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J Balvin Net Worth | How Much Does The Talented Singer Make?

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“Mi Gente” singer J Balvin, famously named the Reggaeton Prince, is a ground-breaking music artist. J Balvin net worth is around $20 million.

Balvin is best known for his hit songs “Mi Gente” and “6 AM“. He also gained considerable attention for his feature on the song “I Like It” by Cardi B.

Who is J Balvin?


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J Balvin (with his full name José Alvaro Osorio Balvin) is a renowned rapper and singer from Colombia and has sold about 35 million records around the globe. J Balvin net worth is around $20 million, making J a wealthy Latin American artist in this day and age.

His music has been featured on several hit TV shows and movies, and in 2018, he was the first Latin artist to reach one billion streams on Spotify.

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J Balvin’s Net Worth Estimate

J Balvin Net Worth - Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, The Netherlands. Concert of J.Balvin

8-10 June 2019. Pinkpop Festival, Landgraaf, The Netherlands. Concert of J.Balvin. Editorial credit: Ben Houdijk /

J Balvin net worth is estimated to be about $20 million. Much of his wealth comes from his music, but he has also earned money from other ventures, such as product endorsements and fashion line collaborations.

With more than 52.7 million followers on Instagram and 33.5 million subscribers on YouTube, Balvin has a massive social media following. And his popularity has translated into commercial success: He’s earned an estimated $8 million from product endorsements alone.

J partnered with French fashion brand Givenchy on a clothing line called “J Balvin Vibras” in 2016. The collection was a huge success, and Balvin reportedly made millions from the deal.

Balvin’s biggest endorsement deals include Pepsi, CoverGirl, and Samsung agreements. One of the biggest examples of his influence and stardom is, that in 2017, he was the first Latino artist to headline Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

His album, “Vibras,” has also been a massive success, topping the charts in countries such as Colombia, Mexico, and Spain. In addition to his music and fashion ventures, J Balvin teamed with Mcdonald’s for its Celebrity Meal launch.

In November of 2020, Mcdonald’s announced that they were working with J Balvin again to launch a special meal that would shed light on Latino culture, “Dorado.” And his previous meal collaboration, “J Balvin,” included all of J’s favorites, such as a burger and fries, along with an oreo mcflurry.

On top of this, J has also experienced having his music included in hit movies, such as his song “Ay Vamos” on “Furious 7,” which has also helped consolidate J Balvin net worth.

Thanks to his chart-topping albums and lucrative endorsement deals, Balvin is one of the wealthiest reggaeton artists in the world.

J Balvin Birthplace And Early Life

Balvin grew up in Medellin, a city in Colombia, and was born on May 7th, 1985. His father’s profession was in economy as the leader of a company, so Balvin experienced a good life as a child. He and his family flourished outside of the city in a big house between the hills.

It was in these beginning years he began falling in love with music, copying artists such as Nirvana and Daddy Yankee.
One day, Balvin’s father‘s business sunk, causing them to go bankrupt. They lost everything, their house, their car, and they had to relocate to a poor part of town. Due to this unique experience, Balvin has been seen as a wealthy man by the poor, and a poor man by the wealthy.

“[That’s] all perceptions,” Balvin commented in an interview, saying that he was comfortable living in both worlds.
At the ripe age of 16, Balvin had the opportunity to move to the US in an international exchange program, calling Oklahoma his home for some time. However, the experience shocked him a bit, as it took off his rose-tinted perception of the kind of US that was glamorized in Hollywood films.

Bad Bunny, J Balvin at the 2018 American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater on October 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA

Bad Bunny, J Balvin at the 2018 American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater on October 9, 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins /

However, this did not deter Balvin, and he continued to reside within the US, later calling New York his home residence after the program concluded. He had the fortune of living with his relative and worked for some time with pet dogs as a walker.

