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Jim Jones Net Worth – How Much Does He Make

Do you ever wonder what Jim Jones net worth is? Since launching his musical career almost 25 years ago, Jones has earned a considerable fortune from royalties and his hip hop record label. As of 2022, Jim Jones’s net worth is estimated at $10 million.

Who Is Jim Jones?

Jim Jones

Jim Jones/

Jim Jones is an American record executive and video editor. The 45-year-old celebrity is a founding member of the “The Diplomats”, a Hip Hop group, also known as Dipset. He is also Co-CEO of Diplomat Records.

The entertainment world is a multi-billion industry and can be a highly lucrative business or career primarily for exceptionally talented artists.

The industry is even more rewarding for the diligent and ambitious musicians who do not merely limit themselves to music alone. They will go a step further to apply their talents and skills in more diverse ventures.

Indeed, artists who combine their music ambitions with social entrepreneurship and other commercial interests will bring in more cash than those who solely concentrate on music.

The celebrated rapper and social entrepreneur Jim Jones epitomizes this superb class of entertainers who are not only talented but have gone further to reap immensely by casting their net wider.

Jim Jones’s Net Worth Estimate – $10 million

Jim Jones Early Life

His real name is Joseph Guillermo Jones II, and he was born on 15th July 1976 in New York City’s The Bronx. To most, he is known by his stage name, Jim Jones. He was formerly known as Jimmy Jones CAPO and One-Eyed Willie.

He has a mixed-race heritage. His parents are Joseph Guillermo, a Puerto Rican father, and Nancy Jones, an African American mother.

The celebrated artist spent most of his childhood in his maternal grandmother’s home. He would later join a catholic school for his education. Nonetheless, he is best known for being away from class as he was often playing hockey at the school’s training ground.

Soon his truancy and-to some extent-juvenile delinquency got the better of him, and he was expelled from school, having been found selling some candy he had stolen from a shop that operated near the school.

One would be forgiven for thinking that his deprived background in The Bronx or Harlem, New York City, may have contributed to such misdemeanors.

Around this time, Jones began showing some artistic interest, and in later years, his talents and musical potential blossomed quite well. After school, Jones began showing a keen interest in music and became a rapper.

Jim Jones Height and Weight

5’9” – 180cm

Rapper Jim Jones Career


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Jim Jones has released records with various US labels like Splash, Asylum Records, Vampire Life, Roc Nation, and E1. The rapper is still tied to Roc Nation, an international record label in New York City founded by fellow rapper and global celebrity Jay Z.

In 1997, after following his artistic dream of forming a hip hop group, Jim Jones and two fellow childhood friends from Harlem, Freekey Zekey and Cam’ron, created “The Diplomats.”

In 1999, they would then be joined by Juelz Santana. And in 2001, the group then went on to sign a recording deal with Def-Jam and Jay-Z’s Rock-A-Fella Records.

In March 2003, their debut album titled “Diplomatic Immunity Under” was released.

In 2004, Jim Jones launched his debut solo album On My Way to Church.

In 2005 he followed this up with Harlem: Diary of a Summer at around the time when he got an executive position in A&R at Entertainment One Music.

In 2006 the third album that followed was Hustler’s P.O.M.E. (Product of My Environment). This gave him further popularity and was more successful commercially than any of his previous albums.

This album again fashioned and informed his biggest single album to date, We Fly High, which became number five on the American Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

In March of 2009, Columbia Records released Jones’s debut album, Pray IV Reign. This album produced the hit song “Pop champagne.”

In 2011, his fifth album, Capo, came out, which was helped by the popular single, “Perfect Day.” Later, Jones was reunited with his former hip hop mates Juelz Santana and Cam’ron.

On the 26th of June, 2010, they worked on a track together titled “Salute.” The release of this track marked the return of the Diplomats, and they later released a great album titled “Diplomatic Ties” on November 22, 2018.

And in May 2019, he returned with a sixth album, named El Capo.

In his most recent musical endeavor, Jones teamed up with Harry Fraud, a composer and record producer, and they collaboratively released a great album called “The Fraud Department in 2021.”

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Jim Jones’ Personal Life

Jim Jones has been in a great relationship with Chrissy Lampkin (aka Chrissy Jones), his girlfriend of 17 years. They have one child, a son named Joseph Guillermo Jones III. The pair is yet to make up their mind to tie the knot.

They have appeared together on “Love & Hip Hop New York” a famous reality show.

The couple has also appeared on other shows, notably “Vow or Never” and “Marriage Boot Camp.” They are pretty diligent and resourceful in that they have gone a notch higher to launch their own reality show known as “Chrissy and Mr. Jones.” Their show premiered on VH1 as an offshoot of the popular reality series “Love & Hip Hop: New York.”

In an episode of this reality show, Jim Jones has noted that while he appreciates that marriage is a significant development in a relationship, not everyone may want to get married.

He said that he and Chrissy are comfortable in the current state of their relationship. This fueled enormous speculation and rumors that perhaps the two lovebirds do not intend to commit or tie themselves down to marriage.

