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Duke Dennis Net Worth | How Much Is His Fortune?

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“It all comes down to execution – create a gameplay and make it happen it” – Duke Dennis 2021

First, social media platforms were created as a way for people to meet and share their talents, views, and thoughts… and the penny dropped!

YouTubers and influencers from all over the globe are monetizing their talents and making a fortune, and Duke Dennis’ net worth is a testimony to this phenomenon.

Duke Dennis is a popular American gamer and content creator that became famous for uploading super cool NBA 2K-related videos. His videos have not only gained him a center full of fans and followers, but the Duke Dennis net worth has also seen a slam dunk.

Do you know anything about him or his life? Read on to learn some fun and interesting info about Duke Dennis that you may not have already known.


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Who is Duke Dennis?

Social media and streaming platforms have enabled many people to showcase their talents, and while some use them for entertainment, others earn money from the things that they post. In this post we do a full court press on Duke Dennis and we give you all the info that we manage to dig up regarding the basketball loving YouTuber and young businessman. Can you guess what the Duke Dennis net worth yet?

Check this out to find out all there is to know about one of the hottest gamers out there.

Although there is very little personal information floating around regarding the young man who makes a living out of shooting hoops on a screen, his popularity first gained traction after he posted a video that showed the best jumpshot by him on the basketball game NBA 2K 17. The video received 61,247 views and was posted on YouTube on 29 Oct 2016. Following up on the success of his post, Duke’s next post “Angry Trash Talker” shows a player that gets mega upset when he gets to the park to play… and finds Duke and his brother Darius already there as a squad. It was posted on 15 November of the same year and got more than 20 000 views.

Duke Dennis net worth is growing, and on 16 April 2020, the YouTuber and his channel reached a million subscribers. Dennis also belongs to groups like Game Creators, 28-year-olds and YouTube Stars. He has an online shop that sells hot street merchandise for young people – Dee Block has a range of hood inspired clothes that includes a wide range of designs and styles, including hoodies and caps.

His YouTube channel has more than a million subscribers and his Twitch account has grown to over 200K followers… Duke Dennis’ net worth grows along with his fans, as basically each new subscriber or follower, is another money making opportunity.

About NBA 2K 17

Developed by Visual Concepts, the basketball simulation game was released in 2016 as part of the popular NBA 2K series of sport games, the 18th to be specific. It can be played on any console or platform including XBox, Microsoft and Playstation 3, 4 and 5.

For the ‘Legend Edition’ of the game, Kobe Bryant has been named the cover athlete, while the Indiana Pacers’ Paul George graces the cover of the regular edition. Danilo Gallinari is the cover athlete in Italy, and Pau Gasol in Spain. On September 23, 2016, the game was released for iOS and Android.

In NBA 2K17, players experience the action of the NBA and all the teams associated with the association… as well as loads of surprising new teams and players. There are 50 fully licensed songs from the world’s best artists on the soundtrack that was put together by Imagine Dragons, Noah Shebib and Grimes. Christmas 2016 saw close to seven million copies of the nation’s favorite (well mostly) ball game sold.

Have you played NBA 2K 17? If you have, you may just be interested in what Duke Dennis net worth is…

What is Duke Dennis’ Net Worth Estimate?

Duke Dennis Net Worth

In December 2021, Duke Dennis bought his mother a home in South Carolina because she had never been able to own her own. The Duke Dennis net worth at that stage was estimated to be close to the million dollar mark, and it seems that in 2022, the basketball buff’s YouTube subscribers and Duke Dennis’ net worth estimate both surpassed the magical six figure mark.

Dennis has amassed his fortune through monetization of his social media platforms, sponsorship deals with companies and manufacturers and sales of his clothing line via online shops. Duke likes to pose for selfies next to his Jeep.

Dennis Duke net worth comes mostly from his love of basketball, and that is cool on any court – he worked out his play and is busy self-coaching the heck out of life.

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Duke Dennis’ Height, Weight

Duke Dennis turned 28 in the beginning of 2022 and the gamer and YouTube star is standing taller than ever. In fact, would you believe that when he shrugs off those Nike Airs, he stands an even 6 foot tall and weighs in at a semi-solid 137 lbs (63kg)?

Although Duke Dennis is not the biggest man in stature, his brash personality and hard playing style sees him winning more than often, in gaming, on the real court, and in life. Now that you know the gamer’s stature, and the size of Duke Dennis net worth, let’s go to overtime and see what happened in his early life.

