Julia Rose Net Worth: How Rich Is Jake Paul’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Julia Rose Net Worth Estimate:

Julia Rose net worth is currently estimated as being somewhere between $3 million dollars and $4 million dollars.

Julia Rose net worth has come from her extremely successful career on Instagram and assorted other social media, Only Fans, reality television, and her erotic magazine, SHAGMAG.

Julia Rose Net Worth

Who is Julia Rose?

Julia Rose is a social media star who has extremely popular Instagram, YouTube, and Only Fans accounts. She first rose to popularity appearing as a contestant on MTV’s hit reality dating competition series, Are You The One?

In later years, Julia Rose has become notorious for flashing her breasts in public, a stunt that has gotten her in trouble numerous times, in places such as the World Series, which has banned for life, an airplane, the White House, and the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California, United States of America.


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Julia Rose’s Career

Julia Rose is a mainly known now for her major presence on social media and as the founder of the erotic magazine, SHAGMAG. Julia Rose was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America, on the thirtieth of December in 1993.

Julia Rose’s rise to her status as a recognizable pop culture personality truly began via the reality TV competition show, Are You the One? which began airing on American television in 2014 and ran for eight seasons. It is still ongoing as of the present date.

The concept of the show spins off from the standard set by ABC’s extremely famous The Bachelor franchise, as it’s focused on young, attractive single people trying to find true love.

Rather than everyone competing for one man or woman, as on that show, however, Are You the One? has two groups, one of men and one of women. A computer algorithm for dating then secretly determines which of them make the perfect matches for them.

Next, during each episode, the various men and women are paired off on dates and then have to guess whether they as couples were deemed to be perfect matches by the algorithm, based on how well the dates went.

They find out whether they’re a good match, at least according to the computer, by going into what is called the Truth Booth.

The show was lauded for being the first reality dating competition show for whom all contestants were LGBTQ+, meaning that straight pairings weren’t the only combination possibilities to draw couples from. Julia Rose appeared as a contestant on the fourth season, which aired in 2016.

The fourth season of Are You the One? filmed in Maui, Hawaii, the United States of America. Other featured female contestants were Alyssa Ortiz, Emma Sweigard, Camille Satterwhite, Kaylen Zahara, Francesca Duncan, Nicole Brown, Victoria Wyatt, Tori Deal, and Mikala Thomas.

Meanwhile, the male contestants on that season of Are You the One? were Asaf Goren, Cameron Kobo, Cam Bruckman, Giovanni Rivera, Morgan St Pierre, John Humphrey, Sam Handler, Prosper Mina, Tyler Norman, and Stephen McHugh.

One of the most momentous occurrences on the season was when a blackout occurred in the eighth installment, which cost the entire cast two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, which meant that the total cash prize at the end was only seven hundred fifty thousand rather than the full million.

Julia Rose ended the season of Are You The One? dating her fellow contestant Stephen McHugh, but that relationship didn’t last long, to say the very least. They never shared the full intimate details of their relationship and why they weren’t able to remain together, however.

Before appearing on Are You The One?, Julia Rose was a bartender at the Hooters chain restaurant franchise, famous for the skimpy clothing that the women who work there have to wear. Ever since she was able to establish herself as a personality however, she found a way to monetize her reputation.

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After Hooters, she founded an erotic magazine. It was called SHAGMAG, and the magazine’s website describes it as follows: “What is SHAGMAG? SHAGMAG is an all you can eat buffet of everything you want to know smushed into a digital magazine.

“See exclusive and uncensored content of Julia Rose and other up and coming instagram models, find out about the birds and the bees, up and coming masterminds, latest sports stories, and what the actual f*ck is going on in the world all in one place. (And yes there will be b**bs…plenty of b**bs).”

Julia Rose’s goal in founding the magazine was actually to supplant Playboy Magazine as the most popular and famous place for people to get their erotic magazine needs. She joked about wanting to get rid of “the bunny”, referencing Playboy’s iconic logo, and the fact that Playboy models are known as Playboy Bunnies.

Julia Rose expanded on this further in text on her own side, where she explained that she “wanted to create a place that was fun but one that still had meaning. There is nothing wrong with sex and nudity, and wanting more of it but I definitely think our generation needs more of a voice.


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“There are all these beautiful instagram models but who are they really? Who are the upcoming innovators and creators, and what the actual fuck is going on in the world? So many questions and now there is an answer: SHAGMAG.”

SHAGMAG is such a successful enterprise that Julia Rose makes more than one hundred twenty five thousand dollars from the magazine alone, not to mention Julia Rose’s Only Fans account. Both of them ensure Julia Rose net worth is high and flourishing.

Julia Rose is in a serious romantic relationship with famous pro boxer, You Tube personality, and social media darling Jake Paul.

Their romantic entanglement is so serious that, when Julia Rose changed the name on her Instagram to Julia Rose Paul, people theorized that they had either gotten secretly married or had gotten engaged. Despite that, however, both of them have continued to maintain in interviews that they aren’t currently married.

