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Jennette McCurdy Net Worth | How Rich Is The Star?

If you want to uncover Jennette McCurdy net worth, you’ve come to the right place. Many people, who watched Nickelodeon, know her as the actress from iCarly. Whereas others recognize her by her country-pop songs.


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But there is so much more to discover about this star. Not only has she tried various professions but she has an interesting personal life, as well. This has largely impacted the high Jennette McCurdy’s net worth and her earnings which are unimaginable for many people out there.

So, are you ready to dive into the details and the exciting bits of her life? Then, stay with us and read further.

Who is Jennette McCurdy?


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The first association that comes with this name is acting. But aside from being an actress, Jennette is also a producer, singer, songwriter, dancer, and YouTuber.

Acting has followed Jennette since she has been very young. As a child actor, she has appeared in many projects. But it wasn’t until Nickelodeon picked her up that she became truly recognized by a wider audience of different ages.

What’s interesting about the star is that unlike many of her colleagues, she is against appearing fake in photos. She has said this in interviews, pointing out that she has been to photoshoots and afterward when she sees the photos of her, she apparently can’t recognize herself.

And according to her, this is something that shouldn’t be done, and celebrities should be presented the way they are in reality. This is only one of the reasons her fans love her and follow her still.

Aside from more fans, the fact that she is active in numerous fields, including writing and producing has brought higher amounts to the overall Jennette McCurdy’s net worth. Having in mind that she is nowhere near stopping, the numbers are estimated to go only up.

As her successes piled up over the years, she has won many awards and recognitions. They reflect her numerous careers related to entertainment.

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Jennette McCurdy’s Net Worth Estimate


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Success and high earnings don’t come overnight. So, Jennette started small and patiently climbed up until she reached million-dollar sums per project. More precisely, at the beginning of her professional career, she earned even less than $1,000 for a show and when she worked on ‘iCarly’ the amount she got was as much as $50,000 per episode. This seriously increased Jennette McCurdy’s net worth.

The leap in the amount is understandable considering her long years of experience and the popularity of Nickelodeon’s TV show. With many people around the world watching it regularly, it gained big attention and numerous episodes were made. With this, Jennette McCurdy’s net worth only continues to grow.

As of 2022, it’s estimated that it reached more than $6 million, which is a complete success. But it doesn’t come only from acting. When she has the time, Jennette tends to write for well-known magazines like the Wall Street Journal, the Seventeen, Huffington Post, and the likes.

Also, she uploads creative content on YouTube viewed by over 5 million people. And among other things, she has published a studio album with her songs on it. Staying active and doing something all the time apparently pays off in her case.

Jennette McCurdy’s net worth comprises her real estate, as well. And she has earned quite a lot from it. Moreover, she bought a property of 2,600 square feet in 2013.

It was in the Los Angeles Studio City area and its price was 905,000 USD. In 2016, she sold it for 995,000 USD even though she listed it for 1.4 million USD. These are large sums that greatly impact her financial condition.

Jennette McCurdy’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Jennette McCurdy’s full name is Jannette Michelle Faye McCurdy. She was born in Los Angeles California on June 26, 1992. More precisely, the place where she was raised was Garden Grove. That’s where Jennette’s whole family lived. She had a father Mark, his mother Debbie, and three older brothers.

Tragedy hit the family when Jennette was only 3 years old. Moreover, they found out that Debbie had breast cancer. A tough period followed with hospital visits and surgeries.

Her mother went to chemotherapy and had transplantation of bone marrow as well as numerous check-ups. Unfortunately, none of this was enough to save her life and she passed away in 2013. This left deep consequences in Jennette’s life.

When it comes to her education, the public doesn’t know the details. She is smart and has skills in entertainment but officially there isn’t a proof of her degree and the field of her studies.

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Jennette McCurdy’s Height and Weight

When you look at Jennette McCurdy, the overall impression is that she is a cute young woman with blonde hair and a beautiful-looking face. She isn’t very tall but considering that she’s a girl her height is among the common ones. She stands at 5 feet and 1 inch or 157 centimeters.

