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Josh Groban Net Worth – What is The Singer Worth Today?

Are you wondering what Josh Groban net worth is? If you said yes, you’ve come to the right place because we will be discussing everything from Josh Groban’s net worth to his early life, career, personal life, achievements, and more.

Josh Groban Net Worth

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Yes, keep reading and you will learn all there is to know about the music superstar and his journey to fame.  From auditioning for school plays to signing contracts with big-time producers. Let’s take a look at the life of Josh Groban.

Who is Josh Groban?

Josh Groban is a Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and actor that has made multiple television appearances and is popularly known around the globe. He is most famous for his song “You Raise Me Up” which is a song that fans of all genres are familiar with since it is played at various events such as weddings and funerals.

Josh is a member of a variety of committees including members of Americans for the Arts Artists Committee and Groban’s Find Your Light Foundation which we will discuss in further detail later on in this article. His music style specializes in contemporary classical crossover pop and the star has been shining since 1997.

Groban was born on 27 February 1981 making him 41 years old at this current moment and he is still performing to this day. His music, especially ” You Raise Me Up” has touched the lives of many people around the world and he has millions of fans worldwide.

He has a deep voice that compliments his music style and uses deep lyrics that touch the hearts of his listeners. He is the number one best-selling artist in the United States and also an active arts education philanthropist.

Josh Groban Net Worth

With such amazing talent revealing itself from such a young age it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Josh Groban has a spectacular net worth. He has performed all over the world, and he released multiple multi-platinum albums that reached the Billboard charts so it is no surprise that Josh Groban’s net worth is $35 million.

Josh Groban Height and Weight

Josh Groban has an estimated height of 5 ft 10 in and weighs roughly 161 lb.

Josh Groban’s Early Life


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Music has always been an important factor in Josh Groban‘s family. In fact, he was born into it.  Josh was born on the 27th of February, 1981 in Los Angeles California. His family was already musical.

His one grandmother attended Julliard since she could play piano by the age of 3 and his father, who was a businessman, was also an experienced pianist who could play piano by ear which is an exquisite skill to have.

Josh’s mother whose name is Melinda was not only an artist but also an interior designer which shows that creativity and artisticness have always run in his family. As he grew up Josh’s parents motivated him to pay attention to various styles of music and he listened to their advice by taking in every style of music that he could.

Josh later said that he was drawn to musicians who did not stick to one style of music but rather embraced a variety of music styles.

Josh always showed a keen interest in opera and musical theater, especially that of Pavarotti who was one of his most predominant idols. He was also interested in pop musicians since he believed that it was important to explore a variety of different music styles as opposed to settling for only one music style.

In fact, he believed that the ability to perform in a variety of music styles is what made one a truly talented musician. Believe it or not, Josh Groban did not start singing from a young age either. He started out as a pianist, but his vocal abilities only developed later on.

Music was always his inspiration and in junior high school he finally signed up for his first vocal lesson. However, he stated that he only did this because his peers were doing it and probably would not have done it otherwise. In the seventh grade, Josh’s teacher hosted an open audition for a variety show that students were required to sing in.

This is where everything changed for Josh. Once he started singing he left everyone’s jaws dropping and landed himself a solo. Unfortunately,  as much as he gained popularity with his teachers, he gained the opposite with his peers who thought it was “uncool” for him to have a voice like that since children of his age listened to rap at that stage and Josh had more of a tenor voice. 

Despite the scrutiny, Josh had an epiphany after his performance. He realized that he could use his music to express himself in a unique way that he never knew he could and that he accessed some kind of inner power.

It was not long after this that he was accepted into the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts as a Musical Theater student. He performed in multiple productions and dreamed of becoming a professional actor and singer.

Much to his surprise, David Foster who was a Grammy Award-winning producer and composer contacted Josh’s vocal instructor Seth Riggs out of the blue. Josh was only seventeen years old at this time. Foster was in search of a talented individual to sing at an upcoming celebrity event.

Seth Riggs forwarded multiple audition tapes from a variety of his students, however, it is not surprising that Josh Groban immediately impressed Foster. Josh was then asked to perform at the 19999 inaugurations of California Governor Gray Davis in front of twenty thousand people which was a dynamic step for the young singer.

