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Jimmy Humilde Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?

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What is Jimmy Humilde net worth in 2022? Anyone who loves the contemporary genre of corrido and trap music would definitely be interested in Jimmy Humilde net worth.

This is because Jimmy Humilde is one of the propagators and popularizers of this genre of music. Numerous times, he has even boasted of being ahead of his generation when corrido-trap music is discussed.

Apart from Jimmy Humilde net worth, fans all over the world are curious about his life. “Who is this man making waves in the Latin music industry?” “How did he discover there was a future for this genre of music?” “When did he begin his career?” “How did he grow up?”

These are only a few of the many questions people ask about him. If you’re also curious about Jimmy Humilde net worth and his life, you should keep reading. This article answers all your juicy questions on Jimmy Humilde. It also feeds you with every information available about him at the moment.

Who Is Jimmy Humilde?


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There’s a lot to know about the man making waves in the Latin music industry. The man whose passion has always been promoting Mexican pop music.

A man who is out to reach out to newer generation Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. His fundamental goal is making music this generation can enjoy without losing the foundational values.

The Mexican-American music producer has shone a light on the Latin-pop industry. Although he is not the only one doing so, his method and approach are unique. At first, he started as a YouTuber. He was using YouTube to promote the genre of music he loved so much.

However, when his success went from small rivers to a vast ocean, he had to establish a record label. If you’ve ever heard of Rancho Humilde or Natanael Cano, this is the man behind both stories. Jimmy Humilde founded Rancho Humilde, a Mexican record label to promote his Latin pop music.

He established it in a Mexican community. This was so it could easily be of reach to talented Mexicans or even Mexican-Americans who wanted a career in that line. Also, he didn’t want to be far from the values that inspired him and formed the basis of the music.

Has Jimmy been successful with his plans? If we see success as progress and not a destination, the answer is yes. In the past few years, he has garnered attention towards the corridor-trap music genre. After creating his label, he has signed talented artists who share his passion as well.

One of them is the famous Natanael Cano whose songs have hit the Latin Music billboards several times. Apart from Natanael, other artists signed to his record label have also released songs with powerful street vibes.

According to Jimmy, his goal is to merge the Mexican streets with the American pop, trap streets to produce a distinct type of music. Many other producers who were embarrassed by this collaboration are starting to see sense in it.

Jimmy Humilde’s revolution of music has got them rushing into the industry. There’s more to know about this passionate producer. We will discuss all of these including Jimmy Humilde net worth as we progress.

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Jimmy Humilde’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Jimmy Humilde was born on July 21, 1980. Therefore, he is 41 years old. He was born to Mexican-American parents who lived in Venice, California. Jimmy and his family lived in Venice for a very long time. Therefore, he had most of his early education there.

Most of the kids Jimmy grew up with were of mixed breed. He lived with whites, Hispanics, blacks, and others. It was saddening for him that most of the kids found it hard to relate to Spanish music.

Even the Latinos among them weren’t proud of the genre of music. However, he took a liking to it when he was as young as fourteen. He was about the only kid in his neighborhood that listened to Chalino Sanchez. Jimmy claims he listened to Chalino because he modernized Mexican music.

At first, Jimmy’s dream was to become a singer. He however admits that he did not have the ‘vocal chords’ that were needed to be a Latino musician. According to him, Latino songs held a degree of sensitivity that he couldn’t give.

When Jimmy was 21, he moved from Venice to Inglewood. He was happy to be in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood. This was how he got to understand the Hispanic culture more. Moving to Inglewood opened his eyes to a lot of things. This taught him how to be creative with the music genre.

He left this neighborhood many years later and got established elsewhere. However, the famous music producer says his neighborhood remains a part and parcel of him.

Jimmy Humilde’s Personal Life and Family

Jimmy’s parents have always been supportive of Jimmy’s career. Before Jimmy finished high school, he told his dad he couldn’t continue and that he had to drop out. He had added that Mathematics was the only thing he liked about school.

Although many parents wouldn’t have agreed to this, his father understood his point of view. Since then, he got seriously involved in promoting this music. He started making flyer parties and assisting upcoming artists.

Jimmy Humilde is one of the many entertainers that keep their personal lives separate from work. Jimmy has not mentioned much about his family. He does not talk about his siblings, relationship, or children. The only thing known is he is married and has two children. Their identities are unknown.

Therefore, a greater part of this information about him is still obscure. As soon as Jimmy mentions anything about them, we’ll update this page with the required information.

His inspirations in the music industry are Master P, Jay Z, and Puff Daddy. Jimmy has always referred to them as his role models, hoping to be like them one day.

Jimmy Humilde’s Height and Weight

A lot of information about Jimmy Humilde is still vague. Although Jimmy Humilde net worth can be easily estimated, it’s different from his body dimensions.

The music producer and CEO of Rancho Humilde has not disclosed his height and weight yet. There is no official record yet of these measurements as well. As soon as he updates this share of information about him, we will update the page as well.

Jimmy Humilde’s Career


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The music producer, Jimmy Humilde started his career when he was very young. He recalls that of the people in his generation, he was one of the few that wasn’t ashamed of Spanish music. Jimmy would listen to his best corridor artists like Chalino Sanchez proudly while others listened to Eazy-E.

