Halyna Hutchins Net Worth – How Rich Was She?

Halyna Hutchins net worth is as much interesting as it is tragic. Are you hoping to learn more about Halyna Hutchins death and career? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We will be delving deeper into the net worth, life, death and career of the internationally-acclaimed cinematographer who met a tragic death at the peak of her career.

Halyna Hutchins Net Worth

From growing up on a military base in Ukraine to becoming one of the top cinematographers in Los Angeles, let’s learn all there is to know about Halyna’s life journey.

Who was Halyna Hutchins?


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Halyna Hutchins was a world-renowned cinematographer who initially came from Ukraine. She is most famous for the shooting of the film “Archenemy” which was released into cinemas in 2020.

Other than being involved in the shooting of Archenemy, Halyna Hutchins also gained fame and plenty of film experience for the other film-related films she took part in.

As a matter of fact, she has been involved in the shooting and production of over 30 films. She was also involved in producing a variety of short films and as being the primary cinematographer for a few television ministries. Halyna Hutchins was much loved within the film and entertainment industry.

She built a solid name for herself through her success in the films that she shot. It is evident that the cinematographer was passionate about her career and driven to succeed based on the amount of film-related projects she participated in.

After she was fatally wounded in an accident on set, her co-workers, family and friends expressed their deep remorse and grief at losing such a talented artist who was far too young to meet her end.

However, Halyna Hutchins left behind a powerful legacy and is now even more famous than she was before. She was, without a doubt, one of the most talented cinematographers of the modern century and her death was a terrible loss to the film industry.

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Halyna Hutchins Net Worth

Halyna Hutchins net worth was $500,000  prior to her death which is a commendable net worth for someone of her age to have within the cinematography industry.

Halyna Hutchins Early Life

Halyna Hutchins was born in Ukraine and grew up in a military base where she was surrounded by weapons, nuclear bombs and military soldiers for the majority of her life. She was born on the 10th of April in 1979 and probably didn’t have the easiest childhood.

Her mother is Olga Androsovych who has spent the last 30 years of her life working as a nurse in a hospital in Ukraine. Anatoly Androsovych, who is the cinematographer’s father, has not revealed what his occupation is.

Spending the rest of her life in a Ukrainian military base was not the life that Halyna Hutchins was looking for. As a matter of fact, she started expressing her love for the film industry and cinematography at quite a young age.

Eventually, she decided to pursue her dream and after finishing her basic schooling she made a life-changing decision of enrolling into a degree program in international journalism at Kyiv State University. Halyna Hutchins was always destined for greatness and was highly successful at any task that she tried to accomplish.

Due to this she passed her final exams with flying colors and, after plenty of sleepless nights, studying and her general drive to excel in her educational career, she finally earned her degree.

After successfully earning her Degree, Halyna Hutchins decided to leave Ukraine behind and took a leap of faith by relocating to the United States of America. Her drive to learn and earn the required qualifications that she needed to pursue her passion did not stop there either.

As a matter of fact, the film star continued her studies and after putting in even more hard work she finally graduated from the American Film Institute where she earned her qualification as a cinematographer.

Judging by the amount of effort that the cinematographer put into her education during his early life Halyna Hutchins net worth is something that she, without a doubt, earned and deserved.

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Halyna Hutchins Career


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Despite her successful career in film and cinematography, Halyna Hutchins’ career started on a completely different track. As a matter of fact, she started her career in the United Kingdom as a journalist.

While doing journalism she built a name for herself by focusing primarily on the eastern regions of the country. After this, she slowly transcended into her career as a cinematographer. She started out by participating in film productions in Britain while she still stayed in the country’s eastern regions.

After building a name for herself in the United Kingdom, Halyna Hutchins relocated to the United States of America where she settled in Los Angeles. She made this decision in order to focus her career on fashion and film production.

While she was in Los Angeles Halyna Hutchins ran into Bob Primes who was highly interested in her skills and qualifications.

He was also a teacher at the American Film Institute Conservatory, so he convinced Halyna to apply to study at the institute. It is not surprising that someone with her talents finally received her acceptance letter. So, in 2013 she embarked on yet another educational journey where she studies directly under Bob Primes.

She completed her 2 year Master’s program with ease where she was also mentored by Stephen Lighthill. As we have already established, Halyna Hutchins excelled at everything that she put her mind to which is also why Halyna Hutchins net worth is as significant as it is.

In order to complete her studies, she was required to produce a short film for her thesis project. She completed the project under the supervision of Rayan Farzad who was the director of her short film.

The film was such a roaring success that it aired at multiple film festivals. Some of these festivals included the Austin Film Festival,  the Camerimage International Film Festival, AFI Fest and the LA Shorts Fest.

These are all highly acclaimed film festivals and if Halyna Hutchins managed to create such an exquisite film for her thesis that it was screened at all of the festivals there is no doubt in my mind that she truly was one of the most talented cinematographers of her time.

