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Ice T Net Worth – How Rich Is The American Star?

Ice T Net Worth Estimate:

Ice T net worth is currently estimated as being at about $60 million. The majority of Ice T net worth has come from his long standing illustrious career in the American rap music and Hollywood entertainment industries.

Who is Ice T?


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Ice T is a rap artist and writer, actor, and producer whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow. Ice T’s first album, Rhyme Pays, was the first album of hip hop music to have had to have a sticker on its cover warning of explicit content. Ice T’s second album, Power, was even more successful and went platinum.

Ice T is a co founder of Body Count, a heavy metal group, whose song “Cop Killer” received a great deal of controversy when it was first released in 1992.

Ice T’s most significant acting work includes Detective Scotty Appleton from the film New Jack City and another cop, Odafin Tutuola on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Ice T also starred in a reality show for 3 years on the E! Network called Ice Loves Coco.

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Ice T’s Career


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Ice T met a record producer from Saturn Records named Willie Strong in 1982. By the next year, Willie Strong had recorded Ice T’s first song, which was called both “Cold Wind Madness” and “The Coldest Rap”. It became a big underground hit. Later that year, “Body Rock” rose to popularity across the club scene.

1984 saw Ice T releasing “Killers”, a political rap, and then appearing on DJ Chris “The Glove” Taylor’s “Reckless” and then its sequel, “Reckless Rivalry (Combat)”. Ice T’s next songs were “Ya Don’t Quit”, followed by “Dog’n the Wax (Ya Don’t Quit-Part II)”.

After hearing and loving Schoolly D’s “P.S.K. What Does It Mean?”, Ice T took a shot at emulating him with a track called “6 in the Mornin’.” This was Ice T’s first, but not only, foray into gangsta rap.

Ice T signed up for a deal with Sire Records, president of the label comparing Ice T’s musical voice and talent to that of Bob Dylan. In 1987, Ice T put out his first album, Rhyme Pays. The RIAA certified it gold.

In 1988, Ice T dropped Power, his second album but his first under his own label, Rhyme Syndicate. It got much stronger reviews than his first. In 1989, he had a third album: The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech…Just Watch What You Say! That year, he also rapped on Hugh Harris’ “Alice”.

His fourth album, O.G. Original Gangster, came out in 1991, and is considered to this day to be one of the definitive gangsta rap albums ever recorded. One of the songs was called “Body Count” and also introduced his own heavy metal band of the same name.

By the next year, Body Count had put out their own album. One song on the album, “Cop Killer”, gained a great deal of controversy due to its subject matter of murdering cops, despite the fact that it was specifically written from the point of view of a protagonist getting revenge on cops who had been racist and brutal towards him.

As a result of the controversy, police advocacy groups, the National Rifle Association, and various politicians rose up into a moral panic, which led to Time Warner Music refusing to put out his next album, which was called Home Invasion. Ice T himself spoke out about he felt his race was the sole factor in the controversy.

Shortly afterwards, Ice T left Sire Records and Warner Bros Records, set up Rhyme Syndicate again, and signed a distribution deal with Priority Records, which put out Home Invasion in 1993. It hit ninth place on Billboard’s Top R&B Hip Hop Albums chart and fourteenth on the 200.

Singles included the extremely well known “99 Problems”, “I Ain’t New Ta This”, and “Gotta Lotta Love”. Ice T also did a bunch of collaborations with a number of different heavy metal bands, including Slayer and Black Sabbath.

Additionally, he put out 2 heavy metal albums himself: 1996’s VI – Return of the Real and 1999’s The Seventh Deadly Sin.

In 2006, Ice T put out his first album in the rap genre in 7 years, called simply Gangsta Rap. Many retailers were uncomfortable with stocking it because of its sexually graphic cover of him naked in bed with his wife. The reviews of the album itself were mixed at best.

Ice T is also a film actor. In 1991, he did his first more serious acting role as a cop named Scotty Appleton in the film thriller New Jack City. In 1991, he played a gang leader named Odessa in Ricochet, starring opposite John Lithgow and Denzel Washington. In 1992, he was in Trespass.

That same year, he got a part as a drug dealer on the show New York Undercover. In 1996, the NAACP gave him an Image Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

The next year, Ice T helped co create a show called Players that didn’t last long. He then played a pimp called Seymour Stockton in 1998’s Exiled: A Law & Order Movie, followed by becoming a regular cast member on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2000.

The role he plays on the show is a cop named Odafin Tutuola, or Fin for short. In 2002, he got a second NAACP Image Award, for the same category as before thanks to this role.

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Ice T Early Life

Ice T was born as Tracy Lauren Marrow on the sixteenth of February in the year 1958 in Newark, New Jersey, United States of America. His parents were Solomon Marrow and Alice Marrow.