Apart from corridor music, Jimmy also liked the U.S street songs. He loved trap music and hip-hop. This was how he knew he wanted to mix both genres. However, Jimmy didn’t start making corrido-trap music immediately.

Instead, he was organizing parties for upcoming artists. The first party he organized was a flyer party for DJ G-Minor. At the time, DJ G-Minor had just started his career and was seeking some sort of promotion for himself.

When Jimmy was told to organize the party, he had no idea it would be that successful. In the end, 400 people attended the party. Immediately, Jimmy knew he had found his calling. It was at that point he decided he was going to promote both genres of music simultaneously.

Immediately, Jimmy started looking for ways to combine them. He would come up with beats that he sold in the early days of his career. As time went on, Jimmy organized bigger flyer parties. This made him popular enough to be noticed by Jessie Morales.

At the time, Jessie was working on his El Original de la Sierra. His job at first was quite simple. He would carry around his instruments, fix the clothes, and do other petty jobs. Later on, he became Jessie’s official manager.

Jimmy claims that was his ticket to learn about the industry without doing it professionally. He began to produce more diversified events. A while later, he met Jose Becerra who needed a party as well. He organized a ranch party for him and the turn-up was amazing. More than 1000 people had attended.

Jose was also impressed with the work Jimmy did. Sometimes after his ranch party, he and Jose came together to form Rancho Humilde. Later, Roque Venegas also known as Rocky became their third partner.

Jimmy Humilde Net Worth

Rocky had also witnessed firsthand the work Jimmy was doing. To become a partner, Rocky gave all he had at the time. At that time, his $1000 for rent was what he put in.

At first, Rancho Humilde organized underground parties for new artists who were seeking publicity and fame. Artists such as Gerardo Ortiz, Alfredo Olivas, Regulo Caro, and El Komander were the first benefactors of Rancho Humilde’s service. Rancho Humilde played quite the role in their success in the United States.

Rancho Humilde birthed its record label in 2008. The first series of albums the record label launched was titled “Los Mejor de la Calles”. This was quite successful but an upgrade made to it, later on, was the most successful.

This time, it was titled “Jimmy Humilde Presents: Los Mejor de la Calles”. It featured artists like Arsenal Efectivo, Legado 7, Fuerza Regld and Herencia De Patrones. However, the first artists Rancho Humilde signed were music groups.

The first was Komando Negro. Later, it signed Los Alegres del Barranco and Los Hijos de Barron. Rancho Humilde also signed Fuerza Regld, Herencia De Paatrones, Alta Consigna, El de la Gultarra, Legado 7, and many others.

Rancho Humilde’s first hit artist was discovered by Jimmy Humilde. He had found him on YouTube one day playing his corridos tumbados, also known as trap corridos beats. After Jimmy brought him to the United States, he signed him up with his record label.

They soon began releasing hit songs. These songs garnered popularity for both Natanael and Jimmy Humilde. He won awards and his songs were on the Billboard chart for weeks. Other hit artists he signed were Junior H, Ovi, and Ivonne Galaz who is the label’s first female singer.

Jimmy Humilde is one of the propagators of corridos-trap music. He believes his passion to do things differently will be his key to a breakthrough in the industry.

Jimmy Humilde’s Awards

Apart from Jimmy Humilde net worth, another frequently asked question about him is his awards. Fans want to know if Jimmy has received any recognition for his work.

Although it’s safe to place no as a general answer, it isn’t fair to ignore other credits he has received. Most of the songs produced by his record label, Rancho Humilde have hit the Billboard charts several times. They have also received certifications from RIAA.

Some of his artists have also received awards from reputable bodies. Natanael Cano as a point of contact has received three Premio Juventud awards.

However, it seems like awards are the least concern Jimmy has. He is big on passion and the promotion of his music to the world. His record label is still quite young. If he continues in this path, there is a strong probability Jimmy might win an award soon.

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Jimmy Humilde’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

What is Jimmy Humilde net worth? After reading all that information, there’s only one thing you’re curious about now – Jimmy Humilde net worth.

As of 2022, Jimmy Humilde net worth is estimated to be between $50k and $130k. The variation can be attributed to one thing. This factor is the difference between his YouTube and Record Label earnings.

Jimmy is said to earn about $3000 every year. This is the combined value from his two known sources of income. Many people think Jimmy Humilde net worth should have skyrocketed higher than this.

However, his record label, Rancho Humilde is still in its developing stage and needs funding occasionally. With hit artists like Natanael Cano, Junior H, Legado 7, and more, Rancho Humilde is set to make more money.

This will in turn increase Jimmy Humilde net worth. Right now, the music label is worth an estimated $30 million. As corrido-trap music continues to be promoted, there will be a rise in Jimmy Humilde net worth.

NameJimmy Humilde
Real NameJimmy Humilde
Place of BirthVernice, California, USA
OccupationRecord Producer
Net Worth Estimate$50k - 130k
Date of BirthJuly 21, 1980
Marital StatusMarried