Juwan Howard Net Worth | How Rich Is The Basketball Player?

Juwan Howard Net worth is estimated at around $126 million dollars? Want to learn more about the career of the talented basketballer and how he began his successful career. Then keep reading as we cover it all here.


This article was written to help you catch up with the life of Juwan Howard.  This piece also intends to address seemingly trivial issues and controversies surrounding the life and activities of the superstar. We elaborate on his weight, height, relationships, parents, hobbies, and the color of his eyes. This article also explains how he rose to stardom and overcame all of his trials.

In conclusion, this article presents you with a comprehensive, detailed, yet summarized life of the legend, Juwan Howard.

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Who is Juwan Howard


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It is said that legends are not born, but they are made. Juwan Howard is a living legend who has attained such great heights, making anyone wonder if you were born with greatness. It is also said that talent was never enough, yet the talent of this great man has never been in doubt.

With his innate ability and talent, he aligned determination, strong will, strength, and ambition to give birth to the legend that we all know and adore today. With countless athletes that have graced the American sport, basketball, what has endeared him to the hearts of many?

What made him stand out from the crowd? What did he have that made him a legend, and what were his achievements that would never be forgotten? But, more importantly, who is the man and the legend, Juwan Howard?

Juwan Howard Antonio was given birth on the 7th of February 1973. Juwan Howard is a former American professional basketballer who serves as the current head coach of the wolverines’ men’s team in Michigan. Born in Illinois, Chicago, Juwan Howard is an American by origin.

The 49-year-old is a huge figure with about 2.06 meters (6 ft and 9 inches). He also weighs about 250 pounds and 113 kg. Juwan Howard Antonio has an illustrious career banned for more than a decade. Juwan Howard Antonio was a player who wore the shirt of the Washington bullets franchise, which came to be known as the wizards in 1997 for about seven seasons between 1994 to 2001.

He also had a sterling career with the Houston rockets between 2004 to 2007 and had a wonderful time with the Heats. Within this. He became a one-time All-NBA power forward, All-Star power forward. Juwan Howard Antonio started his career with great promise, as he was the 5th best overall player that was chosen in the NBA draft in 1994.

At the end of the draft and recruitment process, he was chosen by the Washington bullets. Before the time, Juwan Howard Antonio was going to be drafted. He featured on the Wolverine Michigan men’s basketball team as an All-American. When he was at Michigan, he was included in the fab five class of recruitment 1991 which got to the final stage of the NCAA tournament between 1992 to 1993.

After a keen and stiff competition, Michigan was able to sign him and others within his recruiting class. The group known as the fab five were made up of individuals such as Jalen rose, Lee Jackson, Jimmy King, and Chris Webber. These individuals were consistent in their sophomore and freshman years between 91/92 and 92/93.

Even though many of the achievements of the wolverines were disregarded owing to the violation of NCAA rules by members of the group, Juwan Howard Antonio was not indicted in the scandal, and his achievements of the All-American 93/94 was still recognized.

Juwan Howard Antonio was a superstar who earned the all-rookie player and an All-NBA performer, and All-Star. Juwan Howard Antonio became the first player to sign the contract worth 100 million dollars in the NBA. By 2010, he signed a contract with Miami Heat to debut for them as his first appearance in the NBA finals.

He stuck with the Heat during the next season and was able to clinch his first championship at the NBA in 2012. Later on, they went back to the Heats to finish part of the next season. There, he won a championship for the second time. Ultimately, he stayed at the Heats and served as an assistant coach for six seasons. After that, he joined Michigan as its head coach in 2019.

Juwan Howard Antonio was renamed a legendary basketball player and is highly regarded in the history of the NBA. However, not satisfied with his exploit as a player, our superstar decided to go for a coaching career where he intends to win more laurels and achievements.

Interestingly, he has several awards to his name as a coach in the 20/21 NBA season, where he helped the wolverines clinch the championship of the big ten.

Juwan Howard Net Worth Estimate

Most times, successes and achievements in your field of endeavor yield accolades and recognition. In some instances, your efforts yield financial benefits alongside recognition. This is the case with the achievements and success recorded by Juwan Howard.

As a result of his tremendous achievements, Juwan Howard wealth has grown by about 40%. Therefore, Juwan Howard Net worth was estimated to be around $126 million, with salary, sponsorships, and investment deals being his major source of income.