Speaking on a podcast, Jake Paul responded to the rumors by saying “I see that coming, for sure. I got her a nice promise ring slash pre engagement ring. I plan on proposing some time soon. But we will see what happens.” Then, on another podcast, Jake Paul actually indicated that Julia Rose was pregnant.

This caused quite a stir and excitement amongst their fans. Later, however, Jake Paul admitted that he had simply been lying about Julia Rose being pregnant in order to tease the fans and to see how his brother, Logan, whose podcast it was, might react. The podcast was called Impulsive, coincidentally.

Meanwhile, Julia Rose actually runs her own podcast, which she called THESH*TSHOW, and which she also includes on her popular YouTube channel in a video format.

Julia Rose currently has over three hundred and eighty thousand subscribers, and her most popular video is called “THE WOLF OF WALL STREET SHARES HIS SEX SECRETS”. This video has received over one and a quarter million views in the time since she first posted it on YouTube. This has of course helped Julia Rose net worth.

Julia Rose gained even more notoriety in the year 2019, when she attended the fifth game of baseball’s extremely famous World Series with Kayla Lauren and Lauren Summer, good friend of hers. In the middle of the game, she flashed her naked breasts to the cameras.

As a result of this behavior, Julia Rose was banned for life from ever attending a baseball major league game again, however one might expect that this isn’t the biggest set back for her given the fame it helped provide her with. Julia Rose net worth likely got a big bump from that alone, thanks to Only Fans.

Given the success of this stunt, Julia Rose seemed to have gotten a taste for it. In 2021, she altered the famous Hollywood sign’s letters so that instead of HOLLYWOOD, they read HOLLYBOOB. She was arrested, although she claimed that the reason she had done it wasn’t to be crass but as a tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The believability of that assertion may be difficult for Julia Rose to maintain, however, as she has become notorious for flashing her breasts in numerous public places. She got in trouble for doing so on a plane, while riding a roller coaster, and even when standing outside Washington D.C.’s world famous White House.

Despite the enormous popularity of her Instagram account, the social media platform even banned her for a brief period of time due to her repeated posting of nude and sexually explicit photographs, which is a serious violation of the company’s policies, as stated in their terms and conditions.

After briefly being entangled with Stephen McHugh, Julia Rose also dated Harry Jowsey, who starred on the Netflix reality TV competition dating show Too Hot to Handle, them both having reality TV dating competition shows in common.

Throughout their dating, however, Julia Rose was seeing Jake Paul as well, which led to Harry Jowsey accusing her of being a cheater. That time she was seeing Jake Paul didn’t last much longer than her relationship with Stephen McHugh, however.

They broke up fairly quickly and even then she said that it was apparently the second time they had dated. “It was the only kind of like our second go at it, but you know, it’s tough,” he said. “Having a very public relationship where a lot of people don’t see exactly what happened, it’s tough.

“But you know, I don’t think either of us are bad people. We are just trying to live our lives and do the best we can.”

As of mid 2021, however, Julia Rose and Jake Paul were back together, and, as mentioned previously, seem to currently be engaged.

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Julia Rose’s Social Media Influence

Julia Rose has a major social media presence. In fact, it’s how she has managed to grow and maintain her brand, her recognizability, as well as Julia Rose net worth.


Julia Rose does not appear to currently have a Facebook account.

Should the situation ever change and Julia Rose opt to sign up for an official public verified Facebook account, we will be sure to add that information to this page. We want to ensure that we continue to help keep our readers up to date with all of the latest information about Julia Rose net worth, life and career.


Julia Rose has an official public verified Twitter account. Julia Rose’s screen name on this platform is @JuliaRose_33. Because Twitter’s system is not case sensitive, however, you can reach her account by typing the name in using all lower case letters as well, or even upper case if you so wish!

Julia Rose’s official public verified Twitter account currently has seven hundred and sixteen thousand followers. Julia Rose herself is only following two hundred seventy six. Julia Rose’s sense of humor can be evidenced by the fact that her profile picture is that of a duck. Her Twitter bio, meanwhile, reads “i don’t give a duck”.


Julia Rose has an official public verified Instagram account. Julia Rose’s screen name on this platform is amusingly @juliaroseforpresident. Her biography reads “i just want to make instagram great again.” On this platform, Julia Rose has one million followers and is herself following only ninety three people in return.


Julia Rose has a TikTok account, although it isn’t currently verified. Julia Rose’s screen name on this platform is @its_juliarose. On this platform, she has 159.3 thousand followers and two million likes currently.

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Julia Rose: Height, Weight

Julia Rose’s height is not a matter in the public record but it is estimated as being at about 5 feet, 9 inches, or 176 centimeters. Julia Rose’s weight is not in the public record but is estimated to be about 123 pounds or 56 kilos. Julia Rose’s eye color is brown. Julia Rose’s hair color is blonde.

Julia Rose’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameJulia Rose
Real NameJulia Rose
Place of BirthNew Orleans, Louisiana, USA
OccupationInfluencer, Model
Net Worth Estimate$3 Million