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Jermaine O’Neal Net Worth – How Rich Is The Basketballer?

What is Jermaine O’Neal net worth? What makes up Jermaine O’Neal net worth? These are the thoughts on the minds of every true fan of the legendary basketball player. How rich has Jermaine O’Neal been with a remarkable career spanning two decades?  All these things and more will be uncovered in this article.

Jermaine O'neal Net Worth

This article intends to discuss the life of Jermaine O’Neal, his victories on the court, defeats, struggles, and family and personal life. This article also discusses seemingly trivial facts such as his hobbies, age, zodiac sign, and other facts that only true fans can boast of.

This piece gives a complete outlook in a simple, engaging, yet concise view of the life of Jermaine O’Neal, helping you draw inspiration from the life of the superstar while understanding what has made him stand out for several years.

Who is Jermaine O’Neal?


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Jermaine O’Neal Lee is a former American basketball player who played professionally. The superstar was born on the 13th of October 1978 and had a stellar career in the NBA. But before then, young Jermaine O’Neal had a wonderful career in high school as an accomplished center-forward.

He was so successful in high school that he was eligible for the NBA draught in 1996 and immediately left high school. At the young age of 17, O’Neal was chosen by the scouts for the Portland trailblazers and was ranked the 17th overall best player, which helped him get his professional debut at the tender age of 18. This feat helped him break the record of being the youngest player to play in the NBA game.

Starting with the Portland trailblazers, it was difficult for Jermaine O’Neal to break into the first team of the team. Therefore, he was sold to the Indiana Pacers in the year 2000. That was where the star in him emerged, and he began to blossom. Jermaine O’Neal has had a remarkable career at Indiana Pacers since he joined them in 2000.

Young Jermaine O’Neal spent up to 8 seasons with Indiana Pacers and won the NBA All-Star award six times. During this period, he made it to all the NBA teams thrice. Jermaine O’Neal Lee’s progress and advancement were so rapid when he switched to the Indiana Pacers that he was recognized for his growth by being awarded the most improved player in NBA in the 2001/2002 championship season.

Jermaine O’Neal also helped the Indiana Pacers get to the NBA playoffs up to six times and the Eastern Conference finals in the 2003/2004 championship season.

Later on, the Toronto Raptors came knocking and secured the young superstar before the 2008/2009 championship season began. Jermaine O’Neal later plays for the Miami Heat, phoenix suns, and Boston Celtics before the end of what has been an illustrious career.

The superstar drew the curtains on what has been an amazing career in the 2013/2014 championship season, bringing an end to a career that has more than 18years (1996-2014). At the end of his career, he joined the golden state warriors, where he spent his last year in the NBA.

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Jermaine O’Neal Net Worth Estimate

The 42-year-old is expected to be worth at least 70 million dollars in 2021. However, how did Jermaine O’Neal net worth estimate that much?

While Jermaine O’Neal was still an NBA player, he earned about $23 million as his annual salary, which makes him the second-highest, most paid basketball player in the NBA, second only to the legendary Kobe Bryant.

The superstar recently had inked a contract with the Pacers, with a seven-year duration worth $126 million.

Jermaine O’Neal Early Life

Even the greatest of stars had it rough and hard to surmount challenges to get to the top. Interestingly, Jermaine O’Neal’s life is not different. He was welcomed into this world on the 13th of October, 1978. He was welcomed into this world in South Carolina, Columbia.

In the most remote part of the community, Jermaine O’Neal and his brother named Clifford were nurtured and raised by their mother, a single parent. Jermaine O’Neal’s mother’s name was Angela Ocean, and she was dedicated to raising her boys.

Being so consumed with work to make ends meet, Ocean unconsciously neglected the boys and left them to themselves. As a result, O’Neal and his brother Clifford were attracted to and loved different things.

Luckily, O’Neal’s love was in athletics from a very young age. However, he took to American football, rugby, and basketball as two different sports. Basketball became his favorite sport with heroes such as Bill Russell and Hakeem Olajuwon, who were legends in the game for him to draw inspiration from.

Just like them, Jermaine O’Neal was tall and athletic. He was particularly fascinated by Hakeem Olajuwon’s mentality towards the basketball game. He was engrossed in Russell Bill’s different highlights, particularly the highlights of his one-on-ones with Chamberlain Wilt.

Jermaine O’Neal Height and Weight

To become a basketball star, an imposing height seems to be the prerequisite, a feature Jermaine O’Neal has in abundance. The 43 years old has an imposing height and stands at 211cm or 2.11 meters tall, which explains why he was 6’4 at age 18.

He also weighs about 255lbs to give him a complete, and we’ll build a frame. Jermaine O’Neal is an African American which a wonderful physique and a winning mentality.

Jermaine O’Neal’s Early Life and Place of Birth

Born on the 13th of October 1978, Jermaine Lee O’Neal was born and raised in South Carolina, Columbia, in the United States of America. The superstar had a rough childhood, as he grew up with his older brother named Clifford. They had little resources and managed to get by thanks to their relentless and hardworking mother, Ocean Angela, who worked several jobs to make them comfortable.

