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Jamal Bryant Net Worth – How Much Is His Fortune?

What do you know about Jamal Bryant net worth? Often, wealth and an individual’s net worth have been the yardstick to measure success; however, success means more.

The life of Jamal Bryant is no exception, as he is a superstar in every right. Indeed, Jamal Bryant net worth speaks about his success, but so do his achievements and exploits as an author and a minister.


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As a fan of Jamal Bryant, we understand that it is only natural to want to know all there is to know about him. We understand the desire to know Jamal’s net worth, family, triumphs, controversies, facts, including his place of birth, childhood, family, and trivia facts such as his weight, height, and hobbies.

We understand that this distinguishes true fans and followers from mere admirers. But if you do not have these facts, there is no reason to be worried just yet. This is exactly what we intend to solve through this article. This article intends to educate you about Jamal Bryant’s net worth, his life, achievements, childhood, place of birth, and marriage.

This article discusses important attributes of the author and minister, such as his height, weight, and how he rose to such fame and prominence. It also intends to inspire you through the seemingly trivial facts about Jamal Bryant’s net worth and lifestyle, which is a testament to his remarkable success.

Who is Jamal Bryant?

Pastor Jamal Bryant march in support of Trayvon Martin

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When it comes to pastors and authors, Jamal Bryant is as popular as possible. Jamal is a popular new generational pastor who believes in justice, fairness, and equity and strongly advocates for it. A senior pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist church situated in Atlanta, Lithonia, Georgia, Jamal Harrison Bryant is an important figure within the community.

Jamal Bryant was ushered into the world on the 21st of May, 1971. Asides from Jamal Bryant’s net worth and financial achievements, he has achieved a lot in terms of his education and certification. The Massachusetts Boston-born pastor schooled at Morehouse College.

When he was done, he attended the University of Duke for his tertiary education. As a pastor, Jamal Bryant got a certificate to endorse his theological knowledge (a doctorate of ministry degree) from the prestigious Graduate Theological Foundation from the University of Oxford.

Jamal Bryant was able to transition from empowerment temple African Methodist episcopal church in Baltimore, Maryland, to Atlanta, Georgia, in December 2018. An advocate for social justice, equity, and fairness, Jamal Harrison Bryant has led several protests and campaigns against racism, societal discrimination, and injustices.

He was known for his impact and influence during the Black Lives Matter campaign and protests and was vital in finding justice for Taylor Breonna. Jamal Harrison Bryant is undoubtedly a popular pastor, with a strong reach, with more than 15,000 followers in his service; however, he is more remembered for his scandals and reputation of faithfulness in his marriage.

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Jamal Bryant Net Worth

Jamal Bryant is a popular pastor in Maryland Baltimore who has a strong reach and great influence. Jamal Bryant is not only a pastor and social advocate but also an investor, with different investments, particularly in real estate, scattered across the country.

As a result, Jamal Bryant net worth is two million dollars ($2,000,000). Jamal Bryant net worth is all the proof you need to show a wealthy man who has been able to accrue wealth and fame, despite being a pastor.

Jamal Bryant’s height and weight

Jamal Bryant is a popular figure, but he also has an impressive body frame that has endeared many people to him. Jamal Bryant is about 5 feet and 9 inches tall, approximately 1.75 m or 175 cm. Asides from this, he has a bodyweight of about 75kg, which is an estimated 165lbs.

Aside from this, he has body measurements about 42-34-36, which is categorized as a fat body. Jamal Bryant’s eye color is black, while his hair is black with patches of grey. His biceps measurement or size is around 24 inches, and his shoe size is about 24 inches. The clergyman is an American with mixed ethnicity.

Jamal Bryant’s Place of Birth And Early Life

Jamal Bryant was born into a Christian home and had a ministerial pedigree. Born on the 21st of May 1971, Jamal was brought up in the Christian way. His grandfather was the renowned Harrison Bryant, who was also A.M.E bishop. The popular clergyman was born in Boston in Massachusetts in the United States of America.

His father was a minister named John Richard Bryant, while his mother was Cecilia Bryant (formerly Williams), who is a Reverend. His grandfather was also a clergyman, establishing the line of pastoral work and a family dedicated to the service of the Christian faith.

Brought up amongst love and family, Jamal Bryant was raised with his siblings, including his little sister, in Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up, he was exposed to church and religious activities early.

His upbringing was characterized by his father’s church in Maryland, Baltimore, which was Bethel’s A.M.E church. As a result, he preached his first sermon titled “No Pain, No Gain” at 18 in his father’s church.

Despite his growing for religious activities, his formal education was not allowed to take the back seat. Jamal Bryant went to Morehouse College, where he obtained a bachelor’s undergraduate degree in international relations and political science.

Later on, he proceeded to Duke University, situated in Durham, North Carolina, where he earned a master’s of divinity degree. You also acquired a doctorate degree of ministry from the prestigious graduate theological Foundation at Oxford University. Finally, Jamal Bryant is a part of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

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Jamal Bryant’s Career

Pastor Jamal Bryant and Reverend Jesse Jackson march in support of Trayvon Martin

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Born into a Christian home and having ministers as parents do not automatically guarantee that you will become a clergyman. If you are ever going to make a clergyman, several criteria must be tested. Asides from your deep knowledge of the Bible and theology, you must display exemplary moral conduct and behavior.

