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El Alfa Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

El Alfa net worth at the start of 2022 is estimated to be near $5 million. Emmanuel Herrera Batista, mainly known as El Alfa or El Jefe, is Dominican and is one of the top dembow recording artists from his country.

This post will cover how the $5 million El Alfa net worth has been reached, his family life as well as his early life. How he got his career started, making him who is is today.

Read on to find out so much more about him that you most likely were unaware of, such as the inspiration behind the song Me Enamoré in his El Androide album.

You will also find out whether or not he has children, and if so, how many.

Who is El Alfa?

El Alfa (The Alpha) or EL Jefe (The boss) was born on December 18, 1990. His given name at birth is Emanuel Herrera Batista, and he was born in Bajos de Hain in San Cristobal Province of the Dominican Republic.

He is considered one of the most influential rappers in his country. Believe it or not, Emmanuel originally wanted to become a world-renowned barber.

His YouTube channel shows over 250 million views on his music such as La Pegajosa, Suave and Sientate En Ese Deo.

He stayed with his parents until he was 17, then moved out to pursue his music career. His career took off in 2010 when he became well known for his sensual voice with songs like Tarzan, Muevete Jevi, and Coche Bomba.

He grew up in a very good home with a loving family and lived a modest life before becoming the famous rapper he is today.

El ALfa’s Height, Weight

Height – 5’ 6” (168cm)

Weight – 154 lbs (71kg)

El Alfa Net Worth Estimate

At the start of 2022, El Alfa Net Worth is estimated around $5 million, but some websites claim his net worth to be approximately $15 million.

Being one of the best rapping recording artists in the Dominican Republic, he has more than 18 million fans who listen to his music on Spotify. It is no wonder he is ranked #164 in the world.

El Alfa earns more than $30,000 each month, keeping a steady cash flow from many sources.

The kind of income he brings home comes from selling fine arts, product memorabilia of his music career, as well as his music career with countless albums and sold-out concerts.

El Alfa loves to give back to those in need in his country. He gives back to the Dominican Youth by donating his time, money, athletic gear, and other much-needed items.

This artist is making a hefty income from his YouTube channel alone, where his fans give him so much feedback on every one of his videos.

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El Alfa’s Career

How did El ALfa’s Net Worth grow to what it is today?

2008 – 2009: Emmanuel left home at 17 to pursue his career as a barber, but his musical career took off once he got out on his own. He teamed up with another Dominican artist known as Eddy Wilson. They collaborated on songs titled El Fogon and Conmigo No.

They were only together for one year and broke up in 2009, but both continued with their solo careers. His first solo song Coche Bomba was released in 2009 and quickly became a hit in the Dominican Urban society, making him a permanent part of the history of the Dominican Republic. That is when he became El Alfa El Jefe.

2010 – 2013: His next solo song Coco Mordan was released in 2010, and it showed the world just how great his unique high-pitched voice was and that he could hold a hard-hitting beat. In 2012 he finally entered the music world on a regional level with his hits known as Muevete Jevi, Cacao, and Con To’ Lo’ Cascabeles. Muevete Jevi has had more than 3 million views on Spotify.

Then in 2013, he released the album Dembow Exitos which had ten songs on it. Some of the songs were collaborations with El Kable, Nico Clinico, and Chimbala, a well-known Dominican musical artist. He also collaborated with The Libro on Humo Excúsame and Tu Me Gusta Pila with Farruko, an artist from Puerto Rico.

2014 – 2016: From his growing fame in 2010, he started to record with artists like Nicky Jam, Jowell & Randy, and Arcangel, a famous Reggaeton from Puerto Rican music industry. He began to have some rivalry within his local area, especially with EL Mayor Clasico.

In 2014 both EL Mayor and El Alfa were in control of the Denbow genre, and they began doing diss tracks toward one another. El Mayor Clasico got hit with the diss track called No Te Panike from El Alfa and then returned a diss track towards El Alfa called Ratrero. El Alfa had no plans to stop and soon released his most famous song, titled Tarzan. This remains his most famous song today!

2018: El Alfa continued to push forward with his career, forming solid friendships with many artists, including Farrukoand Myke Towers.
In December of 2018, he did one of the most famous collaborations of all time in the Dembow genre, as he joined forces with Bryant Myers, Jon Z, Noriel, and Chencho Corleone. It was the remix of his ever-popular Suave.

2020 – present: El Androide is actually a mammoth double album containing 20 hits, including the one he wrote and dedicated to his loving partner of 17 years, the mother to their two beautiful children, and his now beautiful wife, as of December 5th of 2021.

El Alfa’s Family

El Alfa keeps his childhood and his parents private and out of the public eye to protect them from the media. He has a loving relationship with his parents and is proud to say he was raised in a loving family with wholesome values. There is no other information about his parents.

