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Jewel Net Worth | How Many Millions Has She Made?

Maybe you’re a fan who’s curious about Jewel Net Worth. Or perhaps you’re already familiar with who Jewel is.

Nevertheless, other than her name, can you boast of knowing many other things about her? Do you know anything about her family background? What about her relationship status?

Jewel Kilcher Net Worth

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Do you know what Jewel net worth is estimated to be right now? Well, there isn’t a course for alarm if you don’t have these details yet. The goal of this article was to bring all these unknown facts about Jewel to the fore.

Thus, questions about her personal life and family background, career, age, achievements, among other things, will be answered. You will also find out about Jewel’s Net Worth and sources of income.

Who is Jewel?

Jewel is a famous artist in the United States of America. She is renowned for being a variety of things, a singer, a guitarist, a songwriter, a poem writer, and even an actress. Her career in the entertainment industry began in her early twenties, and at that period, she produced her first album, which was an explosion in the global market.

Further, she is dedicated to establishing success in every aspect of her career, primarily in the entertainment industry. Jewel has released many albums that have led her to be nominated for awards. These albums have also made her receive many awards for her outstanding performances.

In addition, as an actress that she also is, Jewel is featured in a plethora of movies and television shows, and projects. These include Never Broken, A Night Without Armor, Ring of Fire, and many more.

The talented entertainer has also excelled in her poem-writing career. She has written many poems, contributing to her popularity globally.

Jewel Family Background and Early Life

Jewel is surnamed Kilcher, and she is a native of Payson in the United States of America. Presently she is 47 years old as she was born in May, on the 23rd, 1974. Just after she was given birth, her family relocated to Alaska. Her father is Attila Klicher, and her mother is Lenedra Klicher.

However, she was only raised by her father after her parent’s divorce when she was just at the age of seven. Two siblings also surround Jewel, and they are Shane and Lee. Although she also has a cousin named Qorianka, and a half-brother, Nikos.

Jewel started singing at the early age of seven. She goes out with her father to play and perform in taverns and hotels. She gained a partial scholarship to attend an art academy in Michigan, Interlochen Academy. She was trained in classical singing and guitar in this academy.

While she was still attending the academy, Jewel was famous for being a good singer and songwriter. She was often given the platform to play her songs in coffee shops. After graduation and furthering her career path in music, she relocated to San Diego.

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Jewel Height and Weight

Jewel has a height of 1.67m, while she also weighs 58kg.

Jewel Net Worth Estimate

Being a super talented person who majors in singing, acting, and even poetry, she has gathered over $30 million as her net worth as of 2022. Also, the famous entertainer has a progressive net worth increase since she has always been active in her career.

Jewel’s activeness in her career would mean she has always been engaged in several tours and worked on several movie projects as a producer. All of these have contributed to her Jewel’s Net worth today.

Jewel Professional Career

Jewel Kilcher Net Worth

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The career journey of Jewel into the entertainment world began at a very tender age when she started writing and was also given platforms to play. As a young girl, she had started to make waves for herself with her songwriting prowess out of school. She has also been performing in coffee houses and inns.

Her remarkable talent got her a record deal in 1995, and Atlantic Records issued the agreement. Thus, officially, her career in the industry started. Under this label (Atlantic Records), Jewel was able to get her first debut album released. The album was titled ‘Pieces of You’.

It was a fantastic record that became one of the most sold records during that period. The album maintained its relevance and popularity for over two years. Further, Jewel also released a single. It was her debut. The single scale is high in the market and among the top 100 hit songs.

Jewel’s career continued to bloom as she was also given an opportunity and a platform to perform at the Super Bowl opening in San Diego. This invitation was in 1998, and there, the singer sang the National Anthem. The same year 1998, she also released her second album.

Jewel has always been known to be a talented and consistent artist. Thus, in 2001, she released another album titled ‘This Way’. While again, in 2003, before she left her record label, the singer released another album, and she titled it 0304. The album sounded much different from other albums released in the past.

Fast forward to the year 2008, Jewel also produced two other albums. The first one is titled ‘Perfectly clear’, while the second is called Goodbye Alice in Wonderland. However, one of the albums (‘Perfectly clear’) was very popular at that time, such that it was also recognized as one of the top albums in the country. In the following year, Jewel also made an album called Lullaby.

