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Eugenio Derbez Net Worth – How Rich Is The Mexican Star?

Eugenio Derbez Net Worth Estimate:

Eugenio Derbez net worth is currently estimated as being somewhere between approximately $25 million dollars USD and $35 million dollars USD. Nearly the entirety of Eugenio Derbez net worth seems to have come from his highly successful career in the television and film industry.

Who is Eugenio Derbez?

Eugenio Derbez is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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Eugenio Derbez is a comedian, actor, director, and film maker from Mexico who has been acting since a young age, his first part on TV being on Cachún Cachún Ra Ra!, a sitcom.

In addition to acting, Eugenio Derbez has also directed and created shows. Eugenio Derbez directed the Mexican soap No Tengo Madre, created the sitcom XHDRBZ as well as La familia P. Luche, which he also starred in.

Eugenio Derbez also starred in, wrote, and directed Instructions Not Included, which worldwide, was the most successful film to ever be filmed entirely in Spanish. He also starred in the Oscar and Screen Actors Guild Award winning film, CODA, available through the Apple+ streaming service.

Eugenio Derbez’s Career

Eugenio Derbez at the The Angry Birds Movie 2

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Throughout the first portion of the 80s decade, Eugenio Derbez was a series regular on the Mexican comedy TV show, Cachún cachún ra ra! At the same time, Eugenio Derbez also made regular appearance on a Mexican kids’ TV show called En Familia con Chabelo.

Later in the decade, when 1988 rolled around, Eugenio Derbez was cast in a bunch of various roles in a recurring capacity on Anabel, which was a comedy series. Throughout the 1990s, Eugenio Derbez also appeared in a number of films in Mexico. 1992 saw Eugenio Derbez also becoming the host of a regular TV variety series called Al Derecho y al Derbez.

Closer to the end of the decade, Eugenio Derbez made his professional start as a director thanks to work he did on a Mexican soap opera that was called No Tengo Madre. Two years later, Eugenio Derbez had begun his own comedy series that was called Derbez en Cuando.

In 2002, Eugenio Derbez was on Carita de ángel as well as Cómplices al Rescate (which is Spanish for “Accomplices to the Rescue”). The next year, Eugenio Derbez became the executive producer and creator for a TV comedy called XHDRBZ.

Later, Eugenio Derbez was the producer of Ellas son… la alegría del hogar, Hospital el Paisa (which is Spanish for “Countrymen Hospital”), and Vecinos (which is Spanish for “Neighbors”).

Eugenio Derbez also was the star of, co creator, co writer, and co director of the family situation comedy L familia P. Luche, which won him a great deal of acclaim across both the Mexican and overall Latin communities.

Thanks to his prolific career and great deal of talent, Eugenio Derbez is one of only a small handful of actors from Mexico to have broken into stardom on an international level. Over the years, he has appeared in Hollywood films, as well as garnering acclaim on a global scale from awards shows outside of his country.

Amongst his many highly successful at the box office as well as amongst the critical community films, Sangre de mi Sangre did particularly well, winning the 2007 Grand Jury Prize at the highly respected Sundance Awards.

Another huge hit for Eugenio Derbez was his very first non comedic role, in Patricia Riggen’s La misma luna (which is Spanish for “Under the Same Moon”), which also starred Kate del Castillo and Adrián Alonso.

2011 saw Eugenio Derbez appearing as the character Felipe in the film Jack and Jill, starring Adam Sandler in two roles, both as a boy and his twin sister, along with megastar Al Pacino and Dawson’s Creek’s Katie Holmes. Eugenio Derbez was also the star of Patricia Riggen’s Girl in Progress, co starring with Eva Mendes.

Eugenio Derbez also appeared in Miracles from Heaven alongside Alias’ Jennifer Garner. This was yet another Patricia Riggen directed film, this time for Sony Pictures. Additionally, Eugenio Derbez was the voice of Rico for Juan J. Campanella’s Underdogs, an animated film.

Other animated roles Eugenio Derbez undertook over the years included The Angry Birds Movie 2, and The Book of Life (a Mexican reinterpretation of the Orpheus myth).

Eugenio Derbez also provided the voices for a number of characters on the Spanish language tracks of various Hollywood films when they were released in Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries.

Examples of these performances include 102 Dalmatians, Mulan, and it’s direct to DVD sequel, Mulan 2, for Disney, as well as Dr Dolittle and its sequel, Dr Dolittle 2, the Shrek films, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, The Grinch, and The Secret Life of Pets, along with its eventual sequel, The Secret Life of Pets 2.

Eugenio Derbez was both the star and director of the film Instructions Not Included, which went on to make more money internationally than any other film primarily performed in the Spanish language. It broke countless records at the box office, surpassing the hundred million dollar mark.

In the United States of America alone, Instructions Not Included, made forty four million dollars. In Mexico, it became the third most successful film at the box office that year, with only Iron Man 2 and Despicable Me 2 beating it.

In 2016, Eugenio Derbez starred in the film How to Be a Latin Lover for Lionsgate Films. Eugenio Derbez also starred in the live action film Dora and the Lost City of Gold, based on the popular cartoon for children on Nickelodeon’s young kids’ lineup, Nick Jr, Dora the Explorer.

Then in 2021, Eugenio Derbez starred in CODA, a film for Apple+, which won the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Adapted Screenplay, making it the first film released on streaming to ever win Best Picture.

Amongst its many other awards, the entire cast was honored by the Screen Actors Guild via their award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast.

That same year, Eugenio Derbez’s production company, 3Pas Studio, which he’d created with Benjamin Odell in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, signed a Univision deal, which began with producing Acapulco, a new TV show starring Eugenio Derbez.

