Jim Gaffigan Net Worth | How Rich Is This Talented Man?

With several years of experience and complete mastery of the heart of entertainment and comedy, it is important to know what Jim Gaffigan net worth is. For many years, Jim Gaffigan has captured the stage with comedy, acting, writing, and excellent production skills.

How much do you think is Jim Gaffigan Net worth? If you are a true fan of Jim Gaffigan, you deserve to know much more about him.


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You should know more about Jim Gaffigan’s net worth, family, place, date of birth, parentage, income, relationship, achievements, and children. However, if you don’t, you need not worry about anything. That is exactly why this article was written. This article was written to get you up to speed with the life and events of the legendary Jim Gaffigan.

Who Is Jim Gaffigan?


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Jim Gaffigan has been described as America’s funniest dad. Interestingly, Jim has been among the fewest people who have managed to find the balance between family, faith, and work (comedy). The superstar has five children, and he has managed to cope with them all.

For more than three decades, Jim has graced many stages to put the smile on the faces of countless people across America and beyond. As a result of his faith, he has carved a niche by presenting only clean comedy. His idea of a clean comedy, which has been seemingly centered like the ideals of a child, is being presented by the courage of a middle-aged man who is full of life.

Jim Gaffigan was born on the 7th of July 1966 in Elgin, within Illinois, the United States of America. Having been nominated for the Grammy award six times as a writer, producer, actor-comedian, and two-time best-selling New York author, alongside being a multi-platinum record-selling artist and a multiple-time Emmy-winning top touring performer, Jim Gaffigan definitely owns his brand and have learned his craft.

His unique type of humor is distinct and different all over the world. From 2001, he had launched several albums on comedy talking about basic topics such as food and overweight, which one of his most popular riffs centered around hot pockets.

After he became a father for the fifth time and his wife began to suffer from a brain tumor around 2017, his contents drifted towards faith, family, and parenthood. Despite several comics having left the industry due to its challenges, Jim Gaffigan, doing the one thing he loved, found a way to smile even amidst life’s biggest issues.

Owing to his expertise, dedication, and skill, he has been ranked among the top 10 earning comedians according to the Forbes list on comedy in 2019. Furthermore, he had recently released his special comedy stand-up, the 9th edition titled comedy monster, featured on Netflix.

Asides from this, Jim Gaffigan, was the lead actor in a sci-fi movie called linoleum which is set to premiere in 2022. He has also featured in many movies and acted in many series. He is happily married with five children; they live together in Manhattan with him and his wife.

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Jim Gaffigan’s Net Worth

Jim Gaffigan is a popular American comedian that has been on the scene for several years. After several years of expertise and hard work in his field, Jim Gaffigan net worth is at least $30 million. At age 55, Jim Gaffigan earns about a million dollars per annum.

Jim Gaffigan’s Early Life

Jim Gaffigan ( James Gaffigan Christopher) was given back to you in Elgin in Illinois on the 7th of July 1966. Born to a banker Ambrose Michael Gaffigan and a fundraising and charity worker Marcia Miriam (formerly Mitchell), Jim was the youngest amongst six children. With his family surname formerly being Gavahan, Jim Gaffigan undoubtedly has Irish roots.

Despite his Irish ties and roots, his maternal grandfather, the Justice of Iowa supreme court, Justice F. Richard. Although Gaffigan was born in Elgin, he was raised in Indiana Chesterton, which explains why he talks about his large family while he was growing up.

His mother was super efficient at needlework and earned an award to that effect for original craftsmanship and design from the American Needlepoint Guild in 1985. However, she died due to cancer at age 53 in 1990.

On the other hand, Gaffigan’s father was the CEO and president of the Mercantile National Bank of Indiana for about a decade and a half before he finally retired in 1991. His father was also a devout Christian and Catholic who was once a seminarian and deeply involved in charity work.

By 1999, Gaffigan Snr. died of lung cancer after being the first person to attend college in his family. He also ensured that his children got formal education and looked forward to having a career-driven life to get better jobs in the future. However, Jim decided to take a different path, as he was announced he would be an actor; and that he did.

While he was a teenager, he was Jim Gaffigan always watched Saturday night live. At a young age, he was enrolled in la Lumiere school in La Porte, Indiana, where he was active in the school’s football team. He also was a student of Purdue University for a year and became a member of the gamma delta fraternity while he was there.

Apart from this, he moved to Georgetown university’s McDonough school of business and graduated with a degree in finance in 1988. He was also active in sports while at Purdue and Georgetown, playing football. Since his intentions were clear about his interests, finance was just a happenstance. Although he worked as a litigation consultant after he graduated for a while, it was a terrible experience for him.

