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Jeffree Star Net Worth | How Much Does The Make Up Queen Make?

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Jeffree Star is a Youtuber Star, model, and make-up artist with his own successful cosmetic line. But this is not all he can do! Yes, he is multitalented and Jeffree Star net worth is made up of a lot of hard work and persistence. Let’s dive in and learn more about Jeffree Star’s career, personal life and of course, his net worth!

Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Lynn Steininger Jr., also known as Jeffree Star, is a renowned YouTuber, makeup artist, model, and fashion designer. At one point, Jeffree was also big in the music industry, with a couple of billboard song hits, and was once known for his singing and songwriting abilities.

Jeffree Star is one of the top highest-paid YouTube celebrities. He also owns a makeup brand known as Jeffree Star Cosmetics, making most of his money through new product launches and pushing his brand on Youtube and social media. This is how Jeffree Star net worth is over $200 million.

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Jeffree Star’s Net Worth Estimate

Jeffree Star net worth estimates to be about $200 million. According to an estimate by Cosmopolitan, the makeup brand Jeffree Star owns earns about $50 million. On top of that, Jeffree’s YouTube revenue, various sponsors, and earnings from the makeup line make Jefree’s profits gross above $100 million annually.

Jeffree Star net worth is supplemented by YouTube, where he earned about $18 million in 2018, making him the 5th highest-paid YouTube Celebrity. In 2019, Jeffree earned about $17 million on YouTube, making him 4th highest-paid in that year. Jeffree Star earned about $15 million from YouTube in 2020 and ranked himself as the 10th highest-paid YouTube star.

Here is Jeffree Star Net Worth In the Last Five Years:

  • About $184 million in 2021.
  • About $175 million in 2020.
  • About $163 million in 2019.
  • About $150 million in 2018.
  • About $137 million in 2017.

Jeffree Star’s Height, Weight

Jeffree Star’s height is 6 feet (185 cm), and his weight is 132 pounds (60 kg)

Jeffree Star’s Eye Color, Hair Color, and Shoe Size

  • Eye Color: Naturally brown, however, Jeffree is often seen with colored contacts, such as bright green or blue.
  • Hair Color: Naturally brown, however, Jeffree often dyes it bright pink.
  • Shoe Size: 10.5 US.

Jeffree Star’s Birth Place and Early Life

Jeffree Lynn Steininger grew up in Los Angeles County, California, and was born on November 15th, 1985.

As his mother was a model, Jeffree was exposed to makeup when he was a child. Once, he convinced his mother to let him attend school while wearing makeup, and he began to wear it daily. It was soon after that he approached his mother about being transgendered.

He completed his graduation from Pacifica High School in 2002, and during his school days, he earned the ‘Best Hair for the Yearbook’ award. Often he would be seen with a widely changed school uniform, accented with fishnet tights and large goth boots. These are the years he spent practicing his skills in fashion, make-up, and modeling.

After completing his school graduation, he made a living in the heart of Los Angeles. He also gave himself a new name, Jeffree Star, and went full tilt into his fashion and beauty career. He looked for opportunities everywhere and supported himself with different music, modeling, and makeup jobs.

In his early years, Jeffree would often spend his weekends sneaking into Hollywood with a fake ID, where he would get in touch with many celebrities, and even landed a few jobs of being their personal make-up artist.

It was this determination that helped make Jeffree Star net worth around $200 million.

Jeffree Star’s Career

Breakthrough with MySpace

Jeffree started his career in music and fashion designing through MySpace, using it as a blog for sharing his personal life. MySpace also allowed him to talk to the public about self-identity, self-confidence, beauty, and stardom.

Before MySpace, Jeffree used many websites, which helped him build a huge fanbase. These fans gave Jeffree’s profile a huge number of friends in the early period of MySpace.

These fans were so numerous that they built up Jeffree’s MySpace to an extraordinary amount. For example, more than fifty thousand people often commented on Jeffree’s photoshoots that would later be posted on MySpace.

Jeffree’s fanbase rankings placed him on the featured space on MySpace and made him one of the most renowned self-reliant artists. By 2006, Jeffree became the most followed celebrity on MySpace.

It was these beginnings that helped boost Jeffree Star net worth to what it is today at around $200 million.

