Ja Rule Net Worth | How Rich Is The Successful Rapper?

Do you want to know what Ja Rule net worth is? Are you wanting some more information on his career and early life? Well, the great news is that you have just stumbled across an article that will give you all of that information and more.


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Not only will we be delving deep into Ja Rule’s net worth, career, and early life, but we will also be looking at his disputes with other famous rappers, his love life, and the legal problems that he has run into. So, are you ready to learn everything there is to know about Ja Rule? If you are, then let us jump straight into it.

Who is Ja Rule?


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If you like celebrities who are experts in more than one field of the entertainment industry you are going to love Ja Rule. He is not only a world-famous rapper but he also doubles as an actor.

Furthermore, Ja Rule has been exceptionally successful in both of these industries In 1999 he released a song called Holla Holla which instantly became an international hit and earned him millions of fans from all around the world.

To prove that the rapper and actor is highly successful at what he does, it may be worth mentioning that a variety of the songs that he has released made it onto the Billboard Top 20 charts.

This is an exceptional accomplishment for any musician and an accomplishment that many musicians, rappers, and sound engineers hope to accomplish throughout their lives. On top of his success as a rapper and singer Ja Rule has also been highly successful within the film and acting industry.

As a matter of fact, he has starred in a variety of films that were hits at the box office. For starters, he was one of the lead actors in The Fast and the Furious, Scary Movie 3, The Cookout, The Wrong Side of Town, The Chronicles of Riddick, and at least 10 more.

Yes, the actor and rapper has truly been successful at whatever he puts his mind to. He has become an icon of success to millions of his followers and quite likely has a lot of fangirls who would love to meet the star.

Ja Rule’s net worth is definitely one that he deserves since he has made his name known in Hollywood and in the rap industry.

As a matter of fact, he is probably one of the most famous celebrities in the rap and film industry. Ja Rule has not let anything hold him back or stand in the way of his dreams which proves that success comes from hard work and dedication which are both quality traits that the actor and rapper has.

Ja Rule Net Worth

Since he has made it onto the Billboard Top 20 charts and starred in a lot of internationally known movies, it is safe to assume that Ja Rule’s net worth won’t be a small amount.

The film and music industries are both highly profitable industries so one can imagine that Ja Rule built up a great net worth over the past few years. Well, here comes the moment of truth. Ja Rule net worth is most certainly not a small amount.

As a matter of fact, his net worth is currently estimated to be an amount of 4 million dollars. I am not sure about you, but there are quite a few items on my wishlist that I would definitely cross off if I had access to that amount of money. Ja Rule has certainly shocked the world and probably himself with the net worth that he has built up for himself. 

Early Life

Believe it or not, Ja Rule is actually the rapper and actor’s stage name. His birth name is Jeffrey Atkins and he was born on the 29th of February 1976. Due to the fact that he was born in Queens which is in New York, he also automatically gained citizenship within the United States.

Jah Rule did not have an easy life and he did not have the opportunity to be raised by his parents. As a matter of fact, he was raised by his grandmother and grandfather. He was placed into a public school where he got into all sorts of trouble on a regular basis.

Due to this, he was forced to accept the harsh realities of this world while he was still a child. He received his stage name from his friends when he entered high school and first started to write his own lyrics for music that he wanted to produce at a later stage.

His grandparents were Jehovah’s Witnesses which also meant that Ja Rule was forced to follow their religious traditions from a young age. However, he steered away from his religion when he started writing lyrics and continuously getting into trouble.

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As we have already established, Ja Rule is successful in both the acting industry and in the music industry and he is adored by millions of fans. Let us take a deeper look at where his career started and led him over the past few years. The famous rapper and actor’s career started in 1994 and he is still going strong to this day.

He is popularly known for constantly changing his persona which adds some form of excitement since his fans would never know what drastic move he would make next. On top of that, Ja Rule has been classified as one of the most unique celebrities of his time.

However, some believe that his career was ruined by Jay Z. This is something we will dig deeper into later on in his article. Ja Rule started his career in the music industry and expanded his reach by joining the acting industry.

He played important roles in some popular films such as Scary Movie 3, The Fast and the Furious, The Chronicles of Ridding, and The Cookout. The primary element that makes Ja Rule a one-of-a-kind type of rapper is very likely due to the fact that he combines multiple genres when he makes music.

As a matter of fact, his music does not only include rapping, but it also includes some beats from the metal genre as well as the hardcore rap genre. The actor and singer also started out as a lyrical writer. After spending a lengthy amount of time writing his own lyrics to songs that he wanted to rap to, he finally started his first Hip Hop group.