As for her weight, she has 121 pounds or around 55 kilograms. This matches her height, explaining why she is in shape and looks attractive. Her fans and followers get a regular glimpse of her appearance thanks to the photos she shares on Instagram.

They are usually related to modeling and experimenting with what she wears. That’s why they pique the interest of the masses, encouraging her to share more. In fact, people aren’t shy to express their appreciation for how she looks in the comments on her profiles.

Therefore, even her body measurements became publicly known. They are 34 – 28 – 40 inches.

Jennette McCurdy’s Career


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It’s safe to say that Jennette has been acting since she can remember. When she was just 8 years old, she landed her first role in the comedy series with the title ‘Mad TV’. This was in the year 2000.

Then, the next year, in 2001 she acted in the movie ‘Shadow Fury’, which was her first time appearing on the big screen and contributing to higher Jennette McCurdy’s net worth.

Among the other projects, she did next were ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ in 2002, from 2003 to 2005 ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, ‘Strong Medicine’ in 2004, ‘Karen Sisco’ in the same year, in 2005 ‘Zoey 1001’ and ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’. These slowly but surely launched her into the world of acting and her name became more widely known.

So, led by the success of these projects, she went on to act in ‘Judging Amy’ and ‘Medium’ in 2005. Still, one of her most notable appearances before ‘iCarly’ remains the role in ‘Hollywood Homicide’ in which she acted with Harrison Ford. Actually, she has said that the actor’s performance in Star Wars was what inspired her to follow in his footsteps and continue with a career in acting.

2007 was another fruitful year was Jennette. This was when she appeared in ‘Lincoln Heights’, ABC’s popular series. She had a role in ‘The Last Days of Summer’, which was a TV movie. But this was also the year she entered the world of ‘iCarly’ and the role of Sam Puckett follows her throughout her whole life.

The series ‘iCarly’ was on for as many as 97 episodes spread across six seasons. This makes it clear why people got attracted to it and accustomed to seeing it on their TVs. This was especially true for teens and youngsters.

Moreover, Jennette played Sam Puckett again in the spin-off series ‘Sam and Cat’. In this series her co-star was Ariana Grande. It was 35 episodes long and lasted between 2013 and 2014. As ‘iCarly’ was a longer series, McCurdy accepted roles while it and ‘Sam and Cat’ were on.

Therefore, she acted in the movie ‘Minor Details’ in 2009 followed by the short movie ‘The Death and Return of Superman’, ‘Big Time Rush’, ‘Cupcake Wars’ in 2011, ‘Victorious’ in 2012, and in 2013 ‘Ben & Kate’. During this period, she voiced several characters in movies and shows, as well.

But her love for writing and producing her own pieces appeared and grew during those years. So, in 2014, she put her skills to the test and wrote the series ‘What’s Next for Sarah?’ meant to be watched on the web. She also starred in the series and she stated that the story was based on her personal life.

What also reflected her personal life was the TV movie that she directed and wrote in 2017. It was called ‘The McCurdys’ and followed the life of a Mormon family with its issues, a mother that had cancer, and a daughter that decided to pursue a career as an actress. The connection couldn’t be more apparent.

Before this, during the years 2015 and 2016, Jennette kept acting in short movies and TV shows. Some of them were ‘The First Lady’, ‘The Last Virgin in LA’, ‘Security Deposit’, and the thriller ‘Pet’. Aside from this, she was Wiley Day in the show ‘Between’ that was made in Canada.

However, in 2017 she officially decided to leave acting behind her and continue with her writing and directing. So, recently in 2020, she began her podcast ‘The Empty Inside Podcast’ and also made a show that was recognized as a dark comedy with one woman that lasted one hour.

It carried a provocative title ‘I am Glad my Mom Died’ and the tickets sold out in a short time with people hurrying to see it in the Lyric Hyperion Theater in Los Angeles.

Although it may be hard to believe, Jennette didn’t stop at the film and TV industry. She tried other things in-between, as well. And she continues to do so.

In 2008, she embarked on a musical journey. She started compiling her first album. And in 2009 the public heard the first single from the album – ‘So Close’.

