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Jesse Watters Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?


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He might be a household name in America but do you know that Jesse Watters net worth is estimated at around $8 million? The conservative political commentator and author has been working for Fox News for several years. Jesse gained much of his fame from the show; The O’Reilly Factor.

He also gained a lot of credibility from the many street interviews that he’s done, as well as being featured on the show; Watters’ World.

Jesse Watters’ Early Life

Jesse Watters was born on July 9, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Philly is the biggest city in the state of Pennsylvania. It is also number six in the list of the most populated cities in the US, and it is the city with the highest population in the state.

Jesse’s father, Stephen Hapgood Watters is a teacher, and his mother Anne Purvis Watters is a child psychologist. Anne is the director of admission for the Green Vale School based in Glen Head, New York. She is the daughter of Morton Bailey, Jr. who is the publisher of the magazine; Better Homes and Gardens. Her grandfather, who was Morton Bailey, published The Saturday Evening Post.

Jesse’s paternal grandfather was Dr. Franklin Benjamin Watters, he was a cardiologist based in Newington, Connecticut, at the Veterans Administration Hospital. He was also a professor for the Medical Dental School at the University of Connecticut. Anne always wanted her children to get the best academic foundation.

Jesse’s mother has been in the education field most of her life, and she earned her doctorate not long ago. The Watters family relocated to East Falls, in Philadelphia when Jesse started school.

Jesse studied at the well-known William Penn Charter School until the family moved to Long Island. Jesse Watters went to Trinity College for his college education, and graduated with a degree in history in 2001.

There isn’t much information about Jesse Watters early life. But from what we can see, he has one sister. Jesse considers his mother to be a liberal person. After ending a broadcast, Jesse says that she calls him to admonish him about the comments he makes.

Jesse and his parents have maintained an excellent bond despite diverse political differences. The television star makes jokes about the texts he has to receive from his mother every time he finishes hosting a show.

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Jesse Watters’ Career


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After completing his education at Trinity College, Jesse Watters was fortunate enough to get an opportunity at Fox News. He began his career by working as one of the production assistants.

The production assistant position given to Jesse was perfect for him to highlight his talents and skills.

2003 – He began working for The O’Reilly Factor as production staff.

2004 – Jesse started hosting some small segments for the influential O’Reilly Show. Society began to notice the young man because of his humor in the street shows.

Jesse Watters’ net worth increased when he started his show.

June 2014 – He made an appearance on the talk show; ‘Outnumbered’ and ‘Fox News’ daytime news for the first time.

The daytime political show has female panelists only. During every show, the panel would invite just one male guest.

Jesse is respected for his political opinions, and he would be invited into this show several times every week.

November 2015 – Jesse Watters debuted his own show, ‘Watters’ World’. This show is a monthly news program airing on Fox News that provides their outlook on topics like politics.

Watters World became very popular in the country, and in two years, it started airing weekly. Everyone would be prepared for the show every Saturday.

April 2017 – Jesse Watters becomes one of the hosts for a fantastic talk show known as The Five.

The talented professional has been working with Katie Pavlich, Dana Perino, Emily Compagno, and Greg Gutfeld as panelists of the popular show.

For the street interviews, Jesse Watters focused on asking questions to strangers. The show host had realized that most people were out of touch with issues affecting them daily.

Most of the strangers who answered questions from Jesse had gathered their answers from social media. Others were getting their information from their college professors. Turns out, the college professors were giving biased information to their students.

April 2021 – HarperCollins had announced the publication of Jesse’s first book How I Saved The World. The book was then published on July 6, and hit number one on the New York Times bestseller list for nonfiction on July 10, 2021.

January 2022 – Jesse Watters is now a permanent host on the show ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

Jesse Watters’ Controversies

Jesse Watters has attracted several controversies during his career. The political show host has been criticized many times because of his racist comments, political stand, and false statements.

2009 – Amanda Terkel “ambush”

One of Jesse’s cameramen ambushed Amanda Terkel, a journalist working for The O’Reilly Factor. At the time, Amanda was enjoying her vacation.

Several years later, a journalist from Huffington Post approached Jesse, while videoing him and asked him to apologize to Amanda. Jesse didn’t respond well to this idea, and he grabbed the phone then threw it on the floor.

The two men have had a strained relationship since then.

2016 – Chinatown Segment

The Watters’ World show drew criticism when Jesse recorded some racist comments concerning Asian Americans. During the show, Jesse asked some Chinese Americans whether they knew how to do Karate. This is not a sport from China, but rather from Japan. The journalist also asked these people if he should bow to greet them. Jesse went ahead to ask these individuals whether they were wearing some stolen watches too.

Influential people in the country denounced the racist remarks made by Jesse. Lawmakers and influential journalists in America felt that Watters’ comments were racist, and they should not be entertained in the future.

January 2017 – Jesse Watters became the talk of the town for the wrong reasons. The executive claimed that the manager working for Hillary Clinton had given out his password.

April 2017 – Ivanka Trump Comments

Just a couple days after he joined The Five as co-host, Jesse Watters decided to comment on air about Ivanka Trump, and it was hugely criticized, and considered crude.

