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Hannah Ferrier Net Worth | How Much Is She Worth Now?

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What is Hannah Ferrier net worth? If you’re here, that’s most likely what you’re curious about. That’s okay, but what else do you know about Hannah Ferrier? Do you know her age, education, where she’s from, family, and other important details?

Well, here’s the chance to have your fill of important information about Hannah Ferrier. This article talks about Hannah Ferrier net worth. It also talks about her life before the “Below Deck Mediterranean” she’s popularly known for and after it.


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Who Is Hannah Ferrier?

Although Hannah Ferrier has become a popular name recently, many people still do not know about her. However, her name will always ring a bell for those familiar with American reality TV series.

Hannah Ferrier was an ordinary yacht stewardess before she became popular on TV. The reality TV series on Bravo was what brought her into the limelight. She starred in five seasons of the series before calling it quits.

In 2020, one of her crew members reported that he had seen Hannah with valium. Having custody of valium without prescription was against the rules guiding drug use onboard. Hannah defended herself by tendering different reasons, but it did not save her from removal.

Before then, Hannah had worked in various organizations. She worked in the business industry and IT. Hannah decided to focus on herself when her job was taken from her. Soon after, she began writing NEWS related to yachting.

Most of Hannah Ferrier net worth was earned in the five years she spent as a cast on Below Deck Mediterranean. Interesting right? However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s much more you do not know about Hannah Ferrier.

What was her life like before Below Deck Mediterranean? How did she end up being cast for the reality TV series? What does the TV star do now that she doesn’t have a TV job anymore? Does she have other sources of income?

If you’re curious about at least one or all of these, keep reading as we’ll discuss them all as we progress.

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Hannah Ferrier’s Place of Birth and Early Life

“Where was the popular Below Deck Mediterranean star born?” this is one of the many questions that fans around the world have been asking. People keep wondering if her sense of humor and quick wits have anything to do with where she grew up?

In her five years on TV, Hannah’s personality has surprised many people. The way she attends to people on board is so professional yet appealing. Her discretion and wisdom in handling crucial matters and her relationship with other crew members are only a few of the interesting things about her.

This is why when she announced her departure, many fans were unhappy with it. Some even pleaded with her on her social media handles to stay.

Hannah Ferrier was born in Sydney, Australia, on November 23, 1986. This makes her 35 years old. At only 35, she has made a name for herself in the world of yachting.

In just five years, she rose to the position of a chief stewardess—a position that many people never get to in their time as crew members.

Hannah is quite secretive about a lot of issues. She does not talk much about her background or her family. Although she has many friends, there are not many affiliations of any of them to her childhood.

For certain, she grew up in the county of Sydney in Australia with her family. When she was five years old, her brother, who was twice her age, died. There is no information as well as what led to her brother’s death. However, Hannah mourns him every year at the time of his death.

Hannah has not said much about her education as well. We know she attended a high school in Sydney. The high school Asquith Girls was state-owned in Asquith, Sydney. However, she did not finish school. She dropped out at the age of thirteen.

Apart from this, there is no other record of her attending another school or college. There have been a lot of speculations on if she attended college or not.

Although there is no substantial evidence, we believe her education did not stop at Asquith girls. Hannah has worked in different sectors in the past few years. She was a manager, a salesperson, and an IT personnel.

To get employment in those sectors, she must have had an advanced education than High School. If she ever mentions anything regarding her education, we’ll be sure to keep you updated by adding it to this article.

Hannah Ferrier’s Personal Life and Family

As a fan of Hannah Ferrier, how much do you know about her personal life? Well, keep reading if you’d like to know more.

Hannah Ferrier grew up with her family in Sydney, Australia. However, that is not where she has lived till now. At a time, she moved to Europe, the USA, and again returned to Australia.

Except for her brother’s death, Hannah hasn’t disclosed much information about her family to the public. Therefore, we do not know if Hannah has any other siblings.

Hannah loves to hang out with her mom, as seen from her Instagram page. She doesn’t mention her or anything similar. Just pictures and what the outing was about. There are no pictures of her dad, so we cannot ascertain that they have a cordial relationship.

There have been some controversies surrounding Hannah’s relationship. She has been connected with different men in the past few years. At a time, she was even associated with Isaac Humphries.

Isaac Humphries is a famous Australian Basketball Player. He plays for the Adelaide 36ers of the NBL. The popular TV star has never confirmed that she was in a relationship with Isaac. However, from the beginning of 2018 to its mid, some sources said she regularly spent time with Isaac.

As if to confirm their suspicions, she often posted about Isaac on her social media. At a time, she captioned that he was one of her favorite people. She also posted some of the pictures they took together.

Isaac, about a decade younger, has never confirmed or said anything regarding the controversies surrounding their relationship.

However, in June 2020, the beautiful Australian star shocked the world, especially her fans, with the news of her pregnancy. This was because, as at then, she had not declared she was in a relationship with anyone.

