Kel Mitchell Net Worth | How Rich Does This Star Get?

Kel Mitchell net worth is about $3 million as of April 2022. Kel Mitchell’s theatrical job is his primary source of revenue. Kel has made money due to his different appearances in movies, television shows, and voice cartoons and animations. Kel gets money via creating and creating shows and also doing stand-up comedies.

Who is Kel Mitchell

 Kel Mitchell. 9th Annual Multicultural Prism Awards

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Kel Mitchell currently works as an artist, comedian, performer, and rapper from the United States. He is best recognized for his work in films and Nickelodeon comedic sketch program ‘All That.’ With the Kel Mitchell net worth of $3 million, Kel began his performing profession when he was twelve years of age alongside the ETA Creative Arts Foundation and has since wowed audiences in the United States with his comedic and dramatic presentations.

He secured a role on Nickelodeon’s Kid show ‘All That’ when he was 14. He also honed his acting skills and established himself among the few sought-after young comic performers.

Shortly afterward, the opportunities began to roll along, and a significant break took the guise of ‘Mystery Man,’ a humorous superhero picture featuring Geoffrey Rush and Ben Stiller. Hollywood accepted this enormous juggernaut of talent with open arms. He wasn’t content to just perform in TV series and films.

He’s also done voice work for many animated comedies and has starred in various live performances, including Kanye West’s performance, the ‘All Falls Down.’ He is best recognized for his role as one of the humorous duet Mavis and Clavis, from Nickelodeon’s hit show “All That” during its initial five seasons (1994–1999).

He was regularly partnered as one among a humorous duo opposing Kenan Thompson. Throughout the 1997 cinematic picture Good Burger, he repeated his performance as Ed from the “All That” comedy. Between 1996 and 2000, he played Kel Kimble in a Nickelodeon series Kenan and Kel.

Mitchell got shortlisted for Daytime Award Emmy for Outstanding Performance in an Animation Show between 2001 and 2002 for his portrayal of T-Bone for the animation sitcom Clifford the Big Red Dog. With Kel Mitchell net worth of $3 million, Kel portrayed Double G in the Nickelodeon television show Game Shakers between 2015 and 2019. Mitchell and his companion Witney Carson came in second place for Dancing with the Stars in 2019.

Mitchell took a daring leap off behind his past and into his future. He found his stride for level 28th of the Dancing with the Stars series when he performed admirably. Through their exquisite dancing in various forms, Kel and his companion Witney Carson astonished the audience by their exquisite dancing in various forms.

Although the pair finished the second rank after Hannah Brown with Alan Bersten, Kel Mitchell net worth of $3 million, Kel took it all with heart and saw placing second still as a triumph. Mitchell loves recording people blowing off the dance floors in addition to breaking a movement next to the cameraman.

His YouTube program, The Back House Party, encourages young performers to come over and demonstrate their abilities. Even though he hasn’t refreshed it for well over a year, it was certainly a wonderful endeavor to reconnect youth and their artistic process. Kel, alongside his lovely wife, was also honored by the Carson Black Chamber of Commerce in 2016 for their vibrant personality and commitment to society’s children.

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Kel Mitchell Net Worth Estimate

Kel Mitchell at the 2018 Kid's Choice Awards at Forum

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With Kel Mitchell’s net worth of $3 million, Kel’s performance is where he earns the biggest of his money. Presently, Kel Mitchell net worth is $3 million. Mitchell has appeared in various series through the years, including Nickelodeon’s exclusive Sam & Cat, starring to be the rapper ‘Peezy B.’ Mitchell also reconnected alongside Kenan Thompson around 2018 for the Nickelodeon program “Double Dare,” where they contested.

They’re also chief managers on the American TV comic show ‘All That,’ which is getting a relaunch. With Kel Mitchell net worth of $3 million, Kel is a musician who has recorded many tracks in addition to being a comedian and actor. Around 1996, Kel released his first song, ‘Watch Me Do My Thing,’ which featured Smooth. Kel also released another track, ‘We’re All Dudes,’ at the end of the season.

Mitchell also works as a popular music producer. ‘Battery,’ produced by Kel, is a high-octane clip. Kel filmed the high-octane clips for V. Rose, a Gospel Music artist signed to Clear Sight Music. Kell is also a spokesman at “The Black College Expo,” a funding organization. As you’ve seen, just because you don’t know much about his job doesn’t indicate that Kel has a low net worth.