Variety once listed Eugenio Derbez as the most influential man from Latin America in the entire world. In 2016, Eugenio Derbez got a coveted star on the legendary Walk of Fame in Hollywood.

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Eugenio Derbez: Early Life

Eugenio Derbez was born on the second of September in the year 1961 in Mexico City, Mexico. Eugenio Derbez’s parents were both in the entertainment industry. Eugenio Derbez’s mother was an actor, and his father, Eugenio González Salas, a publicist. Eugenio Derbez was raised in Mexico City, Mexico.

Even at a very young age, Eugenio Derbez was always fascinated by acting and longed to make it his future career. Even when he was only twelve years old, Eugenio Derbez was getting his first acting credits, landing small roles appearing on Spanish language soap operas.

When he was a bit older, Eugenio Derbez got his university education at the Mexican Film Institute and the Centro de Educacion Artistica. Not long after leaving school, Eugenio Derbez was cast on a television show, the comedy series Cachún Cachún Ra Ra!

Eugenio Derbez’s Personal Life and Family

Eugenio Derbez, Alessandra Rosaldo at the Dora and the Lost City of Gold World Premiere

Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/

Eugenio Derbez currently lives in Los Angeles, California, United States of America, with his entire family. Eugenio Derbez’s wife is Alessandra Rosaldo, who is herself an actor, singer (formerly of Sentidos Opuestos), and model.

Eugenio Derbez has four children, one who he had with Alessandra Rosaldo, a daughter called Aitana Derbez, and three from previous relationships.

He had Aislinn Derbez (who is herself now a comedy actor in Mexico) with Gabriela Michel, Vadhir Derbez (who is himself a singer and actor) with Silvana Prince, and José Eduardo Derbez (who is himself an actor) with Victoria Ruffo.

Eugenio Derbez does not eat meat due to his beliefs in animal rights. Eugenio Derbez is clearly an animal lover and has his own pet, a beloved bulldog called Fiona.

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Eugenio Derbez’s Social Media Influence

Eugenio Derbez has social media accounts on all of the major internet platforms. Eugenio Derbez sees it as a way to connect with his passionate fans, which also helps Eugenio Derbez net worth.


Eugenio Derbez has an official public verified Facebook account. Eugenio Derbez’s official public verified Facebook account handle is @EugenioDerbezTV. Eugenio Derbez has twenty five million followers on this popular social media platform.

Eugenio Derbez uses his official public verified Facebook account to promote various new projects in his career, such as his various films and television shows, both things he stars in himself and those he has either directed or produced.

Eugenio Derbez net worth is helped by Facebook, which is a way for him to cultivate his relationship with his fans as well as to inform his followers about all of the latest news about his life and career, and to show appreciation for them and the love they show him.


Eugenio Derbez has an official public verified Twitter account. Eugenio Derbez’s official public verified Twitter account handle from which he tweets is simply @EugenioDerbez.

On this popular social media platform, Eugenio Derbez has nearly eleven and a half million followers as of the present time. Eugenio Derbez is himself following seven hundred and seventy one people in return currently.

Eugenio Derbez uses his official public verified Twitter account to connect with his fans and to keep them informed of all of the latest twists and turns of his career, including all of his current and upcoming projects. This of course helps contribute to Eugenio Derbez net worth. He also shares photos and videos with them.


Eugenio Derbez has an official public verified Instagram account. Eugenio Derbez’s official public verified Instagram account handle is @ederbez, all lower case, short for his first initial and then his last name. Presumably his full name was already taken by a fan account or another person with the same name.

On this popular social media platform, Eugenio Derbez has just over eighteen million followers as of the present time and is himself following four hundred and twenty three people currently.

Eugenio Derbez’s Instagram account feed is full of photos of himself, as well as with friends and industry colleagues, plugs for his various shows, films, and projects, and so on and so forth. Eugenio Derbez both connects with fans on Instagram while additionally helping Eugenio Derbez net worth continue to thrive.


Eugenio Derbez does not seem to currently have an official verified professional LinkedIn account. This is perhaps not surprising as the sort of business networking that this platform tends to offer is not always of use to people in the film, television, and overall entertainment industries overall.

Should the situation change and Eugenio Derbez sign up for an official professional LinkedIn account at any point in the future, we will be sure to update this page with that information in order to keep our readers informed of all of the latest news on Eugenio Derbez net worth, life, and career.


Eugenio Derbez has an official public verified TikTok account. Eugenio Derbez’s official public verified TikTok account, as with his Instagram account, is under the handle @ederbez, all lower case.

On this popular social media platform, Eugenio Derbez at the present time has nearly eighteen million followers. Meanwhile, Eugenio Derbez has one hundred and fifty three million likes as of last count. Eugenio Derbez is currently following eighty people.

His videos are extremely popular and liked and certainly help Eugenio Derbez net worth, in addition to seeming like fun for him as well.

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Eugenio Derbez: Height, Weight

Eugenio Derbez’s height is not a matter that is currently available in the public record, however people estimate it to be at about 5 feet, 10 inches, which comes to 179 in cm, or 1.79 in m.

Eugenio Derbez’s weight is not a matter that is currently available in the public record, however it is currently estimated to be at about approximately 158 pounds, which comes to 72 in kilos. Eugenio Derbez’s eye color is brown. Eugenio Derbez’s hair color is medium brown.

Eugenio Derbez Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameEugenio Derbez
Real NameEugenio Derbez
Place of BirthMexico City, Mexico
Net Worth Estimate$35 Million