Many fans wondered who the child’s father was and waited eagerly for her to make the announcement. Their anticipation soon turned to joy when she announced her engagement to Josh Roberts.

The duo got engaged on November 23, 2020. Josh Roberts is a native of Scotland. He is actively involved in real estate. Hannah and Josh started dating on October 26, 2018.

According to Hannah, Josh wouldn’t let her post pictures of him in the early months of their relationship. This was the reason nobody knew about him.

On August 11, 2020, via her Instagram page, the TV star announced to the world that her child was a girl. Before then, she had been posting pictures of her baby bump. She also posted pictures of her maternity photoshoot and baby shower.


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During her pregnancy, Hannah admitted to having been scared of post-natal depression. According to her, she also worried a lot about being pregnant during COVID.

She also told her fans that she felt isolated because she changed residence three months after getting pregnant. However, an online community for mothers saw her through.

On November 2, 2020, Hannah announced the birth of her daughter on her Instagram page. She and Josh named her Ava Grace Roberts. By November 2 this year, Ava will be two years old.

In 2021, the family moved to Sydney, Australia, where Hannah grew up. Hannah loves the summer mostly and enjoys travelling the world with her family.

Hannah Ferrier’s Height and Weight

The reality TV star Hannah Ferrier has a height of 5ft 6 inches (167cm). She also weighs 121 pounds (55kg).

Hannah Ferrier’s Career

Hannah Ferrier Net Worth

When Hannah Ferrier was only 13, she dropped out of high school. We do not know the circumstances that led to her dropping out. However, when she dropped out, she took a job as a waitress in a restaurant in Sydney.

She worked as a waitress for a long time before finally moving on to something else. When she was 19, she got a job in one of the biggest organizations in Australia. The telecommunications company AAPT had employed her to work as an account manager.

She worked for AAPT for two years, then moved to another telecommunications company. Optus telecommunications also employed her to work as an account manager. Like AAPT, Optus telecommunication was also in Australia.

Working for these giant companies gave Hannah the experience she needed to take on a bigger job. It helped her improve her communications skill as well.

After working for Optus for two years, Hannah resigned and took bigger employment with Fast Track. Fast Track is a telecommunications contractor in St Leonards, Australia. This time, she was a Business Development Manager.

Working in the telecommunications industry for years wasn’t enough for Hannah. She wanted more than just being a salesperson. She had always wanted to work as a steward but didn’t get the chance to for a long while.

This was led her to the yachting industry in 2012. She worked with Superyacht for five years as the chief stewardess. Hannah recounts her experience on the Mediterranean as very rewarding. With her job, she visited a lot of places and became experienced.

After working for Superyacht for five years, Hannah left Europe for the United States. However, she soon decided to leave for Europe again. This turned out to be a good decision for her, as she got cast for Below Deck Mediterranean.

Below Deck Mediterranean is a Bravo reality TV series. The series was about the lives of members of a yacht crew en route to the Mediterranean. It showed how they managed work with their personal lives.

Below Deck Mediterranean was the needed push for Hannah Ferrier. It was what brought her into the spotlight. She starred as the chief stewardess for five seasons.

Before the sixth season, Hannah officially announced that she wouldn’t be returning. This was after one of the crew members reported that he had seen valium with her. When Hannah was questioned for having valium without a prescription, she said it was for her anxiety.

As of now, Hannah is the CEO of Ocean International Training Academy. As it is popularly known, OITA is a guide for those who want to begin a career in the yachting industry. She has also been into journalism, reporting the latest news on yachting.

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Hannah Ferrier’s Awards

The reality TV series “Below Deck Mediterranean” was well received by the public. It has been named one of the best series of Bravo TV. It was also seen by an average of 1.4 million viewers per episode.

However, Hannah Ferrier did not receive any awards for her role in this series. Neither has she received any other awards during the years spent in her previous career.

There are no signs that Hannah will receive an award in the future, as she recently resigned from her career in yachting.

Hannah Ferrier’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

What is Hannah Ferrier net worth in 2022? Many people familiar with “Below Deck Mediterranean” think Sandy Yawn has more than Hannah Ferrier net worth. This is because Sandy Yawn has starred as captain in six consecutive seasons of the series.

Our findings, however, have proved that it isn’t true. Hannah Ferrier net worth is more than Sandy Yawn’s. As of March 2022, Hannah Ferrier net worth is estimated to be $600,000.

Hannah Ferrier has officially announced that she quit yachting. Therefore, we cannot ascertain that Hannah Ferrier net worth will keep increasing. This will depend on the next career path she takes.

NameHannah Ferrier
Real NameHannah Ferrier
Place of BirthSydney, Australia
OccupationReality TV Star, Stewardess
Net Worth Estimate$600,000
Date of BirthNovember 23, 1986
Marital StatusEngaged