Jeannie Mai Net Worth | How Rich Is The Fashion Star?

I bet you’re asking, “What is Jeannie Mai net worth” which is exactly why you have clicked on this article. The great news is that you will be getting information on Jeannie Mai’s net worth and more.

We will also be analyzing her early life, career, and some of the personal projects that she runs. So without further adieu, let’s get to know Jeannie Mai!

Who is Jeannie Mai?


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If you love fashion and make-overs you are going to love Jeannie Mai because these are two of the things that she is most popularly known for. Jeanie Mai is not only a fashion expert but she is also a make-up stylist and a television host who is adored by millions of females from all around the world.

She is most commonly known for the exquisite work that she did on a show called “How do I Look” where she was one of the primary hosts who were giving makeovers to enthusiastic women who greatly appreciated the work that was being done on them.

Outside of the fashion industry, Jeannie Mai has made quite a big name for herself as a television host and personality. As a matter of fact, she hosted one of the Miss Universe beauty pageants which is a great honor for any television host to receive as it is.

If that’s not enough then her guest appearances on Today and Entertainment Tonight should be more than enough to convince you of the level of success that the fashion star has accomplished within the entertainment industry.

Jeannie Mai is without a doubt an inspiration and a role model as well as a symbol of female empowerment since she has shown the world that we are in a day in age where women can easily come out on top.

At the current moment, Jeannie isn’t hosting any fashion projects that we are aware of but this does not mean that she has been idle in her career. As a matter of fact, at this current moment, she is appearing on “Holey Moley” which airs on ABC as a sideline reporter which shows that the star’s television career is still growing strong.

Prior to her current position as a sideline reporter, Jeannie Mai also appeared on Insider and Extra TV. To add the cherry on top of that she also managed the processes, procedures, and live action for “The Real” which was a daytime talk show that aired on an unknown channel.

At the young age of 43, the fashion star has already built more of a name and a successful track record for herself than many fashion and television experts have built for themselves throughout their lives.

The variety of shows and television programs that she has participated in also shows that Jeannie is willing to take on hard work and go the extra mile to be successful in her career. Besides, with such an excellent track record and notable experience behind her name, it comes as no surprise that Jeannie Mai net worth is as significant as it is.

She has truly shown the world what it means to stick to your guns and to accomplish anything that you said your mind to and her make-over skills are outstanding, to say the least. Jeannie is loved and appreciated by her coworkers and by the ladies that she transformed with her makeover skills.

So, now that we know more about who the star is, I am sure that you are what Jeannie Mai’s net worth is. Let’s delve a little bit deeper into that.

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Jeannie Mai Net Worth


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Money does not ultimately dictate success, but it can surely be used as a measurement of success and in Jeannie Mai’s case it definitely does. One can imagine that you must be worth quite a large amount if you have hosted and participated in so many reality shows and talk shows.

At this current moment, Jeannie Mai net worth is estimated to be an amount of roughly 4 million dollars. This is more than a lot of us make in a lifetime!

However, we cannot say that Jeannie Mai’s net worth is not well deserved because she did, in fact, put in the necessary effort to become as famous and successful as she is today.

Early Life

Jeannie Mai was born as Jeannie Camtu Mai in San Jose, California. She was born on the 4th of January, 1979, and is the eldest of three siblings. Her mother’s name is Olivia Mai and her father’s name is James Mai, but Jeannie mentioned in an interview that the couple filed for a divorce 20 years ago.

Being the oldest of the three siblings, Jeannie often had to take up the role of being the responsible one in the family. She and her two brothers who are called Daniel and Dennis Mai were initially born into a Buddhist household and were taught to respect and follow Buddhist traditions.

This religious belief system did not last for long in the family and soon the Mai family converted to the Christian belief system and started abiding by new religious laws. Although Jeannie was born in the United States and is, therefore, a legal citizen by birth, it was not as easy for her family to enter the country.

She mentioned in an interview that her father had to be rescued by the Navy Seals at a stage which must have been a fearful experience to have.

When Jeannie Mai started her secondary educational career her parents enrolled her at Milpitas High School where she performed well academically until she finally completed her schooling and received her high school diploma.

After she finished high school she decided to pursue her tertiary education and enrolled at De Anza College where she pursued and completed a Degree in Communication. Jeannie Mai was introduced to the world of fame at a young age since her mom was considered to be somewhat of a celebrity.

Due to the fact that she was a part of such a large family and since she was the eldest of the children she also started working at a young age and started attending interviews at the young age of 16. This shows that the fashion expert has always known how to work hard for what she wants since she was taught to do it at a young age.

She also started experimenting with greasepaint which is related to stage makeup in order to help her mom on her celebrity journey. Jeannie Mai comes from a rich cultural heritage that she has stated she is immensely proud of. Her father is Vietnamese and her mother is Chinese which gives her a beautiful combination of the two nationalities.