The congregation and the society must accept you, and more importantly, you must be endorsed by men and anointed by God. Jamal Bryant ticked all of these boxes before becoming a clergyman. Although his first sermon, “No Pain No Gain,” highlighted his potential to become a clergyman with his utterance, poise, composure, and confidence at 18.

However, he was not ready yet. He had to study and go to Morehouse College. He obtained an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in international relations and political science. When he was done with this, he proceeded to Duke University in Durham for his master’s degree in divinity.

He later earned a doctorate degree in ministry from the prestigious theological foundation at Oxford University. He was not ready to become a clergyman until 2000 when he was 29 years old when he took the forefront of the spiritual scene.

Pastor Bryant Jamal is a popular pastor well-known on national television through his “Got Power?” program. He also has an international radio broadcast called “Power For Life” which has brought him a great name.

With more than 150,000 people connected to his Sunday live services through the internet and over 120,000 members registered for his motivational voice and text messages every day, Jamal Harrison Bryant is indeed an accomplished pastor.

Besides being a pastor or a clergyman, Jamal Bryant is a respected and well-known businessman with a diverse and broad portfolio of clients, sponsors, and consultants. His agility, skill, and entrepreneurial prowess have helped him cultivate important and relevant alliances with huge retailers such as Wal-Mart, Burlington coat factory, and Dunkin Donuts’ franchise.

He has also made a substantial investment in the communications space which has helped him develop permanent and long-lasting partnerships with top media personalities and executives. He also possesses a robust connection in different T.V. and radio stations such as B.E.T, Radio One, Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, the Association Of Black Cardiologists, and the Ray Lewis Foundation.

He also has a fabulous career as a social advocate actively involved in community development. As a result, Jamal Bryant has spearheaded several social and civil rights.

At a point, the famous clergyman served in the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) as the director of the college’s Division, which was the most prestigious and also considered as the oldest civil rights organization in America.

It’s more than half a million members the organization operates nationally and locally. The organization was established in 1909, Saddled with the mission to eradicate and eliminate racism and ensure justice and equity for all Americans. Jamal Bryant was a perfect choice whose voice was needed to lead the pack.

Therefore, Jamal was a strong voice in the case of Trayvon Martin and coordinated several peaceful protests to seek justice for him. He was also an integral voice in the” black lives matter” campaign.

Owing to his fame, Jamal Bryant has also been popular and extremely active and the political scene of America. On the 23rd of September 2019, He decided to run for congress and represent a community in the House of representatives.

He intended to take a seat that Eugene Elijah Cummings held at the time. He was deeply concerned about reforming the prosecution and police practices, enhancing the educational sector, and easing the rate of poverty.

He has shared his plans and views with several individuals and in many conferences and seminars, particularly at the black enterprise entrepreneurs summit, which took place in Miami.

Jamal Bryant’s Personal Life and Family


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Jamal Bryant was welcomed into the world by his parents, John Richard and Cecilia Bryant, ministers in the church. He lived most of his life in Maryland, Baltimore, where the church was. In 2002, he decided to tie the knot with Gizelle Bryant, a popular figure and model.

Later on, he and Gizelle divorced in 2009, after Jamal was alleged cheating and infidelity. Gizelle Bryant was a popular figure who was a part of a reality T.V. show known as “the real housewives of Potomac.” Before this time, she was also a model before she stopped.

Today, Pastor Jamal Bryant has five daughters above 12 years. One of his daughters is Topaz, the eldest, currently studying at Georgia university. Topaz was born out of the relationship Jamal Bryant had with Maddison Crystal.

He had three daughters with his ex-wife Gizelle Bryant: Angel Bryant, Adore Bryant, and Grace Bryant. Although he and Gizelle are no longer together, they still communicate together to make the best choices and guarantee the growth of their kids.

Later on, he had to fifth and last daughter when he was dating Wedderburn Michelle, an extramarital affair. Jamal Bryant’s sister is also a popular figure actively in ministerial work. She is an anointed minister at the A.M. E church, while she serves as an associate head of her faculty at Pepperdine University. She is a regular at a reality T.V. show known as “Dr Phil.”

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Jamal Bryant Net Worth

Jamal Bryant net worth is enough proof that he is an accomplished preacher and businessman. Jamal Bryant’s net worth is over $2 million, which several investments across different sectors.

However, he makes most of his earnings through the hard work he has put into his ministry and the investment he has made in communication over the years. Ultimately, Jamal is an accomplished leader ranked the second most popular religious leader within Massachusetts. He is also the 7th most popular Gemini spiritual leader across the globe.

NameJamal Bryant
Real NameJamal Harrison Bryant
Date of Birth2t of M1say 1971
Place of BirthBoston, Massachusetts
Famous forReligious Leader
Marital StatusDivorced in 2009 from Gizelle Bryant
Net Worth$2 million
Height, weight and Eye color5 feet 9 inches, 75kg and Black eyes