At a young age, Ice T moved with his family to Summit, New Jersey, an upscale and largely white area, where he only escaped being treated badly by the white kids due to the fact that he was so light skinned, they didn’t realize he was Black.

When Ice T was only in the 3rd grade, his mom tragically had a heart attack and died. His dad after that point raised him for 4 years until, when Ice T reached 13, he also developed a heart attack, and also died from it, leaving Ice T an orphan.

Ice T was sent to live with one aunt and then another in Los Angeles, California in an area populated by upper middle class Black people called View Park-Windsor Hills. Ice T shared a bedroom with his cousin, Earl, who was a big fan of heavy metal music, and got Ice T into it as well.

As a teenager, Ice T at first went to a mostly white high school, Palms Junior High, before transferring to a mostly Black school, Crenshaw High School. Unlike most of his friends, Ice T didn’t drink, smoke, or take drugs. His school had a lot of gang activity, but Ice T never joined one.

Ice T got into reading the books of an author called Iceberg Slim, who he became so obsessed with, he’d memorize them and recite lines to them, which is how he got his nickname and later stage name.

In high school, Ice T began singing when he joined a school group called The Precious Few of Crenshaw High. When he turned 17, Ice T began to get Social Security from the government due to his dad’s death. He used the money he received to rent his own apartment. For extra money, he stole car stereos and sold weed.

Despite this, he still wasn’t earning enough money to support himself and his girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time. Shortly after their daughter’s birth in October of 1977, Ice T enlisted in the army. During his time there, he got into hip hop, particularly “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugarhill Gang.

While Ice T found himself stationed in Hawaii, Ice T befriended a pimp called Mac who taught him his skills. While there, Ice T was also able to affordable procure stereo equipment, such as a turntable and mixer. From that point, he was able to learn how to use the turntables and how to rap.

In 1979, after 2 years and 2 months, Ice T got an early honorable discharge due to being a single dad. From that point on, he had a short lived career as a bank robber, something he only admitted to publicly once his statue of limitations had run out.

Ice T began to DJ and rap at parties but ended up getting praised more for his rap, so he ended up shifting towards that as a career. He was also involved in armed robberies at the time, and when his friends went to prison for it, they took the blame for him, thus sparing him prison time, which he remains grateful for.

Shortly afterwards, he got in a car accident but had to be a John Doe in the hospital because he didn’t keep ID on him in case he ever got caught for criminal acts. As a result of this experience, he chose to abandon this lifestyle all together and fully focus on rap as a career.

Two weeks after getting out of the hospital, Ice T won an open mic contest.

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Ice T’s Personal Life and Family


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Ice T had a daughter called LaTesha Marrow with Adrienne, his girlfriend in high school, in 1976, and they raised her together while continuing to go to high school.

In 1984, he met his next girlfriend Darlene Ortiz, while he was filming his first movie role in Breakin’ In. They had a son together in late 1991 named Tracy Marrow Jr.

In 2002, Ice T got married to Nicole Austin, a swimsuit model. In 2015, they had their first kid, Chanel.

Ice T’s Social Media Influence

Ice T has a large social media following, albeit on only two of the major platforms. Ice T uses his social media accounts to connect with his fanbase. This in turn also helps Ice T net worth.


Ice T does not have an official public verified Facebook account. Should this situation change and Ice T ever choose to sign up for one, we will be sure to update this page with that information. After all, our goal is to keep our readers informed of all of the latest news about Ice T net worth, career, and life.


Ice T has an official public verified Twitter account. Ice T’s Twitter account handle is @FINALLEVEL, all caps. Due to the fact that Twitter’s system is not case sensitive, however, it can be entered in all lower case in order to locate it as well.

On this popular social media platform, Ice T has 1.8 million followers as of the present time. Ice T is himself currently following 1750 accounts in return. Ice T uses his Twitter account to tweet his thoughts and observations and share career updates, which helps connect him with his fans. This in turn helps boost Ice T net worth.


Ice T has an official public verified Instagram account. Ice T’s Instagram account handle is simply @icet, all lower case letters. On this popular social media platform, Ice T currently has approximately one million followers as of the present time. Ice T is himself following 600 accounts in return currently.

Ice T uses his Instagram account to share photos of himself, memes, and career updates, which helps connect him with his fans. This in turn helps Ice T net worth continue to grow.


Ice T does not have an official public verified LinkedIn account. Should this situation change and Ice T ever choose to sign up for one, we will be sure to update this page with that information. After all, our goal is to keep our readers informed of all of the latest news about Ice T net worth, career, and life.


Ice T does not have an official public verified TikTok account. Should this situation change and Ice T ever choose to sign up for one, we will be sure to update this page with that information. After all, our goal is to keep our readers informed of all of the latest news about Ice T net worth, career, and life.

Ice T’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameIce T
Real NameTracy Lauren Marrow
Place of BirthNewark, New Jersey, USA
Net Worth Estimate$60 Million