Naturally, this opened big doors for the high schooler, but bigger opportunities were yet to come. Shortly after there was a duet between Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli and they asked high-schooler Josh to fill in.

Josh initially declined the offer out of fear since he thought that he did not have enough time to prepare, but once he realized that this opportunity would not surface again he accepted the offer.

So, even in his early life, Josh Groban accomplished more than many have accomplished throughout their entire lives. He was given the title of “the opera boy” and invited onto multiple talk shows.” Also, he continued his partnership with Foster and continued singing at “high profile” events during his early life.

This serves to prove that Josh Groban has potential like none other. Furthermore, Josh caught the interest of a television producer who scripted him as a “nerdy highschooler” in a show that aired on TV. Fame and fortune seem to have followed Josh from a young age and it is all well-deserved.  

As Josh Graduated from High School, he had his mind set on attending Carnegie Mellon University which is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His intention was, naturally to continue studying musical theatre. However, things did not work out this way.

As a matter of fact, he was once again approached by Foster who informed him that 143 Records executives along with the Warner Brothers wanted to sign a record deal with him which was a much greater opportunity than attending university.

This was a difficult decision for Josh to make, but he ultimately decided to neglect his opportunity to study in order to grab his opportunity to step into the music industry, and so his music career began.

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Josh Groban’s Career

Josh Groban's Net Worth

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At first, there was some conflict as to what genre of music Josh’s first album should present. The ideas jumped between pop and Italian opera due to his classical training.

However, Foster made the final call and Josh’s first debut album ended up including a combination of pop, contemporary rock, and classical music in a variety of languages such as English, Spanish and Italian. This album was also released in 2001.

Such a diverse range of genres was unheard of at this time and it certainly reached the ears of some powerful names such as MTV. Also,  Ally McBeal invited Josh in 2001 to appear on a holiday episode which is another sign of the impact that he made.

After appearing on Ally McBeal, he was also invited as a guest on the Oprah Show and the Tonight Show which are two of the highest honors one can receive in terms of being invited onto a talk show. 

Josh Groban’s career had barely started and he had accomplished goals that celebrities who had been in the industry for decades had not yet accomplished which shows that he is a natural-born star with unmatched potential.

He also went on to appear on a prime-time news program and was the closing vocalist at the ceremony of Salt Lake City, Utah’s, Winter Olympics where he was spectated by an audience of over 1.6 billion people from around the globe.  One of Josh’s greatest opportunities arose in December of 2002 when one of his live concerts aired on PBS.

He was only twenty years old at this stage but he performed with some big names including Andrea Corr who was the lead singer of The Corrs and John Williams. At this time, Josh had also released his second album which he called ” “Groban in Concert.”

The album was such a roaring success that it made it onto number thirty-five on the Billboard Top 200 charts. Keep in mind that Josh was still twenty years old at this time which means that he had accomplished at least three times more than most people who are double his age which shows what the star is capable of and proves that Josh Groban’s net worth is well deserved.

As we have already established, Josh is passionate about his music, so he did not waste any time with releasing his next album.

As a matter of fact, he released his third album in 2003 which he called “closer” and his fans were ecstatic. According to interviews, he explained that he named the album “closer” because the songs are a giant step closer to who he really is.

This serves as further proof that Josh’s music isn’t simply about beats, money, and fame, but it is rather about feeling, passion, and meaning which is why the star succeeded at such a young age and why he has such a strong fan base. Josh Groban’s net worth is definitely one that he deserves through hard work and determination.

Unfortunately, as much as Josh’s fans may have appreciated his new albums, there were some critics who did not share their enthusiasm. As a matter of fact, these critics labeled the album as immature and “depressingly predictable.”

However, in general, the reviews about the album were quite contradictory. Certain people appreciated it while others disliked it. At the end of the day, over 4 million copies of the albums were sold by the year 2004 so it couldn’t have been all that bad.

Another idea that Josh had in 2004 was to schedule a tour which he did. Due to his fame, the tickets sold out almost immediately. This is quite significant since not even the most popular rock bands experience instant sellouts like this, yet Groban did.