Duke Dennis’ Place of Birth and Early Life

Duke Dennis is a millennial product of social media platforms and gaming, and he is selling like soft pretzels at an NBA Final. Duke Dennis’ net worth is proclaimed to be more than a million dollars, and the young basket-shooting gamer is looking to be the MVP in and around D-Block South Carolina.

With hundreds of posts on social platforms like YouTube and Twitch, Duke Dennis net worth is looking good. Born under the star sign, Pisces, Duke greeted the world in a rented flat in South Carolina. There is not much information available regarding his paternal father, but he recently bought a home for his mother. By all accounts the family struggled and Duke did not have a very easy childhood.

He enlisted in the United States Army to try and ‘find himself’ and to figure out what he wants in life. He hated the rules and regulations and resigned not very long after putting on his fatigues for the first time.

The upstate region of South Carolina is home to a thriving cultural and entertainment hub, Greenville. This is where gamer Duke Dennis started life on 26 February in the same year that Nelson Mandela became the first black president in South Africa, 1994.

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Duke was a sports fan from a very early age, and when he wasn’t playing it, he was either watching it… or gaming it. This would be significant moving forward. Football was initially his sport of choice, but ‘luckily’, he outgrew that and started focusing on shooting hoops and dribbling.

Growing up wasn’t always easy for Dennis and he left Greenville, SC on the last day of December 2012. He had not been away from his family and mother before and he got very homesick. This, along with the daily drudge of Army life was getting to Duke, and there was often that he considered getting kicked out, or quitting and going back home.

All the while he was posting stuff on social media and YouTube, his followers were growing at a steady pace. People loved his loud, brash and outspoken behavior that is full of energy.

His content is known to be good, and he is a top earner on YouTube. Duke Dennis’ net worth is growing and so are the number of videos that he has posted, and keeps posting on Twitch and YouTube. Although he became famous for producing content that was based on basketball simulations, he has been posting a lot of ‘reality television’ type of posts.


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Duke Dennis’ Career

It is very easy to see why Duke Dennis net worth is around a million dollars when you experience his passion for the game of basketball. He absolutely adores the game and plays it whenever he can – whether it is in real life or online. He started streaming his videos in 2013 and soon after created a channel that reflected his gaming experiences in NBA 2K. His content is considered valuable for players of the game and he has grown into creating other channels since then.

The collaborative YouTube channel, AMP, that he created with Chrisnxtdoor, Kai Cenat, Agent 00, and Fanum was launched in May 2020. On the channel, they post vlogs, challenge videos, and comedy videos under the AMP flag. AMP is the acronym for the three qualities every woman looks for in a man: Ambition, Money, and Power. In many cases, these three factors can overshadow a person’s appearance, according to their marketing.

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Duke Dennis’ Personal Life and Family

Duke Dennis a.k.a DeeBlock Duke a.k.a. Durag Duke a.k.a. AMP Duke

Even though Duke Dennis is loud and outspoken on most of his videos and vlogs that he posts, he seems to lead a rather quiet life.There is very little personal information available but we do know that Duke Dennis finished high school in Greenville, South Carolina. He grew up with his mother and brother, Darius, and very little is known about his father.

In 2012, Duke Dennis net worth was close to zero when he enlisted in the U.S. Army. He did not like it, and eventually quit to pursue a career in gaming. In 2020 Duke was in the middle of streaming a live game to his fans when two men burst into his home and proceeded to rob the pro-gamer… with a live audience of thousands. Some of his fans alluded that it could have been staged to gain more views. He posted a video in which he explores the incident.

The YouTube gaming star seems to be single at the moment, so if any ladies want to shoot some hoops, you could try and slide into his dm’s. Besides loving the pugilistic sport of boxing, Duke is a humongous supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers and the National Basketball Association. YouTube bestowed the famed ‘golden button’ to Dennis in May 2020.

Duke Dennis’ Net Worth and Bio Summary estimates Duke Dennis net worth at between a million, and possibly as high as, $5 million – with the bulk of the income from monetizing his video streaming. YouTubers can expect to receive somewhere in the amount of $2 to $7 for every 1000 views, depending on the region; and his hordes of subscribers provide a steady income.

NameDuke Dennis
Real NameDuke Dennis
Date of BirthFebruary 26, 1994
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Origin United States of America
Height5 feet 8 inches (1.72 m)
Weight136.6lbs / 62kg
Net Worth Estimate$900