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Dream Net Worth – Just How Rich Is This Streamer?

Dream net worth is estimated to be a staggering 10 million dollars. The entirety of Dream’s net worth surely comes from him being able to monetize his enormously successful YouTube channels, game streaming, and related content.

Dream Net Worth

Who is Dream?

Dream is a Twitch streamer like Nick Eh 30. He has seven YouTube channels but his real-life identity, up to the present time, still remains a complete mystery other than he says his name is Clay.

He is mainly known for his content surrounding the popular Minecraft computer game. His popular YouTube series of videos is called Minecraft Manhunt.

He is also known for live streaming Minecraft games.

He has more than thirty nine million subscribers to all of his various channels and content, along with nearly three billion views overall. In both 2020 and 2021, he was awarded the Streamy Award for Gaming by YouTube.


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Dream’s Career

In 2014, on the 8th of February, Dream set up his account on YouTube. His illustrious career wasn’t to take off for another five years however when, in July 2019, he finally began uploading videos on a regular basis.

Although the early videos aren’t all still available, the first that still remains online and is considered a “classic” nowadays is of him playing Minecraft badly but doing so on purpose. It was actually intended as a joke as well as a bit of a prank on Minecraft fans, in order to trigger them, knowing how seriously fans take the game.

The video as of now has sixteen million views. And that wasn’t, of course, to be his only enormous hit.

The same month he began posting regularly, he utilized a number of techniques for reverse engineering he picked up from a great deal of online research on forums in order to figure out famous and controversial YouTuber PewDiePie’s Minecraft world seed.

Three months later, Dream dropped another video that was to go majorly viral, hitting forty nine million views as of January 2021. He called it “Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Random And Multiplied…”

Dream showed off more of his trademark sense of humor in January 2020 when he posted a video of him and YouTuber GeorgeNotFound hooked up an electric dog collar and an Arduino board to each other so that it would administer an electric shock to a player whenever they lose health while playing Minecraft.

Each year, YouTube posts what they call YouTube Rewind, in which they reposted and recapped all of the best viral videos, music, trends, and events of the year. In 2020, however, they decided to forego that tradition and rather to instead post a definitive list of the top creators of the year, as well as their videos.

Dream was ranked in the coveted second place by YouTube as “Top Creator” and an even more impressive first place for “Breakout Creator”. Meanwhile, they put one of Dream’s videos, named “Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE”, in 7th place on the United States list for “Top Trending Video”.

That wasn’t to be the last of his jaw-dropping streaming accomplishments, however. Near the end of 2020, one of his YouTube live streams got over seven hundred thousand viewers, making it the 6th most successful stream of a video game in the entirety of recorded internet history, in terms of the number of live viewers watching as it happened.

Due to this and a number of his other achievements, the internet gaming website Polygon announced that “2020 has been a tremendous year for Dream…YouTube’s biggest gaming channel of the moment”.

In Business Insider, their reporter Steven Asarch analyzed the situation on an even deeper level, declaring that Dream’s immense success over those years was due to his keen “understanding of the YouTube algorithm…He puts his keywords in the right places, capitalizes on trends, and makes thumbnails that fans want to click on.”

Along with previously mentioned YouTuber GeorgeNot Found as well as Sapnap, Dream has formed a group that they have dubbed the “Dream Team”, indicating his role in the hierarchy. Dream regularly collaborates with these two friends to continue putting out fresh content.

Meanwhile, he also has a nemesis in the form of another YouTuber Technoblade, with whom he regularly humorously spars in his videos, as well as vice versa.

Of his many series (Dream is extremely prolific), his most famous and most popular is surely Minecraft Manhunt. With this game, the goal is for a player to finish the entirety of Minecraft as quickly as they possibly can manage while surviving the entire time. Dream is usually this player.

Meanwhile, a second player, or sometimes even a whole team of them, try to kill the player’s character the entire time in order to block him from achieving his goal. They’re called the Hunters. They have the advantage of each having a compass which points to the location of the main player. Unlike him, they also respawn upon death.

The game is to see who will win, the player, or the hunters, which they will if they manage to kill him or cause his death before he can reach and beat the Ender Dragon at the conclusion of the game.

The first installment of this astronomically popular series dropped on the 26th of December of 2019. It was called “Beating Minecraft But My Friend Tries to Stop Me”. It proved to be such an instantaneous enormous success that Dream began making more and more similar entries into the canon of that series.

He would also up the stakes as it went along, by adding more and more to the amount of Hunters hunting the player as the videos went on. This culminated at the end of February 2022 in what is purported to be the final chapter. It’s such a popular series however that Dream is already hinting about resurrecting it down the line.


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He also promised, although it’s not clear whether he’s joking or not, that if the video receives two million likes on YouTube, he will enact a real-life Minecraft Manhunt with himself and the hunters. It’s not clear exactly how this might play out though people have speculated that it would potentially be like a Live-Action Roleplaying Game.

Minecraft Manhunt’s success cannot be emphasized strongly enough. The videos have collectively gotten views counting in the range of tens of millions. One got over one hundred million views. Another was ranked by YouTube in sixth place for their Top Trending Videos in 2020.

In Tech Times, B. Urban praised the series, gushing that to play it “requires not only mastery of the terrain but also the ability to think fast on your feet while different choices present themselves with only milliseconds of time for decision making. This is something that Dream is good at…”

Meanwhile, Paste Magazine’s Nicolas Perez said that watching the videos “leaves me slack jawed every time” since the format “seems to guarantee the hunters come out on top” due to how the deck is deliberately stacked against Dream.

Despite that “more often than not, Dream always has just enough aces up his sleeve to narrowly take out all the hunters, and win the game.” Kotaku raved that Dream had managed to make himself “a household name among Minecraft fans,” which is no small accomplishment. One has to be very very good to impress such hardcore gamers.