Donald Trump introduced a policy that encouraged the separation of children from their loving families. Jesse Watters defended this policy, which earned him a lot of backlash from the communities around him.

Jesse Watters also received many negative comments when he claimed that the climate change issue was not a big deal to society. Many people felt that the executive did not care about the future of other generations. Everyone thought that the climate issue should be given priority so that people can live in a healthy and safe environment.

Jesse Watters’ Personal Life


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Like all the famous individuals in society, Jesse Watters’ love life has been in the limelight. The professional has been married trice.

First marriage was to Noelle Watters. Noelle came from New York, a very successful fashion stylist. The television personality had a remarkable career.

Jesse and Noelle had a great relationship, and their union brought forth two daughters, Elle and Sophie. The twins were born in November 2011.

Jesse explained, in an interview, that he met his first wife while she was working at Fox News. The executive served in the network in various positions before he got married.

The marriage between Jesse and Noelle became bitter when gossip columns in the country realized that Jesse was having an affair with one of his producers. Emma DiGiovine, the woman in question, was working as an associate producer in Watters’ World.

When Jesse accepted that he was having an affair with Emma, she was moved to a different show. The network had strict policies regarding romantic relationships and sexual harassment at the workplace.

Jesse and his first wife divorced one year after declaring his affair with Emma. In 2019, the successful political commentator married Emma. The couple have one son together. He was born in 2021.

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Jesse Watters’ Net Worth


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Jesse Watters has worked very hard to become successful. The executive has been appearing on different shows over the years, and this is how he brings in such a lovely income. Jesse Watters net worth is currently $8 million.

The television star receives an annual salary of approximately $2 million. Most of his income comes from Jesse’s activities at the Fox News channel. He has purchased a beach house in New Jersey. During the COVID19 pandemic, Jesse Watters used this house to host one of his shows, The Five.

Jesse Watters is a book author. His book is titled, How I Saved the World. It has been bringing Jesse some income in the past few months, since it was launched in mid 2021. He has been participating in book signings to help boost the sales of his book. And he loves speaking in public gatherings too.

Height And Weight

Height – 6’ 1” (185cm)
Weight – 165 lbs (75kg)

Jesse Watters’ Bestselling Book

How I Saved The World

In 2021, Jesse Watters launched his first book, How I Saved the World.

Although the book has only been on the market for a very short time, it has been trending. Jesse has been committed to selling his book to people all over the world.

Jesse has a rigorous schedule due to his numerous shows. The author, however, finds time to participate in book signings regularly. And has been speaking to the public about both politics and his book recently.

Most people who purchase the book say that they were attracted to it by Jesse’s humor. The popular executive makes true but funny statements concerning America’s politics, which keeps the reader entertained. Many people say that have learned a lot about politics since reading it.

While writing his book, Jesse Watters comments about his mother and her liberal beliefs. He says that he shares very different political opinions from his mother. When his mother learned that her son was releasing a book, she cried.

Jesse’s mother came from a solid academic background. She acquired her doctorate despite raising a great family and having a busy career. When she realized that her only son could write a book and publish it without grammar errors, she was happy and impressed.

In one chapter of this entertaining and educative book, Jesse explains how he receives several texts from his mother after hosting the political show named The Five. He knows that his mother watches all of his shows even when she disagrees with his political opinions.

Watters’ mother explains how she is not impressed with his conservative ideology and text comments. Despite the advice and opinions from her, he says that he is adamant that he is going to stand by his words.

How I Saved the World has 16 chapters.

Jesse believes that writing this book is one of the best things he has done in his life.

Bio Summary

Jesse Watters, an American-based political commentator, has done very well in his television career. The successful professional has worked in Fox News for many years, and he has managed to host numerous shows.

Jesse Watters net worth is currently at $8 million.

In his career in the television industry, Jesse Watters has had the chance to work with several influential panelists. The executive likes to speak about real issues affecting the American political arena.

Despite having a very successful career, Jesse Watters has found himself amid several controversies. The television star has been accused of making racist remarks and fighting with fellow panelists.

He has faced the harshest criticism when he claimed that climate change was not a big deal for society. Supporting Donald Trump on the policy to separate children from their loving families brought a lot of backlash to Jesse.

In 2021, Jesse wrote his first book, and he has dedicated a lot of his time to sell it to the community. The book explains the actual realities in the American political arena, with a bit of humor added to it.

Jesse speaks about his mother in this book too.

Watters is very active on Social Media. You can find him on Instagram with over 600k followers, Facebook where he has just under 200k followers, and on Twitter where he has just short of 100k followers.

Jesse Watters is said to be among the richest Fox News Journalists.

NameJesse Watters
Date of Birth9 July 1978
Place of BirthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Weight165lbs (75kg)
ProfessionAmerican Political Commentator
Marital StatusNoelle K. Inguagiato (m. 2009-2019)
Emma DiGiovine (m. 2019)
ChildrenTwins - Ellie Watters
Sophie Watters
Son - Jesse Bailey Watters
ParentsFather - Stephen Hapgood Watters
Mother - Anne Purvis Watters
Net Worth Estimate$8 million