Juwan Howard Antonio saves a lot and can grow his Investment through this means. He has a portfolio filled with stocks that helps generate $3 million every year. Juwan Howard is also a real estate investor who owns several real estate properties.

Through his real estate investment, he grew his wealth by more than $13 million within a short while. He also earns a salary of about $6 million, which also helps grow his wealth.

Juwan Howard’s Early Life

Even great heroes and superstars have humble beginnings, and the life of Juwan Howard Antonio was as humble as it can get. Juwan Howard Antonio has a grandmother named Jannie Mae Howard and was a daughter to sharecroppers who originated from Belzoni, Mississippi.

She was the mother of four daughters already by the time she was 19. One of her daughters was Helena, who was Howard’s mother. Helena worked at a restaurant in Chicago when she was to have Juwan. Howard’s father, Watson Leroy, was just back from the war, and he decided to take off a job at a phone company within Chicago.

Immediately they found out that Helena was with child, they decided to get married at once. So within the first week of Howard’s life, he was kept in a drawer at Jannie Mae’s place. Seeing that they would eventually have to adopt him into Jannie Mae’s household.

At the time, Leroy Watson, Juwan Howard Antonio’s father, wanted to share his name by naming him Leroy Watson III, which Jannie rejected. Although she was Juwan’s grandmother, Juwan spent more time with his grandmother, who had more influence over his life.

He relocated her to some low-income houses in Chicago’s south side projects. They had a three-bedroom apartment on 69th street on the southside of Chicago. Howard attended Chicago vocational career academy.

He was able to attend the group and play for the next three seasons of basketball in the university. Despite the lack of amenities at Chicago, Howard proceeded to win the All-American basketball player, which was organized by parade magazine in 1991. He also was the winner of the McDonald’s All-American honors.

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Juwan Howard’s Ban

One of the biggest headline news is the suspension of basketball coach and legend for the rest of the season. However, the truth is that even heroes have their flaws, and at the end of the day, we are all only human.

That was the case of the head coach of the Michigan Men’s basketball team when he gave in to his impulses and hit the assistant of Wisconsin on the head. This action led to the trigger of a postgame melee, which led to his suspension.

As a consequence of his actions, Juwan Howard was fined a sum of $40,000 and would have to miss out on the rest of the season. Unfortunately, this implies that Juwan Howard will have to sit out the five final games of this season. However, he will not be alone, as some other players were also suspended for their conduct on Sunday after the match against the Badgers.

Jahcobi Neath of Wisconsin, Terrence Williams II, and Moussa Diabate were also suspended for a game. Indeed, one can only imagine the effect of the ban on the current Associated Press Men’s coach of the year, Juwan Howard, who has had such a sterling record.

Although the issue occurred when a timeout was called 15 seconds to the end of the game on Sunday, with his team in the lead with 15 points, he will be back on the 9th of March for the Big Ten Tournament place in Indianapolis.

Juwan Howard’s Height and Weight

Juwan Howard Antonio has a huge frame and an imposing figure. Juwan has a height of about 2.06 meters which is about 6 feet 9 inches. He also weighs 113kg which is equivalent to 250 pounds.

Juwan Howard’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Extraordinary people who led great lives, most have ordinary beginnings. But, unfortunately, the early life of Juwan Howard wasn’t normal but was pretty rough. At a very young age of 17, his mother, Helena Howard, was pregnant with him already. Once she found this out, she hurriedly married his father, Leroy Watson.

At a time, Leroy Watson was returning from war to join a phone company in Illinois, Chicago. As a result, Juwan Howard was raised by his grandmother, whom he rates very highly called Johnnie Mae Howard. Although, Johnnie Mae Howard had a rough life herself.

She had already given birth to three other daughters asides from Helena (Juwan Howard Antonio’s mother) at 19 years. Despite her background and strength, she raised Juwan Howard Antonio as best as possible, thereby underlining her great influence over him. This explains the bond between Juwan Howard Antonio and his grandmother.

Juwan Howard’s Career


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Juwan had a career as a basketball player and a coach. As a coach. Juwan Howard joined his college to start the third season as their head coach. Within two seasons of being the head coach at his college, Juwan Howard expressed his blended cultural values through the desire to compete with the wolverines and continue to show themselves as a big ten within the country while changing the course of history in the process.

