as “high-value men cheat” this is perhaps unsurprising.

Kevin Samuels: Height, Weight

Kevin Samuels generally keeps himself trim and fit, in keeping with his purported career as an image consultant. It is not known, however, precisely how tall he is, nor what his exact weight might be. This is in keeping with how little personal information Samuels shares of himself.

If in the future this information does come to light, we will be sure to update this page so all of Kevin Samuels’s fans can know the influencers physical attributes.

Kevin Samuels Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameKevin Samuels
Real NameKevin Roshon Samuels
Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia, USA
OccupationYouTuber, Influencer, Stylist
Net Worth Estimate$2 Million