Kel Mitchell’s Early Life

Kel Mitchell net worth is $3 million, and he came to this world on August 25, 1978, in Chicago, Illinois. He had an interest in the theatrical arts from when he was a kid, and he loved to amuse the other students at school with his mimicry and other pranks. His family saw his skill and encouraged him to pursue his ambition of becoming an actor.

Kel Mitchell’s Height, Weight

With Kel Mitchell net worth of $3 million, Kel Mitchell, who was on August 25, 1978, is forty-three (43) years old as of today, April 5, 2022. He stands 1.8 meters tall and weighs 72 kilograms.

Kel Mitchell’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Mitchell was given birth on August 25, 1978, in Illinois, Chicago, to be precise. He is a native of the United States of America, his hometown. Kel did grow up there in the Austin district of the town’s Western Edge. Kenyatta and Kyra are Mitchell’s sisters. Kyra is a well-known YouTube personality.

Her parents’ data is still being checked. With Kel Mitchell net worth of $3 million, Kel went to Chicago Vocational High School. He also attended the ETA studio and Creative Arts Foundation for theater classes. Kel landed a role when he was 12 years old, performing in Chicago theater plays.

With Kel Mitchell net worth of $3 million, his origin is American. Kel is of black ancestry. He has a zodiac signature of Virgo, and Kel is also a Christian. Kel’s parents were constantly encouraging. They recognized and admired his performance and comedic abilities.

His parents were completely enthusiastic about his ambition to become a performer and tried all they had to help him achieve his goal. Even though he was a child, he has a passion for performing. During his days at school, Kel could be seen amusing his colleagues with his theatrics and imitating others.

Kel Mitchell’s Career

Kel Mitchell attends Celebrity Connected Luxury Gifting Suite Honoring The MTV Movie & TV Awards

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Kel Mitchell net worth of $3 million involves a lot. He began seriously studying theatre arts at age 12. When he got admitted to the ETA Creative Arts Foundation, which supported and developed talented other actors. His fascinating appearances in pieces like ‘Dirt’ and ‘Kasimu and the Coconut Palm’ enthralled spectators in his initial theatrical ventures, which did take place in his hometown of Chicago.

Nevertheless, no appearance of Kel would make him as well-known as his portrayal in the Victory Gardens Cinema’s production of ‘Eden.’ Among the best talent agencies was in the audience and instantly contacted him. By then, Mitchell was 14 years of age and was allowed to travel to Florida. He went to be a participant in his first Nickelodeon program. Hundreds of kids attended the tryouts, and Kel edged out his opponents for the part that would transform his life.

Kel became a member of the series ‘All That’ from its inception in 1994 till its conclusion in 1999. His on-screen chemistry alongside Kenan Thompson, Kel’s co-star on the series, was so successful that they got placed with each other in a sequel of ‘All That’ called ‘Kenan and Kel.’ Later on, they were featured in a full-length movie called ‘Good Burger.’ This movie was essentially an extension of the aspects of the series.

Kel began his career as a rising Hollywood actor, landing roles in films like ‘The Steve Harvey Show,’ and ‘Sister Sister’ before landing his debut significant Hollywood part as Invisible Man for the movie ‘Mystery Men 1999’. Kel featured alongside Jason Alexander, Robert De Nero, and Rene Russo for the 2000 movie ‘The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle.’

Playing the role of T-dog, a gentle and lively dog, he offered his voiceover skills for ‘Clifford, the Big Dog.’ Kanye West invited Kel to appear in the video clip for his track “All Falls Don,” wherein he acted as a backpack collecting attendant. Kel later co-hosted a program called ‘Dance-360’ alongside Fredro Starr, which spanned just one season but earned a lot of praise.

Kel played Manny Sellers for the hit sitcom show ‘One on One.’ He also appeared in BET’s television show ‘Take the Cake’ in the following year. Kel’s throughout the mid-decade period. Other notable performances include a pivotal appearance in the film Honeydripper.’ Kel also showed up for one ‘Saturday Night Live’ tryout but was passed up by Kenan Thompson. Nevertheless, in 2006, some unusual situation occurred, causing death reports to proliferate over social media.

Around March 2008, Kel created and directed his debut movie, ‘Dance Fu,’ and subsequently that year, he appeared in other Detroit-based projects, ‘Affairs’ and ‘Laundromat’ with some well-known comics. Notable performances during that period were ‘Attack of the Show!,’ byG4 , in which he played many characters, and afterward in the children’s program ‘Curious George,’ in which he portrayed a central role.