He called the group Cash Money Click which he started recording with a few of his closest acquaintances and it was not long before they finally released their group album.

The album that they released was a roaring success on a local scale, however, they encountered some unsolvable problems when one of the group’s members was sentenced to spend some time in prison.

With the group missing a member they found it difficult to get back on track, but Ja Rule was not about to give up that easily. The group only lasted for one year between 1994 and 1995.

Thankfully the famous actor and rapper’s big break was yet to come and his first door to success opened up when he was contacted by Def Jam Records who offered him a record deal in 1998.

This was a solo deal that he was offered and he was given the opportunity of featuring in a song with Jay Z who is also one of the most popular rappers of his time so you can imagine that this was an exciting opportunity for Ja Rule.

Venni Vetti Vecci was the first album that the actor and rapper released under his new recording deal with Def Jam and he released it in 1999. Much to his surprise, the album received an exceptional amount of positive feedback and plenty of the songs from the album were immediately loved by the general public.

As a matter of fact, a majority of the songs from his Venni Vetti Vecci album earned a place on the Billboard Top 20 Charts which proves that the star was destined for success. To add to Ja Rule’s instant success, it may be worth mentioning that his album also went platinum before the year 2000.

The next album that the rapper and star released was called Rule 3:36 and this one was even more of a roaring success than his Venni Vettie Vecci album was. Shortly after he released the album it went multi-platinum and a few of the songs from the album made it onto the Billboard Top 20 Charts.

Since his music career was such a huge success, Ja Rule decided to take his next step toward fame by entering the acting and film industry. As a matter of fact, he was cast in a film called Turn it Up which was highly successful and became a much-loved film.

2001 was also a big year for the rapper and actor. As a matter of fact, during this year he not only released another album but he was also cast in a role in the Fast and the Furious movie which is an internationally loved film to this day.

The Battle of the Stars

After releasing multiple albums, Ja Rule released yet another one that caused some conflict within the music industry. The album was considered to be quite controversial in nature.

Some other famous rappers such as Jay Z and Eminem started feeling as if the album was targeted at them as a personal attack and soon the three world-famous rappers began getting into disputes.

Ja Rule did not seem to care much about how upset Eminem and Jay Z were about the lyrics that were presented in his new album and the album was a dramatic yet roaring success.

Eminem and Jay Z on the other hand were extremely displeased at what they considered to be a controversial and personal attack. Due to this, they decided to take legal action against the rapper and actor which caused further conflict between the three artists.

Some say that attacking Jay Z and Eminem in his album led to Jay Z ruining Ja Rule’s career, but there are no facts to support this statement since Ja Rule is still loved and cherished by his fans to this day.

Personal Life


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Ja Rule is a multi-talented rapper and actor and Ja Rule net worth and handsome looks are more than enough to attract female fans who would want to be in a relationship with the star. Unfortunately for his female fans, Ja Rule is happily married to Aisha Atkins.

He also has three children with his wife which means that nobody else would stand a chance at this point in time.

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Ja Rule’s Legal Dilemmas

As famous as the star is and as high as Ja Rule’s net worth may be, he has been forced to face the painful truth that money and fame cannot get one out of problems with the law. As a matter of fact, he is currently facing three legal charges for some of his actions.

One of the first actions that he was convicted for includes illegally owning a firearm which he waved around in public. That may have been one reckless move that he made, but his legal troubles did not stop there.

At first, his punishment for possessing an illegal firearm included spending six months in prison before spending 6 months on parole.

However, the rapper and actor ended up in violation of his parole after serving his prison sentence. Due to this, he was given an additional sentence of spending an amount of two years in prison and he was given an extra year for the possession of an illegal firearm.

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So, what is Ja Rule’s net worth? As we have established it is an estimated amount of 5 million dollars.

The star rapper and actor also did not have an easy life growing up. Apart from being raised in a strictly religious household that he steered away from as he grew up, the actor and rapper also spent multiple years behind bars for the illegal possession of a firearm.

On top of that, he managed to make enemies out of some of the most popular rappers of this day and age. Regardless, Ja Rule is admired by many for his determination.

As a matter of fact, he is considered to be one of the hardest workers in the music industry. Yes, his determination is definitely something to aspire to.


NameJa Rule
Real NameJeffrey Bruce Atkins
Place of BirthQueens, New York, United States
OccupationRapper, Actor
Net Worth Estimate5 million USD
Relationship StatusMarried