In an interview, Jeannie Mai stated that she takes the necessary steps to make sure that she does not lose touch with either side of her heritage. She respects where she comes from and intends to keep her roots in her life.

So, how did a teenager with a Communication Degree become a world-famous fashion expert and television host? To answer that question, let’s take a look at Jeannie Mai’s career and some of the things that she has accomplished.

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Jeannie Mai’s first job in the fashion industry was that of a makeup artist at a company called MAC Cosmetics. She was only 18 at the time that she landed this job and she took great pride in it.

While she was working this job in San Jose where she had lived for her entire life she was slowly making her way up the food chain and proving herself to her superiors. She was also acting as a trainer and training other makeup artists at this time.

Thankfully, her hard work paid off and it was not long after this that Jeannie Mai got her first big break. Initially, she had gotten just far enough in her career to begin working for other famous television personalities such as Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys.

However, thanks to working with such big names eventually her time came to shine and she was employed as a greasepaint stylist for an MTV show that was called Total Request Live. The styling that she did was admirable and her talents did not go unnoticed.

As a matter of fact, she was considered to be the “star greasepaint stylist” while she was working for MTV. Soon the message of Jeannie’s exquisite greasepaint styling skills was passed through the grapevine and other large production companies decided to employ her as their greasepaint stylist superstar.

At first, she was approached by “Good Day Sacramento” and she happily accepted their offer. After this, a third offer came through from KCAL Los Angeles and she welcomed this opportunity with open arms too.

By now, Jeannie Mai had acted as the greasepaint stylist for 3 major production companies and she was nowhere close to reaching the peak of her career. Since she studied Communication and decided to put her communication skills to use, Jeannie Mai took the next step in her career by hosting various types of auditions.

The hard work that she put in as an audition host ended up paying off for the fashion star and soon enough she was offered a life-changing opportunity as the co-host for a show called “Sit” that aired on the International Channel.

This position opened even more doors for her and soon she was offered another contract as a host for the California Music Channel which she ,once again, welcomed with open arms.

After this, she started a new position as an entertainment reporter on a television show called “The Daily Mix” that aired on WB. So far it is easy to see why Jeannie Mai net worth is what it is.

Throughout her career, one great door opened after the next, and the fashion star performed with excellence in all of her duties with some of the biggest production companies that existed at the time.

Due to the impact that she made in her role with these companies she was invited to collaborate on a television production called “Character Fantasy” that was hosted and produced by the USA Network.

Her position with the USA Network is where Jeannie Mai’s net worth started rising and where she began her ascent to the peak of her career. Now that she had an excellent track record with some of America’s largest production studios she was offered contracts by even bigger networks such as TLC and NBC News.

There is a limited amount of television personalities who have managed to secure contracts with one of these companies yet Jeannie managed to secure contracts at multiple. After successfully performing in her contracts with TLC and NBC, the fashion star’s opportunities began to skyrocket.

As a matter of fact, she was invited to be the host of Miss America: Reality check which was also the first time that the producers tried to rerun the show. After that, she was employed as the star of a makeover show called “Dude. Where’s your Style” that focused on makeovers for both men and women.

Jeannie also informed the public that the purpose of the makeovers that she was providing was to empower women on a global level to look their best and find their inner confidence.

In other words, Jeannie Mai used her career and influence to make a positive change in the world which is admirable, to say the least. She also went on a world tour to promote a cosmetics line for “Never Accept Ordinary” where she acted as their official spokesperson.

Jeannie Mai’s Personal Projects

Outside of her career, Jeannie Mai runs her own charity program called “Heartbeat Vietnam” which requires her to travel to a variety of countries annually such as Vietnam, Africa, and Thailand. She started the charity with the intention of providing healthcare to poverty-stricken children.

 On top of that, she runs another charity program called “Nightlight International” which focuses primarily on protecting and rescuing women and children from becoming victims of human sex trafficking.

The two charities that Jeannie created tackle important causes which shows that apart from Jeannie Mai’s net worth and track record of success, she still has a heart of gold and a willingness to change the world.

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Jeannie Mai’s net worth certainly isn’t the only impressive aspect of the fashion star’s life. As a matter of fact, it is evident that she is one of the most successful television personalities in the industry.

She built her way up from the bottom by securing positions with bigger and more important networks every time until she finally got her big break. The star’s work is a symbol of women’s empowerment.

The charities that she created also show that Jeannie Mai net worth is not all she is. She is also a humble individual who is a world-changer and role model to many.

NameJeannie Mai
Real NameJeannie Camtu Mai
Date of Birth4 January 1979
Place of BirthSan Jose, California, United States
OccupationStylist and TV Personality
Net Worth Estimate$4 mіllіоn