In 2010, the popular American singer released another album titled Sweet and Wild. While after two years, she did a duet with top artists like Annie Pistol and Clarkson Kelly. Their collaboration led to her another album called ‘Greatest Hits’.

In 2015, Jewel got herself another studio album titled Pick up the pieces. The album had an element of folk sound. In addition, she added more albums, about four of them and over 30 singles, to her collection. At the same time, she released several video albums as well.

In late 2019, the singer did another song used in the movie, Lost in America. Also, Jewel participated in a competition called The Masked Singer in 2021. In that competition, she emerged as the winner, and she was given accolades and an honorary gift for outstanding performance.

Jewel Kilcher has an amazing music career profile, which began when she was young. Furthermore, since she isn’t just a singer, she also had some works done as a poet and an actress. As a poet, she published A Night without armor in 1998. It was her first-ever publication, and it was noted as the best-sold publication by the New York Times.

As an actress also, she has featured in a variety of movies. For example, she had once played the role of a judge in a movie titled Nashville Star. There are also other shows and films credited to her.

Some of these films include Ring of Fire, The Rutles part 2, etc. Some of the TV shows she has featured include the likes of Undercover Brother, Platinum Hit, and so on.

Jewel Awards and Achievements

Jewel has a long and successful career in the entertainment industry. She has also amassed several awards and achievements in her various forms of expression. Starting with her music career, she received several music awards from her early 90s.

The famous and talented artist received her first music award in 1994. She got the award for Best Acoustic this year in San Diego. The following year, 1995, she received an award for the Best Artist of the year. Again in 1996, Jewel claimed the same award for the year’s best artist.

The awards kept coming as she also received an outstanding award for Most Loved New Artist in the United States in 1997. In addition to that, Jewel was also crowned one of the top 40 artists in a Billboard music award. Jewel is a talented singer, and she had an amazing run with her music career. Hence why all of these awards kept coming to her.

The American artist also got an award for the video produced by a female. MTV presented the award. The music video title is ‘You were meant for me’.

The year 1999 seemed to be one of the best years of the singer. She received phenomenal and outstanding awards, such as the Governor’s award for being one of the best songwriters. Furthermore, she also received an award for having the best-spoken word album. The album was titled ‘A night without Armor’.

There are several other awards she has received in her career. Some of them include an award from BMI an award from Radio Music in 2003. There is also an award from ASCAP pop music for the song mostly performed in 2004. Jewel has also been nominated and awarded as the best female vocal performer in the country.

In addition to all of these, Jewel has also excelled in her acting career. Thus, she has been featured in several movies and has also been nominated for an award.

Jewel Personal Life, Family, and Relationships

So far, much has been said about Jewel Kilcher’s career life, family background, awards, and accomplishments. Well, that is not all there is to know about her. So, let’s talk about her relationships.

Jewel’s relationship began with Sean Penn, whom she dated back in 1995. Sean Penn is an actor, and upon watching Jewel’s live performance, he approached her and asked her to write a song that he could use for his film. Ever since then, the two started a relationship. However, unfortunately so, the relationship only lasted for a while.

Still, in the ’90s, Jewel was also reported to have dated some popular figures. They include the likes of Newsom Gavin and Steve Poltz in the past.

However, 2008 happened to be a different year for the single lady. In that year, she got married to Ty Murray. The marriage took place in the Bahamas, and they were consequently blessed with a son in 2011. He is called Kase. However, unfortunately, in 2014, the couple decided to untie the knot after spending six years together. The reason for that is best known to them.

Well, Jewel did not allow her divorce with Murray to stop her from finding love elsewhere. Although she is more focused on her career, there were still reports of her dating again. Talking about that, Jewel entered a relationship with Charlie Whitehurst in 2015, and they are still together. Charlie is a footballer.

Jewel Philanthropic Activities

Jewel Kilcher is mostly associated with the entertainment industry. But it will interest you to know that as much as she is a successful artist, she is also a philanthropist. She created an organization alongside her mother and brother to show the humanitarian side to foster education and sustainable development.