Jim Gaffigan’s Weight and Height

A 55-year-old superstar is about 6 feet tall and is approximately 183 cm or 1.83 m. He weighs 85 kg, which is an estimated 187 lbs. Jim Gaffigan is a fine middle-aged man with golden hair and blue eyes.

Jim Gaffigan’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Jim Gaffigan was born on the 7th of July in Elgin, Illinois, in the United States. Jim had a lovely childhood as he was raised in a Christian home amongst his five other siblings. Interesting, he was the youngest among the pack. In total, there were four boys and two girls in the family.

Jim Gaffigan’s father was a banker who supported formal education and ensured that all of his children sought a career path. Jim Christopher Gaffigan’s father was the first to go to college in his family and get a white-collar job. At the tender age of 6, he defied his father by announcing he would be an actor when he grew up.

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Jim Gaffigan’s Career


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Jim Gaffigan started as a stand-up comedian. He started in 1990 when he moved to New York to pursue his dream. Initially, he got a job in the advertising room and had to work during the day and go to acting classes at night. At this time, you had featured in several commercials and advertising videos.

His real journey began when a friend that the night acting class challenged him into a stand-up comedy. At the end of the dare, he enjoyed stand-up comedy and started visiting several comedy clubs every night.

In the earliest seven years of his career, he sampled several styles, such as angry committee voices and impressions, to get the perfect mix. After several years of practice, he had a successful startup and his stand-up comedy on success.

This success launched his career in 1999. Gaffigan’s comedy is purely observational, as he focuses on topics that pertain to him, such as his eating habits, overeating, and parenthood. He stated that the voice is developed over time will allow him to disarm different individuals by talking for them.

Interestingly, Jim Gaffigan started out cursing at first to gain more teenage fans. He later discovered that that was insane and had all the cursing and profanity removed from his album and routine, as he believed they didn’t amplify his craft.

By 2004, Gaffigan was amongst the comedians to feature in a comedy Central animation series known as shorties watching shortie. By October 2005, he was actively involved in the filming process for a live Comedy Central special edition it was premiered on the next January. Later on, his acts gravitated towards talking about food and the average American’s eating habit.

On the 25th of February 2012, Jim Gaffigan recorded an hour stand-up special, which got nominated in Washington DC at the Warner Theatres for Grammy. He also stated that based on the business model, it was utilized by Louis C.K at the beacon theatre wine offering to allow his performance available online on this website for as low as $5.

You also found that 20% of the total sales and earnings will go to Bob Woodruff Foundation to aid and support military veterans. By the end of 2012, she had evolved and become one of the top 10 earners in comedy in the United States.

In the same year, Jim Gaffigan made a recording named “Mr. Universe,’’ which got him a Grammy nomination which was a remarkable feat. By 2016, he was considered the most popular comedian on Pandora.com, with almost 670 million streams.

Till today, Jim Gaffigan hosts shows and compere events for charitable organizations. Jim believes he is still developing and credited his growth and development to Bill Murray, David Letterman, and Richard Pryor, who he considers the greatest stand-up comedian of all time.

Asides from all of this, Jim is a great writer, with one of his sketches earning him a Daytime Emmy award for the outstanding broadband program comedy category in 2007.

Jim Gaffigan’s Personal Life and Family


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Jim Gaffigan fell in love with and married top actress Jeannie Nothin in 2003. Together, they shared five wonderful children (three boys and two girls). It was not until 2015. The family moved away from their two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan borough within New York City before moving to somewhere bigger.

To maintain his connection with his family, he kept his bedtime rituals anytime he worked in the city. It is also said that he takes his family with him anytime he wants to go on tour.

Jim is a devout Catholic who does not work on Sunday, although he claims his wife is much more pious than he is considering her a Catholic Shiite. He and his family worship and go to Mass at the St. Patrick’s old Cathedral within Manhattan.

Interestingly, this church has played a huge role in their lives and holds many memories, as it was where Jim and his wife married and where their lovely little children were baptized. Jim and his wife later delivered a commencement address to the Catholic University of America in May 2016.

Two years later, the same thing was done at Jeanine’s Alma mater, Marquette University. They were awarded an honorary doctorate of humane letters degree in appreciation during graduation.

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Jim Gaffigan Net Worth and Bio Summary

It’s no surprise that Jim Gaffigan net worth is more than $30 million, as he is among the top ten earning comedians. With the skill, experience, and expertise Jim Gaffigan has acquired over the years, the superstar makes an estimated 1 million dollars every year.

NameJames Gaffigan
Real NameJames Christopher Gaffigan
Date of birth7th of July 1966
Place of BirthElgin, Illinois in the United States
OccupationStand-up comedy, Acting and Writing
Net Worth Estimate$30 million