It was here that he was captivated by the money strategies of rappers P. Diddy and 50 Cent, contributing to Balvin’s own work ethic, as he changed his work routine aftward to include all types of jobs from anywhere around the city, such as being a painter and roofer. He didn’t have a work visa at the time, so some of his money was earned illegally.

Home called Balvin back, and he booked a flight for Columbia, working his grass-root home grounds as a singer in any club he could find in Medellin. He also focused on his presence, increasing his followers on social media and posting to keep his audience engaged.

It was also during this time that Balvin considered increasing his worldly knowledge and business knowledge, enrolling at EAFIT University for international business studies. And, after he graduated at the age of 19, he put his entire heart, focus, and drive into making music, adopting “J Balvin” for his music.

J Balvin’s Height, Weight

J Balvin stands at 5 feet 10 inches (177 cm), which may surprise some since he seems taller in his music videos. In addition to his height, Balvin weighs 174 pounds (79 kg).

J Balvin’s Career


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Through a chance encounter, while rap battling in the streets of Medellin, Balvin first met his business partner and DJ, David Mazo, who became best friends with Balvin while they promoted and created their music together. And in 2004, Balvin hit the milestone of dropping his first song ever, “Panas.”

It took a few years for Balvin to pick up some wind on his career, but he would soon find success five years later with a chart-topping song released with his first record label collaboration.

In 2009, Balvin released “Ella Me Cautivó” with EMI Columbia, which charted on Billboard’s Tropical list at spot 35, making it his first Billboard accomplishment.

It was also this year that he released the mixtape reissue, “Real”. Balvin came out with another mixtape in 2012 featuring old Colombian hits of his, including “En Lo Oscuro.”

“Yo Te Lo Dije” was Jalvin’s first international hit; after that, he signed to Capitol Latin, and his success doubled in the years to come, making J Balvin net worth around $20 million.

J Balvin’s Career from 2014 to 2016

J Balvin Net Worth - J Balvin at the 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awards Press Room at T-Mobile Arena on November 17, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV

J Balvin at the 17th Annual Latin Grammy Awards Press Room at T-Mobile Arena on November 17, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. Editorial credit: Kathy Hutchins /

In February of 2014, he released a track titled “6 AM,” showcasing Farruko, a singer from Puerto Rico. This is where Balvin began to really hit big, as the song reached 43 on Billboard’s chart that month, and debuted at the first spot in May, marking a huge success for Balvin.

Shortly after, Balvin’s second track was released in the US, “Ay Vamos,” This track solidified Balvin’s presence in the market of Latin urban, awarding him one Latin Grammy. On top of earning his first Grammy, Balvin’s music video for “Ay Vamos” became the all-time most-watched song in the Latin industry, with one billion unique viewers

The remixed version of “Ay Vamos,” with singers French Montana and Nicky Jam, also was put in the hit movie series “Furious 7.” Exposure like this helped make J Balvin net worth around $20 million.

During these years, Balvin also earned numerous awards from Billboard’s Music Awards. Not only did he earn the awards for “Latin Rhythm Year’s Top Song” (among others), but he was also nominated a total of 13 times with his two hit songs, “6 AM,” and “Ay Vamos.” Being the patriot and homebody he is, Balvin dedicated his awards to Columbia.

2015 was a hard year for Balvin. He ended up canceling his Miss USA performance in protest of insulting comments thrown by Donald Trump, when the President was bad-mouthing illegal immigrants, saying that they were bringing in crime and drugs, among other things. Belvin strictly disagreed with this and was so offended that he canceled what could have been his first national television mainstream performance.

On January 16th, 2016, Balvin revealed a fresh single “Ginza,” before release. This was all the audience needed to be primed for the drop, which happened a few days later when he released his single online. The song broke many records, becoming the most viewed video within the first day, with more than two million unique viewers.

“Ginza” has since gained more than 807 million unique viewers and hit first place on the Billboard. “Ginza” also paved the way fr a new world record when it stayed in first place on Billboard chart for the most extended duration ever. Balvin was also the first singer, regarding his music niche, to get diamond certified.