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During the pandemic year of 2020, Dream regularly participated in Minecraft Championship, a competition that occurred once a month. In both the 8th and 11th rounds, he came in first place. He decided to play for charity during the 10th game and raised approximately three thousand five hundred for his chosen charity.

Dream has also begun a bit of an independent music career, taking advantage of his internet fame and cred. His first song was a collaboration with YouTuber PmBata and was called “Roadtrip”. It got 25,000,000 views.

The second got only slightly less and was called “Mask”. He briefly put up an animated music video for it as well but he took it down after bad reactions from fans about the quality of the animation as well as the song’s lyrics.

This may be why he collaborated with a songwriter for his next song, Alec Benjamin. It was called “Change My Clothes”, but perhaps as a result of how unliked “Mask” proved to be, the song only managed about eight million views. The number would certainly be impressive for any average YouTuber but not for someone at Dream’s level.

According to a poll run on SurveyMonkey in 2021, opinion on Dream goes as follows. 59.7% of people who participated in the survey think of him favorably. 22.1 percent think of him unfavorably, and the remainder had no opinion.

In 2021, Dream donated over twenty thousand dollars to cancer research after learning that fellow YouTuber Technolblade had been diagnosed with cancer.

Dream was also at the center of a bit of a scandal in 2020 when he was awarded a fifth place by in a competition, only for accusations of cheating to begin to surface. Another speed runner playing the game noted that they saw higher than normal drop rates for various key items in his videos.

Dream vehemently denied the accusation at first, replying that didn’t have that level of coding ability, nor did he have any reason to, given what a great player he is.

After an investigation by, however, it was determined that he did, in fact, cheat. Somehow modifications had been made to increase the chances of gaining various items while playing. The odds against getting some of those items were literally in the range of one in over seven trillion!

Despite this, Dream continued to deny it. He got a statistician to do their own report, which determined the odds at actually being one in ten million instead. Experts still argued that far from proving his innocence, indicating he would have had to be lucky in the extreme in that situation. Because of this, refused to back down.

Finally, Dream accepted the ruling but still refused to admit he had cheated. That is until May 2021, when he released a statement admitting he had used a modification that had been disallowed by the competition which was able to change the probabilities for the dropping of various items. He, however, maintained that it had been an accident.

What actually happened, according to his argument, that the modification occurred at the hands of a developer who had changed his client mod without his having been aware.

Dream: Early Life

As far as we know, Dream, who may or may not actually be named Clay, was born in the United States of America on the 12th of August, 1999.

Dream’s Personal Life and Family

Because no one knows Dream’s true identity, there are very few details that we actually know about his personal life.

As far as we know, he lives in Orlando, Florida in the United States of America. He has a brother and sister, but neither their names nor his parents’ names are public knowledge. We technically don’t even know if he has living parents or who raised him.

According to him, he graduated from high school but decided to not attend college. We also know that he has spoken about being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Again, however, as his actual identity remains a mystery, it is impossible to actually know to what level we can believe or not the various aspects about his life that he himself has revealed.

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Dream’s Social Media Influence

Dream has a huge social media presence, despite the fact that he continues to keep his name, face, and all background information on himself a complete secret.


Dream has a public Facebook account. On this platform, he has sixty five thousand followers and over thirty four thousand likes as of the present time. He uses the account exclusively to post videos of his Minecraft game playing, just of the screens themselves, not of himself, as he continues to keep his true face and identity a mystery.


Dream has a public verified Twitter account. On this platform, he has 4.7 million followers and is himself following 363 accounts in return. He mainly uses the account to tweet humorous observations about his life, pop culture, and gaming. He sometimes posts plugs for his various online gaming events that he would like people to check out.


Dream has a public verified Instagram account where he has 3.2 million followers and is himself only following 108 accounts in return. His account name is humorously called @dreamwastaken, hinting at how common a word his screen name actually is.

Given a huge part if not all of Dream’s schtick is that no one knows who he actually is, he doesn’t have many photos up. Of those he does, there are pictures of his cat, headless photos, photos where his face is covered by a smiley face balloon, and a random photo of someone who seems to be a teenager or young man.

It may or may not actually be him.


Dream does not seem to have a public LinkedIn account. This may not be surprising given he keeps his identity a mystery. Should any of this change at any point in the future, we’ll be sure to update this page with the latest information to keep you informed about all of the latest Dream news and facts.


Dream has a public TikTok account with an even better name than his Instagram. It is @dreamwastakenwastaken, indicating that an imposter had already used the Insta handle by the time he got around to setting up his TikTok.

That doesn’t seem to have stopped him, as this is where he has the most followers of any of his social media accounts.

His TikTok has 5.6 million followers and 11.6 million likes, which is particularly impressive given he only has 4 posts up as of the present time. One of them is of legs in trousers and another is of a young guy, presumably him, whose face is covered by a smiley face. There are also two videos of his cat.

Significantly, his TikTok also includes a link to donate to The Trevor Project, which is the United States’ largest organization devoted to suicide prevention in LGBTQ+ children and teenagers. This may indicate that Dream is queer himself, or that he is simply a very supportive ally.

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Dream: Height, Weight

As Dream’s real-life identity continues to remain a mystery that eludes us to this day, there are certainly no public details available about his height or weight, and it’s impossible to guess. Similarly, we have no idea about any other of his physical features.

At times, he’s put up photos that he claimed to be of himself, but that all seems to be part of the identity game he’s playing on his fans, as each photo was of someone else.

Dream Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameGreg K
Real NameUnknown
Place of BirthUnknown
OccupationStreamer, Gamer
Net Worth Estimate$10 Million