Then, the label Capitol Records from Nashville offered her to sign a deal and she accepted. So, she presented her second single called ‘Generation Love’.

In the beginning, it was meant for digital downloading. Afterward, in 2012 her album finally saw the light of day and appeared before the audience. Especially, the young fans accepted it very well.

Jennette McCurdy’s Personal Life and Family


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Jennette was born into a Mormon family, described as dysfunctional. Her father and mother are named Mark and Debra McCurdy. She also has three older brothers Marcus, Dustin, and Scott.

When it comes to her ethnicity she can’t fit into a single one. Instead, she has said that she is Italian, French, Swedish, Danish, and English all at once. This is due to the mixed background of her family both on her mother’s and her father’s side.

After the painful period with her mother battling cancer and eventually passing away, Jennette had a hard time. Jennette McCurdy’s net worth experienced a blow, too. In an article in Huffington Post that was published in 2019, she admitted that she was suffering from bulimia nervosa and anorexia since she has been very young.

The situation with her mother as well as the tight schedules in the film industry led to such eating disorders and disruptions in her everyday life. It wasn’t until her sister-in-law convinced her to get help that she saw a therapist.

Yet, once they suggested going to a treatment facility, she gave up on the therapy sessions. Due to this, her state became worse causing her issues with the stomach and even loss of a tooth.

Later, it became so serious that she lost consciousness on a bathroom floor because of dehydration. It was then that she firmly decided to seek help and was in recovery while writing the article.

Another personal struggle that she has spoken of is her drinking problem. She was drinking a lot before the death of her mother. And this was one of the main reasons why she quit her acting career.

When the magazine People interviewed her, Jennette explained that her mother abused her both mentally and physically. This left a deep mark on her health and her life overall. This includes her relationships with other people, too.

As far as the public knows, she has been single for quite some time. Still, her love life was eventful in the past with multiple boyfriends appearing beside her. They were Max Enrich, Graham Martin, and Matthew Whitehead. Her last known relationship though was with Andre Drummond whom she dated in 2013.

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Jennette McCurdy’s Awards and Recognitions

Most of the awards and nominations were from ‘iCarly’ and its spin-off. Firstly, in 2010, Jennette and the cast won the award LOL at the Kid’s Choice Awards in Australia for ‘iCarly’. And the following year, she won the award by herself.

In 2011, she got the award for the funniest character for the series ‘iCarly’ from Meus Premios Nick Brazil. In the same year and in 2012, the Kids’ Choice Awards gave her the award in the category for a favorite TV sidekick for ‘iCarly’, as well.

In terms of nominations, Jennette received nominations for main and supporting roles in her movies and shows. Among them were nominations for Teen Choice Awards, Young Artist Awards for best performance in a TV show, a TV movie as well as supporting actress.

All of the awards and nominations increased her reputation and therefore Jennette McCurdy’s net worth grew over the years.

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Jennette McCurdy’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

Having all of these details about Jennette’s life in mind, it’s safe to say that she’s a brave young woman. Even though she has been through turmoil and challenges, she managed to remain firm in her will to do what she loves and be successful at it. Because of this, she has earned the respect of people from around the world.

Therefore, her fan base only expanded through the years alongside Jennette McCurdy’s net worth. This is due to the variety of projects that she was a part of, starting from acting and writing to producing and singing.

Speaking of Jennette McCurdy’s net worth, these projects were all fruitful, bringing her earnings in large amounts. It’s true that ‘iCarly’, followed by ‘Sam and Cat’, brought her some of the largest earnings. Still, her numerous other movies, TV shows, and even albums were really successful, as well.

As we saw earlier, her personal life was as eventful and amid her work, she tried to keep it all under control. Sometimes she managed but other times she ended up needing professional help.

Luckily, she looks fine now and ready to try out new projects. The more active she is the more Jennette McCurdy’s net worth will grow.

In case you are interested to uncover her personal details in one place, here they are:

NameJennette McCurdy
Full NameJannette Michelle Faye McCurdy
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California
OccupationActress, singer, songwriter, producer, writer, YouTuber
Net Worth Estimate6 million USD