Emmanuel married his lifelong sweetheart, Alba Rosa, after seventeen years. They got married on December 5th, 2021. His song, Me Enamoré, on his album titled El Androide, was dedicated to his wife.

The couple have two children.

Emmanuel is head of heals for his family, and he puts them first above everything else. He has often said that he is more interested in being the best dad in the world than being the best in music.

Most people do not know that Emmanuel and Alba were civilly married years ago, but at that time, they didn’t have much financial backing to have the wedding they always wanted. They have known each other since they were young children, and they moved to the United States of America together when El Alfa started his music career.

He posted so many beautiful breathtaking pictures of the official wedding on his Instagram account and some heartfelt words to his wonderful wife. ” I am El Alfa and Emmanuel thanks to you,” is what he said to her on Instagram, along with posting the pictures of their wedding.

The best post was when he responded to his followers on Instagram after the many congratulations he received from his countless fans and followers about his romantic nuptials.

“Today, heaven is celebrating; I took the most important step in my life, putting my marriage and my family in the hands of God. From this moment, my days in music and the world of perdition are numbered. In 4 years, I am going to give my soul to God!! My goal is to be the best husband, father, and son; my family deserves it!! Alba, you are the best wife in the world; I am El Alfa and Emanuel, thanks to you .. Today I begin to live only for you …. I love you God ♥ ️ ♥ ️ I owe everything to God ???? amen.”

While El ALfa’s Net Worth started from his success on his YouTube Channel and in the Dembow Music scene, today, he would attribute his success to his family, his loving partner of 17 years, recently becoming his wife, and their two beautiful children, Emmanuel and Fendi.

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El Alfa’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

El Alfa, also known as El Jefe, born Emmanuel Herrera Batista, left home when he was 17, and El Alfa’s Net Worth quickly grew mainly from his musical career based upon his YouTube channel.

He comes from a very loving, supportive family and left his home in Bajos de Hain in San Cristobal Province of the Dominican Republic with his childhood sweetheart, making their way to the United States of America. He keeps the identity of his parents private as well as siblings he may have but has recently let the world know about his wife, his son, and his daughter.

Emmanuel and Alba Rosa were together for 17 years, joined together in a civil marriage ceremony, and have been blessed with two beautiful children. Dealing with financial difficulties when they first started their life together, it wasn’t until December 2021 that they finally tied the knot in the ceremony they had always wanted.

On his album El Androide, he dedicated the song, Me Enamoré to the love of his life, his wife, mother of their children, and lifelong sweetheart Alba Rosa. What better way to proclaim his ever-lasting love to her than to immortalize his love for her in a song. After ElAlfa’s YouTube channel blew up, he became one of the most famous Dembow recording artists in his home country, the Dominican Republic.

With his high-pitched voice and sensual way of singing, he quickly climbed the charts with his unique Dembow music. In 2018 he released a massive remix which allowed him to collaborate with such artists as Bryant Myers, Jon Z, and Chencho Corleone, to name but a few. Today you can hear him in songs that he collaborated with even more famous musical artists like Cardi B in their hit Mi Mami, with over 8 million views.

He also sang with Tyga in their hit Trap Pea and then with J Blavin and Major Lazer in Que Calor, ranking #11 on the music charts. Let us not forget his epic collaboration with Farruk, IAmChino, Omar Courtz, and none other than Pitbull in the sensational song Ten Cuidado. His fans and followers love that he has always kept his music wholesome and classy.

He appeals to various music genres, including dembow, reggaeton, trap, bachata, and trap bow. El Alfa is also well known for his expensive taste. Like the red Bugatti sports car he owned that was burned to the ground on July 23, 2021. He accused record producer Bibi Top Dollar of torching the sports car when El ALfa was in Miami.

He purchased the red Bugatti for just over $3 million, only three months before the attack. It is challenging to get a specific number when it comes to knowing what the El Alfa net worth really is. He is a very private person when it comes to his personal life. He has shared on his social media accounts that he wants to always keep putting his family first in his life and will keep them protected from the media.

But don’t you worry, he has no plans of stopping his musical career any time soon! Emmanuel Herrera Batista, aka El Alfa, loves his work as a musical artist and will keep entertaining us for many years to come. We can expect to see and hear much more of El Alfa as we listen to his amazing voice and watch his net worth grow even higher.

NameEl Alfa El Jefe
Birth NameEmmanuel Herrera Batista
Date of Birth18 December 1990
Place of BirthBajos de Hain, San Cristobal, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Height5'6" (168cm)
Weight154 lbs (71kg)
Marital StatusMarried - 5 December 2021
SpouseAlba Rosa
Net Worth Estimate$5 million