Music Career

Jeffree began his music career in EDM, hip-hop, and pop music after meeting Samantha Maloney. Samantha was a female drummer who worked with Merill Nisker (known by the stage name Peaches), a famous Canadian producer and musician in a band called Peaches Show Bar. Samantha inspired Jeffree to make music, and he began writing lyrics to rap beats.

In 2007, Jeffree was announced as a tour member for “True Colors” during the summer season, an LGBT event. The tour started on 8 June 2007, during the LGBT pride month. Logo TV channel sponsored this tour, and Jeffree visited and performed in 15 cities in Canada and the United States.

Jeffree released his first studio album on 22 September 2009. The album named “Beauty Killer” is currently Jeffree’s only studio album. On the US Billboard, the album ranked 7th in the category of top electronic albums. “Beauty Killer” featured Nicki Minaj in one song, “Lollipop Luxury”, adding to the attractiveness and popularity of the album.

In 2010, Jeffree joined Kesha in the second version of her lyric video for the song “Take it off.” It was in this same year that Jeffree planned to release his second album by signing on with Akon at Konvict Muzik. Akon would fondly call Jeffree “The Next Lady Gaga” while they were working together.

Unfortunately, Jeffree would never release his second album with Akon as he left the entire music industry in 2013. Later, Jeffree explained his reason for leaving by saying that he made the biggest mistake in his entire career by signing on with Konvict Muzik.

Before leaving the music industry, Jeffree also worked with many popular musicians such as Deuce, Larry Tee, and Millionaires. It was these beginning days in the music industry that helped Jeffree Star net worth to reach $200 million.

Jeffree Star’s Top 5 Songs:

  • “Lollipop Luxury” in 2008 from the album “Cupcake Tastes Like Violence.”
  • “Prisoner” in 2009 from the album “Beauty Killer.”
  • “Prom Night” in 2012 as a single.
  • “Mr. Diva” in 2022 from the album “Mr. Diva”
  • “Love to My Cobain” in 2013 as a single.

Jeffree Star’s Top Five Extended Plays:

  • “Plastic Surgery Slumber Party”: Released on 13th March 2007.
  • “Cupcakes Taste Like Violence”: Released on 9th December 2008.
  • “Virginity”: Released on 14th February 2012.
  • “Concealer”: Released on 9th August 2012.
  • “Mr. Diva”: Released on 2nd October 2012.

Jeffree Star’s Cosmetics

Jeffree laid the foundations of “Jeffree Star Cosmetics” as an e-commerce brand in 2014, pouring all of his savings into creating the brand and launching his first product.

Jeffree revealed his financial position after leaving the music industry in a docu-series, made into five parts, hosted by Shane Dawson. At the time, Jeffree was bankrupt when his music career ended and knew if he didn’t make it with his cosmetic brand, he would be stuck going back to working at MAC.

Jeffree used YouTube to promote his makeup brand by publishing tutorials and related videos. This platform helped Jeffree not only in promoting his brand but also in achieving the leading success of his channel on YouTube.

Jeffree’s first cosmetics release on 11 August 2018 included lipsticks, color palettes, clothing, makeup bags, and mirrors. Later, Jeffree released additional makeup collections, such as the Blue Blood (a unique eyeshadow palette.)

His cosmetic line is one of the main reasons why Jeffree Star net worth is over $200 million.

Jeffree Star’s YouTube

Jeffree’s YouTube channel is one of his most successful income streams, after his cosmetic line, with over 16 million subscribers and 2.5 billion views. According to Bustle magazine, Jeffree was a renowned MySpace celebrity who revived himself again through makeup on YouTube. Jeffree also has other social media accounts, such as Instagram with more than 13M followers at the moment, and Twitter with over 6M followers.

He is often seen posting YouTube videos about his own brand products or reviewing other make-up product lines, often commenting if they will pass the “Jeffree Star Approval” or not.

Jeffree Star YouTube Creator Awards

Here is a list of creator awards Jeffree has earned from YouTube:

  • Silver Creator Award for 100,000 subscribers in 2011.
  • Gold Creator Award for 1,000,000 subscribers in 2016.
  • Diamond Creator Award for 10,000,000 subscribers in 2018.