Angela Ocean was a single parent who was dedicated and committed to taking care of her children. As a result, she unconsciously left them to pick up different interests on their own without guidance.

Interestingly, Jermaine O’Neal was drawn to athletics because of his tall and athletic frame. He took a liking to both basketball and American football (Ruby). He was inspired by the works of Russell Bill and Hakeem Olajuwon, who will legends in the game of basketball and made a lot of achievements.

Due to the influence of these heroes, it wasn’t difficult for Jermaine O’Neal to choose between rugby and basketball. Jermaine loved and admired Hakeem Olajuwon’s mentality towards the game and was fascinated by Bill Russell’s skills through his highlights and videos with Wilt Chamberlain.

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Jermaine O’Neal Career

Jermaine O’Neal career started when he played for the AAU team and caught the eye with his ability to hold the ball with both hands and rare athletism. He had such a special night that he was already 6 feet 4 inches by the time he was 14. This made the coach build the change the fence around him.

In 1992, he joined Eau Claire high school 1992 as a freshman. It didn’t take long before you met with the coach of the basketball team, coach George Glymph and vowed to become the best in the game in the school. He joined the team as a quarterback and grew taller a few months later. He had a record of at least 18 points, nine blocks, and 12 rebounds per game with his height.

At age 16, he got the better of another upcoming star in the country, Tim Thomas, whose outstanding gameplay led to streams of recruiters flooding the country. He was caught having an affair with the district attorney’s daughter and was almost prosecuted for rape within the same year.

Immediately the news got out, coach Glymph stepped in and helped him get a grip on life. His mother, Ocean Angela, also met someone new, Kennedy Abraham, who advised Jermaine O’Neal and taught him what he should do at that young age.

He overcame even more hurdles in his senior year and broke more records. As a result, he has crowned the South Carolina player of the year, first-team all-state, and earned the title “Mr. Basketball.” Furthermore, he got a spot in the USA Today-All USA team basketball and earned the right to join the McDonald’s All American Games.

Although he was tagged the wonder kid of the game in the country, he’s going to college wasn’t set in stone, as he was poor in his academics and had a poor SAT score. O’Neal was eager to make a transition into the NBA to follow the path of Garment, who left a year before; however, coach Glymph cautioned him against this.

In 1996, Jermaine O’Neal was recruited by the Portland trailblazers, with whom he spent the first seasons of his professional career as a basketball player. He made his professional debut as an NBA star at the age of 17. After the cameo, he struggled to get playtime and was shipped off to the Indians Pacers in 2000.

Due to his impressive form in 2000, he was invited to the United States national basketball team to play at the Goodwill game in 2001. The team won all of their games and picked up the gold medal at the tournament.

By 2002, Jermaine O’Neal had been voted the most improved player of the season and earned a place in the United States Basketball team to represent the nation at the World Basketball Championship, which took place in Indianapolis.

Despite the abundance of talent paraded by the United States of America, the team came 6th in the competition. However, the team came back stronger, winning the next tournament the following year. Later on, the American basketball team qualified for the Olympics in 2004, but he couldn’t represent them due to a knee injury.

Back at the Indiana Pacers, he has voted the NBA all-star six times and was awarded for being the most developed basketball player in 2001/the 2002 season, and was part of the All NBA team three times. Later on, he had to move on to the Toronto Raptors, where he made a lot of impact after spending eight seasons with the Indiana Pacers.

Before the end of his career, Jermaine O’Neal played for Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, and the phoenix suns before retirement in the 2013/ 2014 season with the golden state warriors.

Jermaine O’Neal Personal Life and Family


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Jermaine O’Neal has an amazing family. However, the identity of Jermaine O’Neal’s father had his mother, Ocean Angela, who was a single mother who raised both Jermaine O’Neal and his brother. O’Neal spent his childhood with his brother, Clifford, in South Carolina.

O’Neal embraced the Christian faith and became more open about his religion and faith growing up. O’Neal tweets about his beliefs from time to time. He married his wife, Mesha, who gave him two beautiful children. The names of his children are Jermaine O’Neal Jnr and Asija.

Jermaine O’Neal owns a studio in Atlanta called Bogota entertainment. The superstar is also creative as he was recognized as a producer on a Netflix movie titled “Untold: Malice at the Palace in 2021.”

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Jermaine O’Neal Net Worth and Bio Summary


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Jermaine O’Neal is an accomplished former American basketball player. The superstar was born on the 13th of October 1978 in South Carolina, Columbia. With a career that has spanned close to two decades, Jermaine O’Neal net worth is assumed to be around $70 million.

Jermaine O’Neal earned an annual salary of about $23 million per annum while a basketball player, making him the second-highest-paid player, only second to Kobe Bryant.

The superstar recently signed a contract with the Pacers, which would run for about seven years and is worth a whopping $123 million.

NameJermaine Lee O'Neal
Real NameJermaine Lee O'Neal
Date of birthThe 13th of October 1978
Place of BirthSouth Carolina, Columbia
Height211cm or 2.11m
RelationshipMarried to Mesha
ChildrenTwo (Jermaine O'Neal Jr and Adina)
Faith or ReligionChristianity
OccupationFormer professional basketball player
Net Worth Estimate$70 million