Within the second year, Howard has helped the team attain a record of 23 to 5. Tee Los 14-3. If I sow seeds and joined in U-M, the last journey led to led in 2021. In 2021, Eddie Howard had a reputation until you try to learn. He has been appointed as the receiver of the Wolverines for the second time. By 2005, the United States basketball writers association (USBWA) awarded him one of the best coaches.

Howard was also referred to as the Big Ten Coach of the year through several coaches and conference media. He helped a rookie center back (Hunter Dickinson) become a member of the All-American second-team honors, All-Big Ten second team, etc.

Juwan Howard started his career by winning the first seven games within the 2019 2020 season. As a result, they were able to gain victories over Gongaza, North Carolina, Battle 4 Atlantis, amongst others. Summarily, Juwan Howard Antonio was able to generate great accomplishments, making the manager with the most win at U.M.

Juwan Howard Antonio had also served as a coach in Miami 2016 NBA summer league weed in Orlando, las Vegas, and some African teams. In another season in 2018/2019, Howard was instrumental in the development of Duncan Robinson, who was a Wolverine player who underperformed at the time.

While Juwan Howard Antonio is a wonderful coach, he had an incredible basketball playing career, which many people wish for. Juwan was privileged to clear with Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris bosh while winning NBA titles back-to-back with the Miami Heat in the 2012 and 2013 championships.

When Juwan started, he was the 5th best player keenly sought after by many teams. The Washington bullets later snapped him up. After an illustrious career and playing for teams such as Denver, Dallas, and the Rockets, Charlotte, Juwan Howard retired in 2013 with the Miami Heats.

Juwan Howard’s Personal Life and Family


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Juwan Howard Antonio was born in Chicago, Illinois, on the 7th of February 1973. He attended the Chicago vocational school for his high school education. Later proceeded to Michigan college in 1995 for general studies. Juwan Howard Antonio has a lovely family and is blessed with six children, which he bore with his wife, Jeanine Wardley.

Juwan Howard has four sons: Jace, Juwan Jr, Joshua, and Jett. His two daughters’ names were Starr and sky Howard. Juwan Howard loves cars, and his taste in the Ferrari does not surprise him. Juwan Howard Antonio just purchased a new Ferrari GTC4, which costs about $850,000.

Juwan also possesses a Tesla Model X, which is more than $120,000. In addition, Juwan Howard Antonio owns several other vehicles, such as the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, worth about $60,000, the BMW X1, which costs about $72,000, and Mercedes-Benz EqC, which costs about $140,000.

Juwan Howard Antonio is also a lover and proud owner of expensive wristwatches. He boasts of exquisite wristwatch brands such as Speake Marin, about $290,000. Harry Winston, for $90,000, Audemars Piguet, for $130,000, and Corum, of $115,000.

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Juwan Howard’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

Juwan Howard Antonio is worth $126 million. However, many have wondered how he was able to accrue such wealth. Juwan Howard Antonio signed a lot of lucrative sponsorship deals. In addition, he signed a contract worth about 28 million dollars as a free agent on the 16th of July 2003.

Asides from all of these lucrative deals, Juwan Howard was an intelligent individual who saved up most of his money for Investment purposes. To this end, Juwan Howard owns a portfolio that contains shares and stocks. This portfolio brings earnings as much as $3 million every year.

Juwan Howard also invests in real estate and has spent a reasonable amount of money buying up buildings, housing properties, and lands. This Investment yielded about $13 million within a short period. Asides from all of these, Juwan Howard, earns a handsome salary of about $6 million.

Before this time, he had earned about $5 million, $3 million, and $2 million throughout 2018, explaining how he became wealthy. Juwan Howard Antonio’s salary is expected to grow in years to come.

His sponsorship fees are expected to soar, and his other investments. Therefore, his wealth has been projected to grow at about 20% within the next few years. Juwan is also entitled to a whopping sum of $1 million as a performance bonus when his team plays well.

NameJuwan Howard Antonio
Real NameJuwan Howard Antonio
Age49 years old (17th February 1973)
Place of BirthIllinois Chicago
Marital StatusMarried
WifeJeanine Wardley
ChildrenJace, Juwan Jr, Joshua, Starr, Sky, and Jett
ParentsLeroy Watson (Father) Helena Howard (mother)
OccupationBasketball Player and Coach
Net Worth Estimate$126 million