The organization is a non-profit organization, and they gave it a name, Higher Ground for Humanity. Jewel pumps in some of her resources into the organization to ensure that it never stops fulfilling the purpose of its creation.

Jewel didn’t stop there. She again participated in a campaign to support the protection of breast cancer patients. The campaign saw over 12 million petitions raised in support of the proposed bill. Also, in 2006, Kilcher became an honorary chairperson by appointment. Her job was to lead a movement in Washington called “Help the Homeless Walk”.

While in the year 2008 also, to donate to one of her projects, tagged Project Clean Water; Jewel wrote and auctioned her lyrics to achieve the project. Several other songwriters also joined her in this project. They also wrote and auctioned out their lyrics for the project to survive and thrive.

Due to her consistent involvement in philanthropic activities, Jewel was appointed as an ambassador for an organization committed to housing matters. The initiative focuses on getting the people of the United States to rethink public housing and focuses on its positive impact on the community.

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Jewel Net Worth & Bio Summary

She has accumulated a net worth of over $30 million as of 2022. She gathered this as a super talented person who majors in singing, acting, and even poetry. In addition, because she has always been active in her career, the popular entertainer’s net worth has also steadily increased.

Jewel’s career activity would indicate that she has always been involved in several tours and worked as a producer on some film projects. All of this has contributed to Jewel’s current net worth.

The Summary;

  • Jewel is a well-known performer in the United States. She is well-known for being a singer, guitarist, songwriter, poet, and even actress, among other things.
  • Jewel is a popular artist in the United States of America. She is famous for being a variety of things, a singer, a guitarist, a songwriter, a poem writer, and even an actress.
  • Jewel has a height of 1.67m, while she also weighs 58kg.
  • Jewel started singing at the early age of seven. She goes out with her father to play and perform in taverns.
  • Jewel is surnamed Kilcher, and she is a native of Payson in the United States of America.
  • Presently she is 47 years old as she was born in May, on the 23rd, 1974.
  • Her father only raised her after her parents divorced when she was only seven years old. Shane and Lee, Jewel’s two siblings, are also present in her life.
  • Jewel’s net worth is over $30 million as of 2022.
  • Jewel has worked in the entertainment industry for a long time and has had many successes. She’s also won many awards and accolades for her various artistic endeavors.
  • Her career in the entertainment industry began when she was in her early twenties, and she produced her first album at that time, which became a worldwide sensation.
  • Jewel has also done well in her acting career, appearing in some films and being nominated for an award.
  • She dated Sean Penn in 1995
  • She married Murray Ty in 2008, and they both have a son called Kase. However, she divorced Murray in 2014.
  • She is currently in a relationship with Charlie Whitehurst.
  • She is also a philanthropist who has engaged in several humanitarian services.


This piece aims to get you informed about the life of Jewel Kilcher, the famous American artist. Therefore, by now, you should be well-informed about her age, career, family background, child, series of awards, and achievements. Well, Jewel is an outstanding artist who is a singer and a fantastic actress and poet-writer.

She has been committed to the entertainment career since she was seven. She has demonstrated excellence in every aspect of her artistic endeavors. Aside from being famous for entertainment, she is also committed to offering humanitarian services, and she also established a non-profit organization for the same purpose.


Who is Jewel?

Jewel Kilcher is a popular artist in the United States of America. She is famous for being a variety of things, a singer, a guitarist, a songwriter, a poem writer, and even an actress. She started her official career in the entertainment industry in 1995.

How Old is Jewel?

Presently she is 47 years old as she was born in May, on the 23rd, 1974.

Is Jewel Married?

No. Jewel is not married. Although she was married to Murray in 2008, they both have a son named Kase. However, the couple divorced in 2014. She has also dated the likes of Sean Penn and several others. She is currently dating Charlie Whitehurst.

Real NameJewel Klicher
Place of BirthPayson, United States of America
ParentFather: Atz Kilcher Mother: Lenedra Kilcher
SiblingsBrothers: Atz Lee Kilcher and Shane Kilcher
ChildrenKase Townes Murray
OccupationProfessional singer, songwriter, actor and poet
Net Worth Estimate$30 million