Kel made his Nickelodeon reappearance with the comedy ‘Sam & Cat,’ in which he played the role of a rapper called Peezy B. Kel is currently a significant character in the show ‘Game Shakers,’ where he also acts as a rap star. Kel had an appearance on ‘The Jimmy Fallon Show’ around September 2015, in which the presenter forced him to replicate his performance from ‘Good Burger.’

Aside from his TV appearances, he is in negotiations to appear in many movies, comedies, and songs. Kel has many rap tracks to his credit, In terms of his musical career, including ‘Watch Me Do My Thing,’ ‘Pedal to the Steel,’ and ‘We’re All Dudes.’ Kel’s songs are top-rated among children, and now he has become something of a superstar among them, majorly because of his catchy lyrics.

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Kel Mitchell’s Personal Life and Family

Actor Kel Mitchell & wife Asia Lee at the Nickelodeon 2017 Kids' Choice Awards

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Mitchell and Tyisha Hampton were wedded for six years before divorcing in 2005. The couple is the parents of two, a boy born in 1999 with a girl born in 2002. On the 25th of February 2012, Kel wedded artist Asia Lee. The couple has two kids together: a girl born in July 2017 and a boy born in October 2020. Around 2016, Carson Black Chamber presented Mitchell and Asian Lee with a medal for their production of ‘The Back House Party.’

Kel is the primary Black College Expo spokesman. Kel is also an inspirational orator who gives presentations at many schools and institutions, encouraging kids to pursue their aspirations. He’s performed copies of tracks by Michael Jackson and 50 cents, among others. He has become a Christian believer. He started by being a youth minister at ‘Spirit Food Christian Center’ in Winnetka, Los Angeles. This was in December 2019.

Kel, notwithstanding, has the correct intention of reverting to being a father. The family must always be the priority, not the flashing colors of television or the cinema. While Kel isn’t entirely resigned as an artist, he would be ashamed of nothing if he did retire. He’s played some memorable parts and dropped a lasting impression on several late ‘90s youngsters.

Mitchell appears on television semi-regularly, despite his primary focus being fatherhood. Recently, he’s engaged in many movies with Nickelodeon. Kel’s a mainstay on the ‘All That’ relaunch, and he even served as executive director for the latest season. Kel also had a successful stint as the enjoyable rap musician ‘Double G’ in the ‘Game Shakers’ sitcom.

Mitchell’s voice is still functioning regularly, although his stardom isn’t what it once was. Clifford, ‘the Big Red Dog,’ featured as the red bulldog T-Bone, is among his best tv roles. Around 2010, he gave the vocal for ‘Ant’ in Cartoon Network’s movie ‘Pink Panther and Pals’.

Kel also acted as the voice in ‘Dutch Gordy’ in Disney Channel’s movie ‘Motorcity.’ Unfortunately, none of these shows gained traction when he was a major guest star. Kel, who is undeterred, continues working as a voice actor today.

He played the role of Jay Jay in the toy-based Nickelodeon show Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders for some years. In terms of prospective projects, he will participate in season 2 of Hulu’s resurrected Animaniacs show. He’ll play Newt, a sporting dachshund who the deceased Arte Johnson previously played during the show’s initial run.

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Kel Mitchell’s Net worth & Bio Summary

Mitchell does have a net worth of $3 million. He amassed this wealth throughout his illustrious career as a movie actor, musician, rapper, singer, and stand-up entertainer. Mitchell was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois.

Mitchell is currently a cast member of the sitcom ‘Game Shakers’ and has appeared on series such as: ‘The Tonight Show’ featuring Jimmy Fallon in a parody based on his classic character as Ed in ‘Good Burger’. In November 2018, Kel appeared on an edition of the relaunched Nickelodeon game program Double Dare alongside Kenan Thompson. Having two wins and achievements, Kel is undeniably a talented performer.

NameKel Mitchell
Real NameKel Johari Rice Mitchell
Date of Birth25th August 1978
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, United States of America.
ParentsMr. James Mitchell (Father)
Mrs. Sheryl Mitchell (Mother)
SiblingsKyra and Kenyatta Mitchell (Sisters)
OccupationComedian, actor, musician, and rapper
BrandsOrange soda brand
Net Worth$3 million