This was, however, his first world tour and he was scheduled to make stops in England, the United States, Sweden, and Norway. The shows were said to be calm, trouble-free, and a roaring success.

In 2007 Josh released his fourth album called Noel which was released as a Christmas album. The release date was on the 9th of October 200 and 3,699,000 copies of the album were sold that year.

This means that this was not only the best-selling album for 2007 but also the best-selling album for 2008 for the holiday season. The album went 6x platinum and was a roaring success. In fact, it overtook the sales for his previous album “Awake” which was also a huge success but did not come close to the level of success that “Noel” did.

Thankfully, Josh did not stop there. As Freddie Mercury said” The show must go on” and so it did when Josh Groban released another album on November 15, 2010, which he called ” Illuminations.” This was his fifth studio album and it made it to number 4 on the Billboard 200 charts as well as the Canadian Album Charts.

The greatest part about this album is the diversity that comes with it. As a matter of fact, it comes in a variety of different languages including Portuguese. 190,000 copies were sold within the first week and the album was made platinum by the RIAA.

This means that Josh Groban’s net worth is definitely deserved since he has multiple certified platinum albums.  If you think that multiple television appearances, platinum albums, worldwide fame, and five albums are reason enough to retire, you thought wrong because Josh Groban released his sixth album in 2013 which he called ” All that Echoes.”

This album overtook all of his other albums on the Billboard charts. As a matter of fact, where his other albums came up fourth or fifth on the Billboard charts “All that Echoes” jumped straight to the top and came up at number 1 on the Billboard 200 Charts.

This means that every single one of Josh Groban’s albums has places somewhere on the Billboard Charts. Also, the album sold over 145,000 copies within the first week which is a record amount, to say the least, but Groban did not stop there either.

On the 28th of April 2015, he released his seventh studio album that he called “Stages” and by October 2015 he sold 502,000 copies. He then went on to release “Bridges” in 2018 and “Harmony” in 2020.

At the moment Josh Groban is still going strong and his fans are waiting restlessly for his next album that we are confident that he will be releasing within the next few years. Josh Groban is a proactive artist who will not retire for fame or fortune because he performs for passion.

Josh Groban’s Personal Life:

Josh Groban's Net Worth

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Josh Groban is any girl’s dream but only a few girls have crawled into his heart. The first was January Jones who is an actress who he dated in 2004. Unfortunately, the relationship only lasted two years before the couple split up.

After that, Josh dated another actress in 2014 named Kat Dennings, but, similarly to his relationship with January Jones, the relationship only lasted two years before they split up.

( Josh seems to have a two-year bad luck streak.) However, the streak seems to have been broken since Josh and Kelley O’Hara announced that they have been in a romantic relationship for three years earlier this year.

Josh Groban’s Charity:

Apart from having an exceptional voice, Josh also has an exceptional heart. For starters, he has participated in performances for events for the Tsunami Aid aid and The Heart Foundation Gala.

Other than that he has established his very own charity called the Josh Groban Foundation where he helps underprivileged children from around the world through healthcare, education, and the arts.

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Awards and Achievements:

People magazine nominated Josh Groban as one of the 100 most beautiful people in 2008 which shows that he has more than just talent.

Josh’s Album “Stages” was nominated for the Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards.

He was given the Billboard Music Award for Number 1 Classical Crossover Artist of the Year in 2003.


For unto us a star is born. There is no doubt that Josh Groban was born a star and he is probably one of the youngest people who made their way to stardom. There is no doubt that Josh’s net worth is well-deserved. His music comes from a place of talent and passion.

He may have been scared to take that leap of faith and ridiculed by his classmates, but he took the leap anyway and he became one of the world’s most famous stars. Not only has he gone multi-platinum, but he has started his own charity programs and performed with some of the biggest stars out there. Josh Groban is a true inspiration and an icon of true talent.


NameJosh Groban
Date of Birth27 February 1981
Place of birthLos Angeles, California
Net Worth Estimate35 Million
GirlfriendKelly O'Hara