Critics from Rolling Stone commented that “Ginza” had incredibly smooth beats, and was a testament to reggaeton history.

J Balvin and Valentina Ferrer attend Time 100 Gala as Time magazine celebrates its annual list at Frederick P. Rose Hall of Jazz at Lincoln Center

J Balvin and Valentina Ferrer attend Time 100 Gala as Time magazine celebrates its annual list at Frederick P. Rose Hall of Jazz at Lincoln Center. Editorial credit: lev radin /

“Ginza” is just one of the reasons why J Balvin net worth is so high!

June 30th, 2017, was a day many of Balvin’s fans will never forget, with the release of “Mi Gente,” along with its music video with singer Willy William. A month later, “Mi Gente” became the actual top song of the entire world, as told by Spotify. And on YouTube, the music video reached over 1 billion unique viewers.

Another month later, in the fall of 2017, Balvin presented the world with a remixed version of “Mi Gente” with renowned vocalist Beyoncé, which became Balvin’s initial break into US Top 10 songs when it reached spot number three. “Mi Gente,” with its catchy beat and lyrics, is another reason why J Balvin net worth is around $20 million.

On June 27th, 2019, Balvin collaborated with Bad Bunny, premiering a new album, “Oasis.” He didn’t stop there, however. On March 20th, 2020, he released another album titled “Colores.” His continued successes skyrocketed J Balvin net worth to where it is today at $20 million.

In 2021, Balvin premiered the album “José,” along with a collaboration with Pokémon for their 25th anniversary, releasing “Ten Cuidado” with a music video where he dances along with Pikachu and other Pokémon.

In December of 2021, Balvin reached number one on Billboard’s list with “Nota” for the 33rd time, breaking Billboard’s record for most songs taking the number one spot.

It’s these continual successes, and working with the right people, along with Balvin’s creative ingenuity, that has made J Balvin net worth around $20 million.

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Personal Life and Family

In 2016, Balvin’s plane crashed while leaving the Bahamas. He was returning from a family vacation when the plane couldn’t take off, and after shortly departing from the runaway, they crash-landed. Shortly after this incident, he posted on his social media, showing the that had landed in bushes; he said it was a miracle everyone walked away without injury.

Balvin has faced panic attacks, and he stated that meditation saved his life. When his anxiety was at its worst, he said he forgot about how it felt to be happy, and he forgot about his name, José.

His mother suffers from acute intermittent porphyria, usually with the symptoms of chronic pain, seizures, and mental health difficulties. “Familia” is written on Balvin’s chest, in honor and support of his mother.

Balvin is so connected to his roots that he continues to live in his hometown, Medellin, unlike many reggaeton singers who, upon gaining popularity, move toward the United States. Although he had a house in New York, he prefers to be with his people in his home country.

Balvin has been in a relationship with Miss Argentina Valentina Ferrer since 2018. This couple had their first child on June 27th, 2021, in New York City.

J Balvin Fascinating Facts

J Balvin’s Favorite Sport

Fishing is Balvin’s top sport. He grew up fishing with his father, saying that fishing was calm and relaxing. Balvin often goes fishing with friends and family when he’s not on tour. He also enjoys playing basketball and soccer.

J Balvin’s Favorite Actor

If he had to choose just one, he would choose Denzel Washington, with his ability to transform himself into any character he plays. Balvin also likes the messages that Washington’s films often send.

Favorite Place

One of Balvin’s recent favorite places, along with others, is Asheville, North Carolina, where he recorded most of one of his albums. The mountains and cool climate were the ideal scenery for his music, and he enjoyed exploring the area.

J Belvin Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameJ Balvin
Real NameJose Alvaro Osorio Balvin

OccupationSinger, rapper, song writer
Net Worth Estimate$20 million
Date of Birth7 May 1985
Place of BirthMedellin, Colombia