Cinematography seemed to come naturally to her and each film that she made ended up being a successful work of art. Halyna’s success did not stop at her thesis.

As a matter of fact, in 2018, the Fox DP Lab program took place. Halyna took part in this project along with seven other women since the whole purpose of the project was to empower female cinematographers and to open them up to more significant opportunities within the cinematography industry.

It is no surprise that Halyna Hutchins excelled at this project too. As a matter of fact, not only did she produce exquisite results, but she was also awarded with the honor of being rated as one of the 10 up-and-coming directors of photography.

Her newly awarded title was published by “American Cinematography” which is a cinematography news provider that plenty of people within the industry wish to have their names mentioned in.

In the year 2020 Halyna Hutchins worked on  Adam Egypt Mortimer’s film which is where she gained a majority of her fame.

The film was called Archenemy and she received high praise for the work that she incorporated into the production of the film.  As a matter of fact, some of the big industry names that she worked with stated that her taste and understanding of what cinematography is was a rewarding contribution to the film.

They also stated that her training at the various institutes that she attended resulted in Halyna Hutchins producing some of the best photography-related textures that they have seen within the industry. Plenty of people relocate to the United States to make their dreams come true in Los Angeles, but very few succeed.

Halyna did not only succeed, but she received praise and recognition from some of the biggest film directors in the industry which once again shows that she was a woman with matchless potential who could make any of her dreams come true once she put her mind to it.

Some more proof of this includes the fact that Halyna Hutchins was awarded with first place at the English Riviera Film Festival in 2019 which is another high honor to receive since this is a highly competitive festival where she competed against some of the most talented up and coming cinematographers in Los Angeles.

After this, she worked on more internationally acclaimed films which included Darlin’ which was released in 2019, The Mad Hatter which was a much-loved film that was released in 2021 and Blindfire which she worked on in the same year that she worked on Archenemy which was 2020.

The star cinematographer was credited for a variety of successful films and truly made a dynamic impact within the cinematography industry. Halyna Hutchins’ net worth can be credited to all of the successful projects that she participated in and her drive to be successful within the industry.

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Halyna Hutchins Death


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In October of 2021, the film industry suffered the tragic loss of the star cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins. She was working on a set close to  La Cienega, New Mexico where they were shooting and producing a western film called Rust.

During the shooting of this film, one of the actors named Alec Baldwin discharged a prop gun which was a Pietta .45 Colt revolver. The prop gun was an important part of the scene that they were shooting and, similarly to any movie that involves gunfights or shooting scenes, the revolver was supposed to be filled with blanks as opposed to real bullets.

The public and directors of the film are yet to figure out how this happened, but for some odd reason, the Pietta .45 Colt revolver was loaded with real bullets instead of blanks like it was supposed to.

When Alec Baldwin fired the revolver during the scene real bullets started flying and both Halyna Hutchins and the film director Joel Souza were injured in the process. Thankfully Joel Souza was only injured in the process since the bullet hit him in the shoulder. 

However,  Halyna Hutchins’ injuries were far more severe. The bullet that came flying out of the gun hit her directly in the chest. She was rushed to the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque, but unfortunately, she succumbed to her injuries and passed away on the flight, before even making it to the hospital.

The directors, actors and her fellow crew members publicly expressed their shock and grief at the situation as well as expressing that the cinematography industry lost a talented and outstanding member of their team that day on the 21st of October 2021.

Halyna Hutchins’ co-workers also weren’t the only people who suffered a great loss that day. The star cinematographer’s family expressed their deep grief at losing both a sister and a daughter and explained that they were distraught at losing a dear member of their family.

They also felt that her death could have been avoided since the prop guns should have been checked first and there should never have been live bullets in it in the first place.

Due to this, they have decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit against a few of the members that were involved including Alec Baldwin and some of the film’s crew members and directors.

They stated that the accident occurred due to the director’s attempt to cut costs and that it was due to being irresponsible that the accident happened in the first place.

As a matter of fact, some of the crew members had actually exited the set on that very same day due to questionable safety conditions that were taking place on the set which supports Halyna’s family’s theory that her death took place due to recklessness and negligence. 

We have yet to find out what the outcomes of the lawsuit will be. However, the tragic death of Halyna Hutchins touched the hearts of many. 



Halyna Hutchins was a truly talented cinematographer who had her whole life ahead of her to accomplish even greater things than she already had in her short time within the cinematography industry.

She proved to her family, directors and people from all around the world that she had matchless talent and that her unique cinematography style was a great addition to any film that she worked on. Losing such a talented individual was tragic for the film industry.

However, Halyna Hutchins net worth that she build up before the incident shows that she managed to make a success of her career even though it was cut short.


NameHalyna Hutchins
HusbandMatt Hutchins
Date of Birth10 April 1979
Place of BirthUkraine
Height5'5 feet
Weight110 lbs
ParentsOlga and Anatoly Androsovych
Net Worth Estimate$500,000