Jeffree Star’s Other Awards

Jeffree was nominated in the Beauty category for the 9th Streamy Awards held in 2019.
Jeffree was also nominated in the “YouTuber of the Year 2020” category in the 12th Short Annual Awards held in 2020.

These awards and extra publicity in the public eye have helped Jeffree Star net worth to be around $200 million.

Jeffree Star’s Personal Life and Family


Jeffrey Star Net Worth

LOS ANGELES – OCT 08: Jeffree Star arrives for the ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ LA Premiere on December 13, 2021 in Westwood, CA. Editorial credit: DFree /

When Jeffree was very young, his father (Jeffrey Lynn Steininger) committed suicide. Jeffree’s mother (Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger) brought him up alone. She was a model by profession and worked in the makeup industry. Jeffree grew up with ease despite being raised by a single mother as she never faced any problem regarding money.

Once Jeffree was driving a car with his friend Daniel Lucas on the 16th of April 2021 in Wyoming, and they had a severe car accident. They were hospitalized for several days, with Star suffering fractures in his spine.

Jeffre and his boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt, ended their five-year long-term relationship in 2015. According to fans, the relationship between the partners ended when Jeffree removed the line “Wifey of Nathan” from the bio of his Instagram account and when he canceled the masterclass tour of Europe with Nathan.

When he ended his relationship with Nathan, he disclosed his breakup on youtube with an emotional video titled “We broke up”. He further said they had to break up in 2019, but this situation was very tough for both partners. In his video, he also appreciated Nathon for loving him so much and said Nathan was the only one who genuinely loved him.

Jeffree Star’s Appearance

Jeffree has many tattoos on his body, many based on real people, and some designed in such a way as to hide his scars.

He has a build of average physique, often dressed in a stylish manner with dyed hair and full blown-out make-up. He can be seen on-screen on his YouTube channel with different makeup techniques that attract viewers’ attention.

Jeffree Star’s Cars Collection

Jeffree Star is known for his outrageous makeup, clothing, and hairstyles, however, many people don’t know that Jeffree also enjoys cars. Jeffree’s collection includes a Rolls-Royce Ghost, a Bentley Mulsanne, and a Ferrari 488. He often takes his cars to shows and events, where he gets to show them off in public.

These are just a few of the examples that show Jeffree Star net worth of $200 million.

Jeffree Star’s Charity

Even before he announced his first charity foundation, Jeffree had a charitable work history. In March 2018, Jeffree announced the launch of his charity foundation, which would focus on improving the lives of those affected by cancer.

Shortly after announcing the foundation, Jeffree started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for it which reached its goal in just three days, and Jeffree donated an additional $100,000 himself. In June 2018, the Jeffree Star Foundation partnered with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help fund cancer research and treatment programs.

Jeffree Star’s Likes and Dislikes

Jeffree Star is known for his unique sense of style and outspoken personality. He’s never afraid to share his opinions, even if they’re unpopular. In a recent interview, Jeffree talked about what he likes and dislikes.

Jeffree says he loves spending time with his friends and family, listening to music, and going on vacations. Jeffree also enjoys watching reality TV shows and eating junk food.

When it comes to things he doesn’t like, Jeffree is honest. He hates doing laundry, cleaning his room, and being alone. He also doesn’t like people who are fake or shallow.

Jeffree Star’s Favorite Sports

No one is quite like Jeffree Star when it comes to having a diverse range of interests and hobbies. From fashion and makeup to music and DJing, Jeffree loves to keep himself busy. Among his many passions, one activity that stands out is his love for sports.

Whether he’s playing them or watching them, Jeffree is a big fan of sports. His favorite teams are the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Cowboys, but he’ll watch any game that’s on TV. He’s even been known to get up early on weekends to catch some football or basketball action.

Apart from being a spectator, Jeffree also enjoys playing sports. He’s particularly good at basketball and bowling and often competes in local tournaments. He credits much of his success in life to his skills on the court and lane.

Jeffree Star Net Worth & Bio

NameJeffree Star
Real NameJeffree Lynn Steininger Jr
Place of Birth Los Angeles, United States

OccupationYouTuber, makeup artist, model, fashion designer, former singer and songwriter

Net Worth Estimate$200 million
Date of Birth15th November 1985
Marital StatusUnmarried