And in an interview on The WGCI Morning Show, Jones was upset with the interviewer for asking him about his marriage with Chrissy. He shot back at the interviewer: “You married? Your Momma married? You are talking to me about something that you haven’t fulfilled, or your mom fulfilled.”

This further added to the suspicions that marriage is not a priority for Jim Jones and his partner Chrissy and that the couple may never solemnize their marriage.

What Made Jim Jones Succeed?

Jim Jones has become successful due to his diligence and indomitable spirit in the entertainment industry. The rapper has ventured into a variety of entertainment channels ranging from production and television to video editing and the big screen.

All his efforts in this regard have been instrumental in his tremendous success. Jim Jones is a go-getter and a risk-taker who does not limit himself in any way.

He has expanded the application of his talents in music to various fronts in this world. The rapper also knows how to stay relevant by keeping his name in the spotlight. He achieves this by being present and appealing in the current television shows and spin-offs.

What Makes Jim Jones So Famous?

Jim Jones fame is widely ascribed to his first hit single, “We Fly High ” which topped the charts in the United States. He collaborated with the songwriter Zukhan-Bey to write it, and the hit was released on the album DJ Drama & Jim Jones: The Seven Day Theory on the Koch/Diplomat record label.

This song gained immense popularity and topped radio stations’ charts, music video channels, and many other mediums.

Even though Jones’ success is primarily thanks to this hit album, it is his part in the hip hop group “The Diplomats” and his role as a hype man for Cam’ron, which catapulted him to greater fame.

The group’s debut album made it to the top of the US’s hip hop charts when it was released in 2004.

Controversy About Jim Jones

In July 2012, Jim Jones was involved in a social media spat with fellow rapper Azealia Banks. The conflict started after the latter called out Jones for getting undeserved credit for the phrase “Vamp,” which Mrs. Banks claimed was her own.

Jim Jones has also been embroiled in further controversies in the entertainment realm with superstar Jay-Z, the ASAP mob, and Tru Life. These controversies have been mainly supremacy wars about who is more authentic and better in the hip-hop world, and on a few occasions, they have been ugly and nasty.

In 2006, Tru life called Jim Jones and Cam’ron “bitches.” Jim Jones responded and challenged the former to a fight with a $50,000 prize. Tru Life would react to this by stealing Jim Jones necklace and simultaneously taunting him on a mixtape. It featured a “Photoshopped” image showing Jones wearing a Borat style thong and Cam’ron styled as a Seventh Avenue transsexual hooker.

Again, in an interview in 2014, Jim Jones sought to portray ASAP Mob’s style as inauthentic by claiming that it was not “street enough.” He said: “They are artistic, but they’re not street.” In response, ASAP member ASAP Rocky quickly released a solo single that criticized this negative light calling it a “disingenuous ploy (by The Diplomatic group) to sell overpriced branded merchandise.”

Jim Jones had further involvement in controversy with hip hop global superstar Jay Z. Jim Jones started it all when he criticized Jay Z’s performance as president of Def Jam Recordings. Mr. Jay Z responded with a track titled “Brooklyn High” to neutralize Jones’s song “We Fly High.”

Finally, in another controversial occurrence, Jim Jones pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault after physically kicking Jay Z’s friend in Manhattan.

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Jim Jones Net Worth

By all means, Jim Jones is a successful rapper, record label executive, and social entrepreneur with quite a handsome net worth. Credible sources have said that Jim Jones net worth is estimated at $10 million.

He has not only earned a substantial amount as a rapper, but he has also gathered significant wages from other ventures he has invested in.

Jim Jones has earned a substantial amount of royalties from The Diplomats hit album, which has considerably increased his fortune. Yet this is not the only means of income for him. Jones and his girlfriend Chrissy have also earned handsomely from their own reality television shows.

Notably, the rapper is an accomplished social entrepreneur, and to this extent, he is involved in other income-generating ventures. These range from being the co-CEO of the record label to owning a freestyle inline skating team called “ Dipskate” to partly owning a professional indoor football team called Richmond Roughriders as well as acting.

It is this entrepreneurial understanding that has made the rapper so successful.

Bio Summary

Jim Jones made himself known in the world of American Music with his hit single “ We Fly High.” This solo album continues to be famous in many hip hop clubs. The song gets lots of playtime in these musical outlets.

Jim Jones is credited with the phrase “BALLIN!” which has gained traction in pop media and culture and is now used widely for sound effects.

He rose from a humble background in The Bronx, a predominantly black, poor neighborhood in New York, and achieved musical stardom quickly.

Launching himself onto the reality television shows was a boon for the artist and this reinforced not only his success but his name and income.

Again, as a professional producer and editor, he has enhanced his credibility and success in the entertainment industry. This will only help Jim Jones net worth to keep growing.

NameJim Jones
Birth NameJoseph Guillermo Jones II
Date of Birth15 July 1976
Place of BirthThe Bronx, New York, USA
ProfessionAmerican Rapper, Record Executive & Music Video Director
Marital StatusGirlfriend - Chrissy Lampkin
ChildrenSon - Joseph Guillermo Jones III
Net Worth Estimate$10 million