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Kali Muscle Net Worth – How Rich Is Kali Muscle Today?

Kali Muscle Net Worth Estimate:

Kali Muscle net worth is estimated to be at a total of about $5 million dollars. The majority of Kali Muscle net worth comes from his extremely successful career as a bodybuilder, entrepreneur, and actor.

Kali Muscle Net Worth

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He managed to monetize his knowledge of weight training and health that he learned while in prison in order to end up with a thriving, extremely impressive career on YouTube, and in television and film.

Who is Kali Muscle?

Kali Muscle is a bodybuilder and entrepreneur who rose to prominence due to his enormously successful YouTube channel and as a result, has gotten numerous endorsement deals, appeared in television commercials, and acted in TV shows and films. His real name is Kali Kirkendall and his nickname is Mr Muscle.

Although Kali Muscle net worth and career are thriving today, he had a difficult life growing up. He came from a poor background and, after his beloved brother died in a tragic accident, he ended up in jail. While there, he taught himself about health and fitness, gained a great deal of muscle, and set up his career.


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Kali Muscle’s Career

Upon being finally released from his prison sentence in 2010, Kali Muscle decided he would pursue a dual career as both a bodybuilder as well as in acting. Kali Muscle decided to relocate to Los Angeles, California, where he quickly got a gig lifting weights in a music video for the music artist Jamey Johnson.

Kali Muscle continued to build his career appearing in music videos while also making money as a bodybuilder. One way Kali Muscle net worth first grew was his managing to win the 2012 title of Mr California. This was an extremely impressive achievement for someone of his background, upbringing, and recent past.

All of this brought Kali Muscle the courage and drive to set up his channel on YouTube which has now become extremely famous and successful. The major bulk of Kali Muscle net worth comes from this enterprise.

By 2017, this stunningly impressive channel called “Kali Muscle” reached over one million subscribers. As of 2021, his channel has more than 2.3 million people subscribing, in addition to over four hundred million separate views.

All of these people regularly tune in to watch and listen to Kali Muscle talking about and demonstrating fitness, bodybuilding tips, and tricks when you don’t have a lot of equipment, as he didn’t in prison. He also discusses the keys to excellent nutrition and health.

Sometimes, he’ll almost post comedy sketches as well as music videos.

One of Kali Muscle’s most impressive contributions to society is surely the scheme he created that he dubbed “From Ex-Con to Icon”. Its purpose is to provide the ability for young people in downtrodden neighborhoods such as the one he grew up in, to succeed in life, and to avoid criminal activity and danger.

During the course of his work, Kali Muscle spoke at numerous events, schools, and locations in order to bring them his message of success and opportunity despite what can seem like insurmountable odds. He also wrote an accompanying inspiring biography called Xcon to Icon: The Kali Muscle Story.

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Meanwhile, Kali Muscle’s acting career involves an appearance in a 2011 TV production of Wonder Woman, and then films in 2012 called Applebaum and The Dog Who Saved the Holidays. In the latter, he starred opposite Shelley Long. 2014 saw him appearing on the FOX cult hit sitcom Raising Hope.

He also appeared in a film called The Big Shot, where he took on the role of Bones. Kali Muscle has largely gained his enormous physical size and strength due to compound exercises, according to him. He particularly likes focusing on bench presses and barbell squats.

In order to help people who can’t afford the equipment, Kali Muscle’s channel often focuses on the Prison Workout that he himself developed when he was actually in prison. What he would do is use simple objects that were available to him on hand in order to act as weights as well as platforms.

Some of these objects included things as simple as bottles of water, rubbish bags, and even the bodies of other men who would help him in his quest to get “swole”, as he calls it. He would often annoy the prison guards with these innovative methods. Numerous times, they put him into solitary confinement as a result.

Meanwhile, Kali Muscle eats an enormous amount of food in order to up his calorie intake, which he converts into pure muscle. Currently, he has approximately six meals every day, some of which are extremely large.

These meals mostly consist of proteins like chicken breast, salmon, and turkey, as well as a great deal of fruit and veg, beans, rice, and yams. In prison, when it was harder to get a lot of food or much variety, he’d often gorge on canned tuna fish in order to accomplish this impressive goal.

Every single day, Kali Muscle also drinks a jaw-dropping full gallon of water, which he considers to be absolutely crucial to his physique and current state of physical health and endurance. The water acts not only for hydration after his intense workouts but also for the synthesis of the protein he endlessly consumes.

Interestingly, Kali Muscle’s advice is to avoid protein powder, which he says just isn’t a smart or healthy alternative to food. He even implies that it could be dangerous to try to avoid the most natural form of nutrition, unlike so many other people focused on bulking up at the gym.

Kali Muscle: Early Life


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Kali Muscle was born as Kali Kirkendall in Oakland, CA, United States of America in 1975. The area he grew up in was extremely bleak, full of gang violence, crime, and illegal drug abuse. Furthermore, he received regular psychological and physical abuse from his stepdad, who his mom had married when he was very young.

The only way Kali Muscle found to escape from his awful surroundings was to spend as much time as he possibly could working out in the twenty four hour gym.

When Kali Muscle reached his teenage years, he even managed to get a job working at that gym, which allowed him to stay away from home while being paid to work out when the machines and weights weren’t being used by patrons.

Each time Kali Muscle’s shift was done, however, he felt like he was being immersed right back into the worst place in the world. Other kids at school even threatened Kali Muscle’s life, which led to him getting a gun for self protection at a tragically young age to have to do this.

In order to further occupy himself and stay as fit, healthy, and safe as possible, Kali Muscle also got into sports, which he found he had a real aptitude for. According to Kali Muscle, sports really saved his life. They gave him an avenue to channel his pain and trauma as well as avoid various dangers.

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Kali Muscle joined the track team, the wrestling team, and the football team. Fresno State University even gave him a full scholarship in order to be a football player for them. Not long after managing to escape to college, his beloved brother died in a genuinely tragic accident with a gun.

He hadn’t intended to commit suicide but had instead just been messing around with it, leading to awful consequences. This led to a period of serious depression and anger for Kali Muscle. He lost the will to play football or to succeed in school and descended into a life of illegal activity.

Kali Muscle became broke and destitute, and in order to make money, he began to commit armed robberies himself, along with a multitude of other crimes. Eventually, he was caught and arrested by police. He was convicted and ultimately sentenced to be locked up at San Quentin State Prison for a period of eleven years.

Just as he had once used exercise in order to escape his bleak surroundings, Kali Muscle did this again after being locked up. He spent the majority of his time lifting weights in order to focus his mind and body through this ordeal.

Out of spite, however, at some point, the prison decided to take away the gym’s equipment. In response, Kali Muscle managed to continue to work out in his prison cell, eventually reaching 230 pounds of pure muscle.

Kali Muscle’s Personal Life and Family


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Kali Muscle is married to Helena Kirkendall. Their children’s names are Kali Muscle Kirkendall II and Brooke Taylor Kirkendall.

Kali Muscle is so physically enormous that accusations of taking steroids have followed him throughout his career, something which he has always vehemently denied. According to him, he has gained his size due to dedication, exercise, and his extremely controlled diet. Some people find that hard to believe.

Kali Muscle’s Social Media Influence

Kali Muscle has an enormous social media influence. In fact, his success on YouTube accounts for the majority of Kali Muscle net worth, so to say that he does well online would be putting it mildly. He is an internet celebrity who has managed to monetize himself and turn his life around to a jaw-dropping degree.


Kali Muscle has an official public verified Facebook account. On this platform, he has nearly five million followers as of the present count. His Facebook account handle is @RealKaliMuscle. Kali Muscle uses his account to plug his various endorsement deals, link to his YouTube videos, and sell his merch.

He will also sometimes share instructional fitness tips, talk about various multivitamin work out supplements, and show off his beloved cars. He will also sometimes post funny photos and videos of himself, displaying his sense of humor and charm.


Kali Muscle has an official public verified Twitter account. On this platform, his account name from which he tweets is @KaliMuscle. Since Twitter’s system is not case sensitive, however, his account can be reached by typing it in using lowercase letters as well. His bio on this platform simply reads “Watch My Videos”.

Kali Muscle has nearly sixty three thousand followers on Twitter and is himself following a mere twenty people in return. Kali Muscle uses his Twitter to plug his various projects, videos, appearance, endorsements, and so on and so forth. He also often retweets other accounts’ tweets about him.


Kali Muscle has an official public verified Instagram account. His account name on this platform is @kalimuscle, like his Twitter but all in lowercase letters. His follower count on Instagram is nine hundred and sixty nine thousand, and he is himself following only ninety nine people in return.

Kali Muscle’s Instagram is full of photos of himself, his cars, various events and endorsement deals he’s involved in, him competing in various bodybuilding competitions, and basically showing a lot of the things that Kali Muscle net worth has paid for over the years.


Kali Muscle has a public LinkedIn business account. He has made more than five hundred connections on this account.

On it, Kali Muscle has included a link to his highly successful YouTube channel with the description, “I’m here to Motivate and Inspire. I upload daily videos related to Fitness, Gaming, Cooking, and Vlogs.”

Kali Muscle currently has eight hundred and ninety-eight followers. He lists himself as the co-founder of hyphy MD, and an actor with a membership in the Screen Actors Guild.


Kali Muscle has a TikTok account located under the screen name @thekalimuscle. It is not currently verified so it is not clear if it’s official but it’s full of short funny videos of him. Furthermore, the high follower count of 6.5 million and ninety-two million likes seems to indicate it’s his account.

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Kali Muscle: Height, Weight

Kali Muscle’s weight is estimated as being somewhere between 235 and 245 pounds, which comes to between 106.6 and 111.1 kilos. Kali Muscle’s height is 5 feet, 9 inches tall, which is 175 in centimeters.

Kali Muscle Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameKali Muscle
Real NameKali Kirkendall
Date of Birth18 February 1975
Place of BirthOakland, California, USA
OccupationBodybuilder